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Try to Forget

Reply to Tha Wrecka

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 9, 2003

TITLE:Try to Forget
ARCHIVE: Go for it.
PAIRING: Tess/Isabel (ugh, and also Isabel/Jesse)
SPOILERS: season three
NOTES/SUMMARY: Isabel tries not to think about Tess.
DISCLAIMER: They belong to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. Who don't deserve them. But, anyway, I don't own them.

        She tries not to think about Tess. She doesn't want to remember blonde curls twisted round her fingers or the metallic taste of betrayal.

        She kisses Jesse and tries not to think about the way that Tess' lip had pressed against hers, the way her tongue invaded her mouth.

        Jesse cups her breasts and she tries not to think about how easily Tess' had fit into her palms, the way she gasped when Isabel licked them.

        Her husband slides into her and she tries not to think about the way Tess used her fingers, the warm scrape of fingernails.

        But when she breaks with orgasm, she knows it's not Jesse she's thinking about.

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