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Roswell Resources

       If you have a site you think would interest fans of Roswell slash, send me the url, along with a brief description of the site, and a 100 x 35 pixel link button if you have one. Please let me know if you find any broken links.

General Show Info and Discussion

Antarians.Com has news about the Roswell actors' upcoming projects, a weekly grid showing all their TV appearances, and a complete guide to the several series of Roswell High novels, as well as an ep guide, caps, etc.

The Crashdown, news and message boards, plus a comprehensive collection of screen caps, publicity stills, transcripts, and synopses.

The Crashdown spun off last year from, which still has a lively Roswell board.

Roswell Screen Grab Galleries

The Roswell Theories Archive is a collection of ideas posted to various threads on the Roswell board from 1999-2002 to address the many plot holes.

Silver Skyes: A Roswell Link Collection

Slash-friendly Multigenre Fanfic Archives

Alien Blast Fan Fiction

Ender's UC Roswell Fiction Site archive for Roswell UC het and slash fic.

Facets: A Liz 'shipper's site archives fic for all conceivable Liz 'ships.

Roswell Desert Skies has a collection of Roswell-ania, including a slash-friendly fic section.

Roswell Randomness is a slash-friendly archive for fic about un-canon couples. Does not accept submissions.

Ditch the Logical and Smutwell are slash-friendly message boards.

Fan Art

       These sites have manips with gen and het as well as slash themes, and may have artwork for shows besides Roswell.

Alota Stuff: Fan Art by Holly and Hailey

Reject Reality art by Nicola (Lellwducky)

Unconventional Couples Manipulated Pictures Archive art by Craww and others.

Character and Actor Sites

Isabel Evans, played by Katherine Heigl

Liz Parker, played by Shiri Appleby

Absolutely Appleby

Tess Harding, played by Emilie de Ravin

Emilie de Ravin Online

Forgotten Princess: A Site Dedicated to Tess

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