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Firsts, Part Ten

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive July 22, 2001

        Max and Michael were sitting in a booth at the Crashdown, talking. They had just finished their food when Liz slid into the booth beside Max.

        "Hey," she said brightly, smiling.

        "Hey. I thought you had to work tonight; Michael said Karen called in sick," Max put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close, kissing her temple.

        "Oh, she did. Dad decided they could manage anyway, it's not very busy. So, what are you two doing?" Liz asked. Max and Michael exchanged a look.

        "Um, we're, uh, going to the movies. Actually, we were just about to leave," Michael said.

        "Yeah. You're welcome to come, it's just—we're going to see Tomb Raider. We thought we'd go when you were busy, since I know you don't want to see it," Max said apologetically.

        "Ugh. You're right, I don't. I really don't see the appeal," she wrinkled her nose.

        "Yeah, well, you wouldn't," Michael smirked. Max laughed. Liz looked back and forth between them, settling on Max.

        "It's the leather outfit, right? That does it for you?" she asked in hopeful disbelief.

        Max coughed against his fist. "Works for me. Michael?"

        "Oh, yeah," he grinned. Liz laughed at them both, outwardly scoffing, but she was thinking to herself, I am so glad I let Isabel talk me into that outfit! Now I just have to arrange somehow to wear it.

        "All right then, have fun. I will find something else to do," she declared. She kissed Max and rubbed her foot against Michael's thigh, then slid out of the booth and headed for the back. Max and Michael watched her till she went through the swinging doors, then looked at each other.

        "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Michael raised his eyebrows meaningfully.

        "Liz in tight black leather?" Max asked rhetorically.

        "Instant hard-on," Michael groaned. Both men laughed, then paid their bill and left.

        The movie theater wasn't very busy, being a full price week night. Max steered them to seats about two thirds of the way back, near the side. Michael thought it was a strange place to sit—he usually tried to sit in the center, close to the front—but he went along with it. They settled into their seats, passing the popcorn and setting their shared drink on the floor.

        About half an hour into the movie, Max lifted up the chair arm in between them. Michael looked down, puzzled, as Max took the popcorn from him and held it between them with his far hand. Max leaned close.

        "Michael...unzip," he whispered. Michael was astonished. He looked around carefully, seeing the same thing that Max had already noticed: no one was beside or behind them, everyone else was near the front. He swallowed and met Max's eyes, noting the devilish little smile.

        "Are you serious?" he whispered back. Max's smile grew and he nodded. Slowly, Michael undid his pants, feeling lightheaded with desire and anticipation. Max shifted in his seat to get good leverage, then his hand crept under the popcorn bag and slipped into Michael's boxers, closing firmly around his cock.

        Michael inhaled sharply as Max began to stroke him. He could barely see Max's black-clad arm against his own denim shirt, which was good. It made it less likely that someone would notice. He tried to follow the movie, but as the pleasure increased he watched it without any comprehension of the events on the screen. He jerked as he heard people coming down the aisle close to Max.

        Max stilled his hand but did not move it away, trusting to the bag of popcorn to hide its location. The couple was oblivious, not even looking over as they made their way down to their seats. Michael breathed a sigh of relief that quickly changed to a stifled groan as Max returned to stroking him in a fast rhythm, squeezing hard. He closed his eyes as the pressure built to the breaking point, biting back his verbal response as he spurted into Max's hand. Max did a few more strokes, then let Michael's limp cock slide from his hand. He waved his hand over Michael's groin, evaporating the moisture, then squeezed his thigh before grabbing a handful of popcorn and letting it tumble into his mouth.

        A little shaken still, Michael slowly did his pants back up. He glanced over at Max, noticing the sly smile playing around his lips.

        "That's why we're sitting all the way back here, isn't it? You planned that!" Michael hissed. Max looked over and lifted an eyebrow.

        "I didn't hear you saying no," was all he replied. Michael flushed and Max's smile deepened as he continued, "Come on, let's watch the rest of the movie. I'll fill you in later on anything you might have missed."

        Maria bounced into Liz's room, full of energy as usual. She flopped onto the bed beside Liz.

        "So, what's up? How come you're not with your boys?" Maria asked. Liz glared at her, and she laughed.

        "I know, you haven't really settled anything yet. I did see you and Michael kiss yesterday on your break, though. Major tongue, babe!" Maria giggled at Liz's pink cheeks.

        "I'm just getting this weird feeling, you know? Last week I didn't see them at the same time except for school, and I was so focussed on that Bio project that I wasn't really paying attention to anything else. But now, I—well, are you getting, like, a vibe between Max and Michael?" Liz asked seriously. Maria was taken aback.

        "What, you think they're like more than friends?" she asked.

        "I don't know. I—there's something nagging at me. I can't really explain it, but," Liz stopped as her mother's voice floated down the hall.

        "Lizzie, Alex is here! I'm just sending him down," Nancy called.

        "K, Mom!" Liz called back, just as Alex knocked on her door and entered.

        "Hey, Alex. What's up?" Liz asked, moving over to make room for him on the bed. Alex pulled out an envelope of photos.

        "Hi, guys. Isabel got her photos back today. I thought you might like to take a look at them," he said as he removed the pictures from the envelope and held them where everyone could see them. They giggled and commented on the various photos, and Alex watched Liz unobtrusively as they neared a particular photo. When he got to it, the laughter and the comments stopped.

        "Oh my God, Liz, you were right!" Maria exclaimed. "That is not a "best friends" kind of look."

        It was a photograph of Max and Michael looking at each other, after watching Liz come down the stairs before the party. The heat between them fairly oozed from the paper, and Liz was mesmerized by the obvious passion. She kept on staring at the photo as they started to talk.

        "So, what did Isabel say when she saw it?" Maria asked.

        "Uh, she said it was Liz's department. She also said that she had never seen them like that in the past, so she figures that when they made up last weekend they, you know, really made up," Alex laughed.

        "Was she freaked at the idea?" Liz asked.

        "Oddly enough, it didn't seem to bother her any. In fact, she made some crack about all those years wasted while Michael was climbing in Max's window," Alex said. They all laughed. Liz traced the lines of each man's face in the photo, her attention still captured by it.

        "It would make it more like Max in the middle, not me, wouldn't it," Liz said softly.

        "Well, not really, Liz. I mean, you and Michael have something too. It would be more like a circle," Maria declared. "You know, equal give and take. Can I see that for a sec?"

        Liz handed her the photo and tapped her fingernail against her teeth, lost in thought.

        "You know, I never thought I'd say this but, they look...kind of sexy together," Maria was surprised. "It makes me wonder what they'd look like kissing. Like, I've seen you kiss both of them, I wonder if it would look any different when they kissed each other?"

        "Well, I'll grant you that they look kinda cute together, but it doesn't really do anything for me one way or the other. I'm mainly concerned about how you feel, Liz," Alex prodded her.

        "That explains the look on Max's face when Michael sucked his fing—holy shit that's what I could taste!" Liz exclaimed, flashing back to Max's kitchen.

        "What are you talking about?" Maria inquired.

        "The night that Alex and I—got deflowered, Max and Michael disappeared into Max's room for a bit. This was before everyone left and I went on that ride with Michael. Anyway, when they came back I kissed Max and I could taste something familiar, I just...couldn't place it at the time. He must have...well, you know, to Michael," Liz was blushing furiously as she explained. Maria and Alex both had wide eyes.

        "That's about all I want to know about that," Alex joked. "Liz, I'm still waiting here."

        Liz took the photo back from Maria, studying it intently. The flutters in her stomach and her suddenly sweaty palms told her all that she needed to know.

        "It, uh, actually it turns me on," she whispered. She created the mental image of their naked bodies sliding together, Michael's paleness against Max's bronze, and her breath hitched in her throat.

        Alex laughed at her. "I think consorting with aliens has done wonders for your open-mindedness, Liz. Then again, I always figured that you'd turn into a total siren once you unlocked your sexuality."

        "What's that supposed to mean?" Liz demanded.

        "It's a good thing, I swear! It's just that you're a very controlled sort of person, and you had a tendency to control that part of yourself as well. But when you and Max started getting close, it made a complete difference in your attitude. You were more playful, more confident. Sexier. And happier, I might add," Alex explained, smiling at Liz's open mouth.

        "Well, thank you! I think," Liz shot at him. Then she smiled shyly, admitting, "Max—does kind of do something to my control."

        "Yeah, Isabel does that to mine, too," Alex agreed wryly.

        "Must be an Evans thing," Maria laughed.

        "So, what do I do? I mean, Max is going to take his time about telling me until he's beyond sure that I'll be fine with it, and I may go crazy and kill them both by that time!" Liz giggled.

        "I'd say the same thing I did last time: force the issue. Ask them to kiss or something," Maria suggested. Alex shook his head.

        "No, they'd probably just put on an act. You need to catch them, Liz, and then force the issue. You know, I suspected they might be more than friends since the morning after our deflowering, as you so eloquently put it, but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure. Until I saw that picture," he nodded at Liz's hand.

        "Where are they, anyway? I know Michael's off tonight," Maria wanted to know.

        "Um, they went to the movies. I was supposed to cover for Karen, so they decided to go see Tomb Raider. I didn't particularly want to go, plus I wanted to talk to you, so here I am!" Liz answered. "But, I'm like thanking Isabel the next time I see her for talking me into that black leather ensemble, because from the way they were talking it should go over really well!"

        "What ensemble?" Maria asked. "You didn't tell me about that."

        "Yeah, let's see it, Parker," Alex chimed in.

        "All right. But I'm just going to show it to you, no modeling sessions," Liz laughed.

        "Aw, where's the fun in that? There should be some perks to being a girlfriend!" Alex pouted. He and Maria laughed when Liz glared at him. She opened her lingerie drawer and pulled out the garment, holding it up in front of her and curving it around her body.

        "Jeez, Liz, I'd do ya and I'm really not interested in you!" Maria's voice was hushed. Alex didn't speak; he merely gulped, his eyes growing wide. Liz put it back and pulled out the remainder.

        "These go with it. Oh, and these," she pulled out something else, displaying the items then replacing them and closing the drawer.

        "Liz, babe, they do not have a chance," Maria gloated.

        "Oh, I second that!" Alex said breathlessly. Liz and Maria laughed at him. "All you need are boots, and I know you have those. They'll be like, "Angelina who?""

        "I know. That's why I let Isabel talk me into it. Well, that and it does amazing things for my cleavage. Maria, you can borrow it some time—after it's been, um, broken in," Liz winked.

        "If I ever have the occasion to wear it, I may just take you up on that," Maria giggled. "Shall we look at the rest of the photos now?"

        "Yeah, let's do that," Alex agreed. "I don't really need images of the two of you wearing that in my head!"

        Max and Michael entered Michael's apartment. Michael flicked on the lights as Max sank onto the couch. They both kicked off their shoes and Michael sat beside Max, leaning against him. Max put an arm around his shoulder.

        "I still can't believe you did that," Michael chuckled.

        "Do you realize that we basically just went on a date? Dinner and a movie, how cliché," Max laughed.

        "Well, since I paid thanks to you being broke till payday on Friday, does that mean you're going to put out?" Michael joked. He was surprised when Max gently grasped his chin, tilting his face so that their eyes met. Michael's breath caught at Max's next words.

        "I'm ready if you are."

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