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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive February 25, 2002

Author: Z H Max
E-mail at:
Title: Dinner
Pairing: Tess/Liz (F/F)
Rating: NC-17 (I should very well think so)
Summary: Sometimes, things just happen. Duh.
Author's Note: This story is set in the time frame of before the 'The Departure', Roswell Yr2. So take it that there is still a possibility of Tess and Liz having some sizzling chemistry, okay?
Personal Note: Like everybody else, one needs feedback. A message saying, 'Ya, it was great,' is enough for me!
Disclaimer: No infringement is honestly intended. We are just a bunch of guys trying to improve our literary skills. Back me up on this, guys?
Copyright by Z H Max
The Moral right of the author has been asserted.

        Tess had invited me over for dinner and I was not even sure why. She had made the invitation over the phone when I was stuck doing my English Homework, but failed to give me any details.  

        'I would like to have sometime with you alone,' she had said. Did I catch a hint of shyness in her voice? Maybe.  

        Was there something she wanted to discuss with me about Max? Or did she just want a heartfelt talk with her lover's former girlfriend? I didn't have a clue. We would be the only ones in the house, she mumbled, as Valenti had gone out of town on business. 

        In the end, I went, though out of private reasons of my own. My heart was pumping as I made my way to the Sheriff's house. I could very well imagine what could happen between two affectionate, loving girls and the thought shamed me, only just a little.  

        A few months back, the idea of me having dirty desires about other girls would have filled me with so much self-disgust and repulsion. But all these had changed as time passed. Before, Max was all I could think of during my spare time, and now this had crept up and imposed itself into my life. 


        It had all happened during gym class a couple of weeks ago, when I had caught sight of Tess climbing the gym rope in her oh so tiny gym shorts. As she moved up and up, I at first studied her technique, but then, her white slender thighs started becoming very visible to me indeed, and I was immediately transfixed. I didn't know why, but I had such a deep longing to touch it, to stroke it and even more to rub my own thighs against hers roughly. I tried to gaze at them without making it look that obvious that I was staring at her straining, muscle-contracting lump of delicious flesh.  

        I had, that day, attributed that feeling as a sort of inter-female envy. I thought I was jealous of her attractive thighs, but no, I was wrong. Such thoughts began to grow in me, and I began to pay much more attention to her during the next few gym classes. At night, I constantly fantasized about more than her thighs, and then always waking up with my panties wet. I had grown more and more worried about my sexual preferences, and I was afraid of the repercussions if everyone in school, especially Max and Maria, knew about my fixation with Tess. 

        However, as the days passed, I became even more so enflamed and desperate about Tess. I had this inability to keep myself level headed and I went around in a half-fevered state. Thus, it was because of this that I went out of my way to sit beside her during a Biology practical lesson. Max was late and sat at the back, scowling at me slightly as he passed. During the lesson, I tentatively touched her covered right thigh with my knee while keeping my eyes staring blankly at the board. My nipples instantly became rock hard and I felt that raging fire in my hollow part of my body.  

        To my surprise, Tess did not pull away. She kept her leg there without so much as a look at me. I loved immensely the contact between us even though there was her skirt separating our skin.  

        I began to wonder if Tess was attracted to me also.

        The next day, Tess came to class wearing just shorts and it so happened that I was wearing Bermudas too. She came over to my seat and plonked down. After a while, her leg became inching closer to mine, slowly and almost undiscernibly. I watched with increasing desire as her leg slowly crossed the distance between us and then I met the contact. Her skin was smooth like silk and my thigh just brushed off her gently and pleasantly, sending such shock waves through my entire limb. Our thighs remained there for so long and I felt forlornly wanting to do more things to her. I couldn't concentrate at all during the lesson and it ended with me without any idea what the teacher was rambling about. Later, at home, I confessed to myself that I was indeed not that straight. And I accepted it.  

        For Tess, I didn't have any idea on how she thought of me. Was her leg purposely moving towards mine, or was she just adjusting herself? I kept agonizing over that question, and I never worked myself up to ask her. I was probably too scared of society's ideals and moreover, things were very awkward between us. We always touched our thighs or knees together during lessons but the two of us kept pulling apart after our classes without so much as a glance or word to each other. Was her contact with me only friendly and out of camaraderie's sake? I fervently hoped not, and I couldn't think I could stand it if she told me that was the case. 

        During the following days, my contact with Tess was limited, as Max started becoming suspicious about our sudden close relationship. He would pull Tess to him very early in the day and I became mad with suppressed lust. I admitted to myself that I was indeed falling hard for Tess. Then the call came. And I went, all the while thinking, oh my god, is this it? 


        I knocked on her door and she opened it. I must say, I looked at her legs first. A mini-skirt barely covering a quarter of her thighs, and a tight fitting blue tank top above it-that was all she was wearing. Her nipples were pressed firmly against her tank top and I licked my lips delicately, slightly aroused by the fact that she had no bra on. 

        'Hi, Liz,' she said, while standing aside so that I could pass.  

        I smiled back and asked, 'So, what's the occasion for?'  

        I instantly regretted it. No way did I want to give her the impression that I came over just for her sake, and if she really wanted me in the way I wanted her, then that question would only make her awkward. Tess didn't reply, only shaking her head slightly, staring at the ground, and became a little red-faced. She led me inside to the kitchen where the table was now pushed to the side of the kitchen wall, leaving only the two breadths and one length free. Two plates were placed side by side on the other free length of the table. I inwardly jumped with joy. The table had been in the middle of the kitchen before Valenti had left and if she had rearranged it, she could have wanted and "forced" us to sit together.

        However, it could just be coincidence, I thought. Maybe it was better if I didn't keep my hopes up too high.  

        She motioned me to sit and we made small talk while she served up the platters of food. I made no attempt to hide the gluing of my eyes to the back of her milky transparent white thighs as she went to-and-fro.  

        'Ta da,' Tess announced proudly when at last everything was ready. She had prepared a steamboat dinner and I was quite amused and a little puzzled, as I had never eaten from one before. I said so sheepishly but she waved the matter aside. She sat down close beside me and it so happened that at once her thigh met mine, and I went crazy. The two of us then tried out best to light the damned thing and once we got it going, we sat back and watched the food cook, with me savouring the contact between us (I didn't know at all about her), and trying to feign an interest in the bubbling soup. My cunt became wet, very wet, and I felt that I just had peed in my underwear. I noticed Tess feeling a little uncomfortable too as she adjusted her seating posture a few times as well. Oh my god!? 

        When the food had been cooked, Tess offered me a pair of chopsticks and I, to tell you the truth, fumbled mightily with it. She expertly scooped up some tofu and I watched as she brought it to her mouth. Her lips were uncoloured and I felt all the more desirous for them on mine. Tess had always possessed a set of thin, naturally cherry lips and I envied Max for all his luck. Meanwhile, I failed in my attempts to fish out a fish ball and Tess, who had been watching me all this while, asked me in a trembling voice.  

        'Do you want me to help you get some food?'  

        I nodded, having at that time, no idea what she was going to do. She balanced a fish ball between her two chopsticks and to my surprise, brought it to her own mouth. Then, she leaned forward incredibly fast and clasped the back of my head to her face. Her lips met mine, and I reacted in shock, hardly imagining that she would kiss me then and there, if at all!  

        I opened my lips unconsciously and the fish ball got transferred over to my mouth. I was struck motionless, shell-shocked for just a while before I hastily swallowed it down, never feeling that a ball of fish could taste so nice. I knew then, that we would forever be together, the alien and the human. 

        'There you are,' Tess said tenderly, her soulful eyes wide open, staring at me. My heart went out to hers and I replied, with my voice shaking tremendously, 'Tess ... I'm ... still hungry. I need more food.'  

        Tess blushed and this time round passed a piece of abalone over to my burning mouth through hers. But now, I passed it back to her mouth without swallowing. My fingers were entangled in her hair and we pressed against each other, tongues and mouth busy in the transferring of that abalone. That piece of fish was now coated with so much saliva, but I didn't care. Instead, the thought of it made me feel even more impassioned, and I pressed my full weight against her. We went crashing down from the bench that we had been seating on to the cool kitchen floor.  

        'My dear Tess, my dear Tess!' I almost screamed out of love for the one opposite me. I clung her fiercely to me, breaking away our kiss and letting the abalone dropping onto the floor. Tess, who was below me, stroked my soft downy hair and whispered to me tersely, 'I have longed for this, my Liz, for do you know how long? I just didn't have the courage.'  

        She stopped there and pulled my head lower to hers. She nuzzled my neck, while fingering my butt with her hands. I let her continue her movements for a while, enjoying very much the various sensations which played down my spine. 

        Then I spoke softly into her right ear. 'Tess, I felt exactly the same way...'  

        She said nothing, acknowledging my statement with her hands continuing her stimulation. Her fingers were getting into more private places and my lips parted, for the inhalation of a sharp breath.  

        I wanted to tell her more. 'I wasn't at all sure about how you felt towards me. It was very awkward. And I was scared of finding out that you didn't love me in the end too.' 

        Tess left my tingling butt and taking me by the chin, she raised my head and our eyes locked. She then squeezed my two sides. I felt slightly ticklish and wriggled about. She smiled gleefully. 

        'But now we know, don't we, my dearest?' Tess murmured, now serious and all demure. 

        I answered her by pressing her two lips together, cutting her off. I followed by tearing her tank top and off violently and then attacked her two small breasts with my tongue. Although she really didn't have that round and big breasts, her tits were large and a fiery rosy red. Tess gasped and threw her head back, lost in an all too pleasant languor. Tess's nipples swelled enormously and I found that to my liking. My own pussy was making a visible dark, damp spot on my pants and I tore off her soaked miniskirt, finding that she was bare underneath. I went even madder at the sight of her pubic hair exposed to me, and her thighs, and her goddamned delicious thighs! 

        I wanted to do something to Tess, something that would make her feel that much pleasure. I caught sight of and seized the two jars of raspberry and strawberry jam off the counter. I pried those two jars open and emptied out the contents onto Tess, who was watching my every movement meekly and looking so vulnerable. I then spread out the sticky jam onto Tess's body, making sure that every part of her body from her neck downwards was covered in jam using my hands. Tess, by now was in a state of pure ecstasy, eyes closed and whole body trembling under my ministrations. She had lain down on the tiles and there was a large puddle of her pussy juice on the floor just beneath her cunt. I had never seen anybody drip so much before, not even me. Tess must be excited to no end.  

        I felt extremely buoyed at this and started licking off the jam from her body, bit by bit, from her breasts to her lean stomach and then all the way to her knees, leaving out the area around her cunt, but savouring especially her thighs. Her thighs were now slobbered and clammy with my saliva and I returned to Tess's twat, which I had purposely neglected. Tess was now breathing in ragged breaths and her moans were so intense as I worried her cunt with my tongue, licking the jam from her clit. I inserted my tongue inside that warm and wet space inside Tess and she arched her back, fists hammering at the ground. I jabbed at it several more times and Tess responded by desperately shifting her body closer to me, wanting me to go deeper inside. Then I bit her in her clit very hard, with my teeth gnawing on her sensitive lips. I could feel her cunt literally tighten. I gave her another hard love-bite on the piece of flesh that she most loved to be touched and she came. Tess whimpered terribly and lunged into my arms, collapsing against my body weakly. Her chest was heaving and she was almost sobbing in release. Her whole body was shaking like mad and then she let out a long moan, eyes tightly shut, as the electricity spread around her body. Following that, in which I was aware of the swollenness of my own cunt, Tess recovered a bit and looked me in the eyes, filled with emotion.  

        Then she lowered me to the ground and took off my jumper and sports bra. Tess stared at my well filled out orbs and pressed her face into it, biting savagely. I was in a state of delirium, enjoying every rapt-filled tease by her perfect teeth. She unbuttoned my pants and took off my lace panties. I saw her lick the wet spot there and then directly she placed a finger at my clit just barely touching me. I let out a slow groan and she touched it again, this time a slight touch also. She went like this for quite some time, and I could not stand it anymore. I was mad at her playful feather-like teasing and wanted her to go further inside, into my thirsting depths, begging her to do so unintelligibly. She smirked and then finally inserted her thumb into my pussy. I jerked involuntarily, as Tess continued to explore my cunt with her thumb. She jabbed at my walls inside, and then withdrew, inserting another finger, until all ten digits of her hands had been inside. She sucked at her own fingers thoroughly, and then inserted four digits together, scratching and pawing at my clit. At the same time, she bit at my navel, at my soft flesh there. Another few firm insertions of a set of four fingers whose knuckles even went into my cunt, I cried out, 'Tess! Oh Tess!' before sinking down back onto the floor exhaustedly, while spasms continued their rampage in my body. Tess fell on top of me and I pressed her to me, entwining my legs around hers and clasping the nape of her neck while I continued shuddering in waves of pleasure. It died down, as it always does, and we both remained there in each other's arms, stroking and caressing each others' sweaty and quivering bodies lazily.  

        The steamboat's flame dyed slowly away, and the puddles of puss juice around us on the floor sparkled in the moonlight shining in from the window. While we whispered sweet nothings to each other with our bodies together as one, the solitary piece of abalone remained on the floor.

        It had really been an excellent dinner. I had Tess and she had me.

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