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Two Down, Two to Go, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 9, 2001

Name: Watcher Tara
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Title: Two Down, Two to Go: a sequel to Initiation by Shadowgrl
Chapter #: Chapters -1-13
Chapter Title: None
Pairing: Mostly everyone
Disclaimer: I own less of this one than usual. The characters etc belong to Jason Katims and UPN. The premise belongs to Shadowgrl without whom this story would not exist.
Summary: This is a continuation of Initiation by Shadowgrl.
Author's Note: I want to thank Shadowgrl from the bottom of my heart for giving me permission to write this. Also, thanks to Plu for the wonderful job she did beta reading it for me. This is my first NC-17 fic, first UC fic, first Slash fic. I'm practically a virgin here and so I'm a little nervous about posting this, but what the heck. Bring on the feedback, I can take it. LOL
If you haven't read Initiation yet, I recommend that you do because it was awesome not because it's necessary. You can find it, among other places, at Guilty Pleasures:
Warnings: none.
Spoilers: none.

        It was his first time sitting with the group since his initiation. He'd been nervous about coming here this morning. Not sure what to say or how to act. It was odd... Knowing that nearly half the people around him knew every intimate detail about him. About how to please him, how to make him cry out in unbelievable pleasure - and vice versa. He'd expected it to be awkward, and it was, but in some ways it wasn't. In some ways this coming together was completely comfortable, like a favorite robe. The whole situation was confusing as hell.

        Alex was sitting sandwiched between Isabel and Max. Isabel was half turned toward him, cuddling against his side. He loved the feel of her breasts pressing against him. Her scent was washing over him, reminding him of last night when she'd finally let him in. Into her heart. Into her soul... into her body. His own body grew semi hard at the memory of what she'd said and done to him in those long, long hours he'd spent with her in her bed. He was amazed at how unreserved she'd been. When Isabel decided to commit herself to him, she didn't do it in half measures. Of course, she'd known what he'd had to go through to get to where he was and that knowledge was an added security blanket for her. She knew that prior to coming to her bed he'd had to spend an evening with Max and Michael in his. She knew, of course, because she'd sent them to him.

        And therein lay part of the reason for the awkwardness this morning.

        Max had his arm stretched out along the back of the booth, his fingers idly brushing against Alex's shoulder in a feather light caress. Alex was not surprised to find he was ok with that. He'd learned a lot about Max the other night, and, first and foremost, Max was a sensual person. He liked to touch, stroke, fondle, kiss, lick or bite anything within reach. Michael was more of the rough and ready kind. Michael would fuck you until you thought you were going to die of bliss. And then he'd fuck you some more. Max was more gentle. More persuasive. More seductive. Alex couldn't decide which he preferred, and was glad he didn't have to. Max and Michael were both his. The same way that Isabel was his. And he was theirs. Like he said, comfortable.

        The rest of the reason for Alex's awkwardness was sitting across from him in the booth.

        Tess had her arms around Kyle and was happily nuzzling his neck. Kyle was as lost in the embrace as she was, but it hadn't started that way. When Max had slid into the booth next to him with a soft, "Hi", across the way, Kyle had raised his eyebrow at him in question. Alex had blushed.

        It was one thing to do all the things he'd done with Max and Michael during his initiation, but it was another to sit across from someone - an outsider to the event - who knew, too. And there was no doubt that Kyle was aware of every hot, lusty thing he'd been a party to two nights ago. Kyle knew that the two aliens had come for him to take him into the amazing realm of hybrid sex and that Alex had enjoyed every single heart-stopping moment of it as the two aliens tag- teamed him into orgasm after orgasm. Alex knew that Kyle knew, because Kyle had been initiated, too.

        Through his blush, he raised one eyebrow in return and squeezed Isabel's hand a little harder, reminding himself why it had been necessary. Looking steadily into the other human's eyes, his own full of the knowledge that Kyle himself had spent a similar evening, he watched as the other boy's eyes turned away and wave of hot embarrassment rose up his face.

        Tess, sensing her chosen one's discomfort, set about distracting him.

        Kyle was in the same boat as Alex. Torn between extreme shame and satiation he wasn't sure which way to go. He was Kyle Valenti, class stud, all around sports hero, the "Bo knows" of W. Roswell High. If anyone ever found out that he'd gone willing down the path of faggotty degradation with their two resident aliens... Ok, maybe, it wasn't willingly at first, but he'd been theirs to do with as they pleased after the first fifteen minutes. Someone must have used Hoover parts in the construction of Michael Guerin, he'd decided. That guy could suck dick like nothing he'd ever felt. Less than ten seconds after the alien's lips and tongue had wrapped themselves around his erection, Kyle had stopped struggling. His arms had stopped trying to push the other boy away but instead had pulled him closer as he'd thrust eagerly into his hot mouth. His only lingering embarrassment came from the knowledge of how fast his first orgasm had ripped through him. It was almost without warning. Michael had been ready though and had eagerly swallowed down every drop of the moisture he'd called from him.

        And Kyle discovered his world had turned on its axis - again. Damn aliens.

        On the other hand, now there was Tess. Tess, who'd apparently decided she'd wanted him and only him for all future 'wick trimmings'. The fact that he'd been able to go to her only after receiving King Max's seal of approval didn't bother him as much as he thought it would. And she'd been incredible. They'd hardly left his/her room for the last 24 hours. She was insatiable and he'd been there with her every step of the way. There wasn't an inch of her delectable body he'd hadn't kissed or licked since he'd finally been allowed free reign to all of the desires burning inside him for the small waif who'd found her way into his heart as easily as she'd come into his home.

        He felt like dropping to his knees in front of Max and giving him the thanks he so richly deserved for initiating him into their family - into their pack. And the best thing was that, since the other night, he knew exactly the kind of thanks Max would appreciate most and that on his knees would be the best position to be in to give it. Kyle felt his cock throb an "amen" to that. He growled in his throat as he pulled Tess tighter into his embrace.

        "Aren't you two past the lovey-dovey stage yet?" Michael groused while watching the two of them out of the corner of his eye. He was sitting on Tess's other side in the booth, and their sudden groping was making him uncomfortable.

        "Bite me, Guerin," Kyle ground out, shooting the alien a look over Tess's shoulder.

        Michael's eyes flashed in sudden heat as he sent a half smirk at him, but he didn't say a word. He didn't have to. Kyle froze as the words "be careful what you ask for" rolled around in his head. And the amazing thing was, he didn't know if the implied retort was meant as a threat or a warning of pleasure to come. Kyle had to swallow past a sudden tightening in his throat before he could look away. Taking Tess's hand, he relaxed in the booth.

        The jingling of the bells over the entrance door to the CrashDown caught everyone's attention and they looked over to see Maria walk into the diner. Spotting her friends, she quickly stepped over and pulled up a chair near Michael.

        "Hey guys, what's going on?" Her tone reflected a slight concern. It wasn't often the whole group gathered like this. And when they did, usually it was a bad thing.

        "Absolutely nothing," Alex answered with a grin.

        Max told her, "We're just sitting here enjoying a stress-free morning. No evil aliens or government agents to worry about. It's almost weird."

        "So, what were you talking about?"

        "Pretty much nothing," Kyle joked. "Without our two favorite topics of conversation, we've discovered we don't have anything to say to one another."

        "Now that I can believe." Maria slipped off her windbreaker and hung it over the back of her chair. Michael's eyes were drawn straight to the nice display of cleavage she'd given him. Her cotton t-shirt was snug as usual and clung to her tiny frame, emphasizing the rounded curves of her breasts.

        Michael licked his lips, which had become mysteriously dry as Isabel complemented Maria, "That's a cute top."

        Maria met her gaze for one second before blushing and whispering, "Thanks." She grabbed Michael's hand and clung to it like a lifeline.

        Alex found himself scrutinizing the girl he'd been friends with for as long as he could remember. There was something different about her today. He couldn't tell what it was. Her hair looked the same as ever. No piercings or tattoos to mention. Whatever it was, he couldn't put his finger on it. She was... she was just, pretty, he guessed was the word he was looking for. Yeah, that was it, Maria looked especially pretty today. He wondered why.

        He found himself surreptitiously looking at Isabel out of the corner of his eye. The other night when they'd come over, Max and Michael had let it slip that Maria had been initiated into the fold a while ago. Alex had been pissed to think that Michael had allowed Max to sleep with Maria, but they'd set him straight immediately by telling him that Isabel had initiated Maria. His beautiful, loving Isabel, who'd exhausted him to a near comatose state with her passionate demands, had spent a night seducing Maria into the family.

        All of a sudden his brain was flooded with images of the two women wrapped over and around each other, bare limbs tangled as mouths and hands sought to drive each other to a higher state of completion. Isabel's sultry voice calling Maria's name as she had his only a few hours ago rang soundlessly in his ears. He had to blink to clear his vision. What the hell? He'd better put a stop to that immediately. Maria was Michael's, and Alex no more wanted to even think about her naked as he would Liz or his mom. Even if it was with Isabel in every man's fantasy. Maria was his friend and nothing more. Taking a deep breath, he made an effort to cool his rampaging libido. That's it, he decided. No more sneaking a peek at the porn channel when his parents weren't around. It was the only explanation he could come up with for his sudden voyage into nympho dreamland.

        Completely in tune to the human sitting beside him, Max felt Alex's sudden discomfort and was able to guess at its cause. He brought his warm hand to the back of Alex's neck and began to lightly rub his tense muscles, sending small currents of soothing energy into him and in no time, Alex was once again completely at ease and relaxed, the incident almost forgotten. It was done so casually that no one except Isabel noticed. She smiled at her brother while lightly tracing small patterns against the back of Alex's hand.

        Maria stood saying, "I'm thirsty. Anybody want anything?"

        The whole group nodded, and she stepped behind the counter to the soda fountain.

        While she was gone, Kyle asked, "Is it just me, or does she look different today?"

        So much for Max's efforts. With warning bells sounding the alarm in his head, Alex sat up and asked, "What do you mean 'different'?"

        "I don't know. Just different."

        Michael and the others shared a brief look before he said, "No, she looks the same as ever to me." His dark eyes held a mysterious glow as he inspected his pixie girlfriend from the top of her golden head past the alluring curves of pert breasts, past her belly and the beautiful curve of her hip. Down, down, down the long length of her legs to her delicate ankles. And back up again. It was a wonder she didn't ignite from the heat of his gaze upon her.

        "How can you not see it?" Kyle asked. It was as plain as day. Now more than ever. There was something off about Maria. "She's..." Again an exact definition of what was different about her eluded him. "She's... well, I don't know. She's something, that's for sure."

        Tess said gently, "Kyle, I'm sure it's nothing."

        Alex stuck up for him. "No, Kyle's right. I noticed it, too."

        Max shot Michael a dark look full of command. Michael reluctantly complied and turned his head away from his perusal of Maria's gorgeous attributes and concentrated on... Well, there was the old stand by - Mud.

        "I'm telling you," Kyle insisted, "she's..." and then it suddenly struck him what was different about her. With a click, his mouth snapped shut and he tossed a hesitant glance Michael's way. It had been on the tip of his tongue to announce to the room in general that Maria looked different today because she was beautiful. Her full, pouty lips begged to be ravished. Not just kissed as in a hello-it's-nice-to-see-you way, but plundered as in an I'm-gonna-fuck-you-hard-and-deep-until-you-cum-screaming way. He could see the outline of her nipples even through her t-shirt and bra. They weren't standing up calling attention to themselves, but he could see them just the same and he wanted to see what they look like when they were hard nubbins pressing against her shirt, her bra, his hands and his lips. Her hair was slightly mussed from the wind blowing outside, but he was certain if it were even more mussed, like it would be against his pillow after a round of hot sex, it would be even sexier than it was now.

        Oh shit. He wanted to sleep with Maria DeLuca. What the hell was happening to him? He'd never wanted Maria in that way in his whole life. Now, after a sexual marathon first with Michael and Max, then Tess, he suddenly wanted every girl he sees? Oh fuck. What if there was something wrong with him? What if something happened during the initiation and now his libido was permanently switched on? What was he going to do? What is Tess going to say when she discovers he's going to drool over everything with breasts and legs that walked by for the rest of his life? Kyle thought in a panic.

        "Kyle, what were you going to say?" Alex asked, his concern for Maria growing.

        "Nothing. I don't know what I was saying. I'm sure there's nothing different about her. I mean what could be different? She's just Maria. You know, the same ole Maria she's always been, right?" He couldn't hide the desperation in his voice.

        Max, after shooting another look at Michael who'd nodded that he'd done all he could, said calmly "I still don't see anything different. Kyle, look at her again. It's just Maria, like you said."

        Hesitantly, Kyle shot a glance toward her, then frowned as he looked harder. Max was right. She was back to being the way she always was. Maria. Liz's best friend. Not the lusty sex kitten he'd perceived a few moments ago. Praise Buddha. He was quick to shove the erotic fantasies that had sprung forth unbidden back into the dark recesses of his brain.

        Alex looked, too, and was surprised to see that Max was right. Maria had gone from being a glorious temptress back to being his friend and confidante. He sincerely hoped she'd stayed that way. He wasn't sure how long he could stand having to deal with the other one.

        Unaware of the havoc she'd caused during her absence, Maria came back over to their table carrying their drinks on a tray. She set everything down, slipping into her waitress mode. Without being asked, she plunked a bottle of Tabasco sauce down in front of Michael.

        "Thanks," he mumbled without looking up.

        She sighed in silent misery as she sat down next to him. Michael always blew so hot and cold around her. When she'd first arrived, she could have sworn on a stack of Bibles that he'd been glad to see her. But now he was back to being his old distant self. Sometimes she didn't know why she tried.

        Even the initiation thing was a bust for them. He didn't say anything but she knew she'd somehow failed that little test. She must not have pleased Isabel enough. Little surprise there, she told herself unhappily. 'I mean, look at you compared to her. You're short, no breasts, not slender and petite like Liz.' She'd been naturally insecure right from the beginning, even after Michael explained that before they could be together she had to go through a trial run with Isabel first. It reminded her of those palace slaves who had to taste their master's food before it was deemed worthy to be passed on to him.

        Maria had obviously been found wanting by the Ice Bitch because despite Maria's participation in the initiation, she and Michael hadn't yet had sex. Part of her was hurt, wounded, and another part was humiliated. When she remembered everything she'd done to Isabel's beautifully curved body, and everything she'd allowed her to do to her own, her cheeks burned with shame. What had she done wrong? Had she not fucked her hard enough, long enough? She remembered Isabel's passionate cries ringing out in the stillness of the dimly lit bedroom. Had she been faking it?

        Neither Isabel nor Michael ever actually came out and said she'd flunked the test. Maria supposed she was grateful for that. After all, what could they say, "I'm sorry Maria, but you're not a good enough lay for Michael"? So Maria pulled in her pride, put her chin up and decided, 'to hell with the both of them, then. Who needs them?'

        The truth was, she did. She wanted to belong to Michael - in every way. To be a part of his family. To belong to the group. She supposed that was what kept her coming back to him despite however many times they pushed each other away. They always came back together like two magnets. She needed him. She needed him to need her.

        One day, she swore to herself, one day soon, she was going to go to Isabel and beg for another chance. And this time, she was going to get it right. Maria chewed her lip as she contemplated her next move. She was going to need some help, she knew, but she wasn't sure how to ask for it. It was this uncertainty which had held her back all these months. She and Liz were as close as sisters, but they'd never crossed the line with each other before. They'd had Alex for their kissing practice buddy, but she couldn't go to him for this one. She needed another woman, if she was going to learn how to please Isabel, and the only person in the world she could turn to was Liz

        Maria had been at a loss at how to broach the subject. It wasn't exactly an everyday topic. "So, how'd you do on that Trig test? And by the way, will you let me make love to you? You see, I need the practice." Which is why she was still sitting here, close enough to touch Michael, but unable to do so. Because she was unworthy.

        She looked to where Isabel was sitting so close to Alex. There was an air of intimacy about them that caused Maria's heart to drop. From the looks of things, Alex had been initiated and he'd passed. Maria squashed the jealousy that accompanied the realization. Of course Alex had known how to please her. He was a man, Isabel was a woman. He could go with his instincts. Maria had been completely out of her league.

        The full dynamics of the initiation rite hadn't been explained to Maria when Michael had brought Isabel by his apartment that night. All he'd said was that they couldn't be together until she'd been accepted by Isabel first. Maria was just thankful it hadn't been Max with Michael that night. While it would have been easier, less awkward for her, Maria just knew she couldn't have done it. There was no way she could consent to something that would devastate her best friend as soon as she found out about it. It somehow seemed less sinful to be with Isabel than it would have been to be with Max. She didn't waste a lot of time trying to figure out why that was.

        Seeing how happy Alex was now, Maria decided that it was time to screw up her courage. She wanted Michael and there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to get him. It was time to talk to Liz.

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