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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Five

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        "Oh, that feels sooo good," Liz groaned.

        Isabel whispered, "Don't worry, I won't stop." She deliberately leaned forward so that her full breasts pressed into Liz's back. "Alex could you hand me that other one? The one with the long handle? Thanks."

        Alex struggled to bite back his own groan as Isabel's desire for Liz slowly poured over into him. The whole initiated-connection thing was still new to him and he was trying to come to terms with the secondhand desires he was feeling for a girl he'd only ever thought of as a friend. The desire he was getting from Isabel was different than what he'd felt yesterday from Max. Softer, gentler, less focused. In the CrashDown, Max's passion had sent him on a white-knuckle ride of need, which Alex felt he'd barely survived. Isabel's desire, on the other hand, conjured up images of candlelight and wine and languid seductions. The contrast was startling, and in a moment of clarity, he realized how men and women were different when it came to passions of the flesh. He tucked that thought away to mull over later.

        Liz was sitting sandwiched between him and Isabel.

        A short while ago he had asked his friend innocently if she would mind giving him a back rub, which she had immediately agreed to, as he knew she would. Liz had long been known in their small circle for her incredible back rubs.

        They'd eagerly sat down on the floor, Liz with her back resting against the sofa and he between her spread legs, and the back rub had begun. A few minutes had gone by, broken by his happy sighs and moans, when Isabel had asked, "Liz, do you think, I mean, would you mind if I brushed your hair?"

        Liz had been startled more at Isabel's uncertain phrasing than at the request itself. She'd smiled at the other girl and answered, "Of course not. I love to have my hair brushed."

        Alex had added, "Yeah, I've been known to put her to sleep just by brushing her hair." Without waiting for permission, he'd jumped up and retrieved his hair brushes. Having two girls as his best friends had taught him the finer points of feminine pampering and he knew that there were two brushes needed for this chore.

        He'd handed the soft bristled brush to Isabel before he sat down again between Liz's legs after they'd scooted forward to make room for Isabel to slide in behind Liz.

        Which was why he was now hearing the occasional moan coming from behind him mingling with his own. As Isabel brushed out Liz's hair, Liz had worked on his back until gradually her hands fell limply against his sides. She softly groaned in pleasure and Isabel sensed it was time to switch brushes, so she'd asked for the stiff bristled brush that would stimulate the dark -haired girl's scalp.

        Alex idly picked up one of Liz's relaxed hands and pressed a small kiss to its back. Turning it over, he pressed another to its palm and lightly tongued the pulse beating languidly in her wrist. It was something he'd never done before, but she didn't seem to mind; either that or she was too far gone to notice. "Thanks. My back feels great."

        "Hmmm? Oh, you're welcome." Liz didn't even open her eyes to answer him.

        With a grin, he shifted position so that his head was lying in her lap. He kept a grip on her hand and 'absently' played with her fingers, alternately stroking them or massaging the tired muscles there.

        Isabel switched back to the soft bristled brush. It was all she could do to keep from kissing Liz's neck, throat, forehead, lips. Her hair was so soft and silky. It was a different texture than her own hair, and the fragrance wafting up from it was entrancing.

        She'd been envious of Alex's back rub earlier, not jealous, mind you. But she'd been feeling a little left out. That was what had prompted the offer to brush her hair. Isabel was not regretting it. The other girl was completely relaxed, nearly asleep as Alex had warned. It was disconcerting, the amount of trust Liz had for her. Isabel couldn't fall asleep with anyone except Max or Michael and now Alex. Even after her attempted initiation with Maria, Isabel had remained awake, watching her friend as she'd slept languidly.

        She wasn't sure what to do with Liz now.

        "Alex?" she whispered.


        "She's sleeping."

        It took a moment for his thought processes to work. They couldn't leave her sitting up like that. Alex got to his feet, picked Liz up and easily lifted her onto the sofa. He covered her up with a light blanket. Taking a pillow off the chair, he lay back on the floor with Isabel in his arms. There was a movie playing in the VCR which they'd pretty much ignored, but now the two of them watched it idly as they each enjoyed their closeness. "What now?" Isabel whispered in his ear.

        "She'll sleep for about an hour," Alex predicted. "Then it'll be time to send you two home. Tomorrow is a school day."

        Isabel petted his shoulders and belly lovingly. She wanted to do more, but she could imagine how embarrassed Liz would be if she woke up to find the two of them having a heavy make-out session two feet from her. Kyle's idea had been a stroke of genius, and Isabel would be sure to tell him so in the morning. Liz had started out a little shy and withdrawn but had ended up giving in to her senses, trusting Isabel and Alex to take care of her.

        Isabel knew that Kyle and Tess would have it harder than she and Alex did. First there was the ex-boyfriend awkwardness to get through, then there was the situation with Tess. The blonde alien seemed to bring out all of Liz's insecurities. It wouldn't be easy to surmount those two obstacles, Isabel knew. But they had time. Rome wasn't built in a day. They had plenty of time to break down Liz's fortress. Tonight just proved that it was possible to get behind Liz's defenses. It was a good sign.

        * * * * * * *

        "Good morning, Ms. DeLuca."

        "Liz, I didn't expect to see you this morning."

        "Yeah, I know. I was up early and thought I'd offer Maria a ride to school for a change. Is she up yet?"

        "Yep, she's just getting into the shower. Why don't you go on back and wait in her room."


        Liz hurried down the short hallway and stepped into Maria's room. She'd awakened with a very naughty inspiration for Maria, and couldn't wait to share it with her.

        "Liz, what are you doing here?" Maria exclaimed upon discovering her friend sprawled out on her bed waiting for her. She clutched her towel tightly around her body.

        "Last night I thought of something that might help, you know, with the project. Sometimes sensuality has to come from inside you. If you feel sexy on the inside, then you'll be perceived as sexy on the outside. Right?"

        Maria sounded doubtful but she agreed, "I guess."

        "No, really, I'm serious. Did you ever hear about 'Gone with the Wind'?"

        "Book or movie?"

        "Movie. They spent thousands of extra dollars on costume production because the director insisted on the women wearing real silk and satin, even under their dresses where no one would ever know the difference because he said the women would know and it would show in their performances. And he was right."

        "Is there a point here, Liz?"

        "Yes. We need to get you feeling sexy on the inside so that Michael can see you as sexy on the outside."

        Maria grinned, "I like the sound of that. What did you have in mind?"

        Liz leaned over to whisper her idea into her friend's ear. Maria's eyes got huge as she listened. "No. Absolutely not."

        "Come on. No one's gonna know except us. Trust me."


        "Maria," Liz warned, "Do you want my help here or not? Now, I'm telling you: you gotta do this."

        "Fine," Maria capitulated. "But only if you do it, too."

        Blushing, Liz started to object. "Wait, now Maria..."

        "You got my back or what? I'm doing this only if you do it with me."

        Liz sighed. "Fine." She slid off the bed. "Get dressed. I'll be right back." The things people did for friendship, she muttered to herself as she made her way down the hallway to the bathroom with her book bag in her hand. She was blushing furiously as she returned, but as she met Maria's equally red face, the both of them started to laugh.

        Amy stuck her head in the room. "Hurry up girls. You're going to be late to school."

        "I know mom, we're going."

        The girls giggled all the way to Liz's car. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this," Maria groused good-naturedly.

        "Come on, admit that you're getting a little turned on over there. It's all over your face."

        "How am I supposed to get through an entire day like this?" Maria wailed in a near panic as she realized that Liz was right: she was getting turned on and it wasn't even first period.

        Liz suddenly realized she was in the same boat as her friend. She was also starting to feel a burning begin in her extremities. It was going to be a very long day indeed. She licked her lips and offered, "Alex's parents are supposed to be gone all week. We could go back over there for lunch..."

        Maria tossed her a glance out of the corner of her eye, noticing how pretty her friend looked with the flush creeping up her cheeks. Not all of it was from embarrassment, she knew. "Count on it," Maria told her.

        At school, they walked with some difficulty to their lockers. Collapsing against the cool metal, Maria gasped out, "Liz, I don't think I can do this."

        "Do what?" Kyle asked, appearing at their side.

        "Hey guys," Tess ventured when it appeared neither girl was going to answer him.

        Liz was happy to swing her gaze from the burning suspicion in Kyle's eyes to Tess's calm blue orbs. "Hey."

        "Did you study for the science test today?" Tess asked in an effort to make small talk.

        "Um, yeah." Liz wondered at the speculation that suddenly appeared on the other girls face. She didn't realize that her and Maria's arousal was so obvious to the alien's heightened senses.

        Next to them, Liz heard Kyle tell Maria, "You look... different today. Good, I mean."

        She shot a flustered look at Liz before answering, "Uh, thanks, Kyle. Well, I gotta get going to class. Liz, I'll see you later. Later, Tess."


        "What's with her?" Kyle asked as he watched Maria walk off toward her first class. He couldn't seem to pry his eyes away from her hips as she moved.

        "Hmm?" Liz tried to play it off. She hoped Maria would settle down and enjoy herself today. At least Liz knew she was trapped at school. That had been part of the plan in offering to drive this morning. It's not like the girl had 'naked under my clothes' stenciled to her forehead or something. There was no way anyone in the school could figure out that neither girl was wearing her panties, which was the only reason they'd agreed to do this.

        Liz had to admit that the effect the titillation was having on her libido was more than she'd counted on. She might have to get a tampon to soak up her juices before first period began at this rate, else she was certain to have a wet spot on her shorts when she stood up after class. Turning up her lips in a secret smile, she asked, "Was there something you two wanted, or did you just stop by to say hello?"

        "A little of both," Kyle asked, a bemused expression on his face. He could feel Tess's desire for Maria and Liz spilling over into him, but it was mixing with his own desire for them. He wanted Maria - again. He looked around, but Michael was nowhere in sight. Did that mean that he really did want Maria himself? he wondered. Well, he was a guy, he conceded, and she did look especially hot today. As did Liz, he noted with a slight stirring in his private regions. Her nipples were pebbled against her dark t-shirt and suddenly, he ached to touch them.

        He chose to clench his hands into fists instead. Especially after he saw his girlfriend notice the same thing and lick her lips appreciatively.

        "We, uh, wanted to invite you over tomorrow night. We're having kinda a small pool party and we really want you to come." Uh, was that a pun? "T-to it... with us," he managed to stammer out.

        Liz was already shaking her head 'no', when Tess placed her hand softly on Liz's arm and softly implored. "Please Liz. I know we didn't hit it off, and I know it's completely my fault. You have every right to hate me for what I did to you and Max. I'm really sorry, and I wish we could start over. You know, try to be friends for real. I realize it was wrong to treat you like I did when I first got here and you have every right to hate me, but I'm hoping you'll let me make amends. Please?"

        Liz's good nature wouldn't allow her to throw Tess's request in her face, despite the devil in her that wanted to. She found herself nodding.

        The openly relieved smile that broke on Tess's face told her she'd made the right decision.

        "That's great," Kyle said. "So, tomorrow. We'll see you right after school, ok? Bring your swim suit."


        The two of them grinned at her in thanks before walking off hand in hand. Liz had to hurry to take care of certain things before first period.

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