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Firsts, Part Four

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Liz entered the house, finding most of the lights turned off. She locked the door and left her shoes in the hallway, heading for Max's room. She averted her eyes as she went past the dark living room; soft cries alerted her that Alex and Isabel hadn't made it out of there. She opened Max's door quietly and went in, locking it as well.

        The room was filled with dancing candlelight from the dozens of tealights scattered on every available flat surface. Max was stretched out on his bed, clad only in boxers. He had evidently been reading when he had fallen asleep; the book lay open on his chest, the pages ruffling as he breathed.

        Liz smiled tenderly and just looked at him. He was so beautiful. The candlelight caressed his bronze skin, making it glow. She had a moment's hesitation about waking him up, but he had sent her on that wild ride which had left her aching with desire.

        Liz carefully moved the book then dropped her clothes on the desk chair. She climbed onto the bed and straddled Max, settling her wetness against his rapidly hardening cock. She saw a faint smile touch Max's lips and Liz wriggled, pushing against him.

        Max's eyes flew open to the sight of a wonderfully naked Liz. There was no mistaking the look in her eyes. He smiled broadly.

        "Have a nice ride?" he inquired. Liz turned up the wattage of her eyes, feeling the results against her wet heat. She smiled ferally.

        "Not as wild as the one I'm about to get," she whispered, watching knowledge appear in Max's eyes. She bent down and attacked his mouth.

        Max opened his mouth at her demand. His boxers were soaked where she was sitting, and the wet material rasped against him as she began to circle her hips, pressing ever closer. He had wanted their first time to be slow and languid, but there was no way that would work for Liz now. He'd never seen her quite like this. Max felt a pang of jealousy, which burned away in a rush of pride that Michael had done this to her. At that moment, he knew that this unlikely arrangement would work.

        Giving over his romantic ideas, Max flipped Liz onto her back and trailed open-mouthed kisses down her neck. She moaned and pushed his head down to her breasts. Max chuckled and obligingly sucked one stiff nipple into his mouth, manipulating it with his tongue while his hand closed over her other breast, kneading it and pulling at her nipple.

        Liz was panting and moaning now. She gasped, "Max, it's not—enough. I need—more."

        He felt a surge of desire at her words and shimmied down her body. She spread her legs for him eagerly and Max dipped his tongue in her honey. Liz cried out incoherently and Max knew he was the one with the power now. Liz was abandoning herself to the sensations flooding through her body, sensations that Max controlled.

        He dragged his tongue along the length of her, listening to her moan, watching her fists bunch up the bedspread. Max began to lick her, softly at first, using the flat of his tongue. He did not touch the tiny bundle of nerves but licked all around it. His tongue slid smoothly against her slick warmth, branding her skin.

        Liz was writhing, her moans clearly audible over the radio playing softly in the background. Max firmed his tongue, using the point to dig into her sensitive flesh. Glancing up at her face, he swept his tongue across her clitoris at last.

        "Ahhh!" echoed through the room and Max felt Liz's body jump at the touch. He narrowed his eyes in satisfaction at the tense anticipation in her face and licked her clitoris again.

        "Max! Oh, God," she cried out as his tongue flickered out again and again. Liz was unconsciously thrusting her hips a little, trying to get closer to his mouth. Max didn't let her. He kept up the slow pattern, soft licks alternating with the occasional hard probing of his tongue.

        Liz was going out of her mind. She was beyond thought, beyond anything but reacting to the stroking of Max's tongue. At some level she was aware that she wasn't being quiet anymore, but she was also beyond caring if anyone heard her.

        Max was in his element. He gave her one long, hard lick, feeling the faint tremors run through her body. It was the breaking point for Liz.

        "God, Max, please! Please, just...please! Max," she begged. Max almost lost it at the sweet sound of her words. Instead he bent to his task, gently licking her clitoris in a slow rhythm. As he increased his pace, he also licked a little harder until the tip of his tongue was working her bundle of nerves. Liz had stopped saying please; now it was just his name that spilled from her lips in a litany. It was one hell of an ego trip.

        Liz felt it start at her toes. They instinctively curled as the pleasure raced up her body. When it reached the spot where Max's tongue was in contact with her skin, Liz shattered. She arched off the bed, throwing her head back as she screamed out, "Max!" Her legs stiffened and closed, holding Max's head against her, and even her fingertips tingled with life as she shook violently.

        Max was in awe. He couldn't believe the response he'd wrung from her. He kept licking, very softly now, until Liz stopped shaking and moved her legs apart, allowing him to move. Max pressed a kiss to her wet skin and sat up, wiping his mouth. He grinned at the look on her face.

        "Hey, there. Come back to earth yet?" he murmured tenderly. She was so incredible. At last her eyes found his and she smiled, a little wobbly. Her gaze was dark with need.

        "Max, I—wow. I can't even form words yet," she admitted breathlessly. Her voice grew husky. "But—Max, make love to me. I need you. I love you," she whispered. Max moved up, kissing her eyelids, her cheeks, finally her mouth.

        "I love you too," he echoed softly. He took off his boxers and fumbled in the night table for a condom. Finding one, he rolled it on and knelt between her legs. "Liz, you're sure?"

        Liz had watched interestedly as Max put on the condom. She felt a touch of fear, looking at his erection. She couldn't even get the whole thing in her mouth, would he fit elsewhere?

        Max saw her fear and brushed her cheek. "We don't have to. I want you, very, very much," his voice became wry and Liz smiled, "but this is your call. If you're not ready yet, we can wait."

        Liz looked into his liquid amber eyes. There was so much love there, so much desire. It was only her mind that was hesitating. Her soul, her heart already belonged to Max, and her body wanted him so much she ached.

        "Yes, Max. I'm sure," she said softly, her tone one of conviction. She saw sparks fly in Max's eyes and braced herself.

        Max entered her, breaking through her membrane with one smooth thrust. He held as still as possible after her gasp of pain, letting her adjust. Finally she nodded and slowly, carefully, Max began to move within her, his eyes locked on hers.

        The pain had been sharp but not as bad as Liz had expected. The first few movements were painful still, but her muscles gradually became accustomed to the new presence stretching them and Liz felt a different kind of pressure building.

        Max gritted his teeth with the effort to keep his rhythm slow and steady, to wait for her before allowing his own release. He'd never dreamed that it would feel this good. She felt like hot silk sliding against him, her tight walls squeezing his cock. He closed his eyes, praying for the strength to hold on.

        Liz was overwhelmed that he would do that, that he held himself in check when he had already brought her amazing pleasure twice tonight. Her eyes filled with tears and she smiled in response to the anxious question in Max's eyes.

        He smiled at her tears and kissed them away. Max gasped as he felt the sudden build-up of tension; he wasn't going to be able to wait.

        "Liz," he breathed and she kissed his nose. Her hands pressed his buttocks closer to her, letting him know that it was all right, that he could let go.

        Max kissed her deeply then pulled back to maintain eye contact as he let his control slip. He thrust harder as he sped up and Liz gasped, raising her hips to meet him. That was all the encouragement Max needed.

        He drove into her with more force, watching her face contort with pleasure each time he penetrated her. Max felt his body tighten, and then he exploded, calling out, "Liz!"

        Watching Max's face as he came sent Liz along with him. It was a completely different kind of orgasm; softer, deeper, more profoundly satisfying. They rocked together for a little longer, drawing out the sensations, before their motion stopped.

        Max rested on top of Liz for a moment before withdrawing from her body. She made a disappointed sound as he moved away. He smiled at her as he removed the condom and tossed it in the garbage can. They wouldn't have to use them for long. Liz had gone on the pill; she just hadn't been on it long enough yet for it to be safe without other protection.

        Max lay back down beside Liz, cradling her against his side. They lay together in contented silence for a while, until they started to get cold. Liz laughed.

        "I'm going to go use your bathroom. Why don't you blow out the candles and get under the covers?"

        "Sounds like a plan," Max yawned. "May I say, thank you for waking me up so delightfully?" Liz kissed him and stood up.

        "Thank you for an utterly mind-blowing experience," she said, her voice serious. Max looked surprised, then pleased with himself. Liz laughed at him and went down the hallway.

        After she was finished, Liz opened the bathroom door and stepped into the hallway, right in front of an equally nude Isabel. The two women stared at each other for a long moment. Then Liz stuck out her hand.

        "Congratulations. It must be the names ending in -x," she said, her lips twitching as she tried not to smile. Isabel shook her proffered hand, looking shocked, then they both started to laugh. Liz waved and headed back towards Max's room. Isabel called after her.

        "Liz, you should come shopping with me. Your clothes don't really do your body justice."

        Liz turned around, startled. "Yeah, OK. Maybe next weekend."

        "Great! See you tomorrow," Isabel said brightly before she disappeared into the bathroom. Liz shook her head and went into Max's room.

        Max had blown out the candles and turned his bedside lamp on low. He pulled back the covers invitingly for Liz and she crawled in, flicking off the lamp before she got settled.

        "Did I hear you talking to Isabel?" he asked.

        "Um, yeah," Liz said, trying not to smile. "She wants to take me shopping. Apparently she thinks I have a nice body."

        Max gaped at her. "I agree, but weren't you like embarrassed?"

        "Well, I would have been if I had been the only one naked," Liz declared. Max's eyes were as round as his open mouth now and Liz finally laughed.

        "Did you know that your sister is just as disgustingly beautiful without her clothes on?" Liz giggled. Max rolled his eyes.

        "I go out of my way to avoid thinking about Iz naked, all right? It's bad enough hearing guys talk about her sometimes, I don't need it from my girlfriend too! Are you going to go? Shopping, that is."

        "Yeah, why not?" Liz shrugged. "And before you say it, yes I know what to expect when shopping with someone like Isabel. Don't worry, I can handle it," she reassured him. Max laughed and pulled her tight against him. Liz rested her head on his shoulder, one arm and one leg flung over him. Completely at peace with each other and their world, they drifted off to sleep.

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