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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Four

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        "Tell me what we're doing here again."

        "You'll see. The answer to your problem lies inside these walls."

        "Liz, we're at Alex's," Maria felt compelled to point out. She was pretty sure that Alex didn't have anything that would help with the current situation.

        Liz just smiled at the disgruntlement in her friend's voice. "Would you just trust me? This is gonna work. Come on." Liz opened the front door with the key the Whitmans always left under the flower pot by the garage.

        The two girls snuck into the house and Liz led the way up the stairs and into Alex's bedroom. Maria climbed onto the bed and fluffed the pillows against the headboard while Liz fiddled with the TV remote control. "I realized what was fundamentally wrong with your suggestion yesterday, that I should help you become a better lover..."

        "What, that I was insane to think it?"

        "No. Well, yeah. Besides that," Liz grinned at her friend. "The problem was that I don't know any more about what's good, you know, sexually, than you do. What possible help do you think I could have been? What we need is a little professional advice."

        With that, Liz turned on the TV and quickly flipped through the channels until she found the one she wanted. The moaning and panting assured her it was the right one.

        She looked over her shoulder to watch Maria's reaction. "Liz!" she squealed while hiding her face in her pillow.

        Liz stole it away from her and pushed it behind her back as she found a comfortable position next to her best friend. "Come on, Maria. You can do this. Geez, you were calmer while trying to make a pass at me yesterday."

        "That was different." Maria said as she peeked one eye open then froze. Whatever she'd been about to say died on her lips. On the screen, a woman who looked similar to Isabel - tall, blonde, beautiful - walked seductively over to a man sitting at a bar. Without a word, she sat down next to him and reached across him for an ashtray making sure her breasts brushed his arm in the process. And the seduction had begun.

        Maria felt her own nipples tighten in response to the woman's erect breasts. When the man removed her shirt in order to feast on her bounteous flesh, Maria had flashes of herself doing the same to Isabel's beautiful skin. Their voracious kisses had Maria licking her dry lips in response. Soon the man had moved between her thighs and was eagerly pumping away to the sounds of delight falling from the woman's lips. Maria's own hips were moving in accordance to what she was watching on the screen, but she was completely unaware of it. Her clit was being stimulated by the stiff fabric of her jean shorts and the slight movement created a delicious friction. Maria could feel the secret parts of her body growing damp, but she didn't care.

        As the interlude came to its inevitable close, Maria turned to Liz only to find her friend in the same state she was. Arousal was stamped on her face in large letters. Seeing Maria looking at her, she quickly jumped up and stammered, "I'm just going to get something to drink. Why don't you just stay here and... take notes or something."

        Maria wanted to object but knew it wouldn't do any good. Instead, she focused on the screen again, only to find two women in this new scenario. Maria watched avidly as the two of them quickly went from 'hello' to 'I want you'. She memorized every movement the two women made as they each pleasured the other. Again, flashes of her and Isabel floated across her subconscious, but she ignored it. Her own body was again responding to the stimulus she was getting from the screen and with a quick glance at the closed door, Maria slid one hand down her front to bury it between her raised thighs. It was difficult to rub her clit in just the right place with her shorts in the way, but she was afraid of Liz interrupting. Her friend had been subjected to too many shocks in the last two days for Maria to want to push her luck and have her catch her with her shorts pulled down. So, she made do.

        Liz slowly made her way up the stairs with a glass of ice water in her hands. She'd puttered around downstairs for a few minutes, trying to regain her equilibrium. For one teeny tiny infinitesimal moment, as she lay next to Maria, she'd thought about yesterday's kiss. Then, she turned her head to find the other girl looking at her, her eyes lit with passion. An urge to cross the space between them and press her mouth against Maria's full lips had come over her and Liz had obeyed an urge to flee. She hoped she was sufficiently back in control now as she reached for the door handle to Alex's room.

        A quiet moan stopped her. That didn't come from the TV. Holding her breath, Liz quietly turned the knob and pushed the door open just an inch or so. She spotted Maria on the bed just where she'd left her. What was different was Maria's hand quickly stroking between her legs. She moaned again and Liz felt an answering throbbing start in her own core. Somehow, watching Maria get off even through her clothes was more exciting than watching the strangers in the show. Careful not to make a sound, certain that Maria would stop if she knew Liz was nearby, she watched her friend try to bring herself to completion.

        The final peak was eluding her and Maria was nearly insane with need. She knew the problem was her shorts. The thick denim was muffling the sensations but Maria was too afraid of Liz walking in to remove them. She was never going to cum and she needed it so badly. Just the thought of returning to school and having to make it through the rest of the day before she could go home and finish this in the privacy of her own room was enough to make her scream in frustration. She wildly tried to come up with another option.

        Seeing the bathroom door, she was struck with an inspiration. With a groan, she flung herself off the bed and rushed into Alex's bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Quickly, she stripped off her shorts and underwear. Laying a clean towel on the counter, Maria hopped up and picked up where she left off. Only now, instead of watching the TV, Maria found that she was watching herself in the vanity mirror directly across from her. It was exhilarating. Holding her nether lips open, her slowly pushed two fingers into her soft opening, biting the inside of her lip to hold back the moan from the burst of pleasure. Forcing her eyes to remain open, even though they wanted to slide closed in bliss, she watched her glistening fingers work in and out of her core. Bringing her other hand into play, she quickly stroked her sensitized clit. It was just a matter of moments before she was drowning in wave after wave of pleasure as her much needed orgasm rippled through her.

        Slowly, she slipped her fingers out of her tingling flesh and brought her knees together. 'Oh my god,' she thought, meeting her own eyes in the mirror. 'What was that?' 'That, my friend,' she answered herself, 'was incredible.' A soft giggle escaped her as she climbed down from the counter. Turning on the faucet, belatedly realizing that maybe she should have left the water running the whole time to help muffle the sounds she'd made, she washed her hands as thoroughly as she could using the bar of soap that was sitting there. She wet down a washcloth and gently wiped away the moisture between her legs.

        She redressed, grimacing at the soaked condition of her undies, and tidied the room before, as casually as possible, returning to the other room. Liz was sprawled on the bed, eyes glued to the set, seemingly unaware of what had taken place less than ten feet away from her.

        Without looking up, Liz asked, "You wanna go? We've got time to watch another if you want."

        Maria came over, aware in some new way of the seductive swinging of her hips as she walked. Climbing back into her former position, she said, "Oh, I guess we could stay. If you don't mind, that is."

        With a 'cat that ate the canary' grin Liz replied, "I don't mind, but I get the bathroom next," causing Maria to blush.

        The two girls were an hour late getting back to school because Liz had insisted on taking a turn in the bathroom before they could leave. Both girls were thankful that they happened to have spare underwear in their gym lockers.

        * * * * * * *

        That evening, at the Whitman's Isabel came over to Alex, who was fixing a snack in the kitchen, and said with a teasing grin. "Hey, I didn't know you got the porn channel." School had gotten out over an hour ago and they were killing time waiting for Liz to show up.

        "WHAT?" he practically shouted with a blush stealing up his cheeks. Quickly, he stammered, "Yeah, well, we've got it, but I don't watch it. I mean, I've got you, not that I think of you as a porn star, what I meant was..."

        "Alex," Isabel kissed him to cut off his babbling. Soon he was gripping her tightly as she rubbed her hands over his shoulders and down his chest appreciatively. "I'm not mad, you know," she said as they finally broke apart.

        "You're not?"

        "Of course not." She leaned up to whisper in his ear, "I think it's kinda sexy."

        Despite his blush, Alex smiled at her, "Oh really?"


        "Hmm, something to keep in mind, you know, after Parker leaves."

        "Why wait? Liz won't be here for another hour or more," Isabel pointed out while allowing her hands to run lower until they were brushing his sudden erection through his pants.

        She didn't need to say it twice. Alex had her by the hand and was pulling her up the stairs and into his room. He didn't even notice that his usually straight-as-a-pin bed was rumpled before laying Isabel down on it and they proceeded to make the most of the next hour.

        By the time Liz knocked on the door, Alex was back downstairs, and Isabel was getting dressed after a quick shower.

        Alex pulled open the door with a big welcoming smile, "Hey, Liz."

        She stepped inside, saying, "Hey, Alex." She looked around and asked, "Where's Isabel?"

        "She's in the bathroom."

        Liz couldn't stop the blush that rose up in her cheeks. The phrase, 'in the bathroom' had taken on a whole new meaning this afternoon. She and Maria had teased each other unmercifully about it until school ended.

        Alex watched her reddening cheeks in amazement. "Uh, Liz? Care to share?"

        Blushing even more, Liz just shook her head.

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