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Higher Education, Part 2

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Originally posted to Roswell Desert Skies in 2004

      Kyle quickly stepped into the shower pushing Michael against the tiled wall. "Yep definitely would rather make you come first."

      Kyle sank to his knees and took Michael's hard cock deeply into his mouth.

      "Kyle." Michael groaned his hand cradling Kyle's head as he thrusted his cock into Kyle's mouth.

      It wasn't long before Michael was erupting deep down Kyle's throat. Kyle stood licking his lips.

      "God Kyle, you have the best fucking mouth." Michael said recovering from yet another intense orgasm at the mouth of Kyle Valenti. He'd waited almost ten agonizing minutes for Kyle to decide to join him in the shower. He almost shouted with joy when he finally heard Kyle enter the room. Michael was very grateful that Kyle had joined him.

      Kyle grabbed the soap. "You know, Michael, since I'm the only one who has given you a blow job I don't know if that really is much of a compliment." Kyle said playfully while he rubbed soapy hands over Michael's body.

      "You still have a great mouth." Michael said kissing Kyle passionately as he took the soap from Kyle so he could soap him down as well.

      "I think we are both clean enough. Let's get out of here." Kyle said breathlessly as he pulled the shower head down rinsing the soap off of both of them.

      Kyle and Michael quickly got out the shower and dried off. Michael pulled Kyle into their room until they were standing beside Kyle's bed. "I want you on your hands and knees. Now." He commanded.

      Kyle heart skipped a beat. He really loved it when Michael was domineering. It made his cock ache and his body feel like he was burning up from the inside out.

      Kyle did as he was told, his cock throbbing painfully, his whole body ready for Michael's onslaught. He moaned when he felt Michael's fingers slick with lub against his opening. But Michael made no move them forward. "Fuck Michael. Do it man. I'm dying here."

      "Not yet. Not until you promise me this isn't going to end." Michael said his fingers rubbing against Kyle's hole as his other hand reached around to grab Kyle's hard cock.

      "Shit. Fuck." Kyle begged arching his back against Michael silently begging for Michael to enter him, to jerk him, anything, just so he could come.

      Michael stilled all movement. "Promise me Kyle."

      Kyle turned his head and looked deeply into Michael's eyes. This was not some sexual domination game. Michael was totally serious. He wanted Kyle's promise. Kyle wished he could but it was impossible he couldn't make that promise and he tried to tell Michael with his eyes hoping he would understand.

      Michael broke eye contact with Kyle leaning against Kyle and kissed his shoulder. "Please Kyle. Just give us more time. I know you want this as much as I do."

      "I can give you now Michael but it wouldn't be fair to either one of us for me to promise anything else." Kyle said as he placed his hand on top of Michael's and forced him to start moving up and down on his cock.

      Michael kissed Kyle's shoulder once more and then pushed his fingers through his opening eliciting a deep moan from Kyle. "I want you so damn bad Kyle." Michael groaned.

      "Fuck me Michael." Kyle moaned moving his hips in tandem with the thrusts of Michael's fingers.

      Michael entered Kyle swiftly making them both moan in unison. Michael couldn't imagine ever getting tired of the feeling of his cock going into Kyle. Kyle felt so damn good.

      Kyle's hands clinched the bedspread tightly as his hips rocked back against Michael. He could feel his orgasm fast approaching. "Now Michael, I'm going to." Kyle said as he exploded on the bedspread beneath him.

      Feeling Kyle's muscles flex with his orgasm Michael shouted "Fuck yeah", with his own release.

      They both collapsed on the bed.

      "God" Michael whispered.

      "Nope actually the name is Kyle." Kyle said with laughter in his voice.

      "Funny." Michael said against Kyle's pillow. He didn't have the energy to raise his head. Fucking Kyle was always so intense and always wore him out.

      "Michael." Kyle said


      "I have to tell you something." Kyle said anxiously.

      Michael turned his head to look at Kyle concern clearly evident on his face. "What?"

      Kyle closed his eyes and gulped. "Well see... when you went into the shower I kind of... read some of your journal." Kyle finally admitted. He turned his back to Michael afraid to see his reaction. Kyle knew the journal was important to Michael and more importantly it was private. He felt horrible for betraying him that way. The temptation had just been too damn much for Kyle to resist.

      "It's ok." Michael said putting his hand on Kyle's shoulder squeezing it gently to let him know he wasn't mad. Michael was actually surprised that Kyle had resisted so long in reading it. If it had been the other way around he would have had it memorized by now. "It's just a stupid journal and there isn't anything in it that you don't already know."

      Kyle turned and faced Michael saying "I'm not so sure about that. In the paragraph I read you said that this thing between us has always been more than sex. What did you mean by that?"

      Michael sat up and leaned against Kyle's headboard. "Kyle, you and Maria, are my best friends. You're my family. And I love you both. You know that right?"

      Kyle nodded. "Yeah you have been in love with Maria since the first day you saw her fighting with Jimmy Alvarez in the park."

      Michael smiled as he remembered that day. Maria, with her blonde curls and beautiful pixie face, was beating the crap out of Jimmy because he'd made some hurtful remark about her dad leaving her. "Yeah she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But you know what else I remember from that day? You pulling Jimmy away from Maria and decking him yourself as you told him to leave her alone or next time he would have to deal with the two of you. You've always been there for Maria and me as well. Hell who knows what would've happened to me if you hadn't begged your dad and Amy to take me in."

      "Michael they didn't need me to beg them. They had already decided to talk with the courts before I even said anything to them. You've always been part of the family." Kyle admitted

      Michael shrugged. "Maybe, but I still say it was you. Anyhow, my point is from that first day in the park, after I stood beside the two of you letting that bully know it wouldn't be just the two of you that he would have to mess with, it has always been the three of us against the world. You two are the most important people in my life. I love you both. I need you both. This thing that is going on between us now is just an extension to what has always been there, trust, love, friendship and so forth. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"

      Kyle nodded. "I feel the same way Michael." He said his voice shaking with emotion.

      Michael leaned towards Kyle and said "I know", before capturing Kyle's lips with his own.

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