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Firsts, Part Twelve

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Max was standing in the back room of the Crashdown talking to Maria. It was Friday evening, and he was waiting for Liz to put in an appearance so they could go out. They both heard the back door open and Maria, who was facing the kitchen, saw the way Max's eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth lifted. Not bothering to turn around, she called, "Hey, Liz!"

        "Hey back at ya, but I'm not Liz," Michael informed her. Maria spun around to see him grinning at her. She shrugged.

        "I just assumed it was her, she should be here any second," Maria covered herself. Michael nodded.

        "Yeah, I know. Hi, Maxwell, and bye. I'll see you later," Michael's voice softened the tiniest bit when he spoke Max's name. No one else would have noticed, but Maria was primed to look for any and all clues now.

        "Yeah, I'll see you," Max echoed, his eyes following Michael as he went back into the kitchen to continue his shift. Maria was about to say something when Liz came in. Instead she went to the kitchen door and motioned to Michael to come back out. Puzzled, he did, smiling broadly when he saw Liz.

        Liz gave Max a quick kiss, saying, "I'm just going to say hi to Michael then we can go, OK?" Max nodded and watched as she went over to Michael. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply, her hands winding around his neck. Maria saw that they'd be occupied for a couple of minutes and seized the opportunity to talk to Max, who was watching Michael and Liz kiss with a small smile.

        "So, I think that it's about time that Liz knows officially about you and Michael," Maria watched him carefully. Max's eyes snapped to hers in shock.

        "What? What did she say to you?" Max demanded.

        "Max, neither Liz nor I are idiots. We can put two and two together. Especially when you leave some huge clues," Maria told him.

        "Clues? What clues?" Max asked, trying to think of anything they might have left somewhere. Nothing came to mind.

        "Max...semen leaves a distinct aftertaste," Maria said bluntly, delighted with the sudden crimson suffusing Max's face.

        "Oh," was all he managed to say.

        "Plus, I thought it was Liz behind me because you had on your Liz face. You know, the one that says, "I'm in love"?" Maria teased him further.

        "Is it that obvious?" Max asked, his shoulders slumping as he indirectly admitted that Maria was correct. Maria took pity on him and slung an arm around him.

        "Only to us, and only because we're looking for it. Liz has been kind of working her mind around the whole idea, and she's definitely gone past shock and into interested," Maria smiled at the way Max perked up, hearing that.

        "Really? She's not like disgusted or anything?"

        "Oh, no. She keeps staring at that photo Isabel snapped of you and Michael the night of the party; I think she likes the way you look at each other. Point of fact, it doesn't bother any of us if the three of you want to make a go of it."

        "Who's us? Does everyone know?" Max's voice cracked a little and Maria laughed.

        "We haven't said anything to Kyle yet, but everyone else knows, yes. That's why I'm telling you that you need to talk to Liz about it now. She understands why you haven't said anything to date, but now that she and Michael are getting, well, closer," Maria snorted, glancing at the couple who were still locked in an embrace, "she's going to start feeling like you're lying to her. My advice is not to let her feel that way if you really want to make this work."

        "I know, it's been killing me not to say anything, but I just wasn't sure if, especially after..." Max trailed off, blushing again at his inadvertent admission. Maria smiled and squeezed him.

        "Well, now you're sure. As for the rest...well, all I'm going to say is that neither she nor I would mind being the spectator for a sport that involved you and Michael," Maria winked at him, then laughed as every exposed inch of Max's skin above his shirt collar turned a brilliant red. She kissed his cheek then dropped her arm from his shoulders and walked over to Liz and Michael.

        "Hey. You need to get back to work, buddy! Your break's long over," Maria barked in Michael's ear. He reluctantly drew back from Liz, stroking her cheek and throwing a smile Max's way before disappearing into the kitchen. Liz smiled at Maria, who shooed her off.

        "Go! Have a great time, guys," she said brightly, giving Max a significant look. He nodded imperceptibly then took Liz's hand and they left.

        All through dinner Liz thwarted every attempt Max made to turn the subject of conversation to Michael. She chattered about anything and everything else but seemingly refused to touch the one thing Max really wanted to talk about. Yet Max sensed that she wasn't doing it maliciously, that she had her own reasons for not wanting to discuss it right now. Perhaps it was the not quite privacy of the restaurant, even though they had an isolated booth. Whatever the reason, Max stopped trying to fight it and just let the conversation flow naturally. They both relaxed and became more playful, flirting with each other. Finally they ordered green tea ice cream to finish off their meal.

        Max had just taken the first spoonful of his ice cream when he almost spit it back out. He looked down. Sure enough, Liz's slender foot was in his lap, her toes massaging his groin, which was quickly hardening under her touch. He looked back up to find her smiling coyly at him.

        "Liz, what are you up to?" he asked with an answering smile. Max had never realized how flexible toes could be, or maybe it was just Liz's toes that were flexible. In any case, her remarkably thorough caresses had his full attention.

        "Nothing, Max dear. Did you plan on coming over once we've finished dessert?" Liz asked, looking at him through half-closed eyelids. Max swallowed hard.

        "Plan? No. Hope is more like it," he said huskily, feeling a surge of desire as her smile deepened in approval. She pushed aside her ice cream and Max echoed the gesture as the waitress came back with the bill. Max hastily folded his arms on the table in front of him, leaning forward slightly so that she wouldn't see what Liz was doing.

        "Whose turn is it?" Liz asked as she picked up the bill, checking its accuracy. Max reached for his wallet.

        "Mine. You got it last time," he answered and she handed him the bill. Max glanced at it and pulled out the appropriate amount of money to cover their meal and leave a generous tip, then looked at Liz.

        "Shall we?" he inquired archly. Liz smiled slowly and removed her foot, slipping it back into her shoe before she stood up. She looped her arm through Max's as he stood and looked up at him.

        "Let's," she said throatily, enjoying the way his eyes darkened at her tone of voice.

        They walked back to the Crashdown, in no hurry despite the fire raging through both of them. It was a beautiful night, bright with stars even in town. The kind of night where the world is hushed and there's a feeling of magic in the air, tingling along your skin, making you feel alive. Max and Liz did not disturb the magic with words; they merely walked, arm in arm, breathing in the beauty and the stillness.

        At length they neared the café and Liz regretfully broke the silence. "Walk me to my door and say goodnight, then go around to the balcony, OK?"

        "Yeah, fine," Max smiled down at her, leaning close to kiss the top of her head. When they reached her door he waited for her to unlock and open it then drew her against him for a sweet kiss, leaning his forehead to hers when he pulled away.

        "I'll see you later, love," he said quietly, not getting any more specific in case one of her parents could hear them. Liz smiled and kissed him again.

        "Later," she echoed, her eyes full of promise. She turned and went in, closing the door behind her. Max heard the lock shoot home and turned to go around to the side of the building, where he climbed the fire escape with practiced ease. Liz wasn't in her room yet so he settled into one of the lounge chairs to wait for her, not wanting to just barge in. Eventually she arrived, opening the window and climbing out to greet him.

        "Hi. It's gorgeous tonight, isn't it?" Liz said softly. Max nodded, rising from the chair.

        "Not as gorgeous as you," he whispered, making her smile. Liz took his hand and tugged him to the window and they both entered her room. The radio was playing some station that had soft music, and one lamp was turned on, casting a misty glow over the bed as Liz sat down on it. Max followed her, stretching out beside her and stroking her loose hair.

        "Liz, there's something that I really need to talk to you about," Max said quietly. Liz stretched out as well and laid her finger to his lips.

        "After, Max. Right now, I want you," she said steadily, the message in her eyes unmistakable. Max groaned and reached for her, fusing his lips to her own. Liz moved closer, flinging her leg over Max's and pressing against him as his hands tangled in her hair, his tongue invading her parting lips to explore her mouth. He tasted her hungrily, holding her head firmly while their tongues met and mated, twining sinuously around each other in an ancient dance.

        Liz skimmed her palms over his back and arms, bringing her hands to his collar and slowly unbuttoning his shirt. She pushed it aside once it was open, her fingers trailing fire along his bare skin as she moved down to his pants. When they were also undone, Max freed his hands from her hair and quickly divested himself of his clothing before leisurely undressing Liz. His hands lingered on every inch of skin he exposed, making her shiver with anticipation. At last they were lying naked together.

        Max returned to kissing Liz, capturing her lips in one swift movement. Liz pressed as close as possible, wringing a groan from Max as her wet heat moved against his cock. She pressed harder, forcing him onto his back, and rocked against his hard length.

        "You like that," she whispered, seeing the way Max's eyes flared at her motions and her words. He nodded, gazing at her, and Liz snaked one hand down between them, firmly grasping his cock. She watched his eyes flare again, their brilliant amber darkening with desire as she started to stroke him. Playfully, Liz asked, "And how about if I suck your cock? Think you'd like that?" She smiled in satisfaction as his throat worked, but no words came out.

        "I asked you a question, Max. Do you want me to suck your cock?" Liz repeated. Max stared at her for a long moment, then pulled her face to his, kissing her with nearly bruising force. He ended the kiss rapidly and growled, "Yes!"

        Liz felt a wicked surge of heat and power. She licked Max's bottom lip then slid down his body, heading straight for his groin. Max lifted his head and watched as her parted lips closed around the tip of his cock and slowly moved towards the base, swallowing him. It was an intensely erotic image and he groaned as her lips touched bottom and started back up, creating suction. His head fell back, his eyes closing, and he groaned again when her hands began caressing him everywhere she could reach while she continued to suck. He didn't even open his eyes when he felt her groping for something under her pillow. But a moment later they flew open and he propped himself on his elbows, staring down at her as he felt the familiar cool sensation of lubricant on his skin.

        "Uh, Liz?" Max squeaked. She continued to spread the slippery gel onto his skin as she looked up at him.

        "Mmm-hmm?" she answered, her mouth full.

        "What, uh, what are you," Max fell silent at the devilish glitter in her eyes. Her lips never stopped their up and down motion, but he would swear that she had just smiled. He closed his eyes reflexively as she began to trace delicate lines on the sensitive skin between his buttocks, forcing himself to look at her as she drew closer and closer to her goal. The lines became circles, tracing the muscular texture of his opening. Max held his breath. Would she? Was she really that daring? Liz met his eyes and Max swallowed hard.

        In the next moment Liz inserted her slender fingers into Max, ripping a deep groan from his throat. She felt the answering leap in his cock, straining against her tongue, and she slowly pumped her fingers in and out, gradually matching the rhythm of her mouth. When she glanced up at Max, he had fallen flat, his hands bunched in her bedspread, gasping for air. Liz felt another surge of desire and pushed harder.

        Max was drowning in sensation, his disbelief only heightening it. He noticed that familiar tightness in his groin and managed to say, "Liz, I—I'm going to," his voice ragged. Instantly Liz clamped her free hand around the base of his cock, squeezing it hard, and stopped all other motion. She swiftly withdrew her fingers and her lips and just held him in a vice grip for a few moments. A tiny bit of liquid spilled from the tip of his cock, but no more than that. When she was sure no more would follow, Liz released her grip, kissing the tip of his cock before she crawled up beside Max and looked at him. He turned his head to return her gaze, a dumbfounded look on his face.

        "I had no idea it was possible to not, you know, and still have an orgasm," Max said shakily. Liz grinned and smoothed his bangs off his forehead, kissing it.

        "Well, now you know. Actually now we both know, because I wasn't sure it would work. So. I take it that was OK, since I already know that you liked it," Liz purred, touching his cheek tenderly as he blushed.

        "Liz, I," Max stopped as she shook her head.

        "Serious conversations are for later, Max. Right now all I want to know is how much you enjoyed having my fingers in your ass," she murmured, laughing when he gasped at her audacity. There was so much sheer physical sensation zinging through his body that Max couldn't focus worth a damn to read Liz at all. He didn't know if her words and actions meant that she was all right with what was happening between him and Michael, or if she was claiming all of him for herself. What he was sure of, was that somehow she knew. Just as Maria had told him, Liz knew. And something about knowing that she knew and was still here in bed with him now drove Max absolutely crazy.

        "Why don't I show you?" he growled as he pushed Liz onto her back, moving to cover her. His hand slipped down between their bodies and found her wetness, his fingers plunging into her heat. Liz cried out at the sudden intensity, her hips rising to meet his hand. Max continued to fingerfuck her as his thumb pressed gentle circles around her clitoris and his lips closed around the pink bud of her nipple, pulling it to hardness. He shifted so that his other hand was free and used it to knead her other breast, tugging none too gently on her tight nipple while Liz writhed beneath him, trying desperately to control the volume of her moans.

        Liz had already been thoroughly aroused by Max's responsiveness to her touch and his onslaught was building the pressure within her very rapidly. She clutched at his hair, pulling him up and Max took her mouth as she climaxed against his hand, her cries muffled by his lips. He continued to stimulate her gently until her tremors subsided then withdrew his hand, blatantly licking his fingers. Liz smiled, looking at him through the veil of her thick eyelashes; it was a gesture of tenderness to her now, it didn't embarrass her in the slightest anymore.

        "Does that answer your question?" Max murmured with a crooked grin. Liz looked puzzled for a moment and he laughed, wiggling his fingers at her. Her brow smoothed and she smiled.

        "Yes, I—I believe it does. Max," this time it was his finger against her lips that halted the flow of words. With a gentle smile Max rolled onto his back, pulling Liz on top of him and gazing at her lovingly, a question in his eyes. She leaned forward until their noses almost touched and said teasingly, "Ride 'em cowgirl?"

        Max laughed, his hands cupping her face and pulling her a little closer for a quick kiss. His voice was husky as he replied, "Something like that, yeah." His breath caught in his throat as she sat up slowly. Her chocolate hair was just long enough to cover her breasts, their hard pink tips peeking out through the silky tresses. God, she was beautiful! Liz raised herself up, poised over his erection, when they both froze.

        "Lizzie? Could you come out, please? I need to talk to you," Mr. Parker called through the door. Liz rolled her eyes and moved forward a little, settling her bottom on Max's abdomen.

        "Can't it wait till tomorrow, Dad? I just had a bath, I'm not even in my p.j.s yet and I was kind of hoping to just go to bed," Liz called back, smacking Max as he grinned up at her, mouthing, "Sure you were."

        "I know, sweetie, and I'm tired too. I'd just really like to talk to you now, before I turn in for the night myself," Mr. Parker said.

        "Well, could you give me like fifteen minutes? You know, to get dressed and everything," Liz asked in a last ditch attempt. She smiled at Max who was pretending to be indignant at the short amount of time. He knew as well as she did that after how worked up they had gotten each other, that would be enough time, but she was such fun to tease! They both sighed a moment later, though.

        "Just throw on your robe, sweetie. It won't take long, and then you can go to bed," Mr. Parker said fondly. Liz scowled, but she kept it out of her voice as she replied, "All right, I'll be there in a sec." She crawled off Max and stood indecisively for a moment. Max rose and gracefully made the decision for her.

        "It's OK, I'll go home. You're certainly not going to feel like doing anything after a father/daughter chat," he told her, pressing a light kiss to her forehead. Liz slumped against him.

        "This sucks. He has got the worst timing, I swear!"

        "Well, not really. Just think, he could have showed five minutes later and you wouldn't have been capable of a coherent conversation. He probably would have broken the door down and I'd be dead now," Max joked. Liz smiled but her bottom lip protruded in a definite pout. Max told the sudden fierce aching in his groin to go for a long walk. He couldn't resist nibbling on her pouty lip, though. Liz closed her eyes, enjoying the caress, then regretfully pushed Max away and went to grab her robe. She put it on and ran a brush through her hair as Max got dressed. He waved a gentle hand over her face, erasing the signs of their passion, then kissed her before he climbed out the window and headed for home. Liz watched him go over the balcony railing with a deep sigh. Her face may not have appeared as though she had been about to make love to her soul mate, but her body was still humming with desire. She straightened her shoulders as an idea occurred to her, one that brought a smile to her lips as she tidied her bed and went to talk to her father.

        Max walked home slowly, aching with every step. He wanted nothing more than to go back up to Liz's bed and take her. But he couldn't do that, so he just kept walking. He'd never been so frustrated in all his life. Sure, before he and Liz made love that first time he'd left occasionally with a hard-on from their fooling around, but never like this. He was almost in pain, he wanted her so badly.

        Max was careful not to slam the front door; from the lightless condition of the house, he could see that his parents were obviously in bed already. Isabel watched from the darkened kitchen as he tossed his shoes onto the floor and slammed his keys onto their hook.

        "Bad night?" she inquired as she flicked the light on. Max squinted in the sudden brightness.

        "Great night...until Liz's dad decided he wanted to chat with her at a somewhat inopportune moment," Max scowled. Isabel made a sympathetic face.

        "That sucks. Well, I won't complain about the noise if you decide you want to take a cold shower now. Mom and Dad sacked out about an hour ago," she informed him.

        "Thanks, Iz. I just might do that," Max's tone softened a little in gratitude at her understanding. "How was your night?"

        "Way, way better than yours, I can tell you that!" Isabel smiled and winked at him, then turned and went back to her room with her glass of water. The scowl returned to Max's face as he watched her go. He grabbed his own glass of water and went to his room, flinging himself on the bed and staring at the ceiling. He thought about calling Michael, but it seemed crass to chance disturbing him because Max and their girlfriend hadn't been able to finish the job. He dismissed the thought. After Max lay there for a while longer he got up and stripped to his boxers, opening the window to let in the night air. He stood looking at the stars for a few minutes, breathing in the perfume of the flowers in his mother's garden, trying to calm down. It worked a little bit; he didn't feel ready to tear someone limb from limb anymore, but he was nowhere near being relaxed. Max sighed and turned to go back to bed when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye and froze.

        Michael was nervous about what kind of a reception he would get, but he'd been driving himself crazy all night thinking about Liz and Max. He figured that he and Max were far enough along in their relationship now that if Max weren't in the mood he would say so. Michael rounded the corner of the house near Max's window and froze, seeing someone in the window. His breath caught in fear for a moment, fear that something might have happened, when the figure moved slightly and Michael saw the way the light rippled across his arm muscles. It was Max.

        Max realized that it was Michael at almost the same time and beckoned him in. Michael climbed through the window and stood facing Max.

        "What's up? Is something wrong?" Max asked, a note of worry in his voice. Michael waved away that notion.

        "Nah. I, uh, I—do you remember that conversation we had, about middle of the night visits?" Michael asked, his voice cracking slightly. Max stared at him.

        "You mean you're here because you want to..." Max trailed off at Michael's hesitant nod and a broad grin spread across his face, startling Michael. Michael looked a little closer at Max, noticing his tension and the way his boxers stood straight out. Maybe he wasn't the only one who was in need.

        "You have no idea how glad I am to hear that," Max breathed before he attacked Michael's mouth.

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