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Firsts, Part Eight

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        The two men joined the game in progress, Kyle having discounted what Liz had told him. An hour and a half later, he was remembering why it was a good idea to always listen to Liz. Max had kicked his and everyone else's ass. That's what happens when your lawyer father teaches you how to play cards.

        "Sorry, guys, but that's it for me," Max declared after noticing the time. There were grumbles around the table and Kyle held in a smile, knowing what would come next.

        "You can't leave now, Evans! You've got most of our money!" complained Jeremy. "Besides, where d'ya have to go in such a hurry?"

        "I need to find Liz," Max said patiently as he gathered his winnings. He separated them into two approximately equal piles.

        "Liz Parker? She's your date for tonight?" someone asked. There were a few whistles and comments scattered among the guys gathered in the basement, and someone else muttered, "Yeah, I'd ditch us for her, too!" Max looked up with a faint smile, his gaze sweeping the room.

        "No. Liz is my girlfriend," he stated, the tone of his voice leaving no room for doubt as to the exclusivity of their relationship. Kyle had never wanted to laugh so badly in all his life. Not only was Max basically sticking it to everyone, but he was completely oblivious that he was doing so!

        Max placed one pile of bills in his pocket and pushed the rest towards Kyle. "Have a good night," he said with an easy smile. Kyle realized that Max knew exactly what he was doing, and he nodded, accepting the money. After all, the other guys at least had a chance to win some back this way. It was more than Kyle would have done.

        While Max was busy showing up the jocks, Liz was busy getting down with her friends. She'd had 2 drinks and was on her third when she decided that now was a good time to talk to Maria. Liz grabbed her friend's hand and dragged her off to a relatively quiet corner, where they could talk in private. Maria knew that Liz had been drinking, so she let herself be dragged. She was not, however, prepared for what she was about to hear.

        "Maria, would you be upset if Michael got into another relationship? Like, a serious relationship?" Liz started off innocuously enough.

        "Why would I be upset? Liz, Michael and I are just friends. You know I don't feel that way about him anymore," Maria said.

        "Well, yeah, but...what if I do?" Liz asked wide-eyed.

        "What happened to Max? You know, your soul mate, the guy you've been in love with for years, the one you just lost your virginity to?!" Maria spluttered, keeping her voice low though she ached to yell the words.

        "Nothing! All of those things are still true. But...well, here's what's been happening," Liz whispered. She explained the entire situation to her best friend, not noticing her increasing amusement. Liz concluded with, "You can talk to Alex about it. He's helping; I told him all this the morning after we had sex. Not me and Alex, him and Iz and me and Max. And not all together either, that's icky," she made a face.

        Maria reined in her giggles long enough to ask her a serious question. "Liz, you and Max have a pretty special relationship. Do you honestly think there's room for Michael in there? All right, all right," she laughed at Liz's emphatic nodding. "I know from experience that I'd better not ask you a question when you've been drinking if I don't want a brutally truthful answer, so obviously you do think this can work somehow and you do have feelings for Michael."

        Maria paused, running her fingers through her hair. She looked speculatively at Liz. "You said that Max seemed to approve of all the borderline flirting between you and Michael, right? So, here's what you need to do. Force the issue in front of Max. Get the two of them alone somewhere and kiss Michael. Then, see what shakes loose. Either Max will freak because he only wanted you guys to flirt, or he'll—join in," she shook her head. "Liz, how the hell do you keep getting yourself in these bizarre situations? I'm getting jealous just thinking about the mind-shattering orgasm your life is going to turn into if you make this work!"

        "Well, you, I don't want to share Max with another girl. I can share him with Michael, but...sorry, Maria," Liz apologized.

        Maria patted her hand. "That's OK, hon, Max isn't the Evans I find attractive anyway."

        Liz sat straight up from her position slumped against the wall. "Oooh, you like Isabel? She's gorgeous naked, you know. She doesn't even sag! I was so pissed off!"

        "Give her another fifteen or twenty years," Maria laughed. "Us small-breasted women will have our revenge then!"

        "Max likes my breasts the way they are," Liz declared, cupping her breasts for a moment. Maria was having a really hard time not giving into the wicked case of the giggles that was threatening. Liz hadn't had that much to drink, but with the mood she'd been in and her general euphoria...she was a riot. Maria knew that Liz could also get herself into trouble if she wasn't careful. She resolved to look out for her friend tonight.

        "I'm sure he does, but I do NOT need details, Liz! I," she fell silent as a snippet of conversation drifted to their ears.

        "I've never seen Max Evans at one of these parties before. I wonder who brought him?"

        "Who cares? I'm more interested in who's going to be going home with him! Or upstairs, at least."

        Maria restrained Liz, who was shaking in fury and muttering about the benefits of a right hook. She whispered in her friend's ear, "Go find Max and get him to dance. I'll tell the guy minding the stereo to put on a slow song, and you show these chicks that they better keep their hands off!"

        Liz shook off Maria's hands and caught her in a crushing hug. "That is a great idea! He's not going to want to dance, but he will if he expects to get in my pants again!" She winked and ran off, and Maria finally started to giggle as she made her way to the stereo. Once she had made her request, she went to find Isabel, to tell her to have that camera ready.

        Max had been searching for Liz for a little while when she suddenly appeared, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the large living room. The music changed as they entered the room; the song was slow, but with a heavy, seductive beat. Other couples were beginning to dance in the cleared area at one end of the room, and Liz tugged Max over there. Since it was a slow song, he didn't make any objections, merely taking her into his arms when she'd found the spot where she wanted to dance.

        They swayed together in time to the music. It was the kind of song that you want to play loud, so the bass rumbles through your body and the singer's voice skitters down your spine. Max recognized the song; it was by one of Michael's favorite bands, Staind. He brought their clasped hands closer, eliminating the space between their bodies as they danced. Liz tucked her face into his shoulder, her arm slipping around his neck as he bent his head close to her hair. She smelled so good. Almost as good as she felt, molded against him. His free hand stroked the bare skin at the small of her back, and he smiled as Liz sighed.

        Max listened to the lyrics dreamily, caught up in the feel of Liz in his arms. His smile widened as he heard a particular verse, "It's been a while, since I've seen the way the candles light your face / And it's been a while, but I can still remember just the way you taste." He pulled back enough to look at Liz, whispering, "It's been too long."

        Liz looked into his eyes, knowing he was talking about their lovemaking. She whispered back, "We'll have to see about the candles later, but you can taste me now."

        His eyes darkened at her words, and his head lowered those final inches to her lips. He released her hand to cup her face, his thumb stroking her cheekbone tenderly as her mouth opened to him. Max swept his tongue into her mouth, sliding against hers and exploring her textures. Liz moved her freed hand to join her other hand around his neck, holding on for dear life as Max tightened his arm around her waist, spreading his large hand flat against her bare skin. The feel of his fingers inching under the hem of her top inflamed her, and Liz moaned softly.

        The sound woke Max to their surroundings, and he gently pulled away from Liz, darting his eyes from side to side as she pouted. Liz caught on immediately and blushed. Then she raised her chin and smiled, surprising Max.

        "What's up?" he said quietly. Liz's smile widened.

        "Well, I wanted to dance with you to, um, establish property lines, so to speak?" she said a little sheepishly.

        "What, for me?" he asked incredulously. Liz nodded and he laughed.

        "I suppose that's worth some embarrassment," he teased her. Liz wrinkled her nose at him, and Max smiled as he slung an arm around her shoulders.

        "Come on, let's go find the others."

        They did not have far to go, as Isabel had been snapping photos while Maria and Alex looked on. Kyle and Tess were nowhere to be seen. Maria said that she thought Michael was out by the pool; maybe someone should check on him.

        "Why don't you go, and I'll be out in a sec? I lost my soda, I'm just going to grab another one. Want something?" Liz asked Max.

        "Yeah, bring me whatever," he nodded. "See you in a few." Max kissed her lingeringly and went out the patio doors.

        "So, I'd say it worked," Maria told Liz. "I have heard more than a few sighs and catty comments directed your way after that display!"

        "We were just supposed to dance. Max got other ideas," Liz said flippantly. Isabel laughed.

        "Oh, no, you don't! I saw him kiss you after you said something to him! I expect to have some very nice Kodak moments on this film," she tapped her camera meaningfully, and Liz blushed.

        "Yeah, well. Alex, wanna come to the kitchen with me?" Liz asked brightly. He shrugged and followed her, helpfully passing her a couple of clean glasses.

        "I told Maria, so you can talk to her about it now. She's fine with it," Liz declared quietly while she poured Max a cherry cola and herself a ginger ale. She ignored Alex's snort as she added a generous measure of whiskey to her ginger ale.

        "Alex, I am not drunk, and I am not getting drunk. I'm merely having some fun," she remarked.

        "Whatever, Parker. I know you're not drunk, you're still on your feet. Anyway, what happened with Michael on the way over?"

        "Well, before we got on the bike, I kissed him. Just a little kiss, not a kiss kiss. Then it was pretty much normal. Oh, and before I kissed him I said I didn't know what kind of arrangement he and Max had, but I knew they had one. And by the way, you can stop shaking your head at me. I'm tired of being the responsible one. Let someone else do it for a change," Liz said petulantly. Alex laughed and hugged her.

        "All right, one more question. Since you're so hellbent on having a good time, in front of the entire party even, do you have condoms on you? Either of you," he added, speaking very quietly. Liz shook her head.

        "Don't need 'em anymore, I've been on the pill long enough now. So you can quit worrying about me, I'm fine. Though I do expect I'll get a lecture from Max when he finds out I've been drinking," she giggled.

        "Max doesn't know. Oh, great. You are so on your own with that one, Liz! Come on, let's get you out to the pool," Alex hurried after her; she took off like a shot as soon as the words were out of his mouth. He grabbed the drinks she had poured and forgotten in her haste.

        Michael was, indeed, out by the pool. He had seen Max and Liz dance through the French doors and he found himself smiling at the way they had gotten carried away. It had only been just over a week since this entire situation had been born, and already he wasn't sure where one of them ended and the other began. He only knew he loved them both. Well, and that Liz was going to drive him around the bend very quickly if they didn't figure this out. Michael felt a soft touch on his shoulder and turned.

        "Hey. We were wondering where you'd gone to," Max said, smiling. Michael smiled back and gestured to the living room.

        "Nice little display there. Which one of you was the target?"

        "You saw that? Liz said, and I quote, that she was "Establishing property lines." She is in one crazy mood tonight," Max told him. Michael looked around to make sure no one else could hear.

        "Before we came over here, Maxwell, she kissed me. And she said that she knew we had some kind of deal in place about her, she just didn't know what yet," he watched Max intently.

        "Are you serious? That's awesome!" Max was about to say more when he staggered backwards, catching a flying Liz. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he caught her, then licked his lips with one quick swipe of her tongue. Max just looked at her, stunned, as she let go and stood on her own. His eyes flickered to Michael as if to say, "See what I mean?" Michael couldn't conceal a grin.

        "Hey, Liz. You seem to be in a good mood," Michael teased her. Liz turned to him and gave him a hug, squeezing hard. She stepped back as Alex appeared. Divining her intention, Alex handed the two glasses to Michael as Liz launched herself at him. He caught her more easily than Max had, but then he'd had the benefit of experience. Liz squeezed him tight, then dragged him over to Max and Michael and crowded the three men around her.

        "My guys," she sighed in contentment, not caring that they were all openly laughing at her. She poked Alex. "Except you'd better go find your other half. She's probably run out of film and is dying of boredom now," Liz giggled. Alex nodded, still smiling, and she hugged him again, holding on tight until he called out.

        "Ah, Michael, no!"

        Liz immediately let go and spun around, just in time to see Michael down a sizeable amount of her ginger ale.

        "Oh, fuck," she swore, prompting Max to stare at her. "Max, that was spiked."

        Sure enough, Michael was coughing and spluttering. He almost took another swallow before Alex grabbed the glass from him. Michael gulped down the cherry cola instead, looking dazed.

        "Is that why you've been acting so nuts? Because you were drinking?" Max asked in disbelief. Alex set him straight.

        "It's the other way around, Max. She hasn't had much, she's just—in a mood. Um," Alex debated about how much to warn his friend. He leaned in close. "Listen, Liz can get, how shall I say it? Frisky? When she's in this kind of mood. So you know, she told me that her pills are effective now, so you don't need to worry about, you know."

        Max looked at Alex, narrowing his eyes. "Why do I get the feeling there's something that you're not telling me? Does she get these moods often? Because Kyle said something about it, too."

        "No, not often, but I have been friends with her for more than six years, Max. It's just that every now and again, she gets fed up with being Miss Responsible and lets it all out. Usually it's in a more, um, private venue, like with just me and Maria, but I don't know what got into her this time. Maybe it was the clothes, who knows?"

        "I can understand where she's coming from, that's for sure," Max watched Liz lead Michael to a chair, sitting him down. He was still coughing a little, and Max sighed.

        "Is there somewhere we can put him for a few hours, where he won't be disturbed?"

        Liz overheard and came over. "Yeah, there's like half a dozen bedrooms upstairs, most of which lock. Let's drag him up there." Max looked sharply at Alex, who held up his hands.

        "That had nothing to do with me," he defended himself. Max resolved to ask Liz a few questions once they were upstairs. He motioned to Alex.

        "Come on, help me get him up." They got Michael to his feet, and then half-carried him inside and up the stairs, with Liz trailing them. No one even asked; it was hardly uncommon for someone to get so drunk their friends had to carry them at this party. In fact, it was pretty much expected.

        They got upstairs and Liz slipped past the three men, opening the far left door. "This one has a lock," she reported after checking the knob. Max and Alex dragged Michael in and carefully laid him on the bed. Max stood watching him while Alex stepped outside with Liz.

        "Liz, be careful, OK? I don't think now is the time to force the issue. Not while Michael's drunk; he might regret it when he sobers up," he said seriously. Liz nodded.

        "Yeah, I know. I'll be good. Go, have fun with Isabel," she shooed him away. Alex studied her face for a moment, then concluded that Max had a better chance of controlling her anyway. He kissed her cheek and headed back downstairs as Liz entered the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She turned on the lamps on the dresser by the door, preferring their faint light to the harsh overhead light.

        Max marveled at the supreme irony of the situation. Here he was, in a locked bedroom with the two people he wanted more than anything, and all kinds of free time in which to do anything and everything, and they were both drunk. Meaning that he wouldn't be doing a damn thing.

        There was an armchair off to one side of the room. Max figured it must be the master bedroom suite since there was a door that seemed to lead to a bathroom. He was proven right when Liz said, "I'm just going to use the bathroom; I'll be right back," and disappeared through that door. She returned a few minutes later to find Max had dragged the chair over beside the bed and was sprawled in it. Michael sat up as he caught sight of Liz.

        "Liz! Come sit with me," he invited, patting the bedspread in front of him. Liz carefully climbed onto the bed, sitting cross-legged where he had indicated. Michael leaned closer, putting his face to her hair.

        "You smell like strawberries, did you know that?" he said. He settled her back against him, continuing to smell her hair. Liz giggled and looked at Max.

        Max could not help but smile at Michael's childlike behavior. Had he been that cute when Kyle got him drunk? Liz correctly interpreted his smile and she laughed, throwing back her head. Michael was not balanced enough to compensate and he went down, lying flat on his back with a stupefied look.

        "Yes, you were just as cute. I—it just hurt that you didn't remember what you said or did, that's all," Liz told Max. She lowered her eyelashes, looking at him through a veil of black.

        "Wanna come play?" she invited. Max groaned inwardly. Liz was right, being the responsible one definitely sucked at times. Unfortunately, it was all on him tonight, since neither Liz nor Michael were in complete control of themselves. He came over and sat beside Liz, stroking her loose tendrils of hair back from her face.

        "I don't think that's such a good idea tonight, Liz. Something might happen that you would regret later," he said softly. Liz nodded, sighing in agreement. Then her eyes glinted dangerously.

        "Max...lie down," she ordered, pointing to the bed beside Michael. Max stared at her.

        "What?" he asked. Liz stared him down and he moved over, lying flat beside Michael. Michael turned his head towards Max.

        "I love you, Maxwell," he slurred, his voice thick. Max smiled and Liz giggled, still sitting between them. As if the sound had caught his attention, Michael turned his head back to look at Liz.

        "I love you, Liz."

        "Oh, Lord, he's an "I love you" drunk," Liz laughed. She patted Michael's hand and he smiled beatifically. She laughed again, then heard what song was playing. The bass thumped through the house, and Liz jumped off the bed with a squeal, dancing around the room in abandon.

        Max and Michael both propped themselves up, watching her avidly as she twirled and bent, her hips moving to the heavy beat. The little key on her zipper swung, catching the light and drawing their eyes. Liz noticed the way they were watching her and her movements became more provocative. She twisted her hips in time with the music, circling them as her arms waved above her head. She brought them down as she slowly turned in a half circle so that her back was to her audience of two.

        Liz never stopped moving her hips as she bent forward, placing her palms flat on the ground and looking through her legs at Max and Michael. She nearly spoiled the effect by laughing at their dumbfounded expressions, but managed to hold it in as she slowly stood back up and turned towards them. Her hands splayed against her gyrating hips, then smoothly slid upwards, following her curves. She cupped her breasts, remembering what she had said to Maria, and smiled at the hungry way both men were looking at her. Feeling incredibly daring, Liz pinched her nipples. They hardened instantly and she continued to play with them until her arousal was clearly visible to Max and Michael from the way the knitted fabric of her top clung to the hard tips.

        Liz was lost in her own little sensual world now, and she slid her hands back down, across her bared tummy to the little key dangling from her pants zipper. Her hips still swaying from side to side, Liz took hold of the key and pulled down the zipper in small increments, seeing the way both men held their breath. She held her hand in front of her skin as she revealed it, until the zipper was all the way down. Because it was meant to be decorative, this zipper actually went almost all the way to the seamline of the crotch of the pants. Liz looked at Max as her hands moved to the side, holding the parted fabric.

        Max expelled his breath in a sharp hiss; Liz wasn't wearing anything under those lowslung pants. If he had known that...he glanced at Michael, who was equally entranced, his gaze fixed on Liz. Max saw Michael's jaw drop and he quickly looked back at Liz, only to find his own jaw dropping.

        Liz had pulled off her top, and her nipples pushed against the black satin of her bra. But that wasn't the shocking part. The shocking part was that Liz's small hand was slipping into her open pants. Max snapped himself out of the sensual haze she was creating and stood up, picking Liz up and sitting her in the chair. He was about to zip her pants up when she took his hands and placed them on her breasts, looking at him intently.

        "You said when we got here that I was dressed to be a spectator sport. I know you were joking, but the thought stayed with me. I want you, Max," she murmured huskily. Max felt his knees weaken at what her eyes were telling him. She was not drunk; she was serious.

        "With Michael watching?" Max got out, his voice cracking. Liz nodded, her eyes never leaving his. Max was floored, and she saw it in his face. She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips.

        "Move out of the way," Liz instructed. Max was dazed enough to do so. It did occur to him to check that the door was in fact locked, which he rose to his feet and did. When he turned around, Liz was on the bed, whispering into Michael's ear. His eyes were the size of saucers, and Max smiled.

        "You want me to watch. While you and Max..." Michael couldn't even form the words as Liz breathed an affirmative. Suddenly he smiled mischievously.

        "How closely?" he asked, his eyes sparkling. Liz looked at him quizzically; she didn't get it.

        "How closely do you want me to watch? Like from the chair over on the other side of the room, or what?" Michael asked, figuring that he knew the answer. He was so wrong.

        Liz smiled slowly, knowing what he expected the answer to be. Knowing that Max probably expected the same. She leaned closer to Michael until her lips were mere millimeters from his, staring into his eyes.

        "As close as this, if you want," she murmured, feeling a thrill run through her at the way his eyes widened. Max came up beside her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

        "Are you sure about this?" he asked, wanting to be certain. Liz looked up at him, smiling.

        "Let's do it," she said decisively, seeing the desire flare in his amber eyes. Max looked at Michael, seeing the same desire in his eyes. Silently he asked if Michael was OK with this turn of events. Michael snorted.

        "Max, you're an idiot. Am I OK with having a fantasy come to life in front of my eyes? Um, yeah, I think I'll manage," he laughed. Liz whipped her head around to look at Michael; she hadn't suspected that.

        "Really?" she asked. Michael smiled at her.

        "Absolutely. I'll just—get out of the way," he grunted as he clambered off the bed to sit in the armchair. Max sat down on the bed, suddenly feeling nervous.

        "Um, what—where do you want to start?" he asked hesitantly. Liz smiled.

        "Why don't we get undressed," she said softly. In answer Max pulled off his shirt, tossing it on the floor, then stood to remove the rest of his clothes. Both Liz and Michael watched as his bronze skin gradually emerged. Then Max pulled Liz to her feet. He unsnapped her bra and removed it, then slid her pants down her thighs. Liz sat on the bed so that he could pull them all the way off, revealing her black knee high leather boots. She smiled at the look on his face.

        "Another time," she murmured. "Tonight I want to feel all of you."

        Max tugged off her boots then Liz stood up and moved in front of Michael, turning slowly. When she faced him again, he looked up at her and smiled. Liz leaned close, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

        "Michael, don't feel shy if you want to, you know, look after yourself," she said seriously. She noticed that his eyes darkened in desire, similar to Max's, then she came back to Max on the bed. He looked like he wasn't quite sure what to do. Liz realized that she would have to work him into a frenzy, make his instincts take over and obliterate his nerves. She started with a kiss.

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