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Firsts, Part Three

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Liz entered the house, looking immediately for Max. He had heard the screen door bang shut and came out into the kitchen. Liz slid her arms around his neck and kissed him, her tongue insisting on entrance to his mouth. He granted it, his tongue entwining with hers as his hands pulled her hips flush against him. Liz melted into him. Her hands pushed under his shirt, tracing the muscles in his back. They broke apart at the sound of a clearing throat.

        Michael came into the house to bear witness to an intensely passionate kiss between Max and Liz. He saw the way she turned into liquid against him; he'd had a taste of what that might feel like. He saw how Max's long eyelashes were resting on his cheeks, his eyes tightly closed, and how his hands were beginning to roam Liz's body. He cleared his throat and they both jumped, breaking apart. Michael smiled.

        Max caught Michael's eye and noted the desire there. He glanced down at Liz's head and back up at Michael, cocking his eyebrow in question. Michael's smile became wryer, and he made a slight motion with his head, indicating that yes, some of it was for Liz. He was astonished when a slow, satisfied smile spread across Max's face. He had set them up! Suddenly, Michael realized what Max had in mind as an eventual solution He closed his eyes, a rush of desire washing over him at the thought of them together. When he opened them again, Liz was looking at him strangely, and Max looked a bit apprehensive. Michael ignored Liz's look in favor of winking at Max. Max sagged a little in relief and grinned; one down, one to go. It would take a lot more to convince Liz.

        "Liz, Michael, hi! Do you guys want a soda or something?" Isabel asked as she came into the kitchen. She gave Max a dirty look for not having asked them already.

        "Um, yeah, that would be great, Isabel. Thanks," Liz replied. She went to the refrigerator with Isabel and grabbed a can of soda, then turned back.

        "Michael? Anything for you?" Liz asked, the corners of her mouth twitching. Michael wrinkled his nose at her and smiled at Isabel when she threw him a root beer. He opened the can and took a long swallow. When he looked back up, he saw Max's eyes were the ones sparking with desire now. Michael smiled cockily and went into the living room. Isabel followed him, oblivious to the tension in the room.

        Liz opened her can and swallowed some as well. Max came to the conclusion that jeans had not been the best choice of clothing when he was going to have zipper marks on his cock by the end of the night between the two of them. He groaned inwardly, then grabbed a cherry coke and led Liz into the darkened living room.

        The movie was already in progress; everyone else had arrived earlier than Michael and Liz. Michael had stolen Max's seat on the chair closest to the doorway, so Max sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him. Liz arranged herself on the far side of Max, on one of the large pillows the Evans had for just such purposes. She lay on her stomach, her legs in the air, touching the chair's arm. She was wearing a black, knee length jersey skirt and a long black tank top, and her legs were bare as usual.

        They all watched the movie for a few minutes, then Michael noticed movement. Max's hand was creeping up Liz's skirt, sliding in between her legs. He watched it, mesmerized, expecting Liz to snap her legs closed and glare at Max. Instead, he was floored when she spread them. Michael saw Max's hand disappear beneath the silky black material.

        Liz shifted to give Max access to her. She lay her head on the pillow, her face aimed at the TV screen, but she wasn't watching. She was completely focussed on the warm fingers that inched up her inner thigh. At last they reached her dark curls, and she sensed Max's surprise at the lack of underwear. She didn't dare look at him now, it might alert someone else to what was going on, so she just abandoned herself to the moment.

        Max encountered her wetness and felt himself grow even harder. Good Lord she'd gone commando. He explored her, his access a little more restricted than usual. He slipped one finger inside her body, stroking her. He knew that Michael was the only one who could possibly see what was going on unless someone else moved, so he used his forearm to push the material of Liz's skirt up farther, enough so that he could see most of her ass, and his hand sliding back and forth rhythmically. He unfolded another finger and added it to the one pushing inside her body, increasing his pace as he felt her tighten around his fingers.

        Michael had a very clear view of Max's fingers pumping into Liz's wet center. He remembered how it had felt with her pressed up against him on the bike. He had never dreamed he'd be treated to the visuals tonight, though. He saw Max adjust his hand so that he was also rubbing Liz's clitoris. Her hips were lifted off the floor a little by this time, and she was not keeping completely still. She was moving ever so slightly in time to Max's fingers. Michael could see the faint shine on Max's fingers in the darkness as he slammed them into her with increasing force.

        Liz had felt the cool air on her ass the second that Max had lifted her skirt. Her first reaction had been panic, then she realized that her lower body was blocked by Max. She had relaxed until she thought that Michael was sitting right above Max, and he would be able to see clearly. Oddly enough, the knowledge that Michael could definitely watch this if he wanted to didn't alarm her. It excited her further, and she lifted her hips off the floor as much as she could manage without changing position and giving herself away. She wanted him to watch. She wanted him to see Max's fingers stroking her. She could feel his gaze raking her bare ass as Max maneuvered his hand to start rubbing her clitoris. Liz thought she would explode right then, but Max drew it out a little longer. They were putting on a show for Michael and they wanted it to be a good one.

        Michael couldn't believe how hard Max was thrusting his fingers into Liz's small frame. He saw her hips move to meet every thrust, as little as she could allow herself to move. He watched in fascination as Liz's legs began to tremble. Suddenly her entire body stiffened and her legs closed a little in reflex, then she consciously spread them wider so he could see Max's hand buried in her wetness. His hand and her curls glimmered with her liquid. Michael realized that he had just watched her come to Max's rhythm, and he thought he might do the same for a moment. His groin was aching something fierce.

        Max felt her tremors start and pushed a little harder. Within seconds her muscles clenched around his fingers and her legs closed some, trapping his hand against her wetness. He smiled in satisfaction, continuing to rub and push until she relaxed her legs and he withdrew his fingers from her body. He cupped his hand over her, creating just enough heat to evaporate all the moisture, then pulled her skirt back down and lightly smacked her ass. He knew that she knew Michael would have been able to see what he was doing. And he was thrilled that she had not only played along but had seemingly welcomed the idea. It was a huge step in the right direction, even if she didn't know it yet.

        Liz was shocked at her wanton behavior, but at the same time she was still incredibly turned on. She wanted, needed something more. She knew then that she had made up her mind: she was going to stay the night, and she and Max were finally going to make love.

        Michael leaned down, whispering close to Max's ear, "Serious blue balls, man. Wow." Max flashed him a grin and nodded, implying that he had the same affliction. Michael leaned back and smiled. He had a feeling that he wouldn't be the person sharing Max's bedroom with him tonight, and that was all right.

        The movie ended, and Tess and Kyle stood up.

        "You guys aren't staying?" Max inquired.

        "Unfortunately, no. Unlike Liz & Alex's, my dad knows your parents are out of town. Hence he informed us that we would be coming home tonight," Kyle sighed. Everyone laughed except Alex and Isabel, who were too involved in each other to pay attention to anything else.

        Max, Liz and Michael stood up as well, walking Kyle and Tess to the door and bidding them goodbye. Michael looked towards the living room, then at Liz, and finally at Max.

        "I think I'll be going, too," he announced, his eyes telling Max that he knew what would likely happen tonight and that he was all right with it. Max nodded.

        "Yeah, OK. Uh, can I talk to you for a sec first? Privately—in my room," he added, glancing at Liz. She shrugged and Michael nodded, following Max down the hall. Liz watched them go, her eyes narrowing as she saw Max put his hand on the small of Michael's back to propel him into the room. She'd never seen Max do that before. Liz wondered what was so important, giggling when it occurred to her that Max might be asking Michael for condoms.

        Max pushed Michael ahead of him and closed and locked the door. Michael turned around, intending to speak, only to find himself shoved against the closet door with Max's tongue in his mouth and his hands busily undoing Michael's pants. Max let them drop to Michael's ankles; boxers, too. He pulled back and smiled at Michael's expression.

        "You didn't think I'd leave you like this, did you? Especially after the comment you made? I can't guarantee I'll be any good at this, but if you stare at my bed and think about what Liz and I are going to be doing there, that should help a lot," Max's smile widened as realization dawned in Michael's eyes, then he dropped to his knees.

        Max's tongue encircled the head of Michael's cock then he slowly took it into his mouth. He couldn't quite take all of it, but when he pulled back, creating suction, Michael gasped at the strength of it. He was like a damn vacuum!

        Max continued to suck as hard as he could, one hand working the base of Michael's cock in sync with his mouth. His other hand wandered, caressing Michael's balls, his hips, and finally his ass.

        Michael clenched his fists and his eyes slitted open to look at Max's bed. His mind painted images of Max and Liz there, her skin gleaming white against his bronze, her pert breasts bouncing as Max drove into her as hard as he had fingerfucked her earlier. Michael imagined the sounds she would make, and how they would blend with Max's moans. Suddenly he felt Max slide one finger down his crack and start tracing circles around his entrance. Michael stiffened and came right then, flooding Max's mouth and throat.

        Max gulped and swallowed, amazed at the amount of liquid Michael's body produced. A blowjob was something he would never take for granted again; it was a lot more difficult than it looked! When he had swallowed all of the evidence Max slowly removed his mouth and stood up.

        Michael leaned forward and kissed him, tasting his own salty sweetness. Max pressed closer, deepening the kiss. Finally they broke. Michael reached down and pulled his clothes back on. Max smiled.

        "Better now?" he teased. Michael smiled back.

        "Oh, yeah. Listen, Maxwell, about tonight—be good to her, OK? She deserves it."

        Max looked at him, startled, then grinned. "She got to you, didn't she? Especially after you realized that the whole time she was behind you on the bike she wasn't wearing any panties."

        "Yeah, she got to me. Actually, she—I think she saw me changing. I figured she'd take longer so I just changed in the back room, you know? After I put my shirt on, I heard something and there she was, on the stairs. The way she was looking at me, Max...holy Christ I've never seen a look like that. I wanted to rip her clothes off," he admitted, watching Max's reaction carefully. Max's smile became knowing.

        "Yeah, I know that look. Like she wants to eat you alive. It's definitely a trip. So—you've basically figured out what I want to do here. How are you with it? Liz seems to see you as desirable already; that's a start. And I know you want her. But—how do you feel about her? Do you think you could love her?"

        Michael took a deep breath. "All right. Yes, I want her. As for loving her...Max, I've been a little in love with her for over a year now, since—since I read her journal, actually."

        Shock flitted across Max's face, followed by anger and finally mirth.

        "That was you! Damn! She never did let me read it. It's irrelevant now, but—OK, good. The only way we're going to be able to make this work is if you and Liz can love each other, too. I'm not saying it has to be the same, but..." he trailed off.

        "I know what you mean. You and Liz are always going to have that extra connection, that soul bond. But I've got bonds to you that she'll never have, too. Liz and I need to care about each other so that this doesn't turn into a tug-of-war about you. I get it. I'm already there. I think it'll take some time for Liz, though; I don't think she's ever really looked at me that way before tonight. And—Max, I don't want to, you know, do anything with her, without you. Well, except flirt, naturally," he smirked. Max laughed.

        "So we're on the same wavelength then. Absolutely, flirt with her, keep her interested. Do it in front of me, so she can see that I'm OK with it. Eventually I'll think of some way of telling her what's really going on. Till then..."

        "Yeah," Michael nodded. They smiled in perfect agreement, then went back to the kitchen and Liz. Michael grabbed his helmet, jamming it on his head. Liz spoke up.

        "You'll have to take me for another ride sometime, Michael. That was awesome!"

        Michael smiled at her, then looked at Max. Prompted by his faint smile, he asked, "Do you want to go for a little ride now? I can drop you back here."

        Liz looked at Max. He came closer and nuzzled her hair, whispering in her ear, "Go ahead, if you want. It'll give me time to get out my secret stash of candles and set them up." Liz giggled and pulled his head down for a kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth to play with his. He tasted a little different than usual. It was kind of familiar, but nothing she could quite pin down. Liz mentally shrugged; it would come to her later. She pulled back and turned to Michael.

        "That would be fun. Let's go for a ride," she replied. Michael handed her the other helmet and she put it on as they walked out of the house.

        Max followed them out and stood beside Liz as she mounted the bike behind Michael. He met Liz's eyes, then eased the front of her skirt up so that her bare skin was pressed against Michael's jeans. Liz scooted as far forward as possible, watching the desire flare in Max's eyes. She didn't know yet what game these two were playing, but for the moment she was willing to go along.

        Liz suddenly realized that Max had deliberately gotten Michael to give her a ride over here. Something about knowing she was teasing Michael was a turn-on for Max. It turned her on, too. So she wasn't surprised when all Max said was, "Don't be too long. Have fun."

        "What, no "be good"?" Liz asked slyly. Her insides melted as Max trapped her gaze with his.

        "Can't have it both ways," he said huskily. He slid a finger down in between Michael's ass and her pussy, giving her clitoris a quick stroke. Liz jumped, grinding her hips into Michael. Max stepped back, smiling, and licked his finger as he looked at Michael. Then he waved as Michael started the engine and took off.

        For the first time in his life Michael was wishing that he wore hiphugger jeans. If he had been, Liz's wet, bare skin would be pressed against his skin, instead of against his jeans. He had seen the message in Max's eyes, and his gesture had been understood.

        Liz felt fevered and intoxicated. The rough cotton of Michael's jeans rubbed against her and the vibrations of the bike zoomed through her. Remembering the way Max had looked at her, Liz threw caution to the winds. She noticed they were headed out of town, probably so the noise wouldn't bother anyone. As soon as they passed the city limits, Liz lifted the back of Michael's shirt and the front of her own, pressing her bare breasts against his skin.

        Michael's jaw dropped as he realized that a mostly naked Liz Parker was plastered to his backside. He swallowed hard and slowed down a little. No sense in courting disaster; he knew damn well his full attention wasn't going to be on the road.

        Liz's hands moved from their secure hold on Michael's waist, sliding up and down his chest. Her nails scraped lightly across his nipples, and she smiled at the way he abruptly inhaled. She continued to play with his nipples, her own hardened now and digging into his soft skin.

        When Michael made a twisting motion signaling the onset of overstimulation, Liz slid her hands down to his thighs. She rubbed as far down as she could reach, then caressed his inner thighs. Every so often her hand would brush against his rock-hard cock, seemingly accidentally, and a bolt of electricity would shoot through him.

        Michael came to a wide flat area and turned around, conscious of what he'd said to Max. Not only that it wouldn't be a long ride, but also that he didn't want to do anything with Liz yet. Because if he stopped the bike now it would be to take her, and he did not want to do that.

        As the neared the city limits again, Liz tugged both their tops back into place. She returned her arms to around his waist, though her hands were dangerously close to his groin. Michael pulled to a stop outside the Evans', not turning off the engine.

        Liz slid off the bike and removed her helmet, fastening it to the back. She stood close to Michael and looked at him.

        "Thank you. I enjoyed that," she purred, her meaning clear. Michael nodded, a question in his eyes. Liz smiled.

        "Why—honestly?" she inquired. At his nod, she continued, "I saw you changing after work. There was something about the way you moved... Later, when Max was...playing, I knew that you would be able to see me, and that excited me. Then it dawned on me that Max had set us up with the bike ride—with both of them, and that he wanted me to tease you... It was what I wanted to do already, and since Max wanted it too, and you didn't seem to object, I figured, why not?"

        Michael shook his head. "Liz Parker, you never fail to amaze me."

        "Thank you, Michael. I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me," Liz grinned, and ducked under his arm. She hugged him, quickly dragging her hand across his groin as she stepped back. Liz winked and turned around, going into the house.

        Michael watched till she disappeared, then headed for home. Much as he had enjoyed the blowjob, Max might as well not have bothered. Michael was aching even more now than he had been earlier.

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