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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Six

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        It was about twenty minutes before lunch period when Max happened to glance out the window of his social science class, which faced the student parking lot. He watched in disbelief as Liz and Maria walked towards the cars. They were obviously intent on sneaking off a little early for lunch. Desire coiled through him and he admired the seductive sway of Liz's hips as she walked. Then he froze, for just a moment, his eyes fixed to her ass. There was something different about her today. Her walk was more relaxed, languid. Sitting up, he peered at her more closely.

        "Sweet Jesus!" he cursed as quietly as he could. As far as he could tell, Liz Parker wasn't wearing any underwear under her snug shorts. And by the way she was walking, he could tell that she was enjoying the sensation. Just the thought that she'd been walking around the halls all morning like that had stars floating in front of his eyes. His cock was immediately standing painfully erect. He needed to get out the classroom before he did something to embarrass himself. Raising his hand, he quickly asked, "Can I get a bathroom pass?"

        On the other side of the building, Alex had been standing up in front of his English class giving an oral report, when desire slammed through him so hard and fast, it nearly knocked him off his feet. 'Shitshitshit,' he thought as visions of Liz naked and writhing beneath him shocked him speechless. His boxers were doing nothing to contain his sudden erection, so he doubled over and began coughing like he was going to die, which he thought he might. "I'm sorry," he croaked out, holding the book that had been the subject of his oral report firmly in front of his crotch. "Could I... *cough, cough, cough* go get a drink of water?"

        "Of course Alex," his teacher said sympathetically. "You can continue with your report when you get back." As he fled the room, barely able to stand, he heard her calling someone else to the front of the room.

        In the gym, Kyle had been working on his wrestling moves with his friend Larry when the sudden arrival of his erection knocked the wind out of him. He'd never come to attention that fast before. One second his cock had been flaccid, his mind focused on his moves, the next, his head was spinning as all of his blood rushed to a certain part of his anatomy. As he twisted away from the other boy, lust belatedly roared through him. Dimly, he heard Larry asking, "Kyle, Kyle are you ok?" Then, before he could prevent it, his friend was shouting, "Coach, Kyle's hurt!" Soon there were sixteen guys standing over him wondering what was wrong. Kyle Valenti, their friend as well as the team's best man, lay on the hardwood floor in apparent agony, curled up over himself.

        Kyle was doing his best just to keep breathing. He'd never before been caught in the grip of this much desire. All he could see when he closed his eyes was Liz Parker's lips, her skin, her hair. He remembered the mysteriously sexy smile she'd given him this morning before school. He remembered every kiss they'd shared when they'd been going out. Their stolen kiss in the janitor's closet at the end of freshman year.

        He had to find her *now* and bury his aching flesh inside her. He knew that only she could ease this ache inside him. He had to ride her until he owned her completely, until she called him master and came dutifully to heel.

        Coach Hopkins was kneeling next to the sweating boy. "Valenti, what's wrong? Where are you hurt?"

        It was all Kyle could do to grit out between his tightly clenched teeth, "Cramp." Which was almost true - he was having a pain in one of his 'muscles'. As soon as he could move, he was going to kill Evans, he swore to himself, certain that the alien was completely responsible for what was happening to him. Damn connection. Damn aliens.

        Focusing on the thrashing he was going to give Max next time he saw him allowed Kyle to diminish the lust somewhat. It was still there, but he could breathe again. "Just give me a minute, 'k coach?"

        "Why don't you hit the showers early, Valenti? You're done for the day."

        "Thanks, Coach."

        Mercifully, Hopkins distracted the other boys as Kyle climbed painfully to his feet and sort of waddled to the locker room. No one noticed the bulge in the front of his loose gym shorts pointing the way.

        Less than ten minutes later, Kyle saw Alex sitting morosely in the quad, drinking a cola. He jogged over, thankful in a small way that most of the mobility had returned to his extremities.

        Alex grimaced at his approach, figuring out that what had happened to him must have happened to Kyle, too. "Hey, Kyle. You seen Max?"

        Kyle looked at him assessingly. Finally he asked, "You too, huh?"

        Alex nodded as Kyle sat down. "'Bout ten minutes ago. I was standing up in front of my whole English class trying to give a report on "Into the Woods" when 'little Alex' decided to make himself known. I was never so glad to have a textbook in my hands in my life."

        Kyle scoffed. "You're lucky."

        Alex didn't bother to comment other than by raising one eyebrow. He could easily imagine how it could have been worse. "Why? What happened to you?"

        "I was in a wrestling stance over Larry Jensen. You know, completely draped over his back when, 'hello there'." He swallowed a drink of his soda. "You know, it's a damn good thing that my class isn't co-ed, or I'd be sitting in one of my dad's cells right now." He rubbed his hands across his face in agitation before continuing, "I didn't know that things were going to get this weird when I agreed to this, you know." He couldn't stop the bitter tone in his voice. "I mean, here I am, completely in love with the sexiest girl on the planet, and I can't stop myself from wanting..." Kyle searched for the right words to describe what he was feeling but eventually settled for, "...more."

        Alex nodded. "I know what you mean. I'm so afraid of screwing things up with Isabel that I don't know which move is the right one. I want her more than anything but I want Max and Michael, too. And now, Liz and Maria. It's freaky. I wish I knew what the ground rules were."

        "I wish I could tell you," the voice of Max Evans said from behind them. They quickly made room for him to sit between them on the cement bench. "We don't know what the rules are, either. None of us have any answers, you know."

        Alex hastily asked him, "Max, what the hell happened just now?"

        The alien looked a little startled as he met their gazes. "Uh, you felt that?"

        They both nodded, unwilling to elaborate. They figured it wouldn't be the best move on their part to admit to Max that they'd both wanted to have sex with Liz until she screamed out their names in sensual release.

        Max blushed and told them, wanting to be as honest as possible with them, "I saw Liz and Maria sneaking out of class a little early. They were obviously going somewhere for lunch or something."

        Kyle tried to joke, "And what? Was Maria still doing that 'fuck-me' walk I saw her doing earlier?"

        That brought Alex's head around, "Excuse Me?!"

        "I didn't notice Maria, but Liz sure had it down."

        "Why? What's going on?" Alex asked. Maria occasionally walked on the wild side, but to hear 'fuck-me' and Liz's name in the same sentence was disconcerting.

        Max closed his eyes and remembered the exact moment he realized what was different about Liz today and his desire brimmed anew.

        And rolled over into the other two boys.

        "Goddamn, Max! Just spill it," Kyle wasn't certain if he was asking for an explanation or something else all together.

        Trying to refocus his gaze on the other two, Max had to swallow past the dryness in his throat before informing them, "Underwear was apparently an optional item this morning."

        "What?" Alex asked, his amazement clear.

        Kyle remembered his earlier encounter with the girls, and all kinds of steam whistles began to echo in his brain. So many things became clear. Kyle was going to explode in his shorts as his own lust wrapped itself around Max's desire inside his body. "Holy shit," he was barely able to breathe.

        Just then a pissed-off Michael Guerin stalked over. "Damn it, Maxwell, what did I tell you about doing that in school? I got a goddamned detention because of you." Without giving Max time to answer, he took in all of their expressions and couldn't help but grin. "You guys, too, huh?" he asked Alex and Kyle casually.

        They nodded dismally.

        With a glint in his eye, he caught Max and Alex's sleeves. "Well, come on. We're going to be late getting back as it is."

        Alex and Max stood obediently as Kyle turned to ask, "What are you talking about Guerin?"

        "I say we need to have a little meeting. We need to show King Max here that he can't go around giving all four of us hard ons just because he catches a glimpse of Liz from across the room. Besides, do you guys want to spend the rest of the day like that?" He gestured toward their semi-erect cocks. All four of them. "Trust me when I tell you it ain't going away and could, in fact, get worse."

        "Michael..." Max said warningly only to be ignored, not counting the burning glare Michael shot his way.

        "What do you mean worse?" Kyle asked, getting to his feet.

        Michael stood really close to Max and whispered, "You remember that little bottle of bubble bath you bought for Liz? Maria told me she used the very last of it last night. She even held the empty bottle under the running water to make sure that none was left inside. Nope, she didn't want to miss a drop as she slid her naked body into the warm bath surrounded by the scent that reminds her of you."

        "Jesus, Michael!" Max said in his calmest voice, which wasn't calm at all. Michael always knew which buttons to push...

        Michael grinned unrepentantly at the suddenly choking Kyle and Alex. "See what I mean? You just have to mention the word 'strawberries' when he gets like this and..." he listened in satisfaction to the trio of inhalations as a wave of lust stormed the group, "bam! Here you are again. Fortunately for us, my apartment's nearby." He reached over and grabbed Kyle by the back of his neck as he growled, "Besides I still owe you for that 'bite me' crack from two days ago."

        Without another word, the four of them headed over to the jeep. Each was secretly plotting ways to make Max pay for their near-embarrassment. Even though Kyle and Alex felt no lust for one another, they figured they would have their hands too full with their alien friends to worry about being embarrassed with each other.

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