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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Thirteen

Reply to Watcher Tara

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

        "Michael, it looks like we're all done here."

        "Ok, goodnight, Mr. Parker." Michael waved to Liz's dad as he got his helmet out of his locker in the back of the CrashDown. The restaurant was finally closed, and he could leave. Not that he could go home or anything. Michael could barely contain his happiness. Even Mr. Parker had commented in Michael's unusually good mood this evening. Knowing that Maria was soon to be his... Thoughts of what she might actually be doing at any given moment with Isabel and Tess had kept a sexy smile on his face for the last hour (not to mention what it had done to the rest of him). Desire, not all of it his, hummed through him, pooling in his groin, which throbbed in anticipation.

        He carefully climbed onto his motorcycle and pulled on his helmet. Resisting the urge to swing past his place to peek in the windows, he instead headed over to Max's knowing he could sleep on his friend's floor tonight.

        * * * * * * *

        "Tell me I'm not dreaming," Max whispered in awe at the sight before him. "Are you real?" he asked.

        "I'm real, Max," Liz said, reaching for his hand. "I'm right here, and I'm never leaving you again." Taking his hand, she placed it gently against her breast. He reached out with his other hand and lightly grasped her tiny waist to pull her closer to him.

        A few minutes earlier, after kissing and petting each other until their lips were red and puffy, Liz had pulled back with a small, nervous smile. "I bought something I thought you might like," she'd whispered.

        "You brought me a present?" he'd asked.

        "Not quite," her grin had turned mischievous. "Close your eyes," she'd commanded.

        He'd obediently shut his eyes and waited expectantly as she left the bed. When she didn't walk over to her purse where he figured she'd stashed it, he was confused. When he heard the rustling of her top as it fell to the floor, he frowned. When he heard the muted zipper on her leather skirt being lowered, his mouth went dry. "Liz?"

        "Ok," she answered, her husky voice caressing his ears. "You can open your eyes, now."

        When his eyes opened, he thought he knew what to expect. He was wrong. Liz Parker, considered to be nerdy and bookish by most of W. Roswell High, was beauty incarnate. There was nothing to compare her to. No way to describe his reaction to her delicate body clad only in black lacy lingerie. He was afraid to touch her. What if she disappeared, and this was all only a dream? So he had to ask her if she was real.

        Now, feeling her warm flesh beneath his fingers, her heart beating against his hands, he had no doubts. She was real, and she was his. He allowed his fingertips to graze lightly over every piece of exposed skin he could reach - which was practically all of her.

        At his continued silence after her declaration, Liz began to get nervous again. It had taken all of her confidence to just undress like that for him, and now, all he did was sit there, staring at her. What if he didn't like it? Was she being too forward? She knew her body was small, her breasts were tiny, was he displeased? Was he comparing her to Tess? That last thought alone was enough to douse her budding passion. Her arms came up to belatedly shield her breasts from him and she took a half step back.

        The movement was enough to snap Max out of his daze. Standing, he took her wrists in his and pleaded quietly, "Don't." His eyes left her body to lock with hers.

        His velvety voice struck a chord in her and she obediently dropped her arms back down. Looking deep into his golden gaze, she saw there all the reassurances he'd been too tongue-tied to give her. In his eyes, she was beautiful.

        Still, she needed to hear the words, and he wanted to tell her. "Liz, don't be shy. You're incredible. Everything about you is perfect. Even in my most erotic fantasies, I never dreamed you could look like this. I'm..." he smiled ruefully, "I'm just scared that I'm gonna wake up from this and find that tonight's just been a strange, wonderful, sexy dream."

        Sliding her hands up his chest, Liz leaned into him fully and whispered, "If this is a dream, then I hope we never wake up."

        The warm contact of her body against his was all he needed to send him over the edge. His never-ending passion for her flared up as he grabbed her to him and began kissing her for all he was worth. Her fingers moved up to slide into his hair as she rubbed delicately against him.

        Max ran his hands down the soft skin of her back, feeling the lace and elastic of her bra. He hesitated over the closure for a moment, then moved on. At her hips, he discovered the same fabric that made up the garter belt. Beyond that, he felt... skin. Warm, satiny skin. Raising his head, he looked toward his window. As he'd suspected, between the darkness outside and the bright light inside, the glass was reflecting perfectly like a mirror. He could clearly see the indention of her spine, her hair as it fell in silky strands across her shoulders, the black band of the garter belt he'd just been exploring around her waist, and the pale globes of her ass framed between black lace and silky stockings.

        Puzzled momentarily, because he knew she was wearing panties, the full frontal view she'd treated him to was indelibly imprinted on his brain, Max rubbed his warm hands upward again and as they neared the belt, his fingertips, which were nearly touching on either side, encounter the thin strap of her thong across the small of her back. Enlightened, he traced it's path back down to where it disappeared between the dark folds of her skin.

        He had a whole new appreciation of the 'more is less' outtake on life. In this case, less was... breathtaking. "Liz," he asked huskily.

        "Hmmmm?" was her response from where she was nibbling on his neck.

        "Where'd you get this?"

        "D'you like it?"

        "Yes," he sighed as he moved his fingers down to stroke the tops of her stockings.

        "Victoria's Secret in the mall," she answered his question.

        "Remind me to write them a 'thank you' letter."

        He felt as much as heard Liz's husky laughter. "That good, huh? I wasn't sure, I mean, I've never bought anything like this before."

        He smiled into her hair. "You have no idea." Looking at the window, Max came to a quick decision. He pulled back slightly and placed a soft kiss on her lips before saying, "But I think I can show you. Turn around."

        Obediently, Liz turned around to stare agape at their mirrored reflection in the window. For a moment, she didn't even see herself. All she saw was Max standing tall and hungry behind her, his dark eyes burning as they met hers. The skin of his chest and shoulders gleamed enticingly at her. When he slowly brought one hand to her ribs, she finally focused on herself and was mesmerized.

        Unable to help himself, Max moved the half step forward needed to press his front into her back and his erection pressed warmly into her backside. Unable to help herself, she settled back into him. At her reaction, he whispered, "See what you do to me?" She saw his reflection smile as he added ruefully, "And that's on any given day. To see you looking like this, it's like the beginning of every fantasy I've ever had about you. You're a dream made flesh. My ideal. My dreamgirl. Mine." He lovingly ran both hands from her shoulders to her fingertips and back again.

        "You are so perfect for me, in every way," he declared. "Look at you. I love how your head is the right height to nestle into my shoulder." He ran his hands down the front of her arms, his skin barely grazing the dark fabric of her bra and her nipples tightened in reaction. "See how you respond to my slightest touch? Do you know what this does to me to know that I can affect you like this?" His hands came up again this time to lovingly cup her softness and lift their slight weight. He brushed his thumbs across her nipples as he admitted, "Last year when we were together, I would plot ways to make you aware of me just so I could see this happen." 'This' being the way her puckered skin stood out against the black lace bra that was barely covering it. "You pretended not to notice but you could never fool me. I know you were as aware of me as I was of you and that always got my blood flowing. God," he said, "You make me feel so alive. I never lived before you. And I stopped again after you left me last summer. I crawled into a place inside myself and only existed there until you returned." His eyes locked with hers reflected in the window. "In all my years of hiding, I've never felt so alone as I did once I'd lost you."

        "Me neither," she whispered, her voice hoarse with tears of love and regret. Turning to face him, she clutched at his middle. "I'm sorry for leaving you. I thought I was doing the right thing, what was right for you and right for your planet by letting you go. It was so hard. Everyday I wanted to die without you, but I told myself I was doing what I had to. I just had to be strong for both of us." She looked deeply into his eyes as she continued, "We've wasted so much time chasing around something that didn't even matter. I'm sorry..."

        He stopped her words with a finger against her lips. "Shhh. It doesn't matter now. All that matters is that you're here where you belong." He picked her up as he continued, "In my arms..." He lovingly placed her in the middle of his bed before following her down. "On my bed." Soon, he promised himself. Soon she would be completely his, but for tonight, this would be enough.

        She touched a hand to his face. "I'll never leave you again."

        "Never leave me again," he breathed against her skin. It was a plea and an order.

        "Never," she affirmed as she pulled his lips to hers and they kissed one another like they had a lifetime of kissing to make up for. Passion flared hotly between them once again and Max's beautiful hands caressed all the skin he could reach.

        It wasn't enough. He rolled them to their sides so that he could get to more of her as his mouth continued to plunder hers.

        * * * * * * *

        Michael backed silently away from Max's window. The perfection of Liz's small body revealed in the lacy black nothing she was wearing was permanently etched into his brain and only added fuel to the fire that was already burning through his veins. When he'd come around the back of the house, this was the last thing he'd expected to see, and he'd stood frozen, entranced. Enthralled. She was gorgeous. And seeing them together was ... indescribable.

        He belatedly realized that through their connection he could feel Max's desire for Liz coming through loud and clear. It was a palpable sensation. How could he have missed it? He had been so caught up in his own erotic fantasies over what was happening in his apartment with Maria as well as making plans for how he was gonna wake up his little love goddess in the morning that he hadn't realized that his Max lust-o-meter was off the scales. Now that he was tuned into it, holy shit!

        Part of him wanted to leave, to go find somewhere to sleep tonight, maybe the Valenti's couch, since Tess wasn't there tonight. He wanted to dream about Maria and bask in the anticipation curling through him. Some of it he knew wasn't his, some of it belonged to Tess and Isabel. Had the girls gone through this waiting and wanting as he and Max had initiated Kyle and Alex, he wondered?

        Another part of him wanted to stay. What would they do if Michael shoved open the window and stepped inside? Would they be shocked, outraged, or something else entirely? Would they make room for him on Max's wide bed?

        Did he want to stay? Hell yes.

        Would he stay? A picture of Maria floated through his mind. Tonight should be all about her. He couldn't let anything mar her memory of tonight and that included spending a few hours tangled up with Max and Liz however great the temptation. She would be pissed if she found out. Still, the temptation was great. From inside the house, Michael heard Liz give a small cry of pleasure and his stomach dropped as desire twisted fiercely inside him.

        He backed up another step and tripped over a small ceramic goose decorating Diane Evans' yard. Arms pin wheeling madly, he lost his balance and ended up on his ass, which did nothing to alleviate the aching fullness of his groin. He grunted in discomfort. Just when it looked like things couldn't get any worse, there was a sound of running water just before the automatic sprinklers turned on, drenching him instantly.

        Climbing to his feet, he all but ran to his motorcycle. Pulling his helmet on over his dripping hair, he gunned the engine and headed for the Valenti's wondering if Buddha had any words of wisdom for a situation like this.

        * * * * * * *

        Back at Michael's apartment, Isabel stood and motioned to Tess, who was peeking out of the bathroom to come and join them. She had already undressed down to her panties and Isabel got to see her naked form for the first time, and while she could objectively state that Tess was nicely shaped and all, she couldn't compare to the vixen who was waiting submissively at their feet. Isabel quickly stripped down to her underwear, too and the two aliens knelt down side by side next to Maria.

        Tess reached out and lightly trailed a hand up Maria's thigh across her stomach to her breasts where she began torturing the human girl with gentle squeezes and loving circles. Maria gasped and arched into her touch, silently begging for more. Then Isabel began to speak.

        "Last time you and I did this, we were still figuring out what it meant to be a hybrid. We aren't alien and we aren't human. We're some weird combination of the two and we have different needs, sexually, than either species. It was our dreams that showed us what was missing. What did Michael tell you about all this when we did this before?"

        As Isabel silently waited for the answer, Tess took the opportunity to lean forward and capture the nipple she'd been teasing the whole time Isabel was talking into her mouth. She lightly bit down, thoroughly enjoying the sounds Maria made as she tried to come up with an answer. Moving her mouth to the tiny bow between her breasts, Tess caught it gently between her teeth and slowly untied it. Nuzzling the cloth aside, baring Maria's soft curves to their eyes, she pulled back to admire the view. She stroked one pale, silky globe while Isabel touched the other one.

        "Maria," Isabel repeated, "what did Michael tell you about us, about *this* last time?"

        "N-nothing," Maria was barely able to gasp out. That warm mouth had felt incredible on her skin, and she could barely think beyond the sensations crashing through her. "He... he only said t... that we couldn't be together until I... and you... That's all he said." Her mouth turned down, "I know... I wasn't good enough for you, I guess, but this time..."

        "Shhh," Isabel said before moving down to capture her lips with her own. Sucking lightly, she thrust her tongue inside. Maria started to throw her arms around Isabel's neck to pull her in closer, but Isabel would have none of it. Holding her friend's wrist firmly, she returned them to their place above Maria's head.

        Maria whimpered slightly as Isabel kissed a trail to her small ear. "It wasn't you, Maria. It wasn't. You were perfect, much more than I would have ever dreamed. Please don't think that there was anything you did wrong that night." As Isabel spoke, Tess trailed a hand down between Maria's legs and began to stroke her lightly. Maria lifted her hips, trying for a deeper contact only to be denied what she wanted... no, *needed*.

        "Isabel," she implored, still unaware of Tess's presence and maddening exploration of her body, but not for long.

        Isabel moved back down so that she was next to Maria's right hip, but still not touching her. Tess slid further down so that she was positioned between Maria's open legs. Glancing at Isabel for permission to continue, Tess slowly undid first one tie then the other on either side of her panties.

        "It wasn't you, Maria," Isabel repeated one more time as she enviously watched Tess stroke her lover's mound, coming closer and closer to the seam in the middle. "Your initiation failed because of us. We still didn't know what we needed to have happen... there was something missing, something important, something we needed in order for this to work."

        Watching Tess, Isabel lost her train of thought. God, Maria was beautiful, exactly like she'd remembered.

        At Isabel's silence, Tess took the opportunity to stroke her fingers down the path that led from vagina to clit. Spreading Maria's nether lips with her fingers, she eagerly placed her mouth on Maria's wetness and greedily began to lick and suck on her delicate skin. Unable to resist, Isabel's soft hand reclaimed the breast she had been loving earlier.

        Maria was in heaven. Her hips were moving against Tess's lips of their own will. It seemed as if Isabel was everywhere. Her brain was quickly turning to mush, but she needed to make sure she understood everything this time so that there would be no mistake. Struggling to control herself, she panted, "But you've got it this time, right? The thing that was missing, you have it?" As if in answer, Tess thrust her tongue into Maria's core. Maria thought she was gonna explode. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. Her arms were trembling with the effort it took to keep them in place above her head.

        Holding her free hand to the back of Tess's head indicating that it was ok for her to continue what she was doing, Isabel began to speak. It was the first indication Maria might have gotten that she and Isabel weren't alone if she hadn't been too far gone to notice.

        "You see, before Michael can be with you, all of the female members of the pack, if you will, must accept you as one of their own; to initiate you. I alone couldn't do it."

        "Oh," Maria panted, thinking some response was needed from her, she wasn't sure what, though. Her mind was completely focused on what was happening between her legs, and she hadn't really heard what Isabel had said.

        Tess left Maria's opening to search with her tongue for the tiny bundle of nerves hidden in the swollen flesh in her curls. Finding it easily, Tess drew it into her mouth and bit down gently, while sliding two fingers into her.

        Maria arced off the blankets with a cry, trying to get even closer to the source of all the pleasure running through her. She was so close to cumming. She could feel it starting to build in her womb. Her sleek muscles were grasping the small fingers that were buried inside her.

        Watching all this, Isabel knew that it was time to stop playing. "Maria, we want you. So much." Isabel sucked on one of Maria's erect nipples punctuating each sentence, driving the odds further into her favor. "Please, let us make love to you. Please, say you'll stay with us here. If you will, then tomorrow morning, Michael will be all yours."

        "Yes," Maria immediately agreed. "Don't stop. Please, don't stop now."

        "Don't worry, we won't unless you tell us to."

        That caused something between a chuckle and a gasp to escape Maria's mouth. "Not gonna happen."

        It was now or never. At a sign from Isabel, Tess sat back and released her hold on the other girl's humming flesh. Isabel reached up and removed the blindfold that had hidden Tess from Maria's sight. "Look at us, Maria. Look at us and tell us what you want."

        Maria's heavy lashes lifted and she stared into Isabel's beautiful face. She opened her mouth to answer, when several things clicked at once. First of all Isabel had said 'we' and 'us' in her last few statements. Secondly, she'd said something about all of the females in the pack, and thirdly, there was a small, warm hand lightly stroking one of her ankles. Lifting her head, she met the pleading blue gaze of Tess from where she sat between her spread legs.

        Realization dawned as she glanced from blue to brown and back again. A hundred thoughts flew through her head. Surprise, anxiety, wonder. Anger was absent. She didn't feel upset about the way they'd sprung it on her. Quite the opposite in fact. Judging from the looks on their faces, they were desperately worried that Maria would get up and leave them there.

        Maria would have laughed if she could. The fire in her body wouldn't let her move now if she'd tried. It was a fire they'd put there.

        She wanted this. She wanted them. Although Maria had been prepared for a twosome with Isabel, the idea of Tess joining in was far from objectionable. While they'd never really been friends, Maria knew that ever since she'd fallen in love with Kyle, the small alien had been nothing but nice to the others in their group. Whether it was a sign that Kyle's feelings for her changed her in some way, or that she was growing beyond the sheltered, not to mention screwed up existence she'd had with Nasedo as her only family, Maria didn't know. And she didn't care. All she could see was the result: Tess and Isabel were willing to do this for her. They knew that Maria loved Michael and in order for her to be with him, she needed to be with them first. They were here and they didn't have to be. Tears lightly burned the back of her eyes at their generosity, even as her body thrummed with the desire they'd put there.

        Leave them? Not bloody likely.

        Sitting up, she trailed a hand lightly down the side of Tess's face. Turning to look at Isabel, she whispered, "Initiate me."


        Liz's Initiation will be in the fic currently titled "Saving The Best For Last" (Could be subject to change...)

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