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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list August 24, 2001

Disclaimers- I don't own tess, all I own are my words, and well who else would want them.
Authors note- don't ask me what possed me to write this, it was just an idea I had so I wrote this short piece to 'play' with the idea. Ok this is the slash version of the confusing genderless version, i'll write more and one day I'll write a hetro version.
Feedback- yes please send it to

        Tess looked at herself in the mirror. Her eye was purple and swollen a small train of blood ran down her chin from her split lip. She waved her hand across her face and the wounds dissapeard and her face returned to perfection. She'd be home soon and tell Tess she was sorry, Tess would forgive her because she knew it was her own fault, then they'd make love. But she might have been drinking and then Tess'd be in for another beating.

        A key turned in the lock downstairs and the door opened "Tess?" She called out softly. Tess smiled, they weren't drunk, soon she'd be curled up in warm arms.

        "Tess?" she walked to the top of the stairs and looked down at her lover "There you are" Tess smiled slightly "I'm sorry Tess I shouldn't have"

        "No, It was my fault, I should have known better"

        "You've healed yourself" She noted. Tess nodded "Come here"

        Tess walked down the stairs into her lovers arms. A soft kiss landed on the top of her head as Tess wrapped her arms around her waist. "I'm so sorry Tess" She spoke softly as she kissed her. Tess was lifted off her feat and carried to the bedroom. As they accended the stairs Nasado's voice filled Tess's head.

        'You're stupid Tess'

        Tess inwardly flinched at the memory of his strong hand against her small face

        'You don't deserve your destiny'

        Tess looked into the mirror and ran her fingers along the contours of her perfect face. She sighed, it wasn't Isabels fault she told herself, none of it was it was all her own fault, she'd caused all this.

        "you ok?" Isabel asked coming up behind her, Tess turned and smiled slightly

        "I'm fine"

        "I'm really sorry, Tess, about last night"

        Tess wrapped her arms tightly around Isabel "I know" she said "And it's not your fault"

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