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Firsts, Part Seven

Reply to Tasyfa

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        The week flew by, as weeks during the school year are wont to do. Max and Michael saw little of each other outside of school; they had conflicting shifts every single night. The rest of the group breathed a sigh of relief that their forced time together over the weekend had apparently allowed them to clear the air, and now Max and Michael were back to being best friends. Only Alex saw it any differently. He was noticing a certain comfort level with each other that the two men had never shared before, even prior to the revelation that Max was the King of their planet. Alex thought he knew what was going on, but he still wasn't going to say anything to Liz until he was sure. As for Liz, she didn't get to see much of Max either, and for the same reason. So she was doing her level best to drive Michael up the wall.

        "Oh!" Liz exclaimed as her order pad fell out of her pocket. She scowled; the cardboard backing was still in her pocket, the stupid thing had fallen apart. Then she realized that as usual, Michael was watching her. Liz carefully positioned herself with her back to Michael, and bent from the waist to pick up the pad. Her short uniform rode up a remarkable amount, actually giving Michael a glimpse of her lavender panties. Liz deliberately straightened up very slowly, then turned back to Michael to give him the order.

        "Here you go—2 Will Smiths," she announced, trying not to laugh at his dazed expression. Michael recovered quickly, scowling at her, and Liz did laugh. She leaned forward, motioning for Michael to do the same. Discreetly checking to make sure no one else could see, Liz opened her top snap and showed Michael her matching lavender bra. At his swift intake of breath she winked and refastened the snap, then sauntered out onto the floor to continue working. Michael turned to the grill, swearing at the flames that were rising from his moment of inattention. "It's not the only thing on fire," he thought ruefully. If Liz kept this up, he was going to have to buy some looser pants to wear to work.

        Every chance she got, Liz flashed Michael some skin or brushed against him. She wasn't sure what the hell was up with herself. Several times she had nearly been caught, and she knew it was only a matter of time before Maria noticed. Liz was no longer as worried about how she would feel, though, because Maria had met someone while on the New Age retreat with her mother this past weekend and she couldn't stop gushing about Wayne. It was a good thing, because Liz didn't seem to be able to control herself. Teasing Michael came so very naturally.

        Finally it was Friday night. It had been extremely busy all night, and everyone was exhausted by closing time. The staff left one by one until only Michael and Liz remained. Liz wasn't quite finished out front, but she needed to sit down just for a minute, so she went into the back room, standing stock still as soon as she stepped into the room.

        Michael was changing in the middle of the room again, in the midst of pulling up his jeans. He looked up as the door swung closed past Liz, narrowly missing her. Michael grimaced.

        "Sorry. You were so tired, I thought you'd take a while," he apologized, hastily yanking on his jeans. Not fast enough, because Liz had noticed the tenting of his boxers before they disappeared under the denim. So he was not immune to her flirtations. She approached him playfully.

        "Here, let me do that," Liz purred. She pushed his hands away from his jeans. They had a button fly, and Liz slowly fastened each button, starting from the bottom. Michael watched her face the entire time; she watched her hands. Eventually the top button was done up, and Liz ran her hands up Michael's bare chest to his face, lightly tracing his lips with one finger while the other one tugged gently at his long hair. She met his eyes, and Michael could see the desire swirling in her dark gaze. Slowly, giving her time to stop him, Michael took her finger into his mouth. He worked it with his tongue, sucking lightly. Liz's eyelids drooped, her lashes veiling her eyes as her face took on an expression of pleasure. Michael gently grasped her hand, removing her finger from his mouth and sucking its neighbor. He worked his way through all ten digits, savoring the taste of her skin and the way that she looked.

        Liz could not believe how erotic it felt to have Michael suck on her fingers. She couldn't recall if Max had ever done it, but she definitely liked it. She shivered as Michael pressed wet kisses in her palm, then licked the pulse point on her wrist. She was sure that he would be able to feel its hammering.

        She was right. Michael could practically hear the blood pounding through Liz's veins as his tongue delicately traced her wrist. He thought briefly about kissing her, but somehow he knew that it would be going too far right now. Michael picked up her other hand and repeated his actions, kissing her palm and wrist. Then he tugged on her hand, pulling her to him and enfolding her in a tight hug. He loosened her ponytail, removing the elastic and letting her hair fall free so he could run his fingers through it.

        Liz pressed her face to Michael's chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat. She smiled when he began stroking her hair; it was such a Maxlike gesture. It occurred to her that that should make her feel guilty, but it was just the opposite: somehow it felt more like this was something of which Max would approve. Liz had no idea why that would be so, but she had always trusted her intuition and she wasn't going to quit now. Especially when this felt so good.

        "Your hair is so beautiful," Michael murmured. He couldn't believe that she was actually in his arms, apparently content to be there. It felt like she belonged there. He heard a muffled giggle. "What?"

        Liz pulled away a little and looked at him, grinning. "You and Max are two of a kind, that's all. He has a thing for my hair, too." She ran her hands over his chest, then quickly squeezed him before stepping back. "I'd better finish cleaning up out front. I was just going to sit for a sec before, but I kind of feel refreshed now," she teased. Liz rose up on her toes and kissed Michael's cheek, then went back into the café. Michael stared after her, not quite sure what had just happened between them but feeling pretty good about it. He couldn't wait to tell Max.

        Saturday was the designated shopping day. Liz was pleasantly surprised to find that Isabel was actually a fun shopping companion. She not only knew where all the best stores were, she often managed to sweet-talk the salespeople into giving them discounts or added extras. She was also sensitive to Liz's preferences. Isabel was trying to update Liz's look, not turn her into someone else. The only area where they clashed was leather. Isabel wanted Liz to at least try some on, and she kept refusing. Finally, Isabel brought her one item that made Liz raise her eyebrows in surprise.

        "I would NOT wear that in public," Liz declared. She was further surprised when Isabel grinned at her.

        "I didn't mean for you to wear it in public," Isabel said conspiratorially. Liz's eyebrows rose even higher, then she took the garment into the changing room and tried it on. It fit perfectly, and she couldn't believe what it did for her. Hesitantly, she let Isabel into the room to see—there was NO way she was coming out wearing it!

        Isabel looked her over carefully, then smiled in satisfaction. "It's perfect. And these go with it," she held up the rest of the ensemble. Liz's eyes widened and Isabel laughed. "Trust me."

        In the end, she did, and Liz went home loaded down with a ton of new clothes and one very special black leather ensemble that was going to turn Max into a puddle. Once she actually worked up the courage to wear it, that is! Isabel helped her carry in her bags and packages. They unpacked everything and laid the items on Liz's bed.

        "So, which one should I wear tonight? We're all going out, right?" Liz queried. Isabel looked thoughtful for a moment, then pulled out one outfit and laid it aside. Liz shrugged in acquiescence.

        "I had a lot of fun today, Isabel. We should do this again sometime—once I have cash again!" Liz laughed. Isabel smiled warmly.

        "Yeah, I had fun too. It's nice to do something with you that isn't life or death," she joked. "But, I've got to get going, it's almost time for dinner. I'll see you tonight. Um...I think you should wear your hair back. Not totally up, just pulled back from your face with a clip or something."

        "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. You must be rubbing off," Liz teased. Both women laughed, then Isabel left Liz to the task of cutting off tags and putting away her new wardrobe.

        Later that night, Max, Isabel, Alex and Michael were waiting in the back room for Liz and Maria to come down. They heard giggling from the top of the stairs, and Isabel discreetly positioned herself so she could watch Max. She'd even brought a camera, which she readied covertly. She wasn't disappointed.

        Maria came down the stairs first, purposefully blocking Max's view of Liz. The three women had carefully coordinated this so that Isabel could get a stupendous photograph. Once they were about halfway down, Maria moved to the side at Isabel's signal, and Isabel snapped a few photos in quick succession.

        Max thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. For that matter, so did Michael. They were both riveted on the vision floating down the steps, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Alex. He watched them both, thinking that he would definitely want to see Isabel's photos for more than the amusement factor.

        Liz had pulled back the front of her hair with a black clip, leaving a few tendrils to soften her face. The rest fell down her back in a chocolate waterfall. She was wearing formfitting black cigarette pants that hung low on her hips and were highlighted by a pewter zipper, complete with a zipper pull shaped like an old-fashioned key. Her deep violet top was a cross between a camisole and a tank, with thin straps that sparkled and a lightly draped neckline that showed some cleavage. It was made of a finely knitted fabric that was almost transparent, allowing near glimpses of her black satin bra. Several inches of her flat tummy were clearly visible between the low pants and the cropped top. She also had on high-heeled black leather boots, and her lips shone from a coat of paler violet lipgloss.

        Max had more or less recovered by the time Liz reached him, though his expression was still a bit dazed. She smiled and linked her arm through his.

        "Ready to go?" she inquired. He leaned close and whispered in her ear.

        "In all senses of the word," his breath gusted across her ear and Liz felt a shiver of desire. She looked up at him and winked. Max felt his blood run hot at her saucy mood.

        "So where are we going anyway?" Michael asked. He was still mesmerized by Liz, but he was trying not to show it. They were in a big group tonight in any case; he doubted they'd get a chance to do any more teasing, especially with Max there. Which meant no teasing or anything between him and Max, either. Michael had thought that would put him in a bad mood, but he was agreeably surprised to find that he was looking forward to seeing Max and Liz together.

        "We are going to a party. I have covered for all of us, because we're going to be quite late. It's a parentless party, at Tommy Hoag's," Isabel announced. Maria did a double take.

        "It's that party? Jeez, Isabel, do you think that's a good idea?" she exclaimed. Max and Michael exchanged glances; they didn't know what she was talking about. Alex and Liz did, though.

        "We'll be fine as long as you guys are really careful about what you drink. There'll be a lot of alcohol floating around. But aside from that, Tommy's parties are legendary. I always had fun," Liz shrugged. The three aliens looked at her in surprise and she laughed.

        "I dated Kyle, remember? I went to all of those things," she explained. "There's dancing, card games—usually for money, talking, whatever. He's got a pool and a hot tub, and those are usually pretty busy, and by the end of the night are generally clothing optional. So yeah, you can get into a lot of trouble if that's what you're looking for, but you can also just have a good time. I never got bothered about not drinking."

        "Except that once," Maria reminded her, and Liz shot her a glare. Maria giggled and held up her hands in surrender.

        "Yes, except once, and youare under pain of death not to talk about it! So, if we're all ready, then let's go. Kyle and Tess are probably already there," Liz said breezily. She dragged Max along with her, and they led the way out to the Jeep. Michael stopped and looked at the other five.

        "I'll just take my bike. No sense in all of us cramming in there," he declared. Liz looked at Max, seeing a faint smile on his lips as he discerned her wish. He nodded ever so slightly.

        "I'll go with Michael; even five's a crowd in the Jeep," Liz offered. Isabel and Maria shrugged their assent and climbed in the Jeep along with Max. Alex gave Liz a questioning look, and she grinned at him. He looked heavenward and got into the Jeep with the others.

        "Isabel, where're we going exactly?" Michael called over the Jeep's engine. She called back the directions and he nodded. They watched Max drive off, then Michael handed Liz a helmet. He was about to put his own on, when she laid a hand on his arm.

        "Michael. I don't know what's going on yet, and I don't know what kind of arrangement you and Max have in place. But I have been wanting to do this all week," she said huskily, her eyes gleaming in the darkness. Michael stopped breathing as she leaned in, pressing a featherlight kiss to his mouth. Her tongue softly licked at his parted lips, then she drew back, smiling.

        "Shall we?" Liz inquired archly. Michael stared at her dumbly, still focussed on the feel of her tongue on his lips.

        "Shall we what?" he repeated her question, and Liz's smile widened.

        "Shall we go to the party?"

        Michael shook off his daze and smiled back. "Yeah, sure. Let's go, Liz Parker." He jammed the helmet onto his head and got on the bike, revving the engine. He felt Liz climb on behind him and wrap her arms around him, then he popped the clutch and took off.

        They arrived at the party just a couple of minutes after the rest of their friends. Michael stowed the helmets in the Jeep for safekeeping, and the six teens slowly walked up the front steps to the house. Liz went to the front of the group and just opened the door, knowing that no one would be able to hear them knocking. A cacophony of sound and light spilled onto the street from the open door, and they went inside.

        A guy in a football jersey came up to them, eyeing Liz up and down. "Hey, Liz. Looking good! You know where everything is."

        Liz hid a smile as Max put his arm around her shoulders possessively. She nodded at the guy, who backed off at Max's action, returning to the party. She looked up at Max.

        "I can take care of myself, you know. I did know we were coming here when I got dressed," she whispered in his ear. He looked down at her, surprised.

        "You did? Why didn't you tell me?"

        "Would you have come?"

        "Probably not," Max had to admit. "Especially not if I knew you planned on being a spectator sport," he teased. Liz smacked his arm.

        "I feel good. And I know damn well I look good, so I just wanted to enjoy it. I am well versed in fending off unwanted advances, you know. Besides, Jeremy's probably circulated it around by now that I brought you with me, and they know better than to mess with you," Liz proclaimed. She saw Max's puzzled look and laughed. "Taken a good look at your arms lately? You could probably beat any of these guys to a pulp. I know, you wouldn't; but they don't know that."

        "Oh," was all that Max could reply. He never thought much about his body; as long as it appealed to Liz and Michael and everything worked the way it was supposed to, he was happy. Sure, he worked out a lot, but he needed to be ready for anything, and that included anything physical. Max always put it in terms of function, not aesthetics. Apparently Liz looked at it both ways.

        Liz saw how uncomfortable Max was with that idea, so she dropped it, snuggling closer under his arm. "Let's go to the kitchen and grab a drink. Just soda or something," she clarified. Max nodded, and they made their way through the throng of partygoers. Once they reached the kitchen, Max asked her where the bathroom was. Liz gave him directions and he kissed her lightly, saying he'd be back in a few minutes. Liz was bent over in the fridge, pulling out bottles of soda, when she heard Kyle and straightened, turning to face him with a smile.

        "Liz? Wow! You never looked like that when you came here with me," Kyle teased. They both laughed. "Seriously, you look great. Still you, but...with attitude."

        "Oh, thanks Kyle. That's totally what we were going for; it's nice to know it worked," Liz giggled, adding at his puzzled look, "Isabel and I went shopping."

        "Ah," Kyle nodded. His eyes were caught by the key-shaped zipper pull and he gestured to it, smirking, "What, is that for your chastity belt?"

        "Ha ha. Actually," Liz looked around and lowered her voice, " I don't need one of those anymore." She winked.

        "You and Evans..." Kyle trailed off suggestively, and Liz nodded. He leaned in and said quietly, "Nothing quite like sex with an alien."

        Liz stared at him, shocked, and then they both laughed. Kyle nodded to the drinks she had poured.

        "Max and the others know to watch it, right?" At her nod, he continued. "How about you? Going to stay sober tonight?"

        "I haven't made up my mind yet. I'm feeling...dangerous," Liz's eyes sparkled, and Kyle laughed nervously.

        "Just be careful, Liz. You don't want to do something you might regret," he warned. Liz raised her eyebrows.

        "Kyle, I'm here with Max. Anything that gets done, will be with Max, and there isn't much that we haven't already covered. Can you honestly see anyone here going up against him, especially if I make it clear I'm only interested in him?"

        "Good point," Kyle gave in gracefully. "So, Tess is off dancing with Maria and Isabel. Want me to drag Max off to do something while you join them? I know he's not much for dancing!"

        Liz narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. "Hmm, he likes to play poker. You guys probably still play, right?"

        "Yeah, sure. Uh, he's a good sport, right? I mean, he isn't going to get all pissed if he loses?"

        "No, he's a good sport. Although, I highly doubt that he'll lose much. If I were you, I wouldn't play against him," Liz advised with a smile. Kyle nodded. Just then, Max returned to the kitchen.

        "I never knew this many people could cram into a house," Max admitted with a smile. He squeezed Liz's shoulders, then accepted the glass she handed him. Liz kissed his cheek.

        "Max, I'm going to go dance with Maria and the other girls. I know, you don't want to come! That's why you and Kyle are going to go play cards," Liz told him. Max just gave her a look, and she laughed. Liz put one hand to the front of her pants and drew out some money. Max and Kyle both looked at her pants in astonishment.

        "I would never have guessed those had room for pockets," Kyle exclaimed. Liz held in her giggles and passed the money to Max.

        "They are extremely small pockets, basically just big enough to hold some cash. So, Max, go have fun and I'll see you in an hour or whatever, OK?" Liz pressed her lips to his for a light kiss. Max's hand automatically came up to stroke her hair, and she smiled against his mouth. Liz gave him another quick kiss, then bounded off to find her girlfriends. Max looked at Kyle in puzzlement.

        "Was she like this when you two were dating? She's in some kind of a mood tonight," he said, scratching behind his ear. Kyle looked at him, torn between sympathy and envy. Once Liz got going, Max wouldn't know what hit him.

        "Not exactly. Every so often Liz gets in a, well, it's hard to describe it. Some kind of mood is as good as anything. I'm guessing, though, that if she stays in this kind of mood then you, my friend, will be getting lucky tonight," Kyle smirked at Max's embarrassed look.

        "Mentioned that, did she? Thanks for the, ah, warning, Kyle. Let's go play some poker. Liz was right about one thing: I'd much rather play cards than dance!"

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