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Firsts, Part Five

Reply to Tasyfa

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        In the morning, Liz awoke slightly disoriented. There was a heavy weight lying across her stomach, and she was much warmer than usual. She took a deep breath and Max's scent filled her nostrils, reminding her of where she was and what had happened. Liz smiled as she opened her eyes.

        The weight was Max's arm, curled around her possessively. At some point during the night they had shifted, and now he was cuddled up to her. He looked so adorable with his hair all mussed and his face relaxed in slumber. Liz felt a wave of love course through her as she looked at him. Gradually she became aware of her extreme thirst, and she carefully extricated herself from Max's embrace. He muttered as she slipped away, his hand groping for her. His eyes opened a crack.

        "Good morning, sleepyhead," Liz whispered teasingly. "I won't be gone long. Where do you keep your T-shirts?"

        She followed his mumbled directions to the correct drawer and pulled out a plain, charcoal gray T-shirt, smiling as she realized it was the one Max had been wearing when he had healed her. She put it on, then searched for her panties and put them on too. Feeling decent enough, she slowly opened Max's door and headed for the kitchen.

        Liz had her head in the refrigerator, grabbing for the orange juice, when she heard a noise behind her. She slammed the door and spun around.

        "Alex! God, you scared me half to death!" she scolded. He raised an eyebrow at her choice of attire, and Liz flushed. Then she smiled mischievously.

        "So, how are you this morning? Isabel naked is something else, huh?" she needled him. Alex promptly turned red. The two friends smiled at each other.

        "I'm guessing that your night was as good as my night, if your, hmm, vocalizations were any indication," Alex said more seriously. "This is going to sound whacked, Liz,'s kind of nice that this happened at the same time for us. It has this weird symmetry."

        Liz pulled the refrigerator open again and got the orange juice. She snagged two glasses from the cupboard and sat at the table, pouring juice in each glass and passing one to Alex, who sat with her.

        "It does, doesn't it. I mean, it makes this sick kind of sense that Max and Isabel would lose their virginity on the same night. Mmm, did Isabel tell you we're going clothes shopping for me?"

        "Yeah, she mentioned it. Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing the results. You've always been beautiful, Parker. It'll be nice to have the rest of the world take notice too," he complimented her.

        "Thank you. But you're just as biased as Max. It was kind of an ego boost to hear it from Isabel, though," Liz laughed.

        "So where did you go last night? Everyone sort of left at the same time, and I heard you come back in like half an hour later. What gives?"

        The question unleashed a flood of memories. Michael standing in the Crashdown in just his boxers; Max's hand buried in her body while Michael's hot gaze raked her bare ass; the feel of Michael's skin warm against her own as the wind whipped past them and his bike vibrated between her legs. Liz shook her head against the storm of lust the images stirred up.

        "Alex, can you keep this to yourself? This is like, really important. And we can't say anything to Maria about it, either," Liz warned. Upon seeing his wary expression, she quickly added, "It's not a subject that will come up in everyday conversation or anything, trust me. You won't have to lie to her about it, just refrain from mentioning it."

        Alex's face smoothed and he nodded, indicating that he would not say anything. Liz looked around stealthily, then spoke.

        "OK. Please just—listen to me before you make any comments, all right? And try not to be a smartass, I need some help with this. OK, after work last night, I saw Michael, well, mostly naked. He thought I'd take longer to change and stuff I guess, so he was just changing in the back room when I came downstairs."

        "Still doesn't know you very well, then, does he," Alex snorted. At a glare from Liz, he held up his hands. "Right, sorry. Just listening. This is me listening."

        "Thank you. I, uh—when I saw him, I didn't say anything, I just...watched. He has a really nice body, you know. Different than Max's; he's kind of...never mind, that's not important now. Anyway, we drove over here on Michael's bike, which was, well, you know. It provoked the intended reaction. So—later, when everyone left, I told Michael that I'd love to go for another ride sometime, and he suggested now. I mean, then. When we went outside, Max came with us, and... Well, they seemed to have this whole silent communication thing going on, and from what was said and done and even more from what wasn't said, I got the impression that they would both be happy if, uh, if I—teased Michael," Liz said softly, watching Alex intently. His eyes were huge and she stifled a giggle before finishing her story.

        "Anyway, so...I did. The details aren't important—and I wouldn't tell you them anyway—but when I got back Max seemed, um, pleased with the whole idea. And then, well, we weren't really talking anymore and you know how that ended already, so... What do you think is going on? I could really use your help here."

        Alex blinked and rubbed his eyes before saying, "Well, first of all, I take it that you're attracted to Michael, yes?"

        Liz nodded hesitantly. "It's not like what I feel for Max, it's completely different, the time we got back here all I could think about was getting into Max's pants," she blushed a little. Alex smiled.

        "All right, let me summarize, just to make sure I've got it. Max and Michael both turn you on, and you obviously turn both of them on. You had this dangerously close to the line flirting experience with Michael that Max pre-approved and he was willing to reap the benefits of it. Said benefits included losing your virginity to Max, whom I know you love and who loves you. I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that your attraction to Michael includes more than just lust. I know you, Liz, and if your heart isn't involved then your brain and your body aren't participating either. How'm I doing so far?"

        "That about covers it, yeah. What do I DO, Alex?" Liz asked in frustration.

        "Well, we need to figure out how Max and Michael came to this agreement. I mean, I've always seen Max as pretty possessive of you, so there's got to be more to the situation. That aside, Liz, what do you want to do?"

        "How wrong would it be if I said I wanted them both?" she whispered. "I love Max, with every fiber of my being, but...Michael touches something in me too. He has for a long time, I just—always ignored it. But how would that work? You're right, Max is possessive, and I think Michael would be too. How could I possibly go back and forth?"

        "Ah, Liz, I don't think it would be a back and forth kind of thing, I think it would be a threesome with Liz in the middle kind of thing. You know, share and share alike," Alex chuckled at her widening eyes.

        "I can see that idea doesn't bother you at all. So what we need is a plan then, to get them to agree to this arrangement. Right now they've obviously got some arrangement of their own in place, but it's not an equal arrangement. They have to be equal if this is going to work, because otherwise it will be a back and forth thing and all three of you will get hurt. you think you could love Michael?"

        "Not the same way that I love Max, but...they're such very different people that wouldn't be possible anyway. I think so, yes. I, um, I already have feelings for him, as you pointed out. I wouldn't have done anything if I didn't," she declared with surety.

        "OK! Then let's figure out what you need to do to snare them both," Alex proclaimed. He smiled ruefully at Liz. "You know, Parker, I thought that I'd had a good night. It wasn't anything compared to yours!"

        They shared a laugh, then Liz said, "We'll have to make that plan later, Alex. I need some time to think about it, anyway. Right now I just want to go back to bed for a while."

        "Yeah, me, too. I want to snuggle up to my beautiful goddess and gloat that she's mine," he chuckled. Liz laughed.

        "Thanks for not wigging out on me about this. I know it's a little peculiar, but..." she trailed off at the look on his face.

        "Liz, you and I had sex with aliens last night. I don't think anything is going to faze me now."

        "Good point," Liz conceded, then gave Alex a quick hug upon rising from the table. She put the juice back in the refrigerator and their glasses in the sink, then padded back to Max's room, stopping to use the bathroom first.

        Max was still asleep. He was sprawled across the bed now, his arms and legs flung out at bizarre angles. Liz giggled at the picture he made. She made sure she locked the door, then removed her clothes and crawled onto the bed. She breathed in Max's ear, "Going to sleep all day?"

        Max mumbled something inaudible and turned towards her, flipping onto his back and tossing the covers onto the floor in the process. Liz's eyes were caught by his stiff erection and her heart started to pound as an idea occurred to her.

        She positioned herself between his legs, gently pushing them far enough apart to accommodate her small body. Her movements were slow and careful; she did not want him to wake up quite yet. When she was settled, she wrapped her hands around the base of Max's cock and sucked the tip into her mouth.

        Max was having the most incredible erotic dream he had ever had. He could actually feel Liz's hands on him, her warm, wet mouth and its amazing suction. Involuntarily he started to thrust his hips just a little, in time with her mouth. He moaned low in his throat and clenched his fists around handfuls of the bottom sheet, pulling its edges off the mattress.

        Liz could not believe how responsive Max was. Obviously he held back even more than she had suspected. She felt an intoxicating rush of power at knowing how much she truly affected him. She sucked harder, twirling her tongue around the head of his cock every time she pulled back. Her hands worked ceaselessly, one building a steady rhythm that followed the wet trail of her lips, one gently caressing his balls. Max was moving restlessly now, his body dancing to the tune that Liz was playing. His hands slipped down to her head, sliding into her hair.

        Max never wanted this dream to end. Some part of his brain that was not fuzzy with sensation was aware that it could not last much longer, though. Sighing, he unclenched his fists and slid his hands into Liz's hair, the silky strands that he loved so much. The feel of her hair on his skin was so...real. Oh, my God he was not dreaming, this was real! Max opened his eyes to the sight of Liz sucking his cock and he immediately lost it, his shuddering orgasm sending liquid straight down her throat as he helplessly thrust into her mouth.

        Liz consciously forced her throat muscles to relax as Max thrust into her. For the first time, she had all of him in her mouth, every delicious inch. She felt the warmth of his seed spilling into her and swallowed more carefully than she ever had before. Finally he was spent and she gently withdrew, pressing a kiss to the tip of his cock before she crawled up Max and smirked at the look on his face.

        "Hi. Can you speak yet?" she teased, her smile widening as he shook his head and gathered her closer, kissing her lips. Several minutes passed before Max found his voice.

        "I can't believe you did that. I thought I was having the most fabulous dream, and then I touched your hair and I realized I wasn't dreaming. God, Liz, I could wake up like that every day. Thank you," he sighed, his tone one of sheer bliss. Liz giggled.

        "You're welcome, but I don't think we can do that daily, my dear. Besides, what happens if you wake up first? It could happen. Someday," she said coyly. Max growled and shifted so that he was on top of her.

        "Well, then I would have to return the favor," he remarked, the light tone of his voice belied by the fire in his eyes. Liz shivered in desire as his mouth descended to her neck, nipping at her tender skin. She was already so aroused from thinking about being with both Max and Michael, and from Max's uninhibited response, that her nipples were hard peaks and Max had not even touched her breasts yet. Max noticed, one corner of his mouth lifting in a wicked smile.

        "I see I wasn't the only one affected," he breathed against her skin, watching her nipple contract even more from the cool air. Liz whimpered and Max's tongue snaked out, grazing the tight flesh. She arched into his mouth, pushing his head down with her hands. His sensuous chuckle rumbled through her and fanned the flames that his circling tongue was creating. Max lifted his hand to lazily caress her other breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers. Liz shifted beneath him so that she could rub against his leg, trying to relieve some of the ache that she was feeling. Max let her for a few moments, then shifted away. Before she could even vocalize her disappointment, his fingers were buried inside her.

        "Max!" she gasped softly. The sensation was incredible, but she wanted more than just his fingers. She squirmed away and groped for the bedside table, yanking out a condom and tearing open the package. Liz pushed Max to one side and reached between his legs, smiling when she found him hard. It had not even occurred to her that he might not be yet, but he was so she rolled the condom on him and pulled him back on top of her.

        Max had an amused look on his face. Liz was a woman on a mission and he had no intention of interfering. She flushed when she saw his little smile and stuck her tongue out at him, only to find it sucked into his mouth as he kissed her. Liz explored his mouth with her tongue, her hands roaming his chest and back and her legs wrapping around him. Max kept his hips elevated a little though, not letting her bring them together, and Liz made a strangled sound of frustration.

        Max continued to kiss her deeply, entangling her tongue and letting it go only to recapture it. He reached down in between their bodies and grasped his cock, rubbing the tip against her clitoris. Liz moaned repeatedly as he continued to stroke her like that, her nails raking across his muscles. As she neared release Max rapidly substituted his fingers, rubbing a little harder. They both felt her tension building and just as Liz's toes curled at the beginning of the shockwave Max slammed into her, still rubbing. A hoarse cry was ripped from her throat and she arched completely off the bed, thrusting against him.

        Max felt a shiver of satisfaction that it had worked. He would never have been able to hold out like that if he had not already come. His thoughts were lost in the next instant as sensation washed over him and he gave himself up to the pleasure of being one with Liz, beginning a fast rhythm inside her.

        Liz's hands scraped and scratched across his back and his ass, trying to bring him closer. Max buried his face in her neck, sucking on her sweet skin. She tilted her head away from him, letting him brand her like she was branding him. Her feet were planted firmly on the bed now to give her enough leverage to meet every single mindbending thrust, forcing their bodies as close as possible until they both backed off a little before driving into each other again. Every collision sent pleasure crashing over and through them, and neither was sure who was Max and who was Liz, or of anything beyond the urgent need for each other.

        Liz began shaking, feeling the scream build in her throat. She grasped Max's hair and yanked his head back far enough so that she could attack his mouth. Their lips met and their tongues dueled as they both raced over the pinnacle and exploded. Max swallowed their cries, muffling Liz's scream with his mouth. At last they slowed, their force spent. Liz lowered her hips to the bed and Max followed, literally collapsing on top of her.

        "Umpf," she grunted, his sudden weight expelling her breath. "Max, you're heavy."

        "I know," his voice was muffled against her shoulder. "I think you just proved that you're strong enough to take it, though."

        Liz laughed at the tone of his voice. Max sounded awed, amused, and completely wrung out. He summoned a smile as he raised his head and kissed her, then slowly withdrew and maneuvered himself off the bed. He tossed out the condom and pulled on his pants.

        "I'll be back in a sec," he murmured, bending over her and pulling the covers back onto the bed. His smile widened; Liz looked just as exhausted as he felt. Max sat beside her and brushed his thumb across her cheekbone.

        "I love you, Liz," he said quietly. Liz smiled and turned her face into the caress, kissing the side of his hand.

        "Mmm, I love you, too. I'm just trying to figure out why we waited so damn long to do this," she remarked lethargically. "Bring me back a glass of water, please?"

        "You got it," Max agreed and bent to kiss her forehead. He rose and left the room, not hearing Liz's gasp at the way his back looked. She thought about calling him back and telling him to put a shirt on, but it required much too much effort to yell right now. Instead, Liz curled up on her side under the blankets and dozed off.

        Max used the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Liz had not seemed to mind, or even to notice his morning breath, but he could taste it. Funny, he had not noticed hers either though he assumed she had had it too. He padded into the kitchen, pulling out 2 glasses from the cupboard. One he filled with filtered water, and he was reaching for the juice when he heard a low whistle. Max looked around and saw Alex standing close by, smirking as he looked at Max's torso.

        "Hey, Alex. How's it going?" Max asked with an answering smile. Most guys would get upset, knowing that the guy standing in front of them had just deflowered their sister, but not Max. Alex was the best thing that had ever happened to Isabel. And if their night together had been even half as enjoyable as his and Liz's, he wished them well.

        "Hey, Max. You look like you've been through a war," Alex commented.

        "I kind of feel like I have been, my friend. Wish I could tell you who won," he laughed.

        "Well, if you're feeling anything like Liz was when I ran into her this morning, I'd call it a draw. Isabel has decided that she wants coffee. Since you're here, would you mind pointing out the location of the coffeemaker?" he asked, smiling broadly. Max indicated which cupboard it was in as he poured the juice and Alex pulled out the appliance, plugging it in. Max smiled at his confused look.

        "Here, I'll give you everything you need then you can actually make the coffee," he offered as he pulled out the filters and the ground coffee and handed them to Alex. Alex started measuring out the grinds and setting up the coffeemaker as Max pulled something from another cupboard.

        "What's that?" Alex pointed at the bottle Max was holding.

        "It's vanilla syrup. Isabel likes her coffee really sweet, but she doesn't much care for the taste of dissolved sugar, so she uses this. I'll pour it out for you," he chuckled as he put enough in the mug to cover the bottom. Alex grimaced then shrugged, figuring he didn't have to drink it so who cared? Just then they heard a knock on the door.

        "Alex, would you? I'm not exactly company appropriate," Max rolled his eyes. Alex grinned and went to answer the door. Max heard the murmur of voices, then soft footfalls.

        "So who was it?" Max asked as he turned around from where he had been finishing the coffee setup. He froze. Standing beside Alex, his face a complete mask, was Michael.

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