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Your King

Reply to Susan

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 27, 2004

Title: Your King
Author: Susan
Category: AU Slash NC-17 Michael/Zan
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, I own nothing
Summary: Michael left Roswell after Independence Day. He is in NY and is admitting things that he never even admitted to himself before. This is in response to a challenge issued by Stormybear. ;)

Authors Note: I can't write Zan as the Dupes spoke in Meet the Dupes so I wrote his dialogue normal but explained he had a strong NY accent.

      When he left Roswell six months before Michael felt totally disconnected from everyone. The crap with Hank had finally hit the fan. He couldn't go back there. Hank knew he was a freak. He may have been a horrible excuse for a human being and an even worse parent but he was all he had. He never had the luck that Max and Isabel had. He never knew what it was like to have a cushy family. He ran away. Six months later he could admit that. He was too proud to ask for help, as Max and Isabel wanted him to do, and he was too scared to admit his feelings. So he had ran away from the only people who had ever loved him and he loved in return. He ran from Max, Isabel and Maria.

      He had been all over the U.S. in the past six months. He was now in New York City. It was like a different world compared to Roswell, New Mexico. There were so many people and so much going on at the same time. It made his small town mind spin. He'd experienced a lot since leaving Roswell. He seemed to always find a way to make money and thank god for that because he had seen what it was like for those that couldn't. It scared the crap out of him. In New York it seemed that there were three times as many kids living on the street as any place else he had been.

      Michael had discovered the dimly lit club that he was now walking into on his second night in NY. He'd been trying to get away from some guy who thought he was a hustler and kept trying to pick him up even after he had told him to fuck off. It was a wild place. He'd definitely never seen anything like it in Roswell. Michael nodded to a couple of guys he recognized from the street as he made his way to the second floor. He assumed they had moved into the club hoping to find better action than they were finding on the street. Michael was again glad that he didn't have to live the life that they did. He was in the club because he wanted to be there not because he had to.

      All his life Michael had known he was different, and not just because he was an alien, but because he was attracted to other guys. No one in Roswell knew of his hidden desires. He'd kept his secret buried deep. Michael barely even admitted it to himself. It wasn't until the first night he walked in this club that he could actually acknowledge what had always been there.

      Michael absolutely hated the music that was playing on the dance floor below. He hated that techno dance crap they played every night. Give him the hard head-banging beat of Metallica any day but he did love to watch the hard, slick bodies gyrating to the upbeat tempo. He never did more than watch. It was enough for him even he always ended up painfully hard and so full of bent up desire that he thought he was going to explode every night. Tonight was no different then any other night since he first discovered the place two weeks before.

      He watched one of the regulars, as Michael like to call them, zero in on some guy that just walked in. Michael couldn't get a good look at the guys face but he could see his body. The new guy was tall, not quite as tall as Michael, with a ripped body. He wore a tight white shirt that showed off an amazing upper body. He was definitely built. And he looked sexy as hell in his tight black leather pants. He could see why the regular was drawn to the guy and couldn't help wondering what his face looked like. The regular approached the guy but it seemed as if he blew him off and instead the guy walked up the other set of stairs leading the second floor. Michael continued to watch the guy as he walked up the stairs but as much as he tried he still couldn't see the guys face as the stairway was very dimly lit and the guy seemed to like staying in the shadows.

      For the first time in two weeks Michael felt a pull to someone, like he really wanted to do more than watch. Michael had been approached by a bunch of guys before but he always declined anything they were offering whether it was a drink, a dance or even something sexual. As much as he was attracted he just couldn't bring himself to act. It didn't feel right. But this new guy was different. Michael's body instantly reacted to him and for the first time he wanted to act on it. He wanted whatever the guy was interested in.

      The guy finally reached the second floor and turned and looked directly at Michael, his face still hidden in the shadows, before he turned and headed into the back room. Michael's instinct told him to follow, that the guy wanted him to. The back room was actually a long hallway that led to a series of doorways. The rooms were there for the use of the patrons of the club. Most of the doors were shut although some were left slightly a jar. Michael could hear moans coming from the men in those rooms even above the loud music. He could see that the room at the end of the hallway was open and he felt like something was pulling him towards it. As he approached the room he could see it was dark but the white shirt that the guy wore stood out as a beckon pulling him closer. A moment before he stepped through the doorway the lights in the hall flickered out and Michael was thrown back as a wave of energy hit him squarely in the chest. It was like nothing he felt before. Michael wasn't sure what it was that hit him but he was positive that it was alien related. He should have been scared. He should have tried to use his own powers against the unknown force but instead he just continued to walk towards the open doorway. As soon as he did he was pulled into the room into strong arms that pushed him against the wall. He heard the door to the room being shut and locked but could not see a thing in the darkness. Michael may not have been scared but he was becoming pissed off and struggled against the man who held him against his will.

      "Stop fighting me. You want this so chill and let it happen." The man said barely above a whisper. He heard his voice enough to hear the strong NY accent.

      The words shouldn't have calmed him but they need. The guy was right he did want this, whatever this was going to be. He just didn't like feeling like he wasn't in control and powerless. Michael stopped struggling against the guy but in desperate need to feel like he had some control in the situation tried to use his powers to push the guy away from him. But he soon discovered that his powers didn't seem to be working. He had never been any good at them but he'd always been able to feel the energy inside of him even when he couldn't get them to work the way he wanted.

      The man laughed. "They wont work in here. I'm sorry I had to do it but I didn't want either of us to get hurt."

      "Who are you?" Michael asked as the fear he had not felt before started to sink in.

      "I think you know. Don't worry my powers don't work in here either. We are both defenseless." He said as he moved closer to Michael once again. Michael could feel the man's breath against his lips only moments before his lips gently touched Michael's own.

      Michael opened his mouth to the man's seeking tongue and soon their tongues were dueling against each other. Michael had never experienced a kiss like the one he was now sharing with this stranger, this alien. He felt it all the way to his toes. His cock was painfully hard as the man's body pushed harder against Michael's. When he felt the man rock his equally hard cock against his he couldn't hold back his moan.

      "Feel good huh? You want more?" the man asked

      "Yes." Michael said his voice coming out a moan when the man rubbed against Michael again. "Turn on the lights though. I want to see you."

      "Can't. Power is out in this hallway for now and I don't have the power to make it come back on. It is better this way." The man whispered against Michael's ear before licking it with his tongue.

      Michael moaned. "Why better?" he asked trying to think clearly but the man was making it nearly impossible for him.

      "This way you can pretend you are with the one you really want to be with."

      "What do you mean?" Michael asked confused. He wasn't sure what was confusing him more: the man's words, the situation itself, or what he was feeling. He'd never been in a situation like this before but still it all felt like it was familiar to him. Like he was suffering from déjà vu.

      "I've watched turn down every guy that has approached you for two weeks. You always leave alone and never come into these rooms. I could feel the sexual tension rolling off you in waves but you never acted on it once. Only a guy pining over someone else does that." The man said as he kneeled in front of Michael unzipping his jeans and pulling them down to his ankles.

      Michael hissed as he felt the man reach into Michael's boxers and grab a hold of his hard cock. "Whatever man. I'm not going to argue with you when you continue to touch me like that."

      The man laughed and slowly touched his lips to the head of Michael's cock licking the liquid that was leaking from his slit. "HmmmŠ you taste good."

      Michael couldn't form words as the man took Michael's cock into this mouth. He legs began to shake and his vision blurred as he quickly started to reach his peak but then suddenly the man stopped.

      Michael wanted to shout but instead said quietly "No. Don't stop. I was almost there."

      "Say my name." The man demanded.

      "I don't know your damn name. Fuck what is this." Said this time shouting in frustration.

      The man's lips touched Michael's cock again but quickly removed them. "Say his name. The one you want. Tell me by name what you want me to do."

      "Shit. This is whacked man. You are nuts." Michael cursed the man and the situation he was now in. He wanted to come so badly. He was almost there and this alien was completely nuts. But he did was the guy wanted. "Please Max. Blow me. Make me come. This is crazy. Fuck me."

      The man laughed, "I plan on it." He wrapped his mouth tightly around Michael's cock before Michael even had a chance to respond to him. His hands fondled Michael's balls as he bobbed his head up and down on Michael's cock.

      This crazy alien had made him admit the one thing that he hadn't even said to himself out loud. He wanted Max. He wanted him desperately. Michael's hands found there way into the man's hair. His hair was longer than Max's but the texture seemed enough like it that he really could pretend that it was his friend that was giving him a blow job. "Fuck yes, Max. I'm almost there man. Suck me harder."

      The man did as Michael requested as his hand rubbed against the ultra sensitive skin between his ball sack and his anus. The man swallowed quickly when Michael blew his load down his throat and moaned Max's name.

      Michael's legs would not hold him any longer and he slid down the wall until he reached the floor. The man leaned forward and kissed Michael gently. After a few minutes he pulled back.

      "So has the real Max ever given you a blow job like that?"

      "Fuck no. He'd never do that." Michael said quickly.

      "Oh so he doesn't have the full 411 huh?" the man said more than asked.

      "Nah. Max isn't into guys man. He is into a girl. I mean majorly into. Sickeningly into."

      "He's in love with her." The man clarified

      "Yeah I guess. Anyhow like I said he isn't into guys, he isn't gay." Michael told him the sound of regret evident in his voice.

      "Like your are?"

      Michael lets out a harsh breath. "I don't know what the fuck I am. Am I straight, am I gay, am I bi? This thing is just whacked."

      "You into girls to?" the man asked hearing the disgusted tone in Michael's voice.

      "Before I left home I had a girl. She was loud and annoying and beautiful and sexy. She drove me nuts and I wanted her to a point of desperation at times."

      The guy laughed. "I take that as a yes. Seems to me then that would mean you are bi."

      "Yeah I guess." Michael agreed hesitantly. He didn't like putting a label on himself. He was just Michael, a stranded alien from a different planet who was attracted to both sexes. This guy seemed to at least be gay if nothing else so he couldn't help wondering if a lot of aliens were that way. "What about you? You into girls to?"

      "Have been on occasion. I have a girl now but it's not enough. I need more sometimes. If you know what I mean." The man admitted.

      "Guess I do. Like I said before this is kind of whacked."

      "But good." He said before crashing his lips once again against Michael's. Michael instantly opened his mouth to him and leaned down pulling the man down with him so that he was lying on top of him. Michael could feel the man's hard cock resting against his stomach. He reached down between them to rub his hand against it. The man moaned in response.

      "I may want Max but right now I want you. Whoever you are, whatever you name is." Michael stated

      "Zan. My name is Zan." He whispered

      "I'm Michael." Michael introduced himself as he started to pull Zan's shirt away from his back so he could reach bare skin.

      Zan groaned when he felt Michael's hand on his back. He wanted Michael badly and told him so. "I want to fuck you Michael."

      It wasn't a question but Michael answered his declaration anyhow. "Yes."

      They started pulling at each other's clothes until they were both naked; their limbs intertwined with each other, their hands and mouths touching as much of each other as they could without separating. Zan pushed Michael flat on his back. He reached in his pants and pulled out his wallet, pulling the condom he always carried from it.

      Michael could hear ripping and knew that Zan had thought of something that Michael had not considered as he was so caught up in the moment with him. He hadn't even thought of protection and couldn't help tensing up. This whole situation was crazy. He had no control of even his own mind. He couldn't think of the simplest things.

      Zan felt Michael tense and tried to calm him. "This is for your protection. I've done all kinds of crap with a lot of people." Zan didn't like the way that sounded so he continued. "I mean I've lived on the street you know. I've had to do stuff. You know what I'm saying."

      Michael pulled Zan down so their lips were almost touching. "It isn't that. I just can't believe I didn't even think of it. This is messing with my head man. I'm not even thinking straight."

      Zan relaxed a bit and laughed. "I think you need to stop thinking right now and just feel." He said as he pulled Michael's legs up to his shoulders. He lubricated his fingers with his spit and worked a finger against Michael's opening. "Relax Michael. I'll take care of ya."

      As much as Michael tried to he had a hard time relaxing as Zan asked. He'd never done this before but he knew it would hurt at least at first. Zan used his fingers for a little while longer until finally he felt Michael relax his muscles and then he pushed his aching cock into Michael's tight opening. They both moaned when Zan was finally in.

      "Fuck Zan." Michael moaned.

      "You feel so damn good Michael. Better then evenŠ" Zan didn't finish his sentence but instead started to move his cock in and out of Michael. After a few thrusts Zan finally hit the sweet spot and Michael's whole body thrust up against Zan.

      "Shit that feels good. Do it again. Please" Michael begged. Michael had never begged for anything in his whole life but he found himself begging Zan over and over for release.

      It wasn't long before Michael was shooting his load against Zan's belly. The tightening of Michael's muscles as he came triggered Zan's orgasm as well. He shouted a name in release.

      Zan fell down on the floor besides Michael, his body too relaxed and sated to move. After a few moments Michael asked. "Who is Rath?"

      Zan laughed. "Sorry about that. He's my Max, only he knows the score."

      "You've fucked him?" Michael asked

      "Yeah. Even though I wish I didn't I still want him." Zan whispered

      "He an asshole?"

      "Didn't use to be but things have changed, he is warped now."

      "Make the lights come on again Zan. I want to see you." Michael asked

      "Not yet. Listen Michael. Go home to your King. Tell him how you feel. He'll want you. He won't have a choice. It's in his head as much as it is in yours."

      "What. I don't understand." Michael said in frustration. Zan was a cryptic bastard. He just didn't understand him.

      "I know but you will." Zan said with sadness in his voice. He grabbed his clothes and quickly got dressed as he threw Michael's his so he could do so. When he heard Michael zip up his jeans Zan moved to the corner and picked up the device he had stored there earlier and turned the switch. He felt a wave of energy flow through him and then used his powers to turn the lights on in the room.

      Michael covered his eyes from the sudden brightness. After a few moments of adjustment he was able to squint his eyes enough so he could see. His eyes instantly searched for Zan. When he got his first glimpse of the man who had just fucked him he felt like the air had been pulled out of his body and he grabbed onto the wall to steady himself. "What? Who? How?" Michael couldn't seem to come up with a complete sentence. His mind was reeling with the vision in front of him. Zan was wearing the face of his best friend. His hair was longer, his face unshaven, he had tattoos on his arm and piercings in his ears but he looked exactly like Max.

      "I'm Zan. I'm Max's dupe. They made two sets of us." Zan explained.

      "Two sets. Two sets of what? Who are we? Who made us?" Michael demanded answers

      "They cloned us, the original rulers of the planet mixing alien and human DNA. They made one set but they found it flawed so they made another. They sent both sets here anyway." Zan couldn't quite make his eyes reach Michael's. He felt ashamed for what he had done. He'd noticed Michael the moment he walked through the club doors two weeks before. He was instantly drawn to him. He felt the connection he had always had with Rath but it was different, more powerful. Michael had felt different than Rath and it intrigued him more. He realized a few days ago what was so different between the two of them. Michael was purer than Rath would ever be, had ever been. Michael was more like the Rath that was in his head from their past lives. Michael was what Rath should have been but never would be.

      "Which set was flawed?" Michael asked.

      "You were left safe and sound in a cave in Roswell while we were abandoned in the sewers of New York. What do you think?" Zan asked sarcastically.

      "Why are we here?" Michael asked shaking his head. He couldn't believe this was happening. All this time he was searching for answers and he found it in the back room of a gay dance club of all places.

      "Go home Michael. They have answers. Go to your King." Zan insisted.

      "King? Max?" Michael and Isabel had automatically made Max the leader of their group a long time ago. It was starting to make sense why.

      "Zan was King of Antar, you were his second Rath and also his lover."

      "That is what you meant before when you said I'm in his head and he is in mine. It is the way it was beforeŠ"

      "And the way it will always be." Zan finished his sentence

      Zan walked over to Michael and took his face into his hands, caressing his cheeks gently. "Max is lucky. I hope he is worthy of you." Zan kissed Michael gently and then left a shocked Michael alone in the room.

      Michael shook his head and ran after Zan but he lost him as soon as he reached the dance floor. He ran outside but there was no sign of him. Everything that Zan told him ran through his head. It was absolutely unbelievable yet remarkably he did not doubt a word Zan had said. It was like finally everything in his life made sense to him. All the feelings he had denied and even ran from all made absolute sense and he knew what he had to do. He had to go home to Roswell to his friends: to Maria, to Isabel and especially to Max, his King.

      The End.

      I plan on writing a sequel to this. I think Michael needs to show Max everything he has learned in NY. ;)

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