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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Eight

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        "Are you ready to do this?" Kyle asked, rubbing his girlfriend's back and shoulders.

        She nodded, too relaxed to make actual conversation.

        "'Cause we don't have to, you know, if you're not ready."

        Rousing herself, she propped herself up on his chest and looked down at him. "Kyle, I'm ready. Everything is going to be fine." Looking him over, she frowned. "You're the one who looks nervous. Are you sure *you're* ok with this? I know it's a lot to ask, and you've been great about this whole thing so far," Tess said, gesturing to include their general state of nudity. They had been cuddling after a particularly steamy session of sex when Kyle had finally decided to voice what'd been on his mind for the last two days. "We could cancel. We don't have to do this today if you're not completely comfortable with it."

        "No," he quickly denied. "Trust me, the sooner we get Maria and Liz initiated, the better off we'll all be."

        "This is really bothering you, isn't it?"

        Kyle started to deny it, but thought better of it. "Yeah. A little, I guess. I mean I am so into you. You're cute, funny, sexy as hell," he growled as he leaned up for a kiss, then continued, "but this thing with Liz is freaking me out."

        "Because I have to be with Liz like this?"

        "No, because I want to be with Liz like this," he told her honestly. "And I don't *want* to feel that way. I don't want to do anything to hurt you. I want to want only you, but I don't. I want you. I want Max and Michael, and now there's this thing with Maria and Liz. I'm terrified I'm gonna wake up tomorrow wanting Ms. Hefler."

        Tess couldn't contain a soft laugh. "I think you're safe from that happening."

        "How can you be sure? The only two people I know that I don't want to jump are Isabel and Alex."

        "It's the same for me. This hybrid thing has me wanting Isabel and through her, Alex. I don't want Max or Michael, but through them I want Liz and Maria. It's very confusing."

        Kyle gently lifted her off of him and sat up. "You guys mentioned before about Alex." He said tentatively. "And... Isabel, she said she wants me."

        Tess also sat up, holding a sheet against her bosom. "Yes. Isabel's desire for Alex is in me, and mine for you is in her," she clarified.

        "Ok, let's play a game of 'what if'. What if you and Alex found yourselves in a time or place where you wanted to act on those urges. What if Isabel and I wanted to be together? How would you feel? Would it be right or wrong? I mean, maybe it's because of the whole initiation deal, but the thought of you with another girl doesn't bother me. But when I think of you with Alex or Max or Michael I... I just... I don't think I'd be ok with that," he admitted softly taking her small hand in his. "And you said you're ok with what happened between me and the guys on Wednesday, but what if Isabel had been there? Or Liz? Or Maria?"

        Tess frowned, seeing where he was going. "You're right. I don't think I would like that." She got quiet as she thought it out. "I think we need to call the gang together for a meeting before we bring the girls in."

        Kyle sighed in relief. He was looking for a few ground rules. If it was ok to lust after everyone in their group, then hey, he was all over that, but if opposite sex lusting outside of Tess was a big no-no then he needed to know before the fantasies he'd been having about Liz and Maria got him into more trouble than he could handle.

        The initiation had changed something inside of him. The result was leaving him confused as hell. The only thing he knew with any certainty was after having known the bliss of Tess's embraces, he was sure as hell not going to do anything to get his passport to this new paradise revoked. To be kicked out of their group would be akin to Lucifer being kicked out of heaven. Or whatever the Buddhist equivalent was.

        The ringing of the doorbell brought him out of his thoughts. Glancing at the clock, he said, "That'll be Liz." He quickly tugged on his swimming trunks.

        Tess watched him for a moment, appreciating his finely muscled form before a frown puckered her brow. "Another thing I'm going to mention at the meeting is Michael marking you like this." She stood and quickly healed a few bruises she spotted on his skin. Kyle still had one or two marks left from his 'punishment' the other day at Michael's hands. She'd healed most of them earlier, but apparently she'd missed a couple.

        Kyle grinned in embarrassment before tugging on a shirt. "Don't worry about it. I asked for it."

        "Kyle, one 'bite me' doesn't deserve the kind of marks he left on you."

        Red faced, Kyle admitted, "Actually, it was several 'bite me's and a couple of 'yes'es that caused all of those marks."

        They heard Liz's voice calling them before he could explain, so he kissed her lightly on the lips and hurried out into the hallway calling out, "Come on in, Liz."

        Tess's mouth was left hanging open as she worked through the mental image that brief explanation gave her.

        Liz was standing in the living room, clutching her bag, looking very uncomfortable when Kyle joined her.

        He noticed it immediately and asked, "Are you ok?"

        "I'm just... this is just a little... weird."

        Kyle didn't say anything to contradict her. He nodded instead and said, "I know. I'm glad that you came. It means a lot... to both of us. It's time we put the past behind us and begin moving forward, and I feel that the only way we can do that is if you and Tess work through what ever it is that you need to work through."

        Liz said honestly, "I'm not sure I can, Kyle. You don't know what it was like for us when she got here. She hurt me and she hurt Max and I don't know if I can let that go."

        "So why are you here?" he asked softly, already knowing the answer.

        She closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them again, that determined light he knew so well was burning in their chocolate depths. "I guess I'm willing to try. It was all a long time ago. Seems like a whole lifetime ago, really. So much has happened since last spring."

        Kyle smiled his agreement with a wry turning up of the corners of his mouth. "Yeah, tell me about it."

        They stood in silence for a moment before he asked, "Can I get you something to drink?"

        "An iced tea would be great."

        "Coming right up," he said while heading into the Valenti kitchen. "Why don't you go on out back? Tess is changing into her suit. She'll be out in a minute."


        Liz slid open the door to the patio and crossed to one of the lounge chairs. Setting her bag down, she quickly stripped off her shorts and shirt to reveal her swimsuit and made herself comfortable. It was a beautiful day. The hot New Mexico sun was beating down onto her skin. Her body greedily absorbed the golden sunshine like it was a tangible thing. In no time at all, she felt the first trickle of sweat begin to roll out off her hair across her forehead.

        As quietly as he could, Kyle crept outside and held the glass of iced tea aloft her warm body. Condensation was rapidly forming on the glass, and it was only seconds before the first cold drop dripped from the bottom of the cup to splash onto her heated skin.

        With a gasp, she opened her eyes. "Kyle!"

        "Sorry, did it drip?" he asked as innocently as possible.

        She glared at him before answering. "You tried the same thing twice two summers ago and it didn't work then, what makes you think it's gonna work now?"

        "Third time's the charm?" He watched in interest as she took the glass from him and set it down carefully on the table next to her chair.

        "More like three strikes and you're out," she warned him before leaping to her feet and shoving him toward the pool.

        He was ready for her, and easily lifted her into his arms. She struggled futilely as he asked, "Now, what were you saying?"

        Knowing there was no way to escape the inevitable she told him, "I was saying you were an insensitive jerk who would think nothing of taking advantage of someone smaller than you."

        "Uh huh," was all he said as he tossed her into the cool water of the pool.

        Her shriek was cut off by the sound of a large splash.

        Before she could surface, Kyle was startled by the sound of the backyard gate being thrown open. Max and Michael stood there looking ready for battle.

        "Kyle, what's going on? I heard Liz screaming."

        Kyle knew he was in serious trouble. If seeing Liz across the parking lot at school was enough to cause Max to incapacitate him with lust, Kyle didn't want to know what Max's reaction to seeing her nearly naked and dripping wet would do to him. Hurriedly he said, "Max, you've got to go. Now!"

        "Why? What's going on?"

        Behind them, Kyle heard Liz's head break the surface as she gasped for air.

        Max spotted her. "Liz?"

        Kyle stepped between them and ordered, "Liz whatever you do, DO NOT get out of that pool."

        "Max what are you doing here? What's going on?"

        "That's what I'd like to know." Max growled.

        Liz easily swam to their end of the pool, but when she braced her arms on the edge in preparation of lifting herself out of the water, Kyle barked, "Liz, STOP. Stop right there. Please, just stay in the water."

        "What's going on here, Kyle? Where's Tess?" Michael asked.

        As if called, Tess chose that moment to step through the patio door. "Hey guys." Interpreting the various expressions on everyone's faces that ranged anywhere from terror to suspicion she was quick to react. "Max, I'm glad you're here. I need to speak with you about something." Nobody moved so she ordered, "Now."

        Max shot Kyle a look that said, 'we'll talk about this later,' before following Tess into the house.

        In the pool, Liz was getting worried. "Would someone tell me what's going on?"

        "Actually, nothing," Michael said. "We stopped by to see if you guys wanted to hang out tonight. We thought you were in trouble when we heard you screaming, so we ran back here."

        "I wasn't in trouble, unless you count that Neanderthal," she pointed at Kyle, "throwing me into the pool." Again, she moved to heft herself out of the water.

        Kyle stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. He was keenly aware of every sensation of her soft, cold wet skin felt against his and he had to fight to keep his passion under control. "Ok, we're going to play a game you and I," he told her. "The game is called 'Kyle would like to live to see tomorrow' the rules are simple: you stay in there until Evans is gone."

        "Kyle, what are you talking about? Max isn't going to hurt you just because you've invited me to go swimming."

        "Trust me, Liz. I know what I'm talking about."

        Michael's interest was peaked. He looked her over suspiciously. From where he was standing, he could see the straps of her swimsuit top. Taking a step forward, he told Kyle threateningly, "She'd better be wearing bottoms in there."

        Overhearing, Liz was outraged. "Michael Guerin, what exactly do you mean by that?'

        "I mean that if you're half naked in there, Kyle isn't likely to win this game."

        Her mouth hanging open in shock, Liz demanded, "What makes you think I'd go running around in public without my... without my..." she couldn't even say it to his face. Blushing, she finished lamely, "you know."

        "You've done it before," Michael retorted. "Or have you forgotten last Wednesday?"

        Liz's eyes got big as saucers. "How did you... When did... Who told you?"

        Michael smirked at her, "No one had to tell me. I got eyes in my head."

        Mortified, Liz rested her head against the sun-warmed cement on the lip of the pool. "Oh my god."

        Kyle punched Michael in the arm, glaring at him. Liz didn't listen to anything he was saying as she quickly pulled herself out of the pool. Embarrassed didn't begin to cover what she was feeling at this moment. All she could think of was fleeing into the house away from Michael's knowing grin.

        Michael caught her movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced at her only to be frozen in place. Liz Parker's tiny body was gorgeous. Her red one piece suit was modest by any standards, but it clung to her every curve, faithfully outlining every bit of her softness for their lustful gazes to drink in.

        "Jesus," Michael breathed.

        Kyle didn't even have the breath to agree with him.

        From inside the house, suddenly Max's voice broke them out of their spell. He was coming back outside. If he saw Liz like this... Kyle was starting to see stars just in anticipation. What to do? he asked himself. Suddenly, he had an idea. Admittedly, it was a bad one, but it was better than no idea at all.

        "Shit," Michael said and attempted to brace himself against the inevitable surge of lust he knew was coming. Belatedly, he realized why Kyle wanted to keep her into the pool away from Max's eyes. Max was going to lose it if he saw her like this.

        Kyle was in motion before Max had his hand on the knob. With his fast athletic reflexes, he leapt over the lounge chair and caught Liz close against his body.

        "Kyle let go of me! What do you think you're doing?"

        "Sorry, Liz. I'll make this up to you later, I promise," he said hurriedly. It was all the warning she got before he tossed her back into the pool.

        * * * * * * *

        "You should have seen the look on your face," Michael told her later as he reached for a slice of pizza.

        "Tess, would you please tell Michael that I am not interested in hearing anything he has to say?" Liz asked haughtily. To say she was still pissed was an understatement.

        Enjoying the infantile game, Tess happily complied, "Michael, Liz said for you to shut up."

        Kyle chided, "Come on Liz. How long are you going to be mad at me?"

        She answered him with a glare. "That long, huh?" he asked wryly. Truth be known, he'd rather have Liz angry than to face whatever consequences would have been waiting for him had he not done what he did.

        As Max had returned to the patio, Michael had grabbed his arm and hurried him out of there before Liz could catch her breath. He was still amazed at some of the things she'd yelled at him when she finally did.

        It had worked out though. Siding with Liz, Tess had worked the situation to her advantage causing the girls to bond in the age-old battle between the sexes. Kyle's explanation, which even he recognized as flimsy, was that there had been a bet between him and Michael. He wouldn't say what it was - not able to come up with anything good, but that having lost the bet, he'd had to toss Liz into the pool - twice. It was all he could come up with on such short notice. And it put Michael in the dog house right along with him.

        After having climbed back out of the pool - again - Liz very nearly grabbed her stuff and went home, but Tess took that moment to join them with some munchies and it reminded Liz why she was there in the first place. So, ignoring Kyle completely, she sat back down and began the process of getting to know Tess.

        Pretending to pout, Kyle was secretly pleased with how things were working out. When Michael returned, alone, an hour later, the other boy gratefully joined him in the living room.

        After the sun had set, they'd ordered a pizza, and the four of them had sat around the table in the living room, eating and making small talk. By the time they were done eating, Liz had calmed down, and he eagerly waited for the next stage of his plan to begin. Clearing away the plates and cardboard boxes, he returned to the table with two pairs of dice.

        Michael asked suspiciously, "What are those for?"

        "Truth or Dare, Roswell style."

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