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Firsts, Part Thirteen

Reply to Tasyfa

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Michael stumbled back, unprepared for the sudden assault. Max moved with him to keep their lips connected, and Michael righted himself quickly, returning his kisses with fervor. Max's hands were busy unbuttoning Michael's shirt and pants. As soon as they were open he ripped Michael's shirt off and shoved his pants and boxers down his legs, forcing Michael to step out of them as Max pulled him towards the bed, once again fastening his mouth to Michael's.

        "What did Liz do to you?" Michael got out between kisses as he pulled off Max's boxers.

        "She was—sitting over me, about to—slide onto my cock, when—Mr. Parker decided he—wanted to talk to her—like immediately," Max panted.

        "Mr. Parker's like that. Once he decides he wants to talk to you about something that he thinks is important, he wants to do it right away. It's like he's afraid he'll forget or something. His timing sure sucks though," Michael snorted.

        "And that was after she did—some kind of—clamp thing that—stopped me from coming." They reached the bed and Max fell back, tugging Michael with him.

        Michael paused in his caresses, raising his eyebrows. "And it worked?"

        "What, am I the only one that doesn't know about this? Yeah, it worked. Shouldn't it have?"

        "Oh, sure, it's just—not the most reliable," Michael said thoughtfully. Max stared at him and threw his head back in frustration.

        "Don't even THINK about it, Michael. Not now. I don't think I would survive it twice in one night," Max said feelingly and Michael laughed. He reached for Max's cock and gave it one hard stroke, noting Max's almost violent response.

        "I'm not sure you would either," Michael murmured. He lifted himself off Max for a moment and rummaged in the night table for the lubricant, coming back to the bed immediately. Max looked at him questioningly and Michael shrugged.

        "We'll need it at some point. I'd rather get it now and not interrupt."

        "Yeah, me too. I just—I'm not thinking too clearly. Or thinking much at all, beyond wanting you."

        "Let's see what we can do about that thought," Michael breathed before he kissed Max. Max opened to him eagerly, his tongue darting out to twine with Michael's and his hands sliding into Michael's thick hair. Michael nudged Max's thighs apart and moved between his legs, rubbing their cocks together. He felt a twinge of sympathy at Max's ragged groan, knowing from personal experience that Max was so stiff it verged on painful. But from the abandoned way that Max was kissing him, Michael knew that he wasn't ready to take it further yet. So he concentrated on Max's kisses, running his hands over Max's arms and torso in an almost soothing manner.

        Outside in the yard, Liz had just rounded the corner of the house. Much as Michael had, she froze upon spotting Max's open window, her mind conjuring all kinds of dark scenarios. She cautiously made her way to the window. Liz was perhaps three feet away still when she heard an unmistakable groan coming from Max's room. Her eyes widened as she realized that either Max had taken matters into his own hands or Michael had paid him a visit. Her natural curiosity stirring, Liz closed the distance and stepped up to the open window.

        They were stretched out sideways on the bed, feet hanging over the edge slightly, engaged in a passionate kiss. The moonlight poured over them and illuminated them in silver, giving the scene an unearthly beauty. Liz smiled a little upon noticing that Max had his hands in Michael's hair. She wondered idly if it made Michael feel as loved as it did her. Then she noticed that Michael's hips were rocking a little and she caught her breath. Were they...? Liz exhaled as Michael moved to the side away from the window; they were not making love. She could see both their bodies clearly now, the proud erections they were both sporting, and she felt the slow curl of desire in her belly as Michael's mouth left Max's and moved down to his chest, his tongue flickering out to lick Max's nipples. Liz leaned against the window, her hands clenching on the sill as she watched his skin contract under the warmth of Michael's tongue.

        Max moved his hands to Michael's shoulders, pushing down and getting even more frustrated when Michael resisted, continuing to lap at his nipples.

        "Michael!" Max finally pleaded.

        "What?" Michael replied, not moving.

        "You know what."

        "Tell me anyway. I want to hear it."

        Max laughed wildly. "What is this, "make Max beg" night? If I didn't know better, I'd swear you and Liz were conspiring to drive me insane!"

        Michael twisted sideways, moving down Max's body until his head was level with Max's hips. He leaned forward slowly, his mouth hovering mere inches from Max's erection as he spoke, "Maybe we both like bringing a King to his knees."

        "Fuck you, Michael!" Max ground out, his head spinning with desire.

        "That can be arranged," Michael murmured as he tongued the tip of Max's cock, already glistening with moisture. Max groaned, involuntarily thrusting up towards Michael's mouth, and Michael finally obliged him, sliding his lips straight down to the base of Max's cock and back up, sucking hard. Max cried out, his back arching. He gripped Michael's ass with one hand and fisted the other around a handful of the bedspread as Michael repeated his up and down motion, sucking as hard as he could. Michael felt around for the tube of lubricant and, finding it, applied a liberal amount to his hand. On his next upstroke, Michael simultaneously slammed his fingers into Max.

        "Michael! Oh, God, Michael," Max said hoarsely. He was momentarily surprised at how much larger Michael's hands were compared to Liz's, when he suddenly realized that he hadn't said anything to Michael about that.

        "Michael, listen. Ah—Liz, did that tonight. You know—ah—with her hands. She had—a tube too. And—ah—Maria said she—knows," Max gasped out. "Are you—listening?"

        Michael stopped sucking long enough to say, "You mean this?" He thrust his fingers hard, smirking as Max jerked in surprised pleasure. "I figured she knew. She probably got flashes, Max. You guys still get them, right?"

        "Well, ye—ah, sometimes. But she—hasn't said—anything, and she never—flinched away or—anything like that, like I'd—expect if she—saw us. What—ah—what made you think of that?"

        Michael halted everything for a moment as he realized that this was really bothering Max. He suddenly felt a little shy as he answered Max, "Sometimes I get flashes from you, too."

        "You do? What have you seen?" Max asked in pleased amazement, propping himself on his elbows to see Michael better.

        "I've seen how much you love Liz; the way it makes you feel when you catch sight of her across the quad at school or when you go into the Crashdown. How everything in your life seems better because she's a part of it, and you don't feel alone anymore. I've seen your daydreams about your future together, and your fantasies about her," Michael paused and Max tried to say something, guilt washing over him. He refrained as Michael shook his head, smiling, and went on, "I've also seen how you feel about me, and it's really not so different. Some of those futures had me in them too. So did a number of the fantasies. There was one especially interesting one where you were watching me and Liz..."

        He broke off, grinning as Max blushed. Michael moved up beside Max and took him into his arms, hugging him tightly.

        "Look, Max, you know I love you. And—I love Liz, though she doesn't know it. You just have to tell her the truth, Maxwell."

        "I know. I was going to talk to her tonight, but she wanted to talk afterwards and we never got there. I'm just so scared, Michael. I can't lose her; I couldn't live through that again. And I can't give you up either," Max kissed Michael lingeringly. When he drew back, Michael smirked at him.

        "So you're pulling a Max," he said bluntly. At Max's confusion, Michael clarified, "That's what Isabel calls it when you sit back and watch passively."

        "Oh, I—shit. Yeah, I guess I am," Max laughed weakly.

        "You have to just go for it, Maxwell. Liz is...she's a lot more flexible than you give her credit for, you know, and I don't mean physically," he added as Max grinned.

        "She is pretty amazing."

        "Oh, yeah," Michael agreed. "So do you have all that out of your system? Do you think you can relax some now?"

        "Mmm, yeah I think so. Why?"

        "Because I was kind of hoping you could go back to watching passively while I suck you off," Michael breathed into his ear, licking his earlobe. Max shivered as Michael moved back down his body, his lips trailing wet kisses until he reached Max's cock and took it into his mouth again. Michael sucked furiously, relaxing his throat as Max helplessly started thrusting up into his mouth. Max reached down and threaded his fingers through Michael's hair, pushing slightly, trying to get even closer. Michael slipped his hand lower, tenderly caressing the sensitive skin right behind Max's testicles, and the light caress was enough to finally send Max over the edge with a deep groan.

        Michael barely even had to swallow; liquid shot out with such force that it went right down his throat. He sucked gently now, until Max was dry, then withdrew his mouth and moved back up to lie even with Max. Max kissed him, tasting himself on Michael's lips, and looked into his eyes.

        "Thank you for coming over tonight. I know I didn't ask, but it feels like you knew somehow that I needed you," Max whispered. Michael brushed the sweaty hair off of Max's forehead.

        "You could have called; I would still have come over," Michael whispered back, kissing him back. He was surprised when Max opened his mouth, licking at Michael's lips until they parted then plunging inside. Michael felt the swift re-ignition of his lust as Max moved on top of him, his hands caressing Michael's chest, scraping lightly across his nipples.

        "We're only halfway," Max murmured, a wicked gleam in his eyes as he pulled back to gaze at Michael. Abruptly both men stopped, drawing away from each other as they sat up, their attention caught by the sound of a feminine whimper. Their eyes were drawn to the source of the sound, silhouetted against the moonlight in the window. Liz Parker.

        It's now or never, Liz thought to herself as she carefully climbed onto the window sill and jumped inside. Her hands went to the buttons of her long coat, unbuttoning them slowly as she spoke to the two men sitting frozen in front of her.

        "After I talked to my dad, my body was still humming, Max. Still wanting you. So I decided to come over here and finish what I'd started, only to find Michael doing it for me. Beautifully, I might add," she winked at Michael, whose brow smoothed as he realized that she wasn't angry. He glanced at Max, who was in too much shock about Liz's presence to comprehend what it meant. One corner of Michael's mouth lifted at the stray thought that it was OK, because Liz would definitely explain it to him.

        Liz finished unbuttoning her coat but left it closed while she continued to speak, her low voice sultry. "Max, do you remember what Grier called you in Copper Summit?"

        Through the shock and the haze of desire surrounding him Max managed to say, "The Once and Future King?"

        "Yes," Liz purred. "And do you know the reference?"

        This time it was Michael who answered her. "Yeah, King Arthur. As in, of Camelot."

        "Very good, Michael," Liz sent him a heated look and he felt himself hardening again as their eyes met. "Now, can either of you boys tell me what the central tragedy of the Arthurian myth is? Aside from his son Mordred, that is."

        "Guinevere," Max said, reacting even as Michael had when Liz turned her eyes on him in spite of himself.

        "Exactly. Do you know why it was such a tragedy? Don't answer that; I'll tell you," Liz held up a hand to forestall any replies. "Guinevere was a woman caught between two men, a King and his right hand man. She loved them both, and they both loved her. Perhaps if she had loved one more than the other she could have chosen...but she did not. And so she remained caught: trapped in an eternal triangle.

        "But it didn't have to be a triangle, if only Arthur and Lancelot could have admitted the truth: that it was not only Guinevere that they loved, not only she that they desired, but also...each other. It could have been a complete circle, born of love shared equally between the three of them.

        "I heard what you said, Max. I heard what Michael said, too—all of it. And I do know that you love me, Michael, because I love you, even as I love Max. And so I ask you both, here, now: do you want to rewrite history? Do you love me enough, and love each other enough, to forge our own circle, our own Camelot?"

        Liz swept her gaze back and forth between the two men, noting with pleased amusement that neither of them seemed to be able to speak just yet. Michael's throat was working but no sound was emerging, and Max wasn't even capable of that much. Her eyes flickered over their groins, her knees feeling weak at the mute evidence of their desire for her. Since they were already dazed, Liz decided to keep going, full steam ahead.

        "Michael said something very interesting right after I arrived at your window, Max. He mentioned something about bringing a King to his knees," she murmured, smiling seductively as they realized just how long she had been watching them. "That's kind of along the lines of what I had planned when I decided to come over here tonight, but I found Michael in your bed. Pleasuring you; teasing you; tasting you. I forgot for a while why I was here, seeing the passion that was building between you. But I am here, and I want what I came for. Why stop at just the King, when his second is here too? Why not bring you both to your knees?"

        With those words, Liz allowed her coat to slide off, dropping it onto the floor, fully prepared for the gasps from Max and Michael. She stood, hands on her hips, her legs spread slightly as they took in the sight before them.

        Liz was wearing the black leather boots that Max had admired the night of the party. They covered her legs to her knees, where sheer black stockings took over. The lacy tops of the stockings were held up by black leather garters, attached to a black leather corset that started at Liz's hips and nipped in to hug her tiny waist, then flared out at the bosom in an almost shelf-like effect, presenting her breasts. There was a wide band of black satin across the top of the corset and as the two men stared at her, Liz slipped her thumbs under the band, sliding them around to the sides of her breasts. With a quick, fluid motion she flipped it down, exposing her stiffened nipples to their appreciative eyes. Liz slowly turned around, showing them the laces that pulled the corset in to snugly follow her curves. There was a hidden zipper in the front; when she had tried on the garment, Isabel had pulled the laces tight and knotted them for her. Max's gaze sharpened, going to the small bow at the back of the black satin thong she was wearing. It dawned on him that it was designed to release with one tug, allowing it to be removed without needing to take off the garters. Liz kept turning, coming around full circle and she noticed where Max's eyes were trained.

        "You like that, don't you. Knowing that all you have to do is pull a string and I'm all yours," Liz purred as she reached behind her, matching action to words. Max and Michael watched, transfixed, as her hand re-emerged holding the end of a satin cord and then, seemingly in slow motion, she let the cord drop and the thong fell from her body. Her nipples hardened further at the way both men were looking at her, and her dark curls were glistening with moisture.

        The gleam from between her legs beckoned Max and galvanized him into action. He rose from the bed and came up to Liz, staring into her eyes for a moment, searching her soul. When he was sure that she had meant every word she had said, he dropped to his knees in front of her and used his hands to spread open her folds, his shoulders nudging her legs wider.

        "If you want me on my knees I'm all for it," he growled, glancing up at her with a wicked little smile before he leaned forward to taste her. Liz moaned as his tongue probed her opening, widening her stance even more to give him better access. Max thrust his tongue in and out of her a few times, mimicking a more intimate act, then swept his tongue up the length of her, licking from her ass right to her curls. He swirled the tip of his tongue against her clitoris and took the tiny bud into his mouth, sucking carefully. Liz's legs started to tremble as pleasure zinged through her.

        "Max, I can't stand," she gasped, and suddenly Michael was there behind her, supporting her. He pulled her with him until his back was against the wall, Max following them. Michael bent his knees, sliding them in front of Liz's and spreading her legs wide, his naked cock slipping between her legs. He moaned as her ripe warmth brushed against him. Michael knew that he was going to be sore as hell from holding this position for any length of time, but as Liz wound her arms around his neck and leaned her head back to kiss him, freeing his hands to pluck at her artfully presented nipples, he definitely knew it was worth it.

        Max resumed bathing Liz with his tongue, licking all of her pink skin that Michael had exposed for him. Upon reaching for her with his fingers he discovered Michael's cock, and Max drew back a little as inspiration hit. He grasped Michael and rubbed him against Liz, hearing them both moan. Liz moved her hips, grinding down against Michael as Max held him firmly. There was just enough room to maneuver and so Max sucked the head of Michael's cock into his mouth while Liz rubbed along its top edge, supporting Michael with his hands as he kept sucking, giving Liz an unmoving surface to manipulate.

        "Holy shit!" Michael swore, his hands stilling on Liz's breasts as he completely lost his ability to focus on anything but the dual sensation racing through him. Then his hands tightened reflexively as he felt Max running his fingers along the length of his cock, gathering Liz's moisture. Michael closed his eyes as it hit him what Max was doing. Sure enough, a moment later Max's wet fingers penetrated Michael's ass, pumping rhythmically in time with his sucking. Michael swore again and came, shooting into Max's mouth. Max swallowed eagerly then let Michael's limp cock slide from his mouth, immediately closing the distance and licking Liz.

        Liz felt the tremors in Michael's body and in his cock, pressed up to her wetness. She could feel the slight rocking motion his hips made as Max pumped his fingers, also having guessed what Max was doing, and she felt Michael shudder as he came in Max's mouth. Feeling his orgasm turned her on tremendously and she cried out when Max touched his tongue to her waiting flesh. As his tongue circled her clitoris, Michael began to play with her nipples again. He wet his fingertips and rolled her nipples, feeling them tighten under the dampness. Then, just as Max finally licked her clitoris, the tip of his tongue digging softly in a fast rhythm, Michael pinched both her nipples, hard. The pain mingled with the pleasure and Liz's orgasm flashed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body as Max continued his precise ministrations and Michael pulled gently at her nipples, rubbing them delicately in apology. Liz's legs shook as she felt it building again and she went to pieces in Michael's arms, Max's face pressed between her legs, his hands caressing her ass, Michael's hands caressing her breasts and his renewed erection prodding her inner thigh. Michael caught her near screams in his mouth, muffling the sound so that it did not travel beyond the room.

        When Liz stopped shaking violently, Max licked her one last time, smiling as her legs twitched. He wiped his mouth and stood up, his smile broadening at her satiated expression. Liz lifted her head from Michael's shoulder and Max leaned forward to kiss her. When he withdrew, Michael straightened up, letting Liz get her footing before he let go of her. Before she moved away, Max moved in close, his arms going around them both, sandwiching Liz between him and Michael. He pressed a light kiss to Michael's mouth and stepped back, searching Liz's eyes.

        Liz had recovered some and her eyes sparkled as they met Max's. "Michael and I are in complete agreement: we love having you on your knees," she declared mischievously, grinning as Max blushed. Michael smiled too.

        "Yeah, well, we'll see how you do," Max muttered. Liz looked pointedly at his erection, then turned and looked at Michael's. She held up her hands.

        "I've got one mouth and two hands; seems doable. Of course, I'll need some of this, since neither of you produce much naturally," Liz drawled, walking over to the bed and picking up the lubricant. She couldn't help but laugh when Michael blushed as well. Then she lay down in the middle of the bed, her dark eyes lit with love and desire.

        "Will you gentlemen join me? I believe, as Max said earlier, that we are only halfway done," Liz said huskily, thrilling at the way both pairs of eyes darkened. The ironic earthy brown of Michael's and the appropriately unearthly amber of Max's gazes swept across her leather-clad body then met each other. Liz sensed that they were silently communicating about something, an ability they had always seemed to share. Finally they both turned to her.

        "'re sure? This is the point of no return," Max warned softly. Liz sat up, her legs dangling over the side of the bed.

        "Max, do you love me?"

        "You know I do. I always have; I always will, Liz."


        Michael fidgeted under her steady gaze then blurted, "Yes, I love you."

        "And do you love Max?"

        This was easier; not so new anymore. "Yes, Max, too."

        "Max, do you love Michael?"

        "Of course I do. Liz, what's this about?"

        Liz rose and grasped one of each of their hands, bringing them to stand in front of her by the bed, looking at them seriously. "It's about love, Max. You love both of us; Michael loves both of us. I love both of you. Do you really need to ask if I'm sure? If I'm ready to give myself to Michael as I have to you, as you have to him? This night is about completing the circle, and sealing ourselves to each other. Yes, I'm sure, I'm ready, and I'm waiting," she added with a small smile. Max and Michael looked at each other, slow smiles spreading across both their faces as it started to really sink in.

        "I said she was amazing," Max informed Michael.

        "And I said she was flexible," Michael countered. Max raised his eyebrows.

        "Is that really what you want to do?" he asked, his smile broadening as Michael nodded. Liz looked back and forth and stomped her foot.

        "I'm right here, guys! You don't need to talk over me! What is it that you want to do?" she asked Michael. He merely smiled.

        "You'll see. Would you mind if we—if we took off your clothes?" Max asked. Liz shook her head and sat down, extending one leg out. Max knelt to take off her boot and Michael echoed his action, removing her other boot. Liz's head swam, looking down at both of them at her feet. Michael caught her expression and grinned wolfishly.

        Her boots gone, Liz stood and opened the hidden zipper, pulling the stockings down with the garters still attached. She laid the ensemble on Max's desk chair and turned back to the bed, smiling at their amazement.

        "Wow, I never would have guessed it came off that easily! How did you get it done up so tight?" Max breathed.

        "Actually, Isabel did it for me when she talked me into buying it," Liz told them, laughing at the way Max screwed up his face at the mention of his sister's involvement.

        "You didn't like, fold down the top part when she was with you, did you?" Michael asked with a faint grimace.

        "No, I did not. And I didn't even model it for Maria and Alex, just held it up. You two are the only ones who've seen me all dressed up like some porn star," Liz teased. Max pulled her into his arms, spinning her so that her back was hard against him as he cupped her breasts, mimicking the way the corset had made them stand out.

        "And we liked it, didn't we, Michael," Max stated, watching as Michael tweaked one hardening nipple. Max picked Liz up easily and deposited her back in the middle of the bed. He climbed in on one side of her, and Michael went around to the other side. They lay on their sides, facing Liz in the middle who was still on her back. She looked first at Michael, then at Max for a long moment, realizing that they did actually have something planned but were waiting for her to make the first move. Liz's eyes asked for understanding and Max smiled, nodding faintly. Liz turned to face Michael, and he looked surprised and pleased as she kissed him deeply, her tongue slipping into his mouth. Max moved closer until he was pressed up against her back, dropping little kisses on her neck and shoulder. Michael moved in closer as well and Liz thought she understood what was going on as Michael lifted her top leg, bracing the back of her knee against his arm as he held onto Max's hip.

        Liz shivered in anticipation as Max reached between her wide open legs for Michael's cock, guiding him to her opening. She closed her eyes as the tip of Michael's cock pushed into her, then opened them to look into his eyes. Gazes locked, Michael thrust into her completely, once, twice, three times—and withdrew, smiling at Liz's shocked expression.

        Suddenly Liz felt hard warmth grazing her from another direction and she moaned as Max thrust into her from behind, penetrating her twice before withdrawing. His cock was replaced with Michael's as he entered Liz again and on it went, back and forth, each man thrusting into her two, three, four times before exchanging. Never the same number twice in a row, and never a pause between them. Liz could feel the slight differences in their cocks as they continued: Michael was a little longer, Max a little bigger around. Sort of like their whole bodies, Michael's taller but Max is more muscular, Liz thought crazily, helpless to control the sounds spilling out of her. She wasn't even sure what she was saying anymore, only that she was pleading with Max and Michael both as her world spun on its axis, narrowing to their serial penetration of her.

        Max and Michael exchanged glances as Max withdrew for the last time and nodded at Michael. He slammed into Liz, starting a fast rhythm and pushing hard, rocking her against Max. Max reached down with his free hand and rubbed Liz's clitoris, echoing Michael's rhythm. Liz threw her head back, nearly knocking Max off balance as she hit his supporting arm. He grinned and moved it flat, arching himself up sideways so that she could move freely. Michael moved his head forward and Max met him in the middle, their lips meeting and tongues twining in a swift kiss. Then Max pulled back and covered Liz's mouth, feeling the first tremors racing through her. Michael kissed her exposed throat as he thrust harder, feeling the back of Max's busy hand on his abdomen every time he buried himself in Liz. Finally Liz screamed into Max's throat as she found release, taking Michael with her over the edge, her inner muscles clamping down on his cock and milking him dry.

        All three of them collapsed, Michael moving his arm so that Liz could put her leg down. She wrapped it around his hips instead, preventing him from withdrawing immediately, and kissed him.

        "I love you, Michael," she whispered, loving the way his eyes glittered at her words.

        "Me, too," he whispered back, prompting her to smile and kiss him again. Liz removed her leg and allowed him to withdraw from her body, moving her hips back to help. As she did, she bumped against Max's erection and smiled. Full circle.

        Liz wriggled between Max and Michael, making enough room for her to lie flat on her back again. She reached out and grasped Max's cock, looking at Michael as she stroked Max delicately.

        "What about Max, Michael? I thought I heard you say earlier that something could be arranged," she said softly, watching comprehension dawn in Michael's eyes. Liz turned her gaze to Max, who looked down at her and swallowed hard. She fumbled around with her free hand, searching for the tube of lubricant. Michael placed it in her hand and she threw him a grateful look, then squeezed some gel into her palm and resumed stroking Max, covering his cock with the cool slippery stuff. When every inch of him was coated Liz turned on her side, lifting Michael's top leg until his foot was resting on his bottom knee. She slipped her gel-covered hand between his legs and farther, stroking the deep crevice between his buttocks and sliding her fingers forward gradually, slicking his skin. For good measure she inserted two fingers and wiggled them, giggling as Michael both smiled and inhaled sharply. Then Liz crawled over Michael, pushing him into the middle where he lay flat.

        Max watched her face, still unsure until Liz smiled brilliantly and handed him a pillow. The other one she placed under her head, propping herself up with her face at approximately Michael's waist. Max met Michael's eyes; was he ready for this?

        "Full circle, Max. She's right; I want this. I need it—we need it, all three of us. Make love to me, Maxwell," Michael whispered, his voice cracking on the request. Slowly, carefully, Max slid between Michael's legs and lifted his hips, putting the pillow underneath. Liz reached up to stroke Max's face tenderly, then slid her hand down over his shoulder, tracing a delicate line all the way to his ass. She cupped his buttock and applied gentle pressure, urging him forward while she pressed kisses to Michael's side.

        Max glanced at Liz, reassured immensely by her hand, then met Michael's eyes. He was so open now, his love shining there clearly. Max had always thought that Michael would shy away from the kind of emotional intimacy they were all sharing this night; that the two men had shared to a lesser degree over the past while. Sometimes people surprised you.

        Keeping eye contact, Max slowly pushed his way inside Michael, feeling his musculature stretch to accommodate Max's cock. He smiled at Michael's wide-eyed expression; he knew the feeling. Max pumped slowly, keeping his eyes locked on Michael for any signs of discomfort. When there were none, he picked up the pace a little, groaning at the tight fit. He felt Michael hardening along his abdomen, and then they both felt a small hand slip between their sweaty bodies to stroke Michael.

        Max and Michael both looked at Liz. They hadn't noticed when she had shifted, using the pillow to support her torso while her left hand stroked Michael's cock and her right hand, Max's ass. Liz smiled and blew them a kiss, her hand wandering far enough down Max to scoop up some lubricant from his straining cock. Max's eyes widened in disbelief as her fingers thrust into him, in sync with his thrusts into Michael.

        "Oh my God, Michael," he gasped. Michael had felt Liz's hand against his own ass when she had slicked her fingers, so he had a pretty good idea of what Max was talking about. But with Liz's hand squeezing his cock and Max's cock slamming into him with increasing force, he didn't really have time to think about it. Or do anything except react to the tidal wave of pure lust storming in his body as Liz pulled really hard. Michael's balls tightened and he climaxed, spurting his seed all over Max's chest.

        Max caught Michael's mouth in a desperate kiss, his tongue plunging into the warm cavern. Michael's hands, still on Max's back, moved lower down and he cupped Max's ass, urging him on even as Liz had. With a wild cry into Michael's throat, Max spilled into his body with one last hard thrust. As he stopped moving, he felt Liz withdraw her hand and it made him smile, his lips pressed to Michael's neck now.

        Michael felt the heat explode inside him as Max came, sending a swift surge of desire through him. He smiled as his cock hardened briefly then remained limp, finding it to be too much effort after all of that. Max, also drained, gently pulled out and then collapsed on top of Michael.

        "Oof!" Michael grunted at the sudden weight and Liz laughed.

        "He doesn't believe that he's damned heavy, Michael. I think it's all those muscles," Liz teased, rubbing the back of Max's thigh. She laughed again at his muffled expletive.

        "Watch your language, or I might have to punish you," Liz taunted. That made Max roll off Michael, catching her and pulling her half on top of him, half on top of Michael after he waved a hand and evaporated the semen splashed on them.

        "I'm going to hold you to that, woman," Max growled. "Only...later."

        "Aw, are little Maxie and little Mikey all worn out?" Liz giggled in a baby talk voice as she grasped both of their limp cocks, earning herself twin glares. She raised her eyebrows as she felt signs of life under her gentle stroking, then squirmed down and placed a kiss on the tip of each man's semi-hard cock before moving back up to lie between them.

        "Truth be told, I'd rather cuddle now anyway. Any volunteers?" Liz smiled as Michael turned on his side, fitting his back against her front and Max did the same, fitting his front against her back. She wriggled a little to get a tiny bit more room, so that she didn't feel claustrophobic, when Max's door opened.

        "God, Max, that is the longest five-fingered session I've ever been oh so privileged to overhear. Why didn't you just take the show—oh," Isabel's eyes and mouth rounded in surprise as Michael scrambled to cover his nakedness. Liz could almost hear the embarrassment radiating off both men and sat up.

        "Hi, Iz. Remind me to get you a thank you gift for talking me into that leather outfit," she winked, grinning as Isabel's eyebrows nearly disappeared into her hairline. Feeling a catty touch of superiority towards the statuesque blonde, Liz idly ran her hand over Michael's hip, ignoring his strangled gasp. Max, catching on and more than willing to embarrass the hell out of his sister, propped himself up so that he could see Isabel's face and placed his hand over Liz's, lacing their fingers together and directing their joined hands towards Michael's groin, which was currently covered by Michael's own hands. Michael resisted allowing them access as Isabel's eyes grew to the size of saucers and her cheeks flushed.

        "You know, there is something fundamentally wrong with catching my brother with another guy that I think of as a brother and their girlfriend. Liz, I wish you luck, and I will collect on that gift. Oh, and Michael—you're looking good," Isabel smirked, summoning her icy dignity, then she turned tail and fled, closing and remote-locking the door behind her. Liz collapsed back on the bed in laughter as Michael flipped to face her and Max.

        "What the hell were you trying to do, give me a heart attack? I don't need to give Iz a full frontal view, thank you very much!" he hissed. Liz only laughed harder and Max was grinning, totally unsympathetic. Michael rolled his eyes and gave up, starting to smile a little at the memory of Isabel's expression.

        "You know, she has a point," Liz managed to say as she calmed down. "You two did used to think of each other as brothers. When did it change?"

        "Maybe when we found out that I used to be engaged to Isabel," Michael snorted.

        "No, I think it was when I opened my eyes and found you kneeling beside me, asking if you could suck my cock," Max corrected him.

        "You didn't! Is that how this whole thing started?" Liz gasped.

        Michael scratched his eyebrow, looking sheepish. "Honestly? Yeah. He was lying naked on the couch jerking off and I couldn't help it. He was so beautiful."

        Liz leaned over, fastening her mouth to Michael's for a slow, delicious kiss. She murmured at his lips, "He is beautiful, and I am so glad that you found him irresistible, Michael, because it brought you to me, too." She kissed him again, smiling as Max moved up behind her and threaded his fingers through her hair, draping his other hand over her to rub Michael's arm. In a tangle of naked limbs, the three of them fell asleep together, contented and loved. Full circle.

        (Continued in sequel, FULL CIRCLE)

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