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My Son in Law is an Alien

Reply to Strange Music

Posted to the Rareslash mailing list July 6, 2001

Title: My Son in Law is an Alien
Author: Strange Music
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Max/Kyle
Sequel/Series: None planned in either direction. But then again I hadn't planned on writing any Roswell stories at all - till about 10 hours ago. Sometimes Muses can be a really strange thing or whatever he/she/it is.
Rating: PG (as this is the sheriff's POV and I can hardly have them have sex in front of his eyes ;)
Summary: Kyle's choice in life seen through the eyes of his father.
Disclaimer: The Characters and the universe that they exist in belong to their respective people. Me I just took them out for a little fun and games.
Warnings: Homosexual Relationship between Max Evans and Kyle Valenti.
~sigh~ That's what I love so much about Slash lists. I just delete half a page of warning that I put up for FFnet. ;)
Author's Note: two cents. Thanks so much to Doug for correcting the mistakes. It really helps me a lot! First Roswell story but definitely not first story. That doesn't mean I am a great writer, only an inspired one. And here it was the title that definitely inspired me.

        I like the sheriff. And Kyle and Max were actually the first Slash couple I could see on the show. I have not been in this fandom for long. Seen episode every other Saturday but not much more. But the episode with Agent Pierce caught my interests. and since I seen the Max saves Kyle ep on Saturday, my Muse was a happy happy Camper. Missed the repeat on Sunday, but still hope to record it on ORF when it comes then ;) ~Life is a TV Station without Commercial breaks ;)~ So all those that I haven't scared away ;) I leave you now to read and hopefully enjoy.

        My Son in Law is an Alien.

        It was nothing he said during family gatherings. It had been hard enough for some of them to accept that Kyle had taken another turn on the road to love than most of them.

        But they did.

        Most of them actually after they had seen Max standing in front of them.

        He might not be a beauty, actually more average looking, but there was something about him that just caught your eye.

        And of course he was polite enough to quickly make him a favourite child for all aunts.

        Anybody who sat with a smile through stories of illnesses and memories got a piece of their heart.

        They might not have given up telling Kyle to get himself a great woman.

        But at least they had accepted Max enough to tell him the same.

        And both Max and Kyle had learned to nod and smile when they did.

        So every time he sat through another phone session of Aunt Linda telling him what he had done wrong to have his son so misdirected, every time she told him that he shouldn't just accept it and look for that girl who would heal Kyle, every time she did this he wondered what she would say if he told her that Max was an alien.

        A little green man.

        Just not so little and not so green.

        He knew that he would never do it. But imagining her reaction was something that brought him through those telephone calls with her. Besides drawing stick figures. And writing overdue police reports.

        In a way he understood them.

        As much as he liked Max Evans, it hadn't been as easy for him either. The day that his son had come home and told him in not too many words that he might as well forget any plans for grandchildren that he might have harboured was still very vivid in his mind.

        He hadn't screamed or shouted.

        He hadn't because he assumed that it had actually been the shock stopping him.

        And later when the shock had lessened there had been enough time to think about all this.

        And to see how happy his son was.

        What was he supposed to do then as a loving father? As a father he knew that if not for the person standing in front of him, he wouldn't even have a son anymore.

        What was he supposed to do?

        He nodded, smiled and embraced his son as he told him that it was all right.

        That *he* was all right with it.

        And then he had embraced Max and let him know that he was welcomed to the family.

        And then he had gone back into his room and tried to process that not only his long thought-about daughter in law would be a son, but that he wasn't human either.

        He had spent an odd minute contemplating if that might still bring him grandchildren, after all who knew about alien physicality? Yet he never mentioned this to his son or his son's lover.

        Because in the end, it was still his son's choice of who he wanted to spend his life with.

        He had been happy when that person had been Liz. Quiet, shy and with a lovely smile.

        And he was happy now that this person was Maxwell Evans. Equally quiet, but definitely not shy. More intense. And eyes that seemed to hint that there was more going on behind them.

        And in this case they weren't really lying.

        After all there was a lot going on behind them. Healing people was only the start of it. None of them knew yet the whole potential of what the aliens would be able to do.

        Somehow it is still hard to believe that it is true. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he guessed he wouldn't have believed it either. And much more as time passed by, it made it strange to look at the people who didn't know.

        And hard sometimes not to tell.

        Like last week's meeting with Amy.

        There had been himself and her.

        Max and Kyle.

        Michael and Maria.

        6 People.

        2 alien and 4 human (although he wasn't so sure about Maria sometimes )

        5 people who knew and one who didn't.

        Now he loved this woman, as she was charming, beautiful and he actually wanted to someday spend the rest of his life with her. She accepted him and his duty as sheriff without trouble, and a women like that wasn't easy to find.

        He wanted to tell her that both of her future sons in law were not exactly human.

        But he also knew that this wasn't his choice. That was the choice of the younger ones.

        And that was why she still didn't know.


        So with this in his mind he spent most of the family gathering like Max and Kyle. Sitting there looking at people he didn't know. Talking with people he didn't know, hoping he didn't look too bored.

        And sometimes trying to look busy to avoid talking.

        Telling Max and Kyle not to be so obviously bored.

        Collecting them from the outside from one of their various escape attempts.

        Leaving them outside when the escape attempt was actually only a short quick trip for privacy.

        All the while knowing that he could warp the mind of ever person in the room with just one line.

        My son in Law is an Alien.

        The End

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