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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Seven

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        The girls giggled all the way to Alex's room, but once they'd closed the bedroom door, they felt suddenly awkward with one another. Liz, as always, was the reasonable one, willing to tackle the problem head on - so to speak.

        "Ok, look," she said to Maria. "We came here for one reason, ok two reasons, to watch TV and to 'go to the bathroom'." Here Maria snickered and Liz struggled to continue. "It doesn't have to be this big deal. Let's just get under his blankets this time, swear that neither one of us will pay the slightest bit of attention to what the other one is doing. And, you know...," she blushed, unable to complete the thought.

        Maria tried to keep a straight face as she solemnly nodded, "Agreed."

        "Ok, fine."

        With that, the girls made themselves comfortable and Liz flipped on the TV. Amazingly it was still on the channel she'd left it on yesterday. After adjusting the volume, Liz settled back to watch. They were just in time for a new vignette to start.

        There was a lady executive sitting at one end of a long, polished table in an elaborate boardroom. She was wearing dark framed glasses and her brown hair was pulled up in a bun. She looked studious. In fact, she looked a little like Liz. The dialogue was: budget this, budget that, corporate takeover, yadda yadda yadda. The girls tuned most of it out; after all they weren't here for the dialogue. The lady stood slowly revealing a skirt so short and tight fitting even Maria would have thought twice about wearing it. She slowly, seductively walked her way to the other end of the table to where a handsome man sat regarding her.

        "Hey, he looks kinda like Max."

        Nodding, Liz licked her lips in anticipation. Realizing Maria was so engrossed in the show she hadn't seen the movement, she forced herself to say, "Yeah. Kinda."

        Truth was, if she squinted just a tiny bit, she couldn't tell the difference. She felt moisture flood her insides as he stood to join the lady. More sexy love talk, but the girls got a feeling that while she had it bad for the guy, he was just toying with her.

        Maria was the first one to say, "Don't listen to him babe. Get out while you can. Run while you still have your dignity."

        Stepping closer, the man unbuttoned her fitted pin-striped suit jacket and spread it wide to reveal the flounced shirt underneath. It was white and nearly sheer. He wasted no time unbuttoning the pretty garment, whispering to her about how good it was gonna feel and how she had to trust him.

        Did she want him?


        Did she?


        How much?

        I'll do anything, she promised with a sexy smile as she ran a hand over his crotch.

        Anything? he asked while removing his tie. Liz and Maria were tense, certain he was up to no good. They watched him fingering the material of his neck garment suggestively. "Oh this cannot be good," Maria whispered.

        "Come on, Maria. What can happen?"

        The scene shifted and suddenly the woman was wearing the necktie as a blindfold. She was now sitting on the table, her legs spread wide as the man tongued her dripping core. Her cries of pleasure rang out effusively. The man slowly pushed two fingers into her and she begged for more. So he obliged her with another as his tongue and teeth worked at her clit.

        Under the cover of the blanket, Liz slowly pulled her zipper down and slid her hand inside the restricting fabric. Belatedly, she realized that she should probably remove the garment all together. "Maria, take your shorts off," she ordered.


        "Just do it, or we'll have to explain to Alex why we had to borrow some of his later."

        "Oh," Maria exclaimed, realizing what Liz was getting at. Their shorts were going to be as soaked as their undies were yesterday. The two girls quickly removed their bottoms, leaving the blanket intact.

        Liz returned her hand to where she wanted it the most - between her legs, rubbing her clit. Her eyes were glued to the screen while she watched the guy who looked like Max finger fuck a girl who looked like her. It was intoxicating. She wished the camera would show the guy more. Was he enjoying it? Was he getting pleasure from his woman? From the sounds he was making, she figured he was, but she wanted to watch his face. The cameraman disappointed her however as the angle rarely strayed from the woman's blindfolded face or body.

        Maria was concentrating on the woman. She looked so much like Liz, she thought. In her mind's eye, she recast herself as the guy and imagined she was the one sucking and licking on Liz's clit. What would she taste like? Maria wondered. She'd never forget the taste of Isabel in her mouth, and suddenly she was having a craving to find out what flavor Liz came in. Blocking out all the reasons why it was wrong, Maria went with the fantasy, her body igniting as lust poured through her. Helpless against it, she slid one hand down to massage her clit, barely suppressing a moan as she did so. The secret place between her legs was dripping wet from four hours of stimulation and now this. Maria thought she might just combust.

        Back on the TV, the lady was nearing her peak when the man pulled away from her. Without a word, he helped her climb down off the table. Amazingly, she was still wearing her heels. Turning her around to face away from him, he bent her forward over the table. He unzipped his fly, and pushed his throbbing cock into her soaked passage. All three girls moaned in unison. Then he was fucking her with gusto causing her freed breasts to quiver and bounce against the cold, polished surface of the table as he plowed into her from behind.

        Liz had two fingers buried into her own sweet canal as she watched the screen. It suddenly occurred to her that she had a problem. She was about thirty seconds away from orgasm, but the bathroom was sooooo far away. She knew she'd never make it. Plus there was the fact that to get there she'd have to cross the room naked from the waist down. That wasn't going to happen. Now what? she asked herself, unable and unwilling to forgo the pleasures her fingers were giving her.

        Next to her, Maria was having the exact same problem. Seeing no other recourse, she finally panted out, "Liz, babe, close your eyes and cover your ears cause there's no way I'm stopping now."

        "Ditto," Liz ground out through clenched teeth, and thus having given each other fair warning, they both climaxed together, Liz's dark sighs mingling in tandem to Maria's husky cries as they each stroked themselves to completion. Opening their eyes, they slowly focused back on the screen again. They'd apparently missed the grand finale. The man was pulling his now flaccid cock away from the lady's reposed body. He'd pulled out and cum against her back. She was gonna be a mess later, and the girls winced in sympathy for her. "Bastard," Maria whispered.

        With a delicious smile, the woman rolled over, seemingly uncaring that her lover was an insensitive jerk. Their lips met in a thorough kiss to which Maria disparaged, "Oh, so now he kisses her."

        Liz just shot her a look as the woman sexily removed her blindfold only to discover that the man who'd just had sex with her wasn't the first guy at all. It was some nerdy, dweeby, ugly guy. The camera pulled back to reveal that the sexy Max-a-like had resumed his seat at the head of the table once the blindfold had been put on allowing the other man to take his place. He had apparently sat there and watched the whole show.

        "Oh my god," Liz breathed. "That was gross."

        "Tell me about it. I told you that guy was up to no good, Liz."

        The other girl just huffed. As far as Liz was concerned, she was ready to go. That had pretty much killed the mood for her. Maria sensed this and decided to head this one off at the pass. "Come on, the next one has to be better than that one was. And besides, you may not approve of the ending, but it certainly got the job done. Right?"

        "I guess," Liz said begrudgingly.

        Maria laughed. "You guess? Are you not sure because that's not what it sounded like to me."

        "Maria!" Liz exclaimed, humiliated now.

        "What? Liz we both did it less than a foot from each other. What did you expect? Come on, I have to tease you a little. Besides, turnabout is fair play," she cajoled.

        "Fine," Liz huffed, sinking back against the pillows. "I'll stay but I'm not going to enjoy any more of these stupid... How can people watch this stuff?"

        "Yeah, whatever," was all Maria said. Her body was still tingling in the afterglow. Liz's 'no underwear' idea had been a stellar success after Maria had gotten used to the idea. Liz had been right, she HAD felt sexier, and people around her had seemed to notice and respond accordingly. Brett James had *actually* flirted with her in second period. He didn't usually give her the time of day.

        In third, it was a trio of guys that flirted with her. Tomorrow, she decided, they were going to leave their bras at home, too.

        Turning her attention back to the TV, Maria saw two guys working out all by themselves in a gym. She sat up at attention. Ooh, now this could get interesting, she thought. Beside her she sensed Liz watching, too and couldn't hide her grin.

        * * * * * *

        Amazingly enough, the two girls ran into Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle in the parking lot as they were returning to school. All of them were late to their next class anyway, so they stood around talking for a minute.

        "So where'd you guys go for lunch?" Maria asked, sounding causal as possible for someone who was *still* basking in the afterglow and once again in public without her underwear.

        "Uh, we went to Michael's."

        "Really?" Maria knew there wasn't much in the way of food there, not counting cereal, so she couldn't help but ask, "What'd you eat?"

        Kyle and Alex turned an interesting shade of red, while Michael said straight-faced, "Actually we didn't. We had a situation that needed discussing. And we discussed it."

        "Thoroughly," Max put in with a teasing glint in his eye.

        "And since the issue seems to have been resolved, than I say my work here is done." The human boys had to agree with Michael's assessment. They were all too sated to be drooling over anyone, including Liz and Maria.

        Kyle asked, "What about you ladies? Where'd you go for lunch?"

        Liz put a hand to her mouth, "Oh my god. Alex, I'm so sorry. We, uh, do you remember the project I said Maria and I were working on yesterday?" Their friend nodded. "Well, it wasn't quite done yet, so we snuck back over to your house. I'm sorry I didn't ask first. It kinda just came up that we needed to do more research."

        "Hey, that's ok. You didn't set anything on fire did you?" he asked teasingly.

        Liz heard Maria mutter, "Only your sheets." She nudged her and covered with, "No. No, nothing like that. We just watched a little TV."

        "Yeah. It was very educational," Maria added with a slight smirk.

        "Ok," Liz cut her off. "Well, we've got to... and you have to... So, I guess we'll see you later?"

        "Later," everyone agreed.

        "Bye, Liz," Max couldn't help but add.

        "Bye, Max."

        Michael and Maria just exchanged burning glances before the girls turned away.

        The four guys watched appreciatively as Liz and Maria walked back into the school. They all silently agreed on exactly three things: One, neither girl was wearing any underwear. Two, Liz *was* moving her hips in a seductive fuck-me kind of way. And three, an hour and half hadn't been anywhere near long enough to wear Max completely out.

        They heard Kyle mutter, "Damn aliens" as he stomped away. The effect was slightly broken by the lack of swagger in his normally brash steps. Kyle's body currently bore several teeth marks, including a ring of them circling the base of his tightening cock.

        Michael smirked at Max, who simply raised his eyebrows in all innocence.

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