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Two Down, Two to Go, Part Twelve

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

Chapter twelve

        Their talk had been amazingly short.

        As soon as they were in a quiet corner of the club, Maria turned to Isabel and said, "Look, I know we never really talked about what happened between us... or what didn't happen," Isabel winced at the hurt seeping through Maria's voice, "but I wanted to ask you if it was possible, that you'd give me a second chance to, you know, get it right. I know you're with Alex and all, but he won't mind once he understands that this needs to happen so I can be with Michael. And, that's what this is about, right? Me getting the chance to be with..."

        Isabel had heard enough. She stopped the words tumbling from Maria's mouth by the expedient method of kissing her. Putting her hands on Maria's shoulders, she pulled her friend closer and teased the closed seam of her mouth with her tongue. As soon as Maria let her in, Isabel slowly allowed her tongue to slide into the hot cavern of her mouth for one foray before pulling back.

        Looking directly into her friend's eyes, Isabel said, "Yes."

        Stunned, Maria asked, "You mean it?"

        Nodding solemnly, Isabel said, "Of course I mean it. But I need you to know, this isn't just about Michael. It's about 'us' too. I didn't realize that Michael did such a crappy job explaining things to you last time. I guess I should have known." Isabel couldn't resist rolling her eyes. "I want you to know everything about what's happening. But not right now," she said, indicating the crowded club. "I promise I'll tell you everything. Do you trust me?"

        "What?" Maria asked in disbelief. "Of course I trust you."

        Isabel lightly stroked down the side of Maria's face. "Good, good. Let's find Liz and Tess and get out of here. My parents are gone tonight, so we'll have the house to ourselves."

        Maria couldn't resist staring in awe at her for a moment before following the taller girl back to their table where they found Tess sitting by herself.

        "Where's Liz?"

        "Uh, your brother just came in and swooped her up."

        "Did he say where he was going?"

        "No, but by the looks of things, I'd say back to your house."

        "Damn," Isabel swore. Tess sent her a silent inquiry to which Isabel nodded slightly. Maria would be theirs, if they could come up with a place to go to.

        Biting her lip, Tess tried to think of somewhere they could go for some privacy. Isabel briefly considered then ruled out going to Liz's room - since she obviously wasn't using it; but her parents would be there, besides which there was no telling when she'd return. Same thing with Alex and Kyle. Too bad the old Harding residence wasn't available... That left either a motel, or Michael's.

        Isabel looked at Maria wonderingly, unsure if Maria would agree to go through with this strange ritual in Michael's apartment on Michael's bed. It was a lot to ask.

        Or maybe not. Maria had apparently come to the same conclusion, and was pulling her cell phone out of her purse. She gave Isabel a smile of anticipation as she hit the speed dial button and listened to the phone ringing on the other end.

        It was answered immediately. Using her free hand to cover her other ear in order to hear over the loud music, Maria shouted, "Mr. Parker! Hi. Hey, can I talk to Michael for a minute? Thanks."

        * * * * * * *

        Less than twenty minutes later, Isabel was opening Michael's door to admit Maria. They'd dropped her off at her house and immediately pulled away to come here. They'd arrived two minutes earlier, so Maria didn't know that Tess had hidden herself in the apartment.

        As soon as the door shut behind them, Maria became the aggressor. Dropping her purse on the floor, she grabbed Isabel to her and pulled the other girl's head down for a searing kiss. Her body, still humming from their earlier dancing, ignited and Maria wanted to drag her over to the sofa immediately, but one of the things she'd learned this week was that anticipation was part of the game. In retrospect, Maria suspected that that fine point of lovemaking was part of the reason she'd failed the last initiation. They'd rushed each orgasm, greedily claiming as many as they could from each other as the night went on and on.

        Well, she wasn't making that same mistake tonight. There was no way she was blowing this second chance because she doubted Isabel would be generous enough to grant her a third. So, she ended the kiss and stepped away.

        Isabel looked at her uncertainly. 'She hasn't changed her mind,' she suddenly wondered. Needing to know, she stepped forward and touched her friend's shoulder. "Maria?"

        Maria took her soft hand in her own and lightly pressed a soft kiss to its back. "There's no hurry, right?"

        Relieved, Isabel agreed. "Right."

        "Let's make ourselves at home."

        Liking the sound of that, Isabel agreed.

        Maria stepped over to the radio while Isabel pushed the coffee table up against the wall and pulled Michael's blankets and pillows from the sofa onto the floor, arranging them carefully. There were a couple of candles scattered around, which Isabel lit with a snap of her fingers.

        Impressed, Maria said, "Hey, now that's handy."

        Kneeling down on the nest she'd made, Isabel held her hand out invitingly. "Come here."

        * * * * * * * *

        At the Evans', Max held the door open for Liz to step into his bedroom. Trying and failing miserably not to notice the most prominent piece of furniture in the room - namely, his bed - Liz had to force back a rush of longing and desire.

        As Max shut and locked his door, he tried to think of the best way to approach her. "Liz..." he started haltingly.

        Turning around to face him, Liz looked him square in the eye and said, "Kiss me, Max."

        Not needing to be told twice, Max pulled her into a tight embrace and buried his lips in hers.

        Clutching his shoulders, she immediately opened her mouth to allow his tongue to penetrate its dark recesses. Moaning softly, she pressed closer, glorying in the full body contact after having been denied for so long. Her hands moved restlessly over his back and shoulders, enjoying the warm flex of his muscles beneath his shirt. Soon, it wasn't enough. She needed his bare skin against her. Without asking for permission, she made quick work of the buttons she found and eagerly spread the fabric back so that his wonderful golden skin was hers for the taking.


        "I can't do it, Max. I can't stay away from you any longer."

        It was all he needed to hear. Picking her up, he took the two steps necessary to bring them to the side of his bed where he laid her down gently. Straightening he looked at her in awe. "You're so beautiful," he murmured. Before joining her, he stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

        "Me?" she asked. "Compared to you, I'm nothing. Without you, I'm nothing." She held up her hands invitingly. "Make love to me, Max."

        "Oh, God." Needing no further encouragement, he joined her on the bed. He cursed the fact that he couldn't make her his tonight. She would need to go through the initiation first, but he would make sure she had no regrets of her decision. And perhaps by giving her a glimpse of what being with him like that could mean, she'd be more willing to allow Isabel and Tess to take her through the ritual.

        With that thought firmly in mind, Max covered her mouth with his, fanning the flames of her desire while his hands stroked lovingly all the skin he could reach.

        * * * * * * * *

        "Good Lord, what are you wearing?"

        Maria giggled. "It's a present from Liz. Do you like it?"

        "Are you crazy? This is beautiful. It's like you've been gift wrapped just for me, all complete with ribbons and bows."

        Isabel had just removed Maria's silk blouse and skirt only to discover the sensuous underwear the other girl was wearing beneath her clothes. Liz's gift to Maria was a matching bra and panty set. The red bra was sheer where it covered her nipples, so that every detail was visible, the edges of the bra were trimmed in red lace that matched the lace of the panties. The scandalous thing about the set was it was all held together by silky little ties. There were bows on either side of Maria's hips, and another between her breasts and at each shoulder. It would only take seconds to untie each of those bows, thus rendering her completely nude. Isabel's breath caught at the thought.

        "That has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen," she declared huskily as she reached over and lightly tweaked one of Maria's pebbled nipples.

        "T-thanks," she gasped out.

        "I'm gonna need a picture of this," Isabel said and watched Maria's eyes fly to hers in consternation. "But not tonight," she added with a smile of anticipation. She lightly fingered the small bow that held the front of the bra closed.

        Maria held her breath, waiting in silence. It was difficult for her to hold still, but she sensed that Isabel had something in mind and Maria had willingly switched from being the dominate to being the submissive partner. The wait was killing her, however. She groaned in disappointment when Isabel's hand left the ribbon intact to trail down her flat abdomen. It didn't last long, for her lover's hand kept going south until she was stroking the lace of her underwear. With a sigh that was Isabel's name, Maria shifted her hips, opening her legs slightly in preparation for what was to come.

        Isabel's whole body was beginning to tremble. It was time to get Tess and lay their cards on the table. Isabel's plan was to draw Maria onto a rack of unfilled desire before making her an offer she couldn't refuse. But first, a small bit of deception was in order. "Maria, I told you before that I was going to tell you everything, you know, about what went wrong the last time, and I am. I want to tell you right now, but I don't think I can deal with you looking at me while I do it."

        Raising her eyebrows, Maria thought, 'Isabel Evans, shy? Who would have thought it?' Raising up, she asked, "So, you want me to turn around or something?"

        "No. No, nothing like that. Just..." Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a silk scarf she normally used to tie back her hair. The human's eyes widened in comprehension, and as Maria watched, she changed the color of it so that it matched her red lace underwear. Smiling seductively, Isabel asked, "Can I?"

        Unable to form a coherent thought, Maria simply nodded and closed her eyes as Isabel gently but firmly tied the scarf so that it blocked her vision. Within moments, Maria found herself on her back with her arms thrown over her head waiting in agony to discover what Isabel was going to do next.

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