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Firsts, Part Nine

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Max closed his eyes as Liz covered his lips with her own, her tongue seeking entrance. She moved forward as he opened his mouth, forcing him to lie flat underneath her. Her tongue slipped in to twine with his and her hands wandered up and down his sides and as much of his chest as she could reach without lifting up. Max suddenly remembered what Alex had said about her pills. He gripped Liz's hips, settling her wet heat against his erection. They didn't need to be careful about the contact anymore.

        Liz moaned as he positioned her, her fingers curling automatically and digging into Max's flesh. She wriggled deliberately, delighting in the soft groan her movements elicited and in the feel of him. Her lips left his and wandered across his cheek and down his neck. Liz licked the hollow of his throat, feeling his pulse on her tongue, then kissed her way around the side of his neck. She bit his earlobe and sucked away the minor sting before bathing the outer shell of his ear with her tongue. Licking it thoroughly, she moved over to his other ear and repeated her actions.

        Max's hands roamed ceaselessly, charting every inch of Liz's body. As she moved over to the other side of his neck, he slipped his hands in between their bodies and cupped her breasts, kneading them gently. Her nipples grew even harder, pressed into his palms. Max continued to play with them as Liz moved her seeking tongue farther down, sliding her body to one side as she shifted. He made a sound of loss, which quickly changed into a sharp breath as Liz's hand closed around his cock.

        Michael watched intently as she stroked Max's cock. Her hands were so small. He had never really noticed her tininess before, but when contrasted with Max's muscular body she seemed very petite. Not fragile, though. Michael couldn't think of a stronger woman than Liz. His lips parted as Liz continued to kiss a trail down Max's body, pausing to gently bite his nipples before following the path of her hand and taking the tip of his cock in her mouth.

        Max groaned, his hands reaching for her hair once her breasts were out of reach. He pulled it all to one side to allow Michael a clear view, but kept his hands clenched around fistfuls of its chocolate strands. His hips thrust a little as Liz sucked more of him into her mouth. He could feel her tongue pressed against the large vein that ran along the bottom of his cock as she increased her suction. Max turned his head to the side, seeking Michael's face. He smiled raggedly at his complete focus on Liz's mouth.

        Michael caught Max looking at him from the corner of his eye, and his gaze shifted to meet Max's. Deliberately, Michael licked his lips and Max closed his eyes at the surge of desire that swept through him. He opened them to stare at Michael, then nodded purposefully at Michael's groin. Michael made a quick hand gesture and Max smiled. His smile dissolved into another groan as Liz snaked her hand between his legs and caressed his ass. Michael let out a soft groan as well at the expression on Max's face, and he moved to do as Max had indicated, hastily stripping to his boxers and slipping his hand inside to stroke himself.

        Max tugged on Liz's hair, pulling her mouth away from him. Liz knew she had gotten to him the way that she had wanted to when he pulled her up to him, his hands still clutching her hair, and kissed her savagely, thrusting his tongue into her open mouth. Max tumbled Liz onto her back, his hands finally unclenching and heading unerringly for her breasts as he moved over her, twisting her legs apart with his hip and settling in between them. His tongue explored every little corner of her mouth, rubbing against the inner surface of her lips and dancing with her tongue as his fingers plucked at her nipples. Max rolled her tight peaks in his forefinger and thumb, occasionally pinching a little harder. Liz's hips were circling now, trying to ease the ache he had invoked by pressing against Max's taut abdomen, but he would not let her, holding himself that tiny bit apart.

        Max moved his hands to clasp Liz's, placing their clasped hands above her head. Then he left her mouth and licked his way down to her chest. He trailed his tongue around her breasts in a figure eight, then circled each breast separately, the wet circles growing increasingly smaller until he was following the outline of her areola. Maddeningly, he did not touch either nipple. Liz's little gasps were becoming audible to Michael, who quietly moved the chair right up to the bed.

        "Ma-ax," Liz finally pleaded. Immediately Max closed his mouth over one sensitive nipple and Liz moaned, arching her back as he sucked hard. She continued to push into his mouth until she became too sensitive and her back relaxed some. Max was waiting for that subtle signal, and before Liz was even aware that he had stopped his mouth was on her other breast. He sucked at the tight flesh, then moved up to kiss her lips. Liz returned his kiss hungrily, her tongue darting into his mouth even before his lips made contact with hers. They tasted each other, then Max pulled back and whispered at her lips.

        "Leave your hands above your head," his voice was husky as he let go of her hands and replaced them on the bed. Liz's eyes drifted open and a tiny sigh escaped her lips at the fire in his amber gaze. She licked her lips unconsciously, riveting Max's eyes to the pink tip of her tongue. His own tongue swept out to lick at hers, meeting in the air. Then he swooped down, plunging his tongue into her mouth for a quick, hard kiss before he slid down her body.

        Liz closed her eyes as Max kissed her navel, trailing kisses down to her dark curls. A random thought occurred to her and she opened her eyes, turning to look at Michael. He was maybe two feet away, his legs flung over the arm of the chair, his hand gently rubbing his hard cock under the fabric of his boxers, his eyes fixed on Max's face with an expression of intense curiosity.

        "Michael," she murmured. He jerked his eyes to hers and she gasped at the raw desire there. "Michael, I didn't get this far. It's OK if—if you want to come closer," Liz finished in a whisper, not sure where this offer was coming from. She saw the way his eyes widened in surprise and darkened even further, then he looked at Max.

        Max had been startled by her words, but the idea excited him, too. It wasn't quite the same as actually sharing Liz, but it was pretty damn close. He caught the appeal in Michael's eyes and smiled, jerking his head to indicate where Michael should sit. Hesitantly Michael got out of the chair, moving around to the far side of the bed where Max had indicated. He knelt beside Liz's left hip, his knees facing her feet, then twisted to look at her, to make sure. Liz smiled at the mingled emotions in his expression: curiosity, desire, awe...a touch of something else that she was reluctant to identify right now. She nodded slightly.

        "You—you guys work this out between you. I, uh, I'm just gonna...close my eyes," Liz said throatily as she met Max's eyes, looking up at her from between her legs. One corner of his mouth lifted in a smile she knew and Liz bit her lip, knowing that her notion of being the one in control had just been destroyed. Liz lay her head back down and closed her eyes as Max pressed another kiss to her navel and placed his hands on her inner thighs, close to their juncture.

        Michael looked at Max, their eyes communicating silently. Michael was not precisely drunk—he'd had very little alcohol—but his inhibitions were lowered considerably. Although the thought crossed his mind that perhaps it was just a natural progression of the rest of this past week. He came to an agreement with Max and placed his hands just outside of Max's on Liz's thighs, sliding them slowly up to her knees and pressing them out and down.

        Liz moaned as Michael spread her legs farther apart. She realized that one reason for the placement of his hands was so that she would know that only Max was touching her intimately; Michael would merely watch. She felt Max's hands slide closer to her center, his fingers gently spreading her folds apart and holding her open. Michael leaned over, inadvertently applying more pressure to Liz's knees. Her legs drifted farther down until her knees touched the bed. Michael and Max exchanged a smile, remembering early adolescent conversations about the benefits of gymnastics, then Michael looked down at Liz.

        "God, Liz, you're beautiful!" he breathed. She was glistening in the faint light with moisture, and Michael wanted to see more. He looked at Max, whose lips twitched, then glanced at Liz's face. Her eyes were tightly closed, her lips parted in anticipation of...whatever. She had no idea how this was going to play out, but she was ready for just about anything. Except Michael's next words.

        "Hmm...millimeters, right?" he murmured. Liz felt a shock run through her as the pressure against her knees increased, then her hips shifted slightly as something pressed into the bed right in front of her. Max's fingers were still holding her open. Liz was about to open her eyes, the curiosity killing her, when she felt a puff of air against her exposed flesh and realized that Michael's face was nearly touching her. His exhaled breath was warm from his proximity, and it was speeding up, gusting across her wet flesh, making her shiver.

        Max watched her face, seeing the way her own breathing sped up. He moved his fingers so that only one hand was spreading her folds. He seemingly withdrew the other hand, only to have Liz jump when he inserted two fingers into her. Michael shifted to give Max a little more room, and Max responded by withdrawing his fingers and thrusting them back into Liz. She moaned, raising her hips a little to meet his hand as Max fingerfucked her right in front of Michael's face.

        Michael was fascinated by her responsiveness. The rich pink of her opening begged to be tasted, and the scent of her arousal was making him achingly hard. He licked his lips, noticing that if he were to extend his tongue he could probably touch her. He wouldn't, not now, but...the way that Max's fingers slid into her body with an easy rhythm was making it difficult to resist temptation.

        Max withdrew his fingers from Liz, smiling at her whimper of loss. He began to stroke her wet skin, his talented fingers dancing closer and closer to her clitoris. Liz moaned as Max grazed it lightly then continued to dance around, sensitizing every inch of her waiting flesh. She tossed her head at the sensations coursing through her body. Each teasing caress was followed by a puff of air, reminding her that Michael was getting a very up close and personal show, which only served to fan the flames of her arousal. Liz did not have much room to maneuver with her legs spread so wide, but her hips kept moving anyway, trying to force Max to let her come.

        Michael watched Max's fingers stroke her, realizing that Max intended to take this all the way. He could hear Liz's harsh breathing; every exhale was a moan. He jumped when Max bit his earlobe.

        "She's close now. Do you want to watch her come?" Max breathed into his ear, following the words with a lick. Michael groaned, his eyes fixed on Max's dancing fingers.

        "Fuck, yes!" Michael exclaimed, just loud enough for Liz to hear. She felt his exclamation against her skin and knew somehow what he was talking about. It made her head spin with sudden, fierce need.

        "Max, oh God Max, now, please, NOW!" Liz begged hoarsely. In answer to them both, Max began to delicately stroke her clitoris, applying only a tiny amount of pressure. Liz writhed under the feathery caresses, calling out, "Max...Max...Max..." repeatedly. He increased the pressure a little, then a little more. As he felt the first minute tremors in her body Max suddenly rubbed hard, triggering her orgasm. Liz stuffed her hand in her mouth as she tried not to scream, her hips bucking against his hand as she trembled everywhere in reaction. Max continued to stroke her lightly as she calmed down, until at last Liz relaxed.

        Michael was in awe. He watched her muscles contract at Max's intimate caresses and her beautiful pink skin become ever more drenched. It was all he could do to keep her knees pressed flat when she came; he would never have guessed her legs were that strong. It was an unforgettable experience, and his only regret was that he did not dare taste her. Michael carefully moved up and away, sitting back on his knees and removing his hands. He looked at Max, who also sat up as Liz's eyes fluttered open.

        Max knew what Michael had wanted, and respected that he had not done anything about it. Glancing at Liz, Max gently dragged his fingers against her wetness and held out his hand to Michael. It gleamed in the faint light. Michael looked at Liz, then opened his mouth and sucked Max's fingers, licking away every drop of moisture.

        Liz watched them, remembering that Michael had sucked on hers the previous night. She noticed that Max had closed his eyes and she smiled; maybe it affected him, too. His eyes drifted open again as Michael finished and they shared a smile, then Michael turned to face Liz, bending over her. He pressed a soft kiss to her lips, whispering, "Thank you." Then he moved off the bed and back into the chair as Max and Liz locked eyes.

        Max knelt between her legs, still spread wide open. Liz opened her mouth to say something, and he shook his head firmly. "No, I need you under me, so I can get as deep as possible and touch your soul," Max murmured, the words fueling her desire. As he moved over her he caught her legs with his elbows, bringing them up so that the backs of her knees rested on his biceps. He whispered against her lips, "Don't worry, Liz, Michael can see just fine this way." He kissed her, his tongue demanding entrance, and as Liz opened her mouth to him Max thrust into her, penetrating deeply.

        Liz gasped at the suddenness of the intense pleasure. Max withdrew almost completely and drove back into her, his mouth drifting to her neck as Liz arched her head back. She couldn't do much in this position except feel how incredibly deep he was reaching as Max thrust into her forcefully, his fast rhythm quickly erasing everything but the feel of his skin sliding against hers, the flexing of his muscles under her knees. The sound of his groans and incoherent words in her ear, echoing her own gasping moans. Her fingernails scraping across his back, her teeth nipping at his shoulder. They could both feel the tension building and Max lifted his head.

        "Liz...Liz, look at me," he whispered raggedly. Liz opened her eyes and her breath caught at the love in his eyes. They raced together over the edge, gazes locked, bodies joined, souls entwined in love as Max exploded into her, Liz's inner muscles clenching around his erection and milking him dry. Their rocking motion slowed and finally stopped, and Max moved one arm at a time to let Liz put her legs down, his eyes never leaving hers as they rested together with Max still buried deep inside her.

        Michael felt as if he had witnessed something profound and sacred; an act of love in the purest sense. And while he knew that they had been unaware of his presence, and remained so yet, he didn't feel as though he was excluded exactly. It was impossible to describe what he was feeling, though Michael was conscious that a large part of it was love. The distinction between his feelings for Max and for Liz, already blurred, had disappeared completely tonight.

        Liz smiled up at Max, feeling a bone deep contentment that had everything and nothing to do with their lovemaking. Max smiled back as she said quietly, "Do you think Michael's still breathing?"

        Michael looked surprised as they both turned their heads to him. Maybe they hadn't been so unaware after all. His voice was husky as he answered her question, "I sound like I've been running a marathon, but yeah, I'm still breathing."

        "Michael...come here," Liz invited, then dropped her eyes to his boxers. "But just you."

        Michael searched her eyes as they moved back up to meet his, then looked at Max. He gave a tiny shrug as if to say that he was just as baffled and surprised. Michael gulped, then quickly stood up and stripped off his boxers, climbing naked onto the bed. He followed Liz's murmured directions to lie beside them, and then Liz took his hand.

        Looking into Michael's eyes, Liz placed his hand on his own cock. Michael had been so caught up in the emotions radiating from Max and Liz as they made love that he had stopped doing anything but watching them, and he was still rock hard.

        Liz curled her small hand around Michael's. She was not actually touching anything other than his hand, but it felt intimate all the same. Liz looked at Max, a little unsure about this part, and smiled when he placed his hand over hers, sandwiching it between his and Michael's. Slowly, following Liz's insistent tugs, they began to stroke Michael. As their unison improved they stroked faster, Max's hand squeezing them all tightly around Michael's erection.

        Tremors began to shoot through Michael and his head fell back as he moaned. Liz could just barely reach him with her mouth and she kissed his chest, right over his heart. Max lifted up a little as he realized Michael was about to come, using his outside hand position to angle his cock. The slight shift produced friction in a new spot and Michael cried out as his orgasm ripped through him, spurting hot liquid across Liz's tummy and breasts.

        They continued to stroke, lightly now, until Michael stopped them. Max and Liz both removed their hands from his, and Michael unclenched his fingers from his now-flaccid cock. He looked at Liz, about to apologize for the mess he'd made of her, when she smiled and drew his face to her for a light kiss.

        "Don't. Max is too disciplined to do that, and it's something I've wondered about experiencing," she said softly. Michael smiled and they both looked at Max, whose face was a touch rosy. He gave a whole body shrug, and Liz gasped.

        "Max, you haven't even pulled out yet, and you're..." she trailed off at his wicked little smile.

        "Wanna go again?" he invited, dropping a kiss on her parted lips. Liz was about to answer him when all three of them froze. Someone was knocking on the door.

        "Liz?" Maria's voice drifted to them, and they relaxed, knowing that she wouldn't try to come in.

        "Yeah?" Liz called back.

        "Isabel wants to leave in about fifteen minutes. Is that OK?"

        "Yeah, that's fine."

        "So, how's your mind?" There was laughter in Maria's voice.

        "Ah, half shattered," Liz was grinning.

        "Old half or new half?"


        "K. See you downstairs," Maria was laughing openly as she walked away, the sound of her giggles fading quickly. Max and Michael both stared at Liz, who was shaking with her own laughter.

        "What was that about?" Max asked. Liz just shook her head.

        "Girl stuff. Nothing you need to know," she evaded. "Now, will you get off me so I can go fix myself?"

        "Yeah. But I'll go one better," Max said as he withdrew. He held a hand over her, evaporating the liquid splashed on her skin. Liz raised her eyebrows and smiled.

        "Have I mentioned recently how much I love dating an alien?" she fluttered her eyelashes at him and they all laughed as they got dressed. Liz stepped in front of the door as they were ready to leave, facing the two men.

        "I'm not sure yet of the implications of what happened here tonight. Michael, I—I don't even know what to say, except...that you being here was part of what made this so special. I think...well, that we all need to do some thinking, because I, um, I—don't want this to be just a one time thing. I don't—I need to think about this, but I...don't want to lose either of you," she finished in a whisper, looking at Max for some signal that what she was saying was all right with him. That he wasn't disgusted with her for wanting to bring someone else into their unique relationship—especially another man.

        Max read her insecurities easily enough and moved forward, enfolding Liz in his arms and murmuring endearments. She relaxed into his embrace, sighing in relief, then pushed herself upright. Max let her go, and she walked up to Michael, looking up at him measuringly.

        Michael was completely sober now, even as Liz was. He looked down into her beautiful eyes and watched them drift closed as he lowered his mouth to hers.

        It was a languid kiss, their tongues floating together and apart as they tasted each other for the first time. At last they broke, slowly pulling back. They both smiled, Liz a little tentatively, then she blew a kiss at Max and went out the door.

        Max and Michael just stared at each other for a long moment. Max pushed the door closed and Michael was in his arms a second later, their lips meeting lovingly. Michael drew back and Max half smiled.

        "The only problem is that she's still thinking linearly. It's one thing for her to be in the middle, but..."

        "A whole other prospect when you add in our evolved relationship," Max finished the sentence.

        "Yeah. And it has to be a circle to work, Max. Tonight of the most incredible experiences in my life, but I can't always be the spectator."

        "I know," Max murmured, kissing him lightly. "But it was one hell of a beginning!"

        "That it was, Maxwell, that it was. Let's go."

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