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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Two

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        As if on cue, the door leading to the kitchen opened and Liz stepped into the diner. Max spotted her first and his eyes drank in the sight of her.

        Liz was in a short summery dress that left her tanned legs bare. It nipped in at her waist revealing its tiny circumference. Her breasts swung freely underneath the fabric and friction against the cloth had caused her nipples to stand out proudly. She had pulled her dark glossy hair up and back with a large clip which revealed the delicate curve of her neck. Her dark eyes were drawn across the room to Max immediately, but when she caught him watching her, she looked away quickly.

        Spotting her friend, Maria jumped up and went to her.

        There was a stunned silence at the table. All six eyes were trained on Liz's small form as she turned to greet Maria with a welcoming smile. Michael, Isabel and Tess were the first to look away. Michael had his fists clenched tightly and he appeared to be fighting an internal battle.

        Alex dimly noted this as he tried to remember to breathe. Liz Parker, his best friend since the fourth grade, was a goddess. There weren't enough words to describe her beauty. She was innocent, sexy, alluring, and he wanted nothing more than to push Max out of his way, go to her and capture her mouth under his. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, than he was plunged into a fantasy the likes of which he'd never forget.

        He could feel Liz's surprised reaction to see him standing so suddenly in front of her. Without giving her time to guess his intentions, he dropped his lips to hers and pulled her into his arms. The kiss was violent with need and she seemed unable to respond at first, but soon her arms were snaking around his neck to pull him closer. His tongue thrust greedily into her mouth. She welcomed it with a sound of desire which only added fuel to the already raging fire inside him. He allowed his hand to run up and down her sleek body. Coming to her breasts, he cupped them softly, the first sign of gentleness from him. She moaned loudly as she pressed even closer to him.

        Uncaring of their audience or location, Alex ran his hands down her legs to the hem of her short skirt and back up again taking the cloth with him. He briefly stroked the rounded globes of her ass through the cloth of her panties, enjoying the satiny texture and the heat of her skin, before tugging the small scrap of fabric away, pushing it down her body as far as he could reach. With a small movement, she allowed gravity to finish the job, and her underwear fell to the floor. Through it all, the kiss went on and on.

        With one arm under her butt, the other around her waist, he picked her up easily and deposited her on the edge of one of the bar stools at the counter. He dimly noted that her hands hadn't been idle and his shirt now hung open and she was running her fingers across his chest in an eager caress. When she brushed against one of his sensitive nipples, he gasped.

        Her lips freed from his, Liz quickly began a series of nibbles and bites down his neck and across his collar bone.

        Reaching under her skirt again, he pushed the fabric completely out of his way so he could gaze down at the dark curling hair that hid her most private secrets from his eyes. Parting the hair gently with one hand, he pulled her hips even closer to the edge of the stool with the other. Her position had become precarious, and her legs clung to his hips even harder. His erection was thrusting painfully against his jeans and he wanted nothing more than to free himself and press it into her receptive body.

        'Slow down, Whitman,' he cautioned himself then nearly laughed out loud. It was too late to slow things down. He was going up in flames, and so was she. The hand between her legs explored her sensitive flesh delicately. She was wet and waiting for him. His name on her lips was both a cry and a plea. She wanted him, he was certain.

        Eagerly, he reached for his zipper.

        "Maxwell!" Michael growled and kicked his friend for good measure causing Max to jump. The disturbance brought Alex out of his reverie as the alien's warm body next to him jostled his own suddenly overheated body. Alex sat there in a haze of desire, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Looking around the table, he assessed his friends trying to see if they'd noticed his sudden departure to Lustville. Michael was breathing heavily, his eyes closed. Kyle seemed to have the same shocked/puzzled look on his face that Alex just knew was on his own. Every muscle in Max's body was tense and a quick peek told Alex that the alien's cock was throbbing against the fly of his pants. Tess and Isabel seemed to be unaffected, for which Alex was grateful. Apparently, Isabel didn't know he'd suddenly been lusting after his best friend, Liz. Thank god.

        What was wrong with him today? he wondered. First Maria and now Liz. His mind quickly came up with the explanation. Of course. The initiation. Max and Michael had told him that having been engineered as an alien/human hybrid had created some interesting side effects. One of which had been the cause for the initiation. In order for him to be with Isabel, he'd had to be accepted by the other males in the foursquare, namely Max and Michael. Max had said that they each wanted heterosexual mates/partners/lovers - whatever you wanted to call it, but before they could become intimate with their chosen one, that person had to be fully accepted by the members of the same sex within the group by way of an all night orgy. First Maria, then Kyle had gone through the process. Alex had had his turn last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning.

        But there had been something else Max had said. Because Isabel had wanted him, her desire for him had been planted in the other three aliens. So, since Isabel wanted him, Max, Michael and Tess wanted him, too.

        Everyone in Roswell knew that the one person Max wanted more than life itself was Liz Parker. Somehow, Alex realized, he was feeling Max's desire for Liz, and earlier had felt Michael's desire for Maria. If he'd felt it, then that meant... "Isabel?" he'd asked softly.

        "Yeah." She answered his unspoken question. "You sorta have to get used to that."

        "You're kidding me right? I mean, that was... and I..." At a loss for words, he grabbed her hand and placed it against the hard flesh straining against his fly. "Tell me how I get used to this. And that was Liz. Liz!" He repeated as if just by saying her name, he defined how wrong the whole thing had been. "This isn't right," he stated just to make it clear.

        Across the table, Kyle was able to piece together what Alex was saying. Apparently, the other boy had had the exact same reaction to seeing Liz that he had. Kyle was secretly relieved he wasn't alone in this, even though it meant he wasn't going to be able to walk anytime soon. He looked at Max in amazement. "Christ, Evans. That was you?"

        Max flushed and looked away, studiously keeping his eyes away from where the two human girls were chatting at the counter.

        Tess rubbed his back and said, "It's ok, Kyle. Isabel's right. You just get used to it after awhile."

        Ignoring her, Kyle looked to Michael for support. "Does... does that happen often?" he asked softly.

        Michael sighed and let the last of the tension flow out of his body. He nodded and said, "Every time."

        Alex and Kyle both had the same comic look of stupefaction on their faces as they repeated, "Every time?"

        The resigned look in his eyes was answer enough. Alex asked tentatively, "And do you... get used to it?"

        Shooting a burning glance at Max, Michael growled, "No," before he stood and left the CrashDown without another word to any of them.

        Alex and Kyle locked eyes, silently communicating the panic coursing through them. This wasn't good. No, this was very, very bad.

        Just then, the girls came over.

        "What happened to Michael?" Maria asked.

        "He had to go," Isabel replied. "You know Michael. He can only take social outings in small doses."

        Forcing his voice to return to some semblance of normal, Alex asked, "So where are you two off to today?"

        "The mall. There's a big sale at the music store," Maria replied.

        Liz offered, "Isabel, you can come with us if you want." Realizing she was being rude, she turned to include the girl who was sitting next to Kyle, "And you too, Tess," she said with a forced smile.

        No one was fooled.

        "No thanks. Kyle and I have already made plans. Thanks for offering though."

        "Isabel?" Liz questioned Max's sister.

        "Sounds like fun, but I'm making dinner for Alex tonight, so maybe next time?"

        Liz smiled at her friends. She was surprised and a little hurt when neither Kyle nor Alex would meet her eyes. "Sounds great. Well, ah, we'd better get going. See ya guys." She gave Max one long lingering look. "Bye, Max."

        "Bye, Liz" he answered, his eyes screwed tightly shut. He knew if he dared to look he'd be unable to tear his eyes away from her face until she turned around. He realized poor Alex and Kyle must be pretty freaked right now, and he was trying to control himself for their sakes. He listened as she went out the door with Maria at her side.

        Kyle and Alex once again found the air knocked out of their lungs as desire coiled fiercely inside them. Max didn't even have to look at Liz for his raging hormones to spill over into the other two boys. Just the husky sound of her voice had done it.

        As soon as the girls were out of earshot, Kyle gritted his teeth saying, "shitshitshit."

        Alex whole-heartedly concurred. He reached out and placed a hand tentatively on Max's arm, half afraid of being rebuffed. "Max, why don't you do something about this? I mean how long has this been going on?"

        "Since the shooting," Isabel answered when Max didn't. "We've always had the desire for her, but it's only been this intense since the shooting. Proximity makes it worse. Being in the same room with them like this..."

        "What can we do?" Kyle asked.

        Tess offered, "It would get better after the initiation, but..."

        "What do you mean 'better'?"

        "I'm not having any urges to beg Alex to do me this morning, which is a nice change."


        Isabel was nodding, "Yeah, same thing for me with Kyle. The desire is there, but not as sharp."

        "Oh my god," Kyle buried his hands in his face.

        Alex pushed back images of Kyle and Isabel in order to ask, "If it's been this bad, why on earth haven't you initiated her yet?"

        Tess flushed guiltily. "That's my fault," she admitted. "Isabel alone can't accept her, remember? It has to be both of us. You saw how she is around me. There's no way she'd let me get that close to her, and Max refuses to ask."

        "Wait a minute," Alex said, remembering everything Tess had done to break up Max and Liz upon her arrival in Roswell. A look of confusion crossed his face.

        Tess, realizing where his thoughts had gone, quickly explained, "Nasedo didn't realize that being a hybrid would cause us to have different needs from either the people of his planet or humans. I didn't know anything except what I was told: Max and I belonged together. When I first came to town, I could feel his desire and assumed it was for me. I told myself he was fighting his feelings. Then we started having these dreams over the summer. All of us. They were confusing but eventually we came to realize what our psyches were trying to tell us. That we were different than either species we resembled. It took a little getting used to.

        "We screwed up with Maria. We didn't realize that it had to be both me and Isabel with her, so her initiation didn't work. She and Michael still can't be together."

        "Couldn't you, I mean, if you... What if you skipped the initiation for now? You could do it later after she's feeling more comfortable. Maybe that would help. You know, take the edge off," Kyle suggested.

        "We can't," Max said. "We can only go so far, then everything shrivels up. My psyche won't let my body complete the act."

        Max remembered a whispered conversation he'd had with Liz at Michael's apartment one night:

        'No, Max. We can't do this.'

        'I know.'

        He hadn't realized yet how prophetic the words were. As much as he'd wanted to, there was no way his body would have let him make love to Liz the night they'd found the orb.

        Kyle didn't bother making a joke about Max's prowess as a lover. He knew from first hand experience that the alien didn't have any trouble getting it up and keeping it up and besides, this was too important. His sanity was at stake.

        "What can we do?" he asked.

        "Nothing," Max said with a sigh. "I can't force her. In fact, I'm afraid to tell her. You know Liz. She was raised with strong morals and a good sense of right and wrong. I can't see her agreeing to this, and I don't want to lose what small part I have of her by asking." He stood up, suddenly wanting to get out of there. This conversation was depressing the hell out of him. "Look, I'll see you guys later."

        With that, he hurried out the door and into the lazy New Mexico sunshine.

        "Come on, Alex, I told mom we'd stop by the grocery on the way home." Isabel pushed her boyfriend out of the booth and stood next to him.

        "Yeah, we should get going, too." Tess said as she and Kyle slid out of their seats.

        Kyle and Alex shared a look that clearly said, 'We'll talk about this later' before allowing themselves to be hauled out of the CrashDown.

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