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Roswell, Season Four, Part One

Reply to WatIWant2000

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2003

Title: Roswell Season 4
Author: WatIWant2000
Rating: PG-13 at first, but soon moves on to NC-17
Pairing: Max/Kyle
Disclaimer: Roswell is not my property. It was owned by UPN, and was recently cancelled. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of Jason Behr and Nick Weschler.
Feedback: Yes please. Email your comments to Or you know...whatever.
Archive: Yes, to list in archive.

        Kyle Valenti had never been involved in such a boring summer in his entire life. He, along with his friends, Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca, had been trapped in a van for almost three months, and were on the road along with Max Evans, Liz's husband, Isabel Ramirez, Max's sister, and Michael Guerin, Maria's on-again-off-again boyfriend (Max, Isabel, and Michael weren't really what Kyle considered friends).

        "Max," Liz said softly, causing everyone to look up in surprise. There had been so little chatter for the past couple of months, that it actually sounded strange to hear someone speak. "Max," Liz said louder. Kyle didn't know if Max wasn't listening, or if he was ignoring Liz, but he didn't take his eyes off the road. Isabel reached over and slapped her brother on the shoulder.

        "Hmm?" Max responded. He was sitting in the driver's seat, with Isabel next to him. Michael and Kyle were in the seat behind, and Liz and Maria in the end. This seating arrangement seemed bogus to Kyle, but Max insisted that if someone destroyed the front of the van, at least they wouldn't get Liz, because she would be behind. Isabel seemed affronted that Max chose her to sit beside him after this reasoning.

        "Max, I need to use the restroom" Liz told him.

        "Now?" Max questioned.

        "There's a gas station right over there," Maria said helpfully, pointing to the building to the right side of them. It seemed hardly like a gas station. There were barely any lights, and the neon that advertised the Exxon was almost out, to read only xo.

        "It's too dangerous," Max said.

        "Oh, it's too dangerous to stop and go to the bathroom, and even refill the gas tank, but it wasn't so dangerous that we could stop at a chapel so you and Liz could get married," Kyle said snappishly, earning a glowering look from Michael.

        Max sighed. "Fine. I guess we could stop,"

        "Don't worry, Max," Isabel assured. "We'll make it worth your while. We'll break the security cameras and change the color and license plate of the van. We'll get more food too,"

        Max nodded, but didn't say anything. Kyle felt guilty for going off on Max about the wedding, but didn't feel too bad about it, as he told himself that it had forced Max to allow them to stop.

        The van lurched to a stop, and Kyle opened the door, and stepped out, grateful for the opportunity to stretch. The other poured out, and they formed a circle around him.

        "Liz, you can go to the bathroom," Max said quietly.

        "I need to go too," Maria piped up. Kyle rolled his eyes.

        "Fine," Max agreed. "You and Liz go to the bathroom, and Michael, you change the van's license plate."

        "What about the color?" Michael questioned.

        "Can't risk it," Max shook his head. "We can change it once we're on the road again. Isabel, you go inside, and distract everyone in there. While they're distracted, disable the security cameras. Kyle, you go in with her, and while she's doing that, you buy whatever food you think we need,"

        "And what will you do?" Kyle questioned.

        "I'll refill the gas tank," Max answered. "Michael can keep watch while I'm doing that. I don't think the Air Force is going to give up on finding us so easily,"

        The group broke off, Maria and Liz heading for the restrooms, Isabel and Kyle going into the store, and Max and Michael staying behind.

        As they entered, Isabel made a beeline for the cashier's counter, but stopped short, and beckoned to Kyle, who breezed up to her. "Give me your money," she murmured, careful not to be overheard.

        "What?" Kyle asked softly.

        "Give me your money," Isabel repeated. Kyle handed her the twenty- eight dollars he had with him, and watched in fascination as she transformed each note into a fifty with the wave of her hand. Then she took a fifty, and headed up to the cashier counter.

        "Pump number 5, please," she told the cashier, handing the bill, which he promptly accepted, and allowed the money to be used for the pumps which Max was using. Kyle reached out and grabbed several bags of chips and soda, along with some chocolate bars, and, with an afterthought, a couple of cans of Diet Coke for Isabel.

        After paying, they returned to the van. "Did you disable the cameras?" Max asked.

        "Went without a hitch," Isabel answered coolly. "That guy was too busy looking at my breasts to notice my hand wave at the camera."

        "Good," Max nodded. Kyle loaded the van with the food, and noticed Michael watching the darkened road.

        "I'll take over, if you want," Kyle offered, "if you want to go the bathroom or whatever," Michael looked taken aback, but it was nothing compared to how taken aback Kyle was with his words. Out of the three aliens, Michael was the one Kyle least got along with.

        "No thanks," Michael said curtly, turning back to the road. Kyle turned around to see Max watching him with a raised eyebrow. Kyle wanted to say something to him, but as he opened his mouth, Liz and Maria materialized in front of them, back from their trip to the bathroom.

        "Anyone else need to go?" Maria asked. There was no reply, so she shrugged, and climbed in van, followed by Liz. Michael clambered back in, and Kyle started to go back in, but Isabel stopped him.

        "There's absolutely no leg room in there," she informed him. "Mind if I sit in your place instead?"

        "Go ahead," Kyle replied, and took her place in the front of the van, as she sat next to Michael. Max placed the gas pump back in its place, and climbed back into the driver's seat. He closed the door, and started the van up again, and reversed, and they were back on the road.

* * *

        An hour into the drive, Max stopped the van again. "I think it would be a good time to change the color of the van now," he said, sounding tired. "I'll do it, but I think it would be less suspicious if there was someone with me,"

        "I think I should help," Kyle told him. "In case anyone asks, we can pretend to have a flat or something," Max nodded, and they got out. Max stepped in front of the van, and was bathed in the headlights. Kyle noticed that his eyes were a little red.

        "Max, I think you should take a break," Kyle spoke. Max shot him a confused look. "Your eyes are red. You're too tired. And I don't want to get into an accident, thanks," Kyle continued. "Besides, you've been driving for days. I'll take over,"

        "Thanks," Max agreed. He held out his hand, and the van turned from white to black in front of Kyle's eyes. Max lowered his eyes, and went over to Kyle's place, as Kyle got into the driver's seat.

        "What's up with the SuperJock?" he heard Michael ask.

        "Kyle offered to drive, since I was too tired," Max explained.

        "Well, someone's generous tonight," Michael said snidely. Kyle chose to ignore him, and marveled at the change in him. He was offering to help people left and right, and was opting to ignore Michael instead of retorting with insults. 'Must be the graduation cap. Really brings out the adult in me,' he thought to himself, as he drove.

* * *

        They stopped at a motel. "Choice," Kyle called out to everyone. "Motel or van?" They had spent the past three nights sleeping in the van, but there was a limit to how many times they could spend in the musty vehicle.

        "Motel," Isabel said sleepily. "Definitely motel,"

        "I don't think I can spend another night without a pillow," Maria added. "Motel,"

        "Well, if they're choosing motel, I guess I should too," Michael said.

        Liz glanced at Max. "It's up to you, Max," she said. Kyle wanted to scream. What was Liz's problem, anyway? It wasn't as if the Earth depended on their decision on sleeping in a motel or the van. Why did she have to ask Max to decide everything for her?

        "Motel," Max voted after a minute. Isabel sighed in relief. Kyle cut the engine, and the took the keys. Everyone climbed out, and he locked the door, and they headed up the counter.

        "How many rooms?" the woman behind the counter asked. "Each room has two beds,"

        "Um..." Kyle looked uncertainly at the group. Max placed his arm around Liz's shoulder, as if to tell Kyle that they would share a bed.

        "Fine, but no funny business," Kyle told them.

        Max grinned. "Deal," Maria, hearing this, immediately wrapped her arms around Michael's waist. Kyle rolled his eyes. He glanced at Isabel, who snorted.

        "You and me in the same room?" she asked. "Dream on, Valenti,"

        "Come on, Iz," Kyle argued. "It's not as if we would be sharing a bed or anything. And it would be cheaper to stay in the same room,"

        Isabel sighed. "Fine," she replied.

        "And to make sure you guys don't do anything bad, you get to share a room," Kyle told Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria. Maria's mouth dropped open indignantly.

        "Fine," Michael said quickly. Maria turned and glared at him. Kyle turned back to the woman.

        "Two rooms, please," he said.

        "25 dollars a room," she replied. Kyle handed her one of his fifties, and she gave him two sets of keys. Kyle gave Max his key, and he and Isabel headed to their room.

* * *

        That night, Kyle couldn't sleep, so he decided to go out and take a walk. Outside, he was surprised to see Max in the parking lot, sipping a Pepsi. "Hey," he greeted the alien king, walking up to him. Max turned around in surprise, and gave him one of his half-smiles. "Hey," Max greeted.

        "What're you doing?" Kyle questioned.

        "Well, one of us have to keep a lookout. Just in case," Max reminded. "Can't have the Air Force or any other government agency sneak up on us in our sleep,"

        "Max," Kyle couldn't suppress a smile. Max was such a worrywart.

        "We changed the license plate *and* the color of the van. No one is going to find us. The only way they can identify us is by looking at our faces, and I don't think they're going to burst through the motel and demand to look at everyone,"

        "They're the law, they can do anything," Max argued. Kyle took Max's hand in his.

        "Just because you're the leader, doesn't mean that you have to take all this pressure on yourself," he told Max gently. "You, of all people, need to get some rest. Look, if you're worried," Kyle added, seeing that Max was about to argue with him again, "then I can take over for you,"

        "Hey, no," Max protested.

        "I'm serious," Kyle told him. "Max, you *have* to get some sleep. You look dead on your feet,"

        "Yeah, I guess so," Max said finally. "Later, though. I just had two Pepsis. Way too wired to sleep. Think you can take over driving tomorrow while I catch up on some sleep,"

        "Sure," Kyle said. Max sat down on the curb, and Kyle joined him.

        "You know, Kyle, I'm really amazed by you," Max said.

        "Really," Kyle raised his eyebrows.

        "Mm-hmm. You've changed a lot," Max replied. "I mean, when in first met you, you were this spoiled, arrogant, mean-"

        "I hope you're going somewhere with this," Kyle joked, a small smile on his face. Max chuckled.

        "And now, you're this...strong, invulnerable, considerate person," he continued. "Do you remember what you were like when I healed Liz?"

        "Oh, yeah," Kyle snorted. "I was this petty guy who was worried about losing my girlfriend to this man who I had pegged as a freak since the fourth grade," he fell silent, reminiscing on all the things that had been wrong with him during his sophomore year in high school.

        "I mean, I never gave a fuck to all the important things in life,"

        "And remember what happened after I healed *you*?"

        "Well, I turned to Buddhism," Kyle pointed out. "And I decided that it wouldn't be so bad if I started branching out and making new friends. I started hanging out with you guys more, and less with the guys on the wrestling team. And I was over Liz. Instead, I had hooked on to-" he stopped short, glancing at Max.

        "Tess," Max said quietly.

        "I was actually going for 'murderous psycho who didn't care about anyone but herself', but yeah, Tess works too," Kyle agreed. "I'm sorry," he said after a moment of silence.

        "It's okay," Max said. "I mean, she came back. She helped us out in the end. Tried to bring the Air Force base down,"

        "Have you thought about her?"

        "A little," Max responded. "You?"

        "A little," Kyle replied. "I basically try to block her out,"

        "Does it work?"


        Max nodded. Kyle frantically tried to think of another topic. "So... college," he blurted. Max looked up. "What's your plan?"

        "Well, Liz planned on Northwestern," Max informed. "And I decided to follow her,"

        "Of course," Kyle nodded. "I mean, you're married. But aren't you worried about that? I mean, you'll barely be able to see her around campus,"

        "What do you mean?" Max asked sounding alarmed.

        "Well, you're going to be in different dorms," Kyle pointed out.

        "You'll probably have to stay in dorms for a couple of years before moving in together...if it's safe,"

        "Well, yeah, but I'll see her in classes," Max shrugged.

        "Really?" Kyle asked. At Max's confused frown, he sighed. "Look, Max. I hate to be the one to point this out to you, just wouldn't be safe to be near Liz in college. If the government is spying on you, it would be better to make them think you and Liz have no connection anymore. And to do *that*, you'd have to keep a safe distance, which would mean that you have to avoid having the same classes,"

        Max bit his lip. He hadn't thought about that. "I guess you're right," he admitted. "I completely forgot about that. I don't...I don't even know why we got *married*. We're not even allowed to see each other anymore, if we want to keep alive,"

        "I'm so sorry," Kyle said sincerely. He thought he heard a sob, and felt alarmed. "Max, please, don't cry," Kyle said, and wrapped his arms around the taller boy. "Please. I'm sorry,"

        "It's not you," Max said. "It's just-God, I'm so stupid!"

        "No, no you're not," Kyle said. "You're romantic. You fell in love, and it's only natural that you want to be together with Liz forever,"

        "Yeah, but I never even *stopped* to think about how this would affect you guys," Max said.

        "You're not in charge of us," Kyle said sharply. "Look, you've given up your entire *life* just to make sure we were alive. It would only be fair for you to want something like this. It's completely natural," He hadn't removed his hands from Max's body, and didn't want to. His friend needed him. They sat like that for a few minutes, before Kyle broke the silence. "So what are you going to do?" he asked Max.

        "The only thing I *can* do," Max said. "I have to divorce Liz,"

        "What?" Kyle exclaimed, dropping his hands to his sides. "Max, you can't do that!"

        "Kyle, you're right," Max said. "It's too hard. It's impossible. Liz and would never work. Everything right now is too fucked up. It was stupid to get married to Liz right now,"

        Kyle wanted to argue, tell Max that he was wrong, that it was alright for him and Liz to be together, but he couldn't. He couldn't do it, because deep down in his heart, he believed Max's words. He knew from the start that the wedding was an awful idea. But he didn't want to say that to Max. Kyle didn't deserve to tell Max what he thought of his marriage.

        So he sat there, waiting for Max to calm down, just holding him in his arms. He mentally kicked himself for allowing the conversation to go this way. After a while, Kyle thought that it may be safe to get Max back to his room. "Let's get some sleep," he suggested.

        "Yeah, okay," Max agreed in a quiet voice. They got to their feet, and went to their respective rooms, closing the doors quietly behind them.

* * *

        With the thought of divorce looming ahead, Max couldn't bear the thought of sleeping in the same bed as Liz. It irked the hell out of him. So after trying for fifteen minutes, he gave up, and got out of bed, and walked out of the room, and headed to Kyle's room. He knocked softly, hoping he didn't wake Isabel. He didn't. Kyle opened the door, looking as awake as he was. He couldn't go to sleep either, apparently.

        "What's wrong?" Kyle whispered.

        "I can't-" Max started, but the words were cut off when he felt the large lump in his throat, "I can't sleep. Not with Liz in the same room. Can I...can I sleep here for tonight?"

        "Yeah, sure," Kyle nodded. "You wanna sleep in the same bed as Isabel?"

        "I don't think she'd appreciate it," Max smiled wryly. "Can I just share a bed with you?"

        Kyle nodded, and Max entered the room, closing the door behind him.

* * *

        At the gas station, the cashier held up his hands, terrified. One of the men held a gun to his head, as the others looted the store. Another man grabbed the security camera. "Hey, this thing's off!" he called out to his partners.

        "What kind of a self-respecting business employs people who can't even turn on the fucking camera?" the man holding the cashier at gunpoint laughed, followed by the rest of the men. "Take it anyway, maybe the boss would want it," And with that, they returned to looting the store.

        "We're done," one of them announced later. No one had entered the gas station, so they were lucky. "Come on. Let's go,"

        "Thanks for the service, we really appreciated it," Gunpoint Man told the cashier. Then he released the cashier and walked away. Just as the cashier thought that he was going to get through this, Gunpoint Man pulled the trigger.

        The wall soaked with blood, and the dead body on the ground,

        Gunpoint Man ripped off his gloves, and stuffed them, along with the gun, into the pocket of his leather jacket, and rushed out of the station, and hopped into the car, and the gang made their getaway.

        TO BE CONTINUED...

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