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What's New 11/2/03

     I haven't watched The O.C. yet, but it looks like this show is filling some of the fandom void left by the demise of BtVS and Dawson's Creek; another saga about attractive young people struggling to find their way in a hoyay!-filled world they never made. Seth/Ryan is the main pair so far at The O.C. Slash Archive.

     And not so new...WB cancelled high school satire Popular at the same time they passed Roswell on to UPN. I never watched it while it was on, but I've become curious about it since I got into Nip/Tuck, which is produced by the same guy (Ryan Murphy). It inspired a sizeable femslash fandom. Realm of the Shadow has the largest collection of Popular-based F/F fic on the web. This multi-fandom F/F (no het or M/M) site also has the widest selection of rare-fandom femslash I've seen.

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Familiar Faces

       Brendan Fehr, who played Michael on Roswell, played Nick in The Forsaken. Kerr Smith, Jack on Dawson's Creek, played Sean.

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

What's New 7/17/03

       Meow,the Catfighter Fanlisting seeks Liz/Tess fans. Your site need not be about Liz/Tess to join. Twisting the Hellmouth is a new archive looking for crossovers between the Buffiverse and anything else.

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Slash Subplots and Threesomes

What's New 3/30/03

       Welcome to Kyle and Max's Place seeks fic, art, etc. about the King and the Jock. The content is gone from the Panty Brigade site, but Craww's Max/Kyle manips can be found on her new site, Dystopiary (click on 'UCMPA' for manips).

       Forbidden Love 1947 is a round robin story in progress about Yvonne/Dixie, the characters played by Shiri and Emilie in S2's flashback ep 'Summer of 1947'. I've added a new section for links to slash-oriented Roswell Round Robins and RPG's, so let me know if you're working on any.

       This site has gotten many, many hits from search engines looking for "Birds of Prey" slash, because there's a Liz/Tess fic here titled "Birds of Prey". But here are a couple of sites with what you're looking for:

       There were also an impressive number of hits for "Forsaken" slash. I think this is the only multi-author collection of it on the web. Let me know if you find more of it out there.

       Awards The Roswell Desert Skies Awards seeks nominations and votes on all genres of Roswell fic. The Eros Awards seeks the same for m/m slash, all fandoms.

       Multifandom Fall From Grace seeks all genres of fic based on BtVS, Angel, Dawson's Creek, or Roswell. Remember Us seeks fic in all genres, all fandoms featuring characters of color.

        If you're an author, you'll want to bookmark these multifandom sites, because they'll allow you to auto-upload, a la, so you won't have to wait around for me to update RSA to get your work online. Adult FanFiction Net opened after Fanfiction.Net stopped archiving R and NC-17 material; archives "Darkfic, Hard R or NC-17" (het or slash) only. Complete Kingdom of Slash, which was down for a while, has re-opened with auto-uploading.

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Familiar Faces

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

What's New 9/17/02

       Voting begins Thursday, September 19 for the Roswell Desert Skies Awards. Boys of Summer (Max/Michael), Whiteout (Isabel/Liz), and Within (Kyle/Michael) have been nominated in the Slash category. Voting ends September 30.

       Roswell Muse picks up where Roswell Improv left off. Every two weeks, another four-word challenge is issued.

       Check out the new LizandMaria list, as well as "cousin lists" for ChloeandLana and BuffyFemSlashers. If you're inspired by the frequent bondage imagery on 'Smallville', you may prefer Smallville Leather and Roses, a new list for BDSM featuring any combination of Smallville characters.

       Two round robins in progress on Fanforum boards (at least they were: they may have gotten too hot for FF by now;-)) are now online as continuous stories. Slumber Party follows the erotic adventures of Liz and Tess (among others); My Shirt Looks Good on You chronicles the human/alien alliance between Max and Kyle.

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Familiar Faces

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

What's New 7/2/02

       Stardust is a new site for all femslash featuring the women of Roswell. Beyond Dreams, for fic pairing anyone with Liz except Max or Zan, has reopened on a new host. Facets: A Liz 'shipper's site archives fic for all conceivable Liz 'ships. Coming soon: send fic, art, etc. celebrating Tess and Maria the way they should have been to M&M Vibes, who is working on Lifesavers, a Maria/Tess 'shipper site.

       The Buffiverse is the worldview most often blended with Roswell's in crossover fic. Grand Central Station archives xovers crossing 'Buffy' or 'Angel' with anything else, all genres (including RPF). Faithage abounds. Happy endings are not the first thing that comes to mind when Roswell women get together, but that could change, now that JK is no longer around to muck things up. AngelWings Press seeks submissions of femslash *with happy endings* from all fandoms for The Love of a Woman, a paper zine (deadline: October 2002). Manlove fans may want to check out this site as well, as they are also seeking subs for a number of M/M fandoms, including Clark/Lex.

       Roswellslash at easy-list is a new mailing list with the same purpose as the RoswellSlash list on yahoogroups, except that there are no ads or spam.

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Slash Subplots and Threesomes

What's New 5/5/02

       The End Is Near: The Roswell series finale will air on May 14. The SciFi Channel will begin broadcasting reruns in January, according to the Crashdown. This won't affect RSA or the RoswellSlash list, which will continue to accept fic.

       Catfighters: The Ultimate Showdown is a new site keeping the Tess/Liz love alive. Small Town Girls is the first site exclusively for femslash in the burgeoning Smallville slash fandom.

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What's New 2/4/02

       Silver Skyes: A Roswell Link Collection has just reorganized, and seeks all kinds of Roswell-related links. Alien Blast Fan Fiction accepts all genres of completed Roswell fiction, including slash and adult.

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Slash Subplots and Threesomes

  • All About Isabel by Luv (Maria/Isabel/Michael)
  • Alternative 'Four Square' 4 5 by AlexEvans (Isabel/Tess, Alex/Isabel)
    In Progress
    Start with Part One
  • Bestfriends by Nikki (Liz/Maria, Liz/Max, Maria/Michael)
  • Defy Convention Prologue 1 2 by Rosie (Maria/Isabel/Alex)
    In Progress
  • The Vessel by Mala (Kyle/Tess/Max)

What's New 1/5/02

       Moved: Nicola's art site Rejecting Reality has a new url (, as does the Maria/Isabel 'shipper site Blonde Attitude (, which has re-opened with a new archivist. Roswell Slash Archive's webhost, Slash City, has wrested the domain back from the squatters, so this site is now again.

       New: Sans is a site for "dark" Roswell art and fic, whether slash, het, or gen. Ditch the Logical: a Roswell UC Board is for fic and discussion about all unconventional couples.

       Heresy: I've added a section of Smallville links.

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Slash Subplots and Threesomes

  • All in One Night by Ariel (Liz/Tess/Michael)
  • Alternative 'Four Square' 1 2 3 by AlexEvans (Isabel/Tess, Alex/Isabel)
    In Progress
  • Undertow 3 4, sequel to Beholden to Yesterday (Buffy/Liz) by Trixie (BtVS/Roswell crossover; Buffy/Liz, Buffy/Angel, Liz/Michael, Maria/Michael)
    Start with Beholden to Yesterday part 1
    In Progress

What's New 10/31/01

No Tricks, Just Treats

       Roswell Improv is the archive for challenge fics submitted to the Roswell Improv list. Roswell Big Brother, originally an RPG, is branching out to archive all genres of Roswell fic. NC-17 Roswell is a new elist for all varieties of Roswell smut.

  • Always by Nehal (Max/Michael)
  • Beholden to Yesterday: Epilogue by Trixie (BtVS/Roswell crossover; Buffy/Liz)
    Start with Beholden to Yesterday part 1
  • Butterfly Dreams 7 by Alerion (Max/Kyle)
    Start with part 1
    In Progress
  • Fingerprints by Tammy (Isabel/Tess)
  • Kin by Trixie (Tess/Isabel)
  • Not Same by Scynneh (Michael/Kyle)
  • Once by FehrlyConscious (Liz/Maria)
  • Resolve 1 2 3, third in the Inertia series by Maude M. (Max/Kyle)
    Start with A New Plan, first in the series
  • Slippery When Wet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 by StormyBear29 (Max/Kyle)
  • Spiral by Trixie (Isabel/Liz)
  • Stupid by Tasha (Tess/Isabel)
  • Working Hard by Aelita (Michael/Kyle)

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

  • The Madonna Pedestal by Bennie (Liz/Eddie, Liz/Maria)
  • Undertow 1 2, sequel to Beholden to Yesterday (Buffy/Liz) by Trixie (BtVS/Roswell crossover; Buffy/Liz, Buffy/Angel, Liz/Michael, Maria/Michael)
    Start with Beholden to Yesterday part 1
    In Progress

Familiar Faces

       All of these are Nick/Sean 'Forsaken' fics. Nick is played by Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael on Roswell. 'Forsaken' Sean, played by Kerr Smith, has nothing to do with Roswell Sean, played by Devon Gummersaul.

Without deviation, progress is not possible. --Frank Zappa

What's New 9/11/01

       Judas Kiss is a new site for Lizizards (Liz/Isabel 'shippers). LizandIsabelfic is the list for fic and discussion related to the site. Roswell Improv is a new list for Roswell challenge fics, slash or otherwise. Our Own Destiny seeks all genres of Roswell, Angel, or Buffy fic rated G-R (no NC-17). Dead Last and Dead Last Online archive all genres of fic about characters from the show Dead Last, including Jane, played by Sara Downing, who played Courtney on Roswell.

Slash Subplots and Threesomes

Familiar Faces

       All of these are Nick/Sean 'Forsaken' fics by Lucy. Nick is played by Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael on Roswell. In case you didn't get enough of him pulling his pistol during its theatrical release, 'Forsaken' is scheduled to come out on DVD on September 25.

       'Forsaken' Sean, played by Kerr Smith, has nothing to do with Roswell Sean, played by Devon Gummersaul.

What's New 8/16/01

       If you haven't already, update your links or bookmarks to this site. The NEW url is: The only difference is that .tv replaces .net. Follow this same pattern for any links or bookmarks to my other sites, as well. The domain has been cybersquatted by a porn vendor (the domains and are not affected). Read all about it at Slash City.

       Craww's fan art site, the Unconventional Couples Manipulated Pictures Archive, has re-opened. Llewducky's art site Reject Reality has moved to Forgotten Princess: A Site Dedicated to Tess and Sweet as Sean seek submissions of fic and art, slash or otherwise, about their respective subjects.

       Fans of Courtney may want to check out Sara Downing in Dead Last, a summer replacement series where she plays Jane, a bass player who sees dead people. WB, 9 pm Tuesdays. If you write any slash about her, send it to me and I'll add it to the Familiar Faces page.

Slash Subplots

What's New 7/26/01

       For the Love of Maria is a new clique for Maria fans. Nicola (Lellwducky on Fan Forum) now has a site, Reject Reality for her fan art, including many F/F manips.

       I've moved a few things around on the fiction by partners index so that it's strictly alphabetized (eg, the Max/Kyle section is now Kyle/Max), and made it easier to find fics about mixed-sex threesomes. On this page, I've replaced the two large buttons with a detailed site map. Let me know whether these changes make the site easier to navigate, or not.

       Correction: When I first put up My Son-In-Law is an Alien last week, I had a typo in the author's addy on the bottom of the page (the addy at the top of the page was correct). I didn't find out that the addy didn't work until I'd had the story up for a week. So if you tried to give feedback and your mail bounced, try again now.

  • Along the Edge 1 2 3 4 by Trixie (Roswell-BtVS crossover; Liz/Isabel, Buffy/Angel)
  • Brother by Annie (Max/Michael)
  • Butterfly Dreams 1 2 3 by Alerion (Max/Kyle)
    In Progress
  • Color, companion to The Fifth Sense by Debbie (Liz/Tess)
  • The Hereafter by Trixie (Isabel/Liz)
  • Steel and Rain by Sascha (Max/Michael)
  • Techno Opera by The Shiver (Roswell-BtVS crossover; Michael/Devon)

Slash Subplots

What's New 7/12/01

       The Panty Brigade, for Max/Kyle art and fic, has re-opened. Pacey from DC gets paired with Jack, Dawson, Drue, and Spike(!) on RIP Creativity, Kat's new fan art site. Just Another Random Roswell Page has soundtracks and snarky episode guides as well as Nicole Anell's fiction. Unconventional is a clique for sites about unconventional Roswell couples, including same-sex pairs. Register now for the Southern Gathering, a multifandom slash con in Arlington, Virginia the second week of August.

What's New 6/27/01

       Beyond Dreams is for fic and art about Liz with anybody EXCEPT Max or Zan (threesomes with Max or Zan as the subordinate partner are OK). Join the Beyond Dreams list for updates and discussion. Zan's Lair is for all genres of fic and art, as long as they're about Zan. Destination: Roswell hosts the Silversearch database for Roswell-related sites. The Roswell Crossovers list seeks fans of all genres of Roswell crossovers. Slash authors (only) can look for beta readers by fandom at The Beta List.

       Eclectic Roswell Fanfiction has a new url: (replaces a site on defunct chickpages), as does The Pink Rabbit Consortium's Collected F/F Subtext Links: (replacing a simplenet url).

       Blonde Attitude, a Maria/Isabel site, is closed to new material. Catfighters, a Tess/Liz site, appears to be as well (the last addy I have for Ash_j doesn't work). All the fic is available on other sites, but some of the pix may not be, so download them now if you want them. The essays, etc. on the 'Why Them?' and 'Other' pages of the Catfighters site are especially heartening for us wearing the Tess tartan in Clan Denial.

Slash Subplots

  • The End of the Continuity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 by Nicole Anell (predominantly M/F; Max/Tess, Max/Kyle)
  • Two Down, Two to Go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 by Watcher Tara (predominantly M/F; various couples, Maria/Isabel), sequel to Initiation by Shadowgrl (Max/Alex/Michael)

What's New 6/5/01

       Get Roswell character 'skins' (nyuk, nyuk) for your Sims. Check out Roswell manips at Manipulate This!; click on the fourth box on the nav bar to get M/M pix or the fifth to get F/F pix. Add a link to your favorite archive (any fandom or genre) at Archivist Love.

Familiar Faces

  • Brutal by Lucy (The Forsaken; Sean/Nick)
  • Lucid by Lucy (The Forsaken; Sean/Nick)
  • Whatever by Lucy (The Forsaken; Sean/Nick, Nick/OMC)
    Nick is played by Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael Guerin on Roswell.

Slash Subplots

What's New 5/16/01

        The Cat's Meow is a new Tess/Liz site seeking fic, art, etc. Blonde Attitude is back up, and seeks submissions about Maria/Isabel. Bookmark Slash and Slash-Friendly Email Lists, a multi-fandom database created after Yahoo removed adult lists from its search engine. Register now to attend the Bay Area Slash Convention (BASCon) in November. May is National Masturbation Month; vote early and often.

Familiar Faces

  • Fluid by Lucy (The Forsaken; Sean/Nick)
  • The Hunt by Lucy (The Forsaken; Sean/Nick)
    Nick is played by Brendan Fehr, who plays Michael Guerin on Roswell.

What's New 4/25/01

       4/25/01 Courtney fans, check out Sara Downing Online, which has screen caps of her role as Courtney Banks, and a list of other shows she's been on. I've added several sites with slash based on the TV show 'Popular' to the links page.

Slash Subplots

  • Skin Deep by Hot Rod (Significant NC-17 het; Michael/Maria/?)

What's New 4/12/01

What's New 4/3/01

Slash Subplots

What's New 3/16/01

Familiar Faces

  • Whispers by Gale (Curupira/Iara; Beastmaster)
    Emilie de Ravin, who plays Tess on Roswell, also played the forest demon Curupira on Beastmaster.

Slash Subplots

What's New 3/7/01

Familiar Faces

  • Payment For Services Rendered by Random (Darla/Lilah; Angel)
    Darla on Angel is played by Julie Benz, who played Ms. Topolsky on Roswell through the season one ep, 'Crazy.'

Slash Subplots

What's New 2/22/01

Slash Subplots

  • Extasis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by Scynneh (Rath/Tess/Maria; predominantly M/F) In Progress
  • The Story of Us by Debbie (Liz/Kyle/Max; predominantly M/F)

What's New 2/13/01

A New Index: Familiar Faces

For slash fic about characters played by Roswell cast members in other shows or movies.

What's New 2/5/01

What's New 1/29/01

Slash Subplots

What's New 1/22/01

A New Index: Slash Subplots

What's New 1/16/01

A New Index: Slash Subplots

I am open to suggestions for a less sibilant name.

What's New 1/1/01

What's New 12/17/00

What's New 12/2/00

What's New 11/15/00

What's New 11/7/00

What's New 10/21/00

Afternoon Delight by Gale (Isabel/Maria)
And Isn't It Ironic by Kakia Guerin (Isabel/various)
Bitch by Gale (Isabel/Faith)
Ex-Girlfriend by Joy Elizabeth (Isabel/Maria)
The First Kiss by Piper (Isabel/Maria)
Goddess by Elizabeth (Isabel/Maria)
He Who Fights With Monsters by Mala (Max/Kyle)
If I Could Stir by Ivy English (Liz/Tess)
The Next Big Thing by Pilar (Liz/Maria)
Perchance by Pilar (Liz/?)
Steamy Times at Football Camp by PJ (Kyle/original character)
Subject 101 by Shelly and Sherri (Max/original characters)
Three of a Kind by Shelly and Sherri (Max/Michael, Max/Kyle, Max/Liz)
Untitled by Courtnay (Liz/Tess)