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Along the Edge, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 15, 2001

Title: Along the Edge (2/?)
Author: trixie
Disclaimer: Joss and Jason own all;)
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Once again, this is based on one of my fave books, which I won't reveal until the end. Props to the people who guessed which book
Summary: Liz runs away from home and picks up two hitchhikers. They tell stories long into the night as an even darker story unfolds around them
Dedication: to everyone who sent me feedback. You're all amazingly yummy—and I *loved* the speculation on what's going on in the story;) I love it when people do that!

        "Buffy and Angel?" Liz repeated Liam's words, cocking her head to the side. "who were they?"

        "Friends of ours," Liam replied, smiling slightly, his teeth glinting in the dim light of the car. "They had kind of a Romeo and Juliet romance."

        Liz shuddered-- (I don't want to die for you, Max...) "I hope nothing bad happened to them," she said softly, and Anne blew smoke at her, laughing caustically.

        "They were no Romeo and Juliet."

        "Let Liz decide," Liam snapped back, laying his fingers on the dark haired girl's arm. Liz felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. His thumb rubbed back and forth across her aching veins. She felt light-headed. "What do you say?" he asked.

        "Sure," she responded dizzily, gazing out into the northern skies, still tumbling down rain. "I want to hear their story."


        "Buffy and Angel met a long time ago," Liam began. "He saw her in the sunlight and fell in love with her instantly. It was fated, he thought. She was a bit of a bubble-headed ditz back then, but Angel saw something in her that was special. They met in a dark ally- and taunted each other with words that meant nothing and everything all at once. She wasn't frightened of him. She had so much power, that Buffy. Angel was scared of her. She chased him and made him hers. I guess you could say they were destined. Their first kiss was dark and hungry in ways she or he could ever have guessed. Most nights they would fight and spar, because both of them were angry at each other for feelings they knew they shouldn't be having. After all, they were from different sides of the proverbial tracks. Buffy wasn't going anywhere, and neither was he. But they couldn't go into nowhere together- that was understood. Both of them were messes without each other, and it was a pretty messy situation when they were together as well.

        "You see, Angel couldn't have sex. When he did, he lost it- went quite literally, evil. But he loved Buffy too much to be sensible. Neither of them could control themselves around each other, and that scared the shit out of him too. Buffy was more innocent, and I suppose she never knew the exact repercussions of their relationship would be. One night, they made love, and it was beautiful and she was beautiful, and Angel's soul soared. He loved her and she loved him and it made him think they could have that happily ever after. He was wrong. Pain woke him the next morning, and it definitely had a hold on him for a long time after. He turned into a monster, and in that moment, Buffy and he were lost forever.

        "He tried to kill her and her friends over the months that followed. And she tried to kill him. But Buffy never could kill Angel- she just had too soft a heart, and since most of it was his, it made murder a little difficult. Until one night, he went too far. She knew what she had to do- and she was right. The world would be better off without that guy, let me tell you. Her friend - who was an amateur Wiccan, found a spell that would set things to right, but it worked too late. He had set forth a chain of events that could only be stopped with his blood so—"

        "So she told him she loved him..." Anne broke in with a strange note to her usually bored voice. "And she kissed him and she killed him."

        Liz gaped at them both with her huge dark eyes and sighed, "Wow. That's horrible... is it the end?"

        "You could say it was..." Liam muttered. "But no. Their story went on, as every story does. There is no real end."

        "What happened after that?" Liz inquired.

        "I want to hear more of your story first," Liam answered.

        "How are you feeling, Liz?" Anne asked softly.

        "Fine," Liz replied, although that wasn't strictly true. Her head was aching with an insistent pressure- and a fever was building in the fire of her temples. Her arm throbbed more than ever, and for the life of her she couldn't recall when she had hurt it. Of course, sometimes Liz couldn't remember a lot of things. Her skin felt clammy, and she could feel sweat running down the length of her spine. "I'm fine. Where was I?"

        "You were already in love with that bitch, Isabel," Liam informed her, and Liz laughed quietly.

        "Thanks for the support... but she wasn't really a bitch, not really." She was lying, and she knew it. Isabel was a bitch- she always had been. So why did I love her? She wondered and continued on where she left off.

        "We got an apartment together after Michael and Maria's wedding. It was an expensive place, but we both had jobs so we could pull it off. Sometimes we'd lie on the roof and watch the stars. Isabel had a connection with them, you see. I think she felt her home was up there... lost in the sky somewhere. She never was from around here. She was like a Goddess. We kissed for the first time on one of those nights. She reached over to get a drink and her arm brushed mine and it was inevitable. We kissed and we fell in love and that was that. We were together constantly after that, but we didn't tell anyone about it. Max was her brother and he would have had a heart attack if he found out I was sleeping with his sister." Liz paused, and took a bite from one of the vanilla cookies. She considered a moment and then said, "He never wanted me to be happy without him. He preferred us all to be miserable if we couldn't have each other. Although he was perfectly content to go off with Tess while I stayed alone. That was Max's way.

        "Maria found out eventually. I was so ridiculously happy I guess, and I never could hide it from her. She was a little freaked out at first, cause me and her had always been so intimidated by Isabel in High School. I still was, in a way, but it was tempered by love. Isabel would always talk to me about the world... how it had started, how it was going to end. She convinced me though that our love would last... that even after everything was gone away, our love would be left." Liz laughed bitterly, and re-focused on the road ahead of her. A single unbroken white line which winded around them as if it was spinning a dream. She felt hypnotised by it- by its unending path into darkness. "She was lying to me, then, I guess. But she never could face the truth. She liked her fairy tales."

        "I bet you caught her screwing someone else, didn't you?" Liam said with a colourful rage deepening his voice.

        "Sort of," Liz answered.

        "We have to stop," Liam replied, pointing to something in the trees. "We have to visit my mother."

        "Your mother?" Liz said and felt her forehead. It was cold, bubbling with even colder sweat. "Where does she live?"

        "A little way up the road. Let's stop first. We'll get some food."

        They pulled off at a little stop and go, and Liam got out to pump some gas into the car. "Do you want anything?" Liz inquired, turning around to look at Anne, startled once more by the girl's beauty.

        "Maybe later," Anne said softly, and lit another smoke.

        "Are you feeling ok?"

        "I always feel the same," Anne paused between quiet drags off the cigarette. "What about you?"

        "Actually, I have a fever, I think," Liz chuckled. "Must be the rain from earlier. I hope it'll be daylight soon. The coast road is beautiful, and we're missing it."

        "The ocean always looks the same," Anne coughed and waved her arm a bit to get rid of the smoke. "It's black, inside and out." Suddenly she said, "You should worry about yourself, Liz. You don't."

        "What are you talking about?" Liz countered, meeting the shock of the girls' cat eyes. They stared unblinkingly at her.

        "Why are you running away from home?"

        "I'm not," Liz said, furious. "I'm visiting someone. But it's none of your business anyway, Anne. I don't know what your problem is, and I don't want to know."

        "My problems aren't important."

        "Why are you even with Liam? You don't seem to like him very much," Liz pointed out and a small smile touched Anne's pink mouth. It shone from the light of the gas station's sign.

        "I care about him. Besides, I have no choice. I'll always be with him, one way or another. But we're not involved, if that's what you want to know. If you're interested."

        "I'm not interested in you," Liz said coldly, and Anne glanced at her with apparent boredom.

        "I was talking about Liam. He'd be lucky to have you. You're a pretty girl, Liz."

        "No, I'm not," Liz answered, embarrassed.

        "Why do you say that?"

        "Because it's the truth."

        Anne touched her own face and tilted her head back to rest against the back of the seat. "You didn't say it because you want me to argue with you?"

        Liz had the sensation of someone walking over her grave. The person was not trodding lightly, that was for certain. "No. I wonder what's taking Liam so long?"

        "He always takes a long time," Anne replied, a weird note to her tone. She glanced out the window, at the black Pacific. "But he'll be back eventually."

        And so he was. Liam climbed back in the car a few seconds later, laden down with bags. Handing Anne some cigarettes and oddly, some ice cream, he then set down a pack of beer for himself and some milk and candy for Liz.

        "Cookie dough fudge mint chip," Anne whispered suddenly. "Thank you."

        Liam shrugged, something entering his eyes that Liz had never seen before. Was it tenderness? She couldn't be sure. "No problem."

        Liz pulled away from the curb and ignored the pounding in her arm. It hurt just enough to make her feel a little sick, but she was determined not to be a baby. An alien had hurt her, she could deal with this.

        "Turn off here."

        Liam pointed to a nearly hidden road in the thick dense trees. "What's here?"

        "My mother's," he responded lightly.

        The road was winding upwards, a thin ribbon to Hell. The angry ocean lashed at the rocks on one side of them, while the forest and the cliffs rose with looming force on the other side.

        "What does she do?" Liz asked, and caught sight of a large grey castle nearly hidden by the lancing rain. It made her catch her breath.

        "She's a fortune teller," Liam responded, and Anne snorted.

        "What's your problem?" he snapped, glaring at her.

        "She can't read the future," Anne smiled. It wasn't a nice smile. "She can only read the past."

        "We can learn from the past," Liz said suddenly, and rubbed her aching wrist. Her flesh was sweating, and she felt as if she was going to throw up. Tossing back some Tylenol, she prayed for it to stop. Maybe it would soon. Sure, she lied to herself enough... what was one more?

        "Right," Liam said, grinning at Liz. "She's right. You just don't want to see her cause she'll be able to tell what a freak you are, Anne."

        "You can always tell a freak by the company he or she keeps," Anne quipped and turned back to the window to stare at the bolts of lightening illuminating the sea. "Besides, I don't want to see her. I already know my past."

        "I don't think you do," Liam snarled, and Liz was surprised at the feral anger in his voice. Anne looked disinterested as they pulled into the castle's gates.

        Liam held out a hand to Liz, who took it without hesitation. She wanted to see inside this place. Anne stayed in the car, saying quietly, "Be careful, Liz."

        "I will be," the dark haired girl said, Liam's fingers cold around hers. She thought of Isabel's warm skin and turned her face to the rain.

        "I want to learn my past."

        End of part two. Tell me what you think, please! It means so much-

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