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Sweet Valentine's Day Surprise

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2003

Title: Sweet Valentine's Day Surprise
Author: StormyBear30
Rating: NC-17/ Slash
Couple: My fave slash couple...who else...Kyle and Max
Summary: I think that the title says it all...hee hee!!!

        "She will never love you the way that she loves me" he growls through clenched teeth at the man standing besides him.

        "I'll never hurt her the way that you have hurt her" he replies in maddened tones...fists clenching at his sides as he turns to face his long hated enemy.

        "Stay the hell away from her Valenti"

        "You just don't get it Evans" he screams he takes another step towards the man that he longs to beat within an inch of his life for the way that he has hurt the women he loves in the past. "She doesn't want you anymore. She's tired of your lies and broken promises. She's tired of the hurt and the pain that you always seem to bring into her life. She doesn't want you anymore...plan and simple. She wants a real man Max...a true that won't hurt her in the ways that you always seem to do"


        "FUCK YOU"

        Fist of hate and spite are thrown as human and not so human blood is shed and before either one knows what is truly going on they are brutally ripped apart by an extremely pissed off other life form. "That is it..." they hear him scream out in complete aggregation. "This shit between the two of you has gone on long enough. His yelling continues to a higher decibel as he jerks Max towards one side of the room...tossing him into a nearby empty chair... doing the same for Kyle as he throws him in another empty chair at the other end of the room. "Don't either one of you fucking move or you will so live to regret it" he threatens as he turns to face the ever-quiet one as she stands off to the side of the room completely speechless. "This is enough Liz" he turns facing the startled women before him. "This shit has been going on between Kyle and Max for almost a year now and its all because of you and your inability to choose the one that you want to be with. This dating Max on this day and then dating Kyle on the other is ridicules and it has to stop before one or both of those knuckleheads kills themselves or each other. You need to make a decision and you need to make one quick because we are all sick and tired of this bullshit...and I am more then a bit sick and tired of breaking these two apart every five minutes"

        She doesn't speak a word as she stands before the equally angry group. She can feel their anger as it rolls off of their much so that she feels that she may suffocate from the sheer weight of it all. She knows that Michael is right...knows that the feuding that had always been on going between Kyle and Max has indeed increased in the last few months due to her failure to chose who she wanted to spend her time with. The truth however is that she has no earthly idea whom it is that she loves more...or less as she looks from one eager face to the next. She loves Max...there was no denying that... but there was also no denying that she loves Kyle as well. Still unable to speak a word...she nods her head in understanding as she bolts out the back door of the restaurant...leaving two very shocked aliens and one equally pissed off one in her wake.

        "You two" his bawling continues as he pulls his focus back to the clearly frowning men. "Stay the hell the way from her and each other until she makes up her fucking it"

        "Whatever" Kyle replies nastily as he jerks his fed up frame from off the chair that Michael has parked him in. "I don't' give a shit about any of this anymore" he continues as he pushes past Michael...his need for escape eminent.

        "Max..." Michael calls out after the retreating figure as it runs after that of their previous occupant. "Jesus Christ...just beat your selves to death then...see if I care" he screams after his best friend and his king.

        "Kyle...wait" he calls out as he rapidly bridges the gap between the two as he grabs the man by his shoulder quickly spinning him around to face him. "You know maybe he is right" he speaks in rushed tones as he tries to capture his winded breath. "Maybe we should try and get along better. This feud between the two of us has gone on for long enough"

        "Aww Max...I'm truly touched" Kyle mocks as he pushes the heated hand off his shoulder where it continues to lay. "But honestly Max where would the fun in that be. What would we do to fill up the monotony of the day...hold hands and play kissing games" he chuckles evilly as he turns to fully face his ongoing foe.

        "If that's what it takes" Max growls as he speedily captures Kyle's hands within his larger ones...pushing the stunned one against the wall of the alley they are standing in as he under no control of his own... covers the stunned lips of the what he prays to be his former rival.

        Shocked beyond belief at first...shock turns to outright primal need as he turns the tables on the man that is kissing him as if there is not tomorrow and increases the pressure of their lip lock. *This is so wrong* his mind screams...but his traitorous body has other idea as he interlocks his fingers within the largeness of Max's hand...pinning them above his head as he increases their kiss of lusted want. Back and forth he duels with the wetted sweetness of his mouth as he explores uncharted manly territory and despite the fact that he knows he should feel disgusted and sickened...he can't help but allow the prospects of what is yet to come enter his whirling mind of emotions. "Lets get out of here" he hears Max growls of wanton lust as he breaks their mind numbing kiss...gasping for air as he tugs Kyle quickly in the direction of his parked car located behind the Crash Down.

        Kyle finds that he can't keep his hands off of Max as he speed down the openness of the highway. He was amazed at the differences between the soft and round body of his love Liz compared to the hard and compacted one of the man that he can't stop kissing...tasting... wanting. "Pull over" he rasps in his ear as he tugs gently upon its largeness with his teeth. His body on autopilot he quickly straddles the lap of his once enemy and soon to be lover as Max's jerks the car to a screeching halt along the painted desert. No words are spoken as they continue to plunder each other's mouths so severely that they have to pull apart from the pleasureful pain of it all.

        "What the hell is going on Evans" Kyle pants...sucking in much needed breath over brutally over kissed lips. "Why is it that all of a sudden I am so attracted to you that I can barely breath with my need to consume you"

        "I don't know" Max pants just a breathlessly as he leans in and steals another kiss from manly lips. "I can't explain it either...but I am feeling everything that you are feeling. It feels so wrong and yet at the same time it feels like this is what I was put on this planet for"

        "Why are you aliens always fucking up my life" he sighs earnestly as he leans down and once again captures lips that he is destined to taste over and over and over again. Under no control of his own he begins to massage the corded neck of the man that just yesterday he hated with an all fired gumption and yet today he finds that he cares for more then he would ever like to admit to another living person. The heat from his skin infuses with the heat of his own as he traces his fingers from his strong neckline...over jutted shoulders until they are resting atop a finely sculptured cloth covered chest. Ripping Max's shirt from his upper region he can't help but gaze at the sheer ruggedness that is he. Despite the fact that he does not want to admit these new feelings that are surfacing for Max...he can't help but be in awe of the chiseled piece of perfection heaving before him. He finds that he is mesmerized by the rhythm that plays before him as Max continues to fight for baited breath as he once again embarks on his journey of discovery.

        Doing the same as Kyle...Max quickly removes the hindering cloth separating him from taking his first true glimpse of manly perfectness. His breath catches in his throat as he draws the tips of his fingers down the sloped plains of his broad chest...for this simple act of touching is beckoning such stirrings in him that he shifts uncomfortablely to ease the fastly building pressure. His attempts fail massively as Kyle continues to pillage his more then eager mouth with his receptive tongue until they are both writhing against each other's pleasure needing bodies. "Max...I...I" he hears Kyle gasp as hardened dicks come in contact thorough rough jeans yet again. "Me too..." he responds as he reluctantly pushes Kyle away from his lust filled he slides clumsily over the leather seat. "Kyle..." he whispers his name as he watches the man that he knows he is about to make love to in mere moments slides over just as clumsily as he lands atop his heated entity.

        "Make love to me Max" his sighs longingly as he stares into eyes that scream to his very soul the amount of want he has for him as he with awkward hands begins to undo the cool metal of his buttoned jeans. He has no idea where this notion to make love to Max is coming from... but as the man that he is about to embark on this new journey with runs his hands over his own closed zipper...he finds that these thoughts are mere nesciences...hindering him from what he truly needs at this very moment in time. He feels he may burst at the seems as he ever so slowly begins to remove pants that seem to have grown five sizes too small since they have begun their dance of sexual awakening. Every so slowly he can feel the heated smoothness of his hand as it snakes its way towards his fully loaded penis...but everything quickly changes in a heartbeat as the sound of a reverberating megaphone echoes out loudly around them. With lightening quick reflexes he shoves Max to the floor between the front and back seat...jumping to face their intruder. "Hanson" he cries out as the new sheriff of town leans out the window of his police cruiser...megaphone at his mouth.

        "Kyle..." he hears him call out towards him. "Is that you...what the hell are you doing out in the middle of no where...with no clothes on son"

        "Um...yes its me Hanson" he calls back his voice shaking with extreme fear of being found in the back seat with not only another man...but a man that the Roswell Sheriffs department had a file a mile long on. "What...what are you doing all the way out here"

        "Well I could ask the same of you" he continues as he climbs out of the cruiser and heads towards them. "I got a phone call from a concerned motorist who happened to drive by and see what he thought was a deserted car out here...wanted me to check it out. So here I am... so what are you doing out here anyway"

        "STOP..." he screams towards the oncoming man. "Um...I mean as you can see I don't have any clothes on know. Anyway...I was just chanting"

        " the middle of no the nude" he questions...a look of non-believing upon his face.

        "Yes...I find that it brings me inner chant under the stars with no inhibitions"

        "Um...sure...ok Kyle. But if we must chat under the stars...lets do it with our clothes on or next time I may have to arrest you for indecent exposure" he chuckles as he climbs back into his car and drives off leaving the two alone yet again.

        Kyle watches until Hansen drives away before allowing himself to fall back into the seat. "Phew...that was close" he hears Max chuckle as he pulls himself off of the floor...sitting on the seat besides him as he leans in and attempts to resume their game of foreplay with another smoldering kiss.

        "" he nearly shouts as he pushes Max's determined frame away. "We have to stop this...this...whatever this is" With quick strides he pushes his way past Max as he searches for his missing shirt.

        "Kyle..." Max speaks fearfully as he tries to pull the man that he needs to touch back beside his heated form. "We've already been through doesn't matter if we are..."

        "It does matter" he screams as he jerks his found shirt over his head... jumping out of the car and as far away from the one he longs to make love to with an undying passion. "In case you haven't noticed we are men. We are men who up until today had no interest in the other but to kill each other and now we almost slept together. "So yes it does matter matters a lot"

        "Kyle...I know that you are confused and all because I am just as confused as you are...but..."

        "But nothing...take me home"


        "I said take me home Evans or I will fu*cking walk"

        Realizing that there is no talking to the clearly agitated and confused man he searches for his hastily discarded shirt...plucking it over his head once he does. With his own confused and heavy heart he climbs into the front of the drivers seat and starts the engine. They drive in complete silence as they travel down the lonely highway each lost in their own thoughts. Upon arrival to his house he jumps out of the car without a single word as he rushes towards the sanctuary of the front door. "Kyle wait" Max screams out towards the hurriedly retreating figure. "Can't we talk about this some more"

        "There's nothing left to discuss" Kyle states solemnly as he turns to face the equally sullen man. "This...whatever between us isn't possible Max...but I do agree with Michael in that we do need to stop all this fighting between us and..."

        "I don't want to fight with you anymore either Kyle" Max cuts him off as he takes a step closer to him in an attempt to gather his hands into his own. "Maybe Liz wasn't the only reason that we were always at each others throats. Maybe it was much more then that...maybe it was..."

        "NO..." Kyle cuts him off angrily as he jerks his hands out of Max's reach. "Look Evans this is the deal. If you want to call a permanent truce and try and become friends then so be it...but just know this nothing will ever happen between us and I will not forgo my pursuit of Liz"

        Lips pursed...he tries to control the angry tears forming in his eyes. "Did you ever stop to think that there was a reason for us feeling the way that we do...that maybe it was meant to be. I know that you think this between us is wrong...but think about this Kyle how can if be wrong when we both feel the same way about each other" he attempts to reach the clearly stubborn heart of the man that he truly cares for more then he ever thought was possible.

        "My original offer stands...friends or nothing" he counters nastily as he enters the house...slamming the door behind him. He watches as he Max makes his way back towards his car and he can't help but sigh in outright pain at the air of pure defeat that now surrounds the alien king...defeat that is put about my only him. He finds that he has to fight the urge to run after the man....fights the urge to take him in his arms and kiss all the hurt away. Tears mist his eyes as he continues to watch that very same man as he stares longingly at the curtained window that he continues to hide behind...before driving him off leaving him utterly alone with his own hurt and pain.

        Two Weeks Later...

        "Would you look at how beautiful it is" Maria gushes as she once again shows off the glittering diamond tennis bracelet dangling from her wrist.

        "Beautiful" a chorus of bored voices echo around them.

        "Maria...sweety" Michael speaks gently as he takes her jittery hands into his own. "I think that they have seen it enough"

        "I know...I know...but I just can't help it" she giggles giddily. "Oh Michael this is the best Valentines Day ever" she screeches as he plants a hot kiss upon his grinning lips.

        "Valentines Day SUCKS" Kyle and Max growl in unison as they sit across from each other blushing from head to toe at their blunder.

        "I have to go" Kyle rushes out in utter embarrassment as he jumps out of the booth and bolts for the door.

        "What was that all about" Maria questions an equally blushing Max...who says nothing as he shrugs his shoulders in pretend indifference.

        "Well whatever..." she says as she removes herself from beside her boyfriend. "I have to get back to work anyways. Thanks again for the bracelet Space will get your gift later tonight" he winks as she kisses him once again lightly upon his lips before running towards the back to show off her new wares.

        "So...when are the two of you going to stop playing these games that you keep playing" Michael questions breaking the silence that is laying heavily around him and his king...noticing how defensive Max quickly gets at his words.

        "I don't' know what the hell you are talking about" he snaps as he attempts to remove himself from the booth...only to be thwarted by his second in command as he grabs his arm and forces him back down.

        "Look Max...all I know is that since the day that you and he stormed out of here after I confronted Liz something has been going on between the two of you. You have both been in horrendous moods and despite the fact that you are not fighting as much anymore...I can see that something major is going on. Oh and don't think that I haven't noticed the way that you look at each other when you think that no one else is looking" he continues truthfully as he recalls the strange behavior that has been going on between the two of them for weeks now.

        "Just what is it that you are trying to say Michael" Max probes further as he awaits his reply for he had been dying to tell Michael all about his strange and yet curious feelings he has been experiencing towards the man known as Kyle.

        "Look...I guess what I am trying to say is that today is Valentines Day and you should be spending it with the one that you care about...not pouting in some dive as your drown your sorrows in flat cherry cola" he states...trying to suppress the grin that is threatening to expose itself as he slides out of the booth. "And with that said I take my leave...but not before this" he continues as he throws his house key on the table before a shocked Max. "As you know Maria and I are going to Carlsbad for the weekend. have the apartment all to yourself...or you could invite someone over to keep you company" he stresses his last sentence in hopes that Max gets over his stupidity and realizes what he is trying to say. "The fridge is full...there are clean sheets in the hall closet and the number to the nearest sex shop is 555-6969...use that information as you will"

        "Clean sheets...numbers to sex shops" he mumbles to himself as he takes another sip of his flat cherry cola as his mind whirls crazily about him. "Yeah...clean sheets and numbers to sex shops" he whoops as he jerks his frame out of the booth...sprinting for the front door.

        "Michael what is it" Kyle screams into the phone as his closet alien friend continues to babble on the other end of the line. He can't make out a single word that his is saying as he tries to figure out why he is calling him ranting like a loon instead of driving with his girlfriend to their predestined Valentines Day get away. "Emergency meeting" are the only words that he hears quickly stymieing all thoughts of their trip as he drops the phone speedily onto the receiver before rushing out the door. He doesn't know what the hell is going on but he does know that if Michael and Maria gave up the trip that they have been planning for months now that something serious has to be going on. *MAX* his minds screams as he races at breakneck speed down the empty streets of his hometown. *Please be ok Max* Fear consume him as all sorts of crazy ideas clutter his already messed up mind for he knows that despite the fact that he is refusing to acknowledge that he truly feels anything for would kill him if anything did happened to the man.

        "Michael" he cries out panicked as he rushes into his apartment... knocking a startled Max into a nearby wall as the dish that he is holding goes crashing to the floor...its contents splashing everywhere. "Max..." he cries out as he scrambles over towards the stunned...completely soaked man looking at him as if he has lost his mind. "Are you ok" his cries continue as he pulls his stunned frame frantically into his arms. "I got this call from Michael and..." he stop speaking suddenly as he takes in the full picture around him. "What the f*uck is going on here" his growls...shoving Max away as his fear of the unknown turns into anger of the same caliber. "Kyle...look I can explain" Max speaks in an attempt to calm the undoubtedly pissed off man sitting before him.

        "Save it Evans..." Kyle snaps as he attempts to pull himself off the floor...only to slip back down again as his feet and hands slide on the gooey substance. "I see what the hell is going on here"

        " do" Max speaks...a full-blooded blush raging throughout his whole body.

        "Yes I do" he counters Max a look so evil that he can literally see the man shiver in fear before him. "I told you that I wasn't going to end my pursuit of Liz and this is your way of getting back at me. I mean look at this place" he continues to snide as he finally pulls himself off the floor and begins to walk the nearly darkened room. "The signs are all here" he goes on in disgust as he points at the table set up for two. No expense was left undone from the plates of fine china to the bottle of sparkling grape juice chilling on ice. "Boy you have this all planned to the nines don't you. First you would start with a nice dinner...lovingly prepared by you of course" he scoffs as he walks past the dining room and into the candlelit living room. "Aww...candles to set the mood and chocolate hearts to show the love of your life that only she owns your heart. So where is she hiding Evans" he taunts as he rushes back towards the man still leaning against the wall with a look of pure upset plastered upon his face. "Come on Liz...come out here and show your face"


        "Oh Lizzy poo...where are you"

        "Kyle..." Max speaks softly as he pulls himself off the floor as he quickly cleans up the mess splattered all over him...the wall and the floor. "She's not here"

        "Come on Max...don't play games with me. I know that she is here because who else would you plan this elaborate dinner for...not for me that is..." he stops short as he once again takes in his surroundings. " did this for me"

        "Surprise" Max whispers dejected as he takes the pot from off the floor...placing it in the sink as he enters the kitchen. "I wanted to make this night special...wanted to prove to you that what I feel for you is not just something that will go away because you are afraid of what might happen between us. I just wanted to be with you Kyle...the one I care for...on Valentine's Day. I wanted to be with you and only you. Not Liz...not anyone else...just you. But you know what" he continues as he walks back towards a fully frowning Kyle. "Maybe you were right. Maybe we don't belong together..." He finds that his words of quickly cut off as Kyle grabs him by both sides of his shoulders...pulling him tauntly against his body as he captures his mouth under his own. Shocked at first...shock quickly turns to that of remembered lust as he just as vigorously returns the favor with gusto.

        "You were planning on seducing me tonight weren't you" Kyle questions as he suddenly breaks their shared lip lock...pulling life giving air into his starved lungs.

        "Yes...yes" Max stammers...that same blush flushing his face once again. "Would...would it have worked"

        "Oh yeah" is his response as he places a tiny kiss upon the softness of Max's lips. "Come on" he speaks as he tugs playfully at the hand of the man that he longs to make happy for all the days of his life. Fingers interlocked he leads him into the sanctuary of Michael's bedroom where he knows that tonight the two of them will partake in something wondrous...something that will change their way of life forever and he finds that he can't wait to begin their journey. "Oh Max..." he sighs in astonishment as he looks around the fully decorated bedroom. "All this if for me" he questions as he turns to face the romantic inclined man of his heart.

        "Always for you" Max blushes crimson red as the look of pure lust so readable in crystal blue eyes. "I wanted tonight to be special for you...for us Kyle. I...I love you Kyle" he stammers fearfully afraid of the reaction that he may have at his words.

        " love me" he questions in utter shock as tears begin to mist his stunned eyes.

        "Yes Kyle...I love you" he speaks truthfully...more boldly as he reaches out and touches the face of the man staring at him with such complete shock adhered to his face. "I thought that these feelings that I have been having about you were just going to go a way...disappear...but they didn't go away. In fact they only got stronger and the more time that we spend together as just "Friends" he stresses with finger gestures. "The more I realized that what I feel for you is not just going to go away...if anything it has only gotten stronger. Today at the Crash Down after you left I was talking to Michael and he made me realize that I..."

        "Michael knows" Kyle interjects dazed as he fights the urge to fall to the ground in sublime shock and utter fear.

        "He said that he suspected something was going on between us since that day he confronted Liz and he told me that I should be spending Valentines Day with the one that I care about so..."

        "So here I am" he whispers...wrapping his arms around the corded neck of his love in an attempt to once again remain standing.

        "So here you are" Max whispers as he leans his forehead against Kyle's as they gaze deeply into each other's soul. "I love you too Max" he hears him whisper and it causes his heart to soar at the amount of truth radiating so unmistakably from blue depths. Unable to control himself any longer...he deftly picks up the obviously heavy... but much shorter man into his arms as he stumbles towards the bed rose petal covered bed. "You are quite the romantic" Kyle whispers longingly as he tumbles on top of the bed as Max trips over his own feet sending them both crashing towards the softness of the bed. "I just want to warn you Evans" he teases as he leans up on his elbows as Max kneels before him with a look of pure want so readable on his face that it causes his dick to begin to swell several sizes. "I suck at all this romantic shit" he stresses as he points around the love-nested room.

        "Who needs romantic shit" he counters back playfully as he frantically pulls the cotton t-shirt from his body...Kyle's quickly following suit as he rips it lustfully over his head before tossing it over his shoulder. Lips come together in ultimate fusion as he lies atop the heated skin of his lover...relishing the way that it infuses with the heat of his own body as his hands begin carefree exploration. His heart is racing...his brain is a rumpled mess of fuzziness as he continues to exchanged saliva with not only a man...but the man that has shown him the true love can go beyond the outer boundaries of the norm. "Max..." he hears this man whisper as he laves his neck and shoulders with skin taunting nips and suckles. "Max... take off your pants" He has to fight the overwhelming dizziness that begins to overtake him as he tries to remember how to breathe at his words. "I want to see you...all over you" he continues to speak as his lovers hands travel down his towards his backside as he continues to lay atop the equally heaving body of Kyle.

        "Are...are you sure" he questions hesitantly...his heart racing even faster then he ever thought was humanly possible as he awaits his response.

        "Completely take off your damn pants" Kyle growls playfully as he captures en enlarged ear lobe between his teeth...tugging at it as he enjoys the lust filled reaction that this simple act alone is causing the man laying atop of him. Moan of pleasure can be heard as he continues to explore the obvious erogenous zone around his ears... but his own moans and groans quickly add to the mix as Max vaporizes their last remaining bit of clothing as semi erect dicks for the first time every come in contact with each other. "Jesus" he cries out as Max quickly takes control of their situation as he plants his elbows on either side of his head...a look of pure mischief screaming out from hazel depths. He doesn't have to wait long to see what he has in store for him as he slowly draws his lower body forward making extra sure that his dick stays in constant contact with his own. This simple act alone nearly causes Kyle to lose control for never in his short life has he ever felt anything more delicious then what he is experiencing at this very moment. "Max..." he groans as he continues with his advancement...only this time he quickens the pace until the soft sound of skin sliding over skin is plainly heard over normal sounds of sex play.

        His penis quickly takes over all coherent thought or action as he wraps his arms around his mans neck...jerking it downward as he shoves his tongue so far down his throat that he has to release it just as quickly as to breath. "Max...please" he pants not only from lack of air...but also from the tightness of his balls as they continue to jingle madly with every thrust of Max's own fully hardened dick. " have to stop" he stammers incoherently...but it only serves to edge his lover on even more as he increases the pace of their hump fest. "Gonna...cum if you don't..."

        "I want you to cum Kyle" Max pants as stares down at the man trying to remain in control...but if he has anything to do with it...he will fail miserably. "I want to see you let go. Cum for me Kyle...cum for me" he chants as he grabs onto the sheets white knuckled as he once again increases the pace of their first sex act together.

        "M-A-X" he cries out as he finally allows himself to give in as he listens to the voice of his lover...spurting his seed between the two of their sweaty bodies. "" he gasps between gulps of air as he wraps his legs in a vice like grip around Max's hips...doing as he had done earlier as he humped him into submission. "Cum on me Max...I want to feel your cum on me" he finds that he doesn't have to wait long as he feels Max body tighten and then relax all at once. "Now was that so bad" he teases as he falls to the bed besides him...quickly drawing him against his body and into his arms as he nestles his face within the safe crevice of his neck.

        "No..." he responds lovingly as he reluctantly removes his face from his safe haven as he kisses Kyle tenderly upon his grinning lips. "It was perfect...absolutely perfect in every way"

        "And there's more to come...right" Kyle asks hopefully.

        "Lots more to come" Max teases as he kisses him once again upon his lips...before pulling away from his body...leaving Kyle laying their like a gaping fish with his mouth hanging open.

        "Where...where are you going" he stammers in fright and shock as Max makes his way bare assed across the room...disappearing into the darkened depths of the closet.

        "Patience lover...patience" he hollers over his shoulder as he fumbles for the basket he had purchased for this very night not more then a few hours ago. He finds that he has to laugh now at his stupidity of hiding it in the closet...but he wasn't sure how this evening was actually going to turn out and it just seemed smarter to hide it just in case it didn't' go the way that he hoped. Now he wished that he hadn't just tossed it in the jungled mess of Michael's closet for it seems that the mounds of clothes and shoes have hungrily swallowed it up.

        He knows that he shouldn't...knows that in a sense it is wrong and perverted...but his curiously gets the better of him as he props himself up on his elbows and looks upon the gooey concoction smeared all over his lower region. His urge to taste of it great as he slowly trails his fingers down the length of his lower body as he rubs his fingers over the whitish consistency. Curiosity gets the better of him as he brings his fingers towards his more then eager mouth...quickly sucking them into his wettened depths as he takes his first taste of Max...of Max and he combined. "How do we taste" he hears the lust dripping voice of Max speak out to him...jerking him from enjoying the sweet taste of their coming together. "Good..." is the only thing that he can think of as Max continues to stand before him with a look of lust in his eyes equal to that of his words. He holds his breath as Max does as he had and trails two fingers down the length of his thigh scooping up some of their juices as he darts his tongue out to partakes in his first taste if their love. "How do we taste" Kyle whispers...longing to feel Max's body above him yet again.

        "Good..." he repeats with a wink as he climbs on top of the bed...sitting besides a fully needful Kyle. "Here...this is for you. Happy Valentine's Day" he blushes as he hands Kyle his holiday present.

        " shouldn't have" he sighs as he holds the red heart encrusted basket in his hands. `Hey..." he says upon taking a deeper inspection of its contents...a devilish smile now crossing his lips. "You were really planning on getting lucky tonight weren't you" he chuckles as he roughly rips the cellophane wrapper of the package...pulling a strange looking contraction out as he holds it before a fully flushed Max. "Just what in the hell is this anyway"

        "I...I was hoping to get lucky tonight" Max stammers in heated embarrassment as Kyle continues to wave one of the many contents of his gift basket before his reddened face. "It could have gone either way...but yes I was hoping and praying that I was going to get lucky tonight...that we were going to get lucky tonight" he stresses as he plucks the toy from out of Kyle's hand. "This is an anal plug..." he blushes even further as he tosses it on the other side of the bed. "I was told that it brings added pleasure when you are you know... making love"

        "You were told" Kyle continues his line of questioning...enjoying the good natured ribbing that he is giving the fully flustered man before him. "Now just who where you talking to about butt plugs because I sure as hell know that you wouldn't have had that conversation with Michael or anyone else for that matter"

        "The man at the sex shop" he whispers under his breath.

        "Excuse me...I didn't quite hear you"

        "The man at the sex shop"

        "Oh man...this is rich. You..." he stresses as he pokes Max in the chest. "You went to a sex shop and actually spoke to someone about sex toys in order to pleasure another man"

        "Yes..." he speaks truthfully...avoiding eye contact with Kyle to hide his complete and utter embarrassment. "I just wanted tonight to be special for you and...I guess that I went to far. I'm sorry Kyle" he whispers...dejected as he attempts to remove himself from the bed.

        "I love crazy alien" he hollers giddily as he hinders Max's escape...jerking him back to the one place that he has longed for him to be since they have begun their sharing of bodies and souls. "And I want to thank you for my gift. It's is the best Valentine's gift that I have ever received before" he speaks truthfully as he traces his fingers around the chiseled feathers of his handsome face. "I really mean that...thank you Max"

        "Your welcome" he blushes happily...yet again. "Tonight is all about you Kyle. I want to make this night so special that you won't ever forget it for as long as you live"

        "It's already been the best night I have ever experienced in my life and I have only you to thank for that. I meant what I said to you Max...I love you" he speaks now blushing as he gazes into eyes that scream out the amount of love that he feels for him.

        "I love you too" he counters as he once again captures soft lips into an intense and love filled kiss as he reaches deep within the confines of the basket pulling out one of the many contents. "Now lay back and let me have my way with you and that sexy body of yours" he growls against over kissed lips as he quickly straddles Kyle's waist...pushing him back against the softness of the pillows behind him.

        "Your wish is my command" he hears Kyle whisper...his voice heavy with anticipated need. Opening the tiny squeeze tube he squeezes a generous amount of the cool gel like liquid into the palm of his hands. Using his powers he warms the goo before reaching down to spread it over the rippled abs and shoulder of the man whose dick he feels poking him ever so subtlety against his rear end. "Just relax" he coos against his ear as he leans down and tugs it playfully between his teeth before heading back to the choir at hand. With gentle measures he begins to massage the gorgeous upper body of the man that he realizes he loves unlike any other...including Liz. He can hear the subtle gasps of breath each time that he works his hands of magic over a sensitive nipple or tickly spot and it causes a huge and content smile to spread across his normally sullen face. "Close your eyes Kyle and enjoy what I am doing to you" he speaks in a calm and loving voice as he continues to knead supple skin that seems to ripple with each heated touch.

        Kyle has never found anything to be as sensual as Max continues to massage his upper body...shoulders...arms and neck. With each gentle caress he finds that it brings him to a higher level of wanting until he feels that he may explode from the utter want that he now holds for the man. "Open your eyes" he hears Max whisper out to him as he does as he is told...mouth falling open from the sheer shock of it all at what he sees before him. "Ma...Max" he stammers in awe as he looks at his glitter coated chest...his glitter coated glowing chest. "How... how did you..." he continues to stammer as he looks up at a grinning Max. "Alien powers are for more then just serious work" he teases as he traces a finger down the middle of his chest changing the color of the silver glitter to that of the shape of a perfectly glowing... perfectly beautiful heart. "We like to use them for recreational play as well"

        "It's so beautiful" he gushes...propping himself up on his elbows for a better view. "I...I want to do you now" Scrambling for the tube he squirts a generous amount into his hands...slathering the cold gel all over the hairless chest of his love...chuckling as Max reacts to the coldness. "At least I warmed it up before I applied it to you" he hears him chuckle...but he simple ignores him as he continues to spread the lubricant all over his upper body...frowning in serious upset when he attempts to get the glitter to glow and it doesn't. "I...I can't do it to you" he whispers dejected...quickly removing his hands from Max's chest. Tears begin to form in his eyes at the sadness that he could not do as his lover had done to him...but it is quickly distinguished as Max captures his retracting hand and once again lays it upon his chest. "Now try" he whispers as he lays his hand upon Kyle's as he gazes down on him with such love that he feels like he may float away from the happiness that it is causing him. Slowly the glitter begins to take on a beautiful glow...a glow only matched by the glow of love so easily readable on both of the young men's faces.

        Leaning forward Kyle once again captures Max's lips under his own... with a playful ruggedness only matched by his wondering hands as they explore the sculptured muscles of his neck and shoulders. He finds that he is truly in awe of how finely developed his former wrestling foe really is. "You and I should really work out together sometime" he speaks through gasps of breath as he uses this opportunity to flip him onto his back as he quickly lays his heaving frame on top of his equally heaving frame.

        "Right...ok" Max pants just as crazed...his mind clearly on something or someone else. "I thought that was what we are doing" he chuckles as he reaches up and kisses Kyle playfully upon his nose.

        "True...but...anyways" he stammers as he reaches across the still vibrating chest of Max in search of another token from the basket. "So what else do we have in here" He can't help the smile quickly covers his face as he stares at the item he now holds in his hand. "Max..." he coos as he leans down and steals a simple kiss from his lovers lips. "Would you be a dear and use your powers to remove all this glitter from your body"

        "I thought you liked my body all slick and silvery" he teases... instantly changing his mind at the look of pure lusted mischief painted on the canvas known as Kyle before him. With deft hands he removes all traces of the glittery substance...laying in wait for what may be in store for him.

        "Good warm this up for me" he flirts as he leans down to kiss him yet again...only to pull back...leaving a very unhappy Max in his wake. He can feel the energy flow from Max's hand as he takes hold on the glass container and warms its contents with his alien powers. "Thank lay back and close your eyes" he taunts as he once again feigns kissing...only to quickly pull back at the first sign of a pink tongue darting out from his partner. "Let Kyle work his magic now" his taunting continues as he leans in a licks the hardy chin on the man squirming below him with such force that he finds he has to focus at the task at hand or blow his wade yet again. "Close your eyes for me Max"

        He does as he is told...closing his eyes as he anticipates the things that his lover is about to do to him and he finds that he doesn't have to wait long as a warm thickness hits his overly sensitive chest. He attempts to open his eyes...only to have his attempt thwarted as the lips of his torturer litter both with tender soft kisses. "Not yet baby" he hears him whisper as he as before licks his way across his jutted chin before gong back to his task at hand. He can feel more of the sticky substance being swabbed across his fully heaving upper torso...causing a complete up rising in his lower region as well. "Open your eyes for me Max" he hears Kyle whisper. Doing as he is told he jerks open his eyes...tears quickly misting in them at the simple body art the now adorns him. Words are not an option as he looks up at the blushing man straddling his chest...but his eyes are quickly drawn back to the chocolate heart with the initials KV+ME smack dab in the middle.

        "Now don't you get all misty eyed on me" Kyle quips as he leans inward until his face is mere inches from lips that he longs to devour for all eternity. "I may love you...but that isn't the only reason that I did this"

        "Why...why" Max stammers...his heart racing in his chest and his dick fully loaded and throbbing between his legs.

        "So I can lick and taste every square inch of this delicious body of yours" he purrs as he reaches down and swipes a bit of the chocolate concoction from off of his chest...tracing it tantalizingly across the kiss swollen lips of his lover. "Do you want me to lick you clean Max..." his taunting continues as he allows Max to suck his finger into his warm mouth.

        "Yes...please" he begs as he reluctantly releases his digits with an audible popping sound.

        "Lay back" Kyle commands as he gently pushes him back against the softness of the pillows. He can feel the drool begin to form in his mouth as he takes in the exquisiteness of the man that he is about to make love to with his mouth and tongue and he can't help but grin. He knows that he loves this man with all that he is...despite the fact that what they have and will be sharing between each other confuses the hell out of him and yet as he continues to look upon this man he finds that he doesn't care for all that matters is being with him for as long as is humanly or non-humanly possible. Swooping down he traces his tongue along his sculptured pecks as he take his first taste of him...his grin turning into a full fledge smile as the musty manly taste of Max mixed with the chocolate slides easily down his throat. "You taste so good Max" he groans as he goes in for yet another taste. "So f*cking good" with tender and not so tender nips and tugs he swabs his tongue around until not a drop of the tasty treat was left...but he finds that he needs more...finds that he craves more as he quickly locates the formerly discarded jar and begins to drip a trail of chocolate goodness towards the one place he needs to explore more then he will never fully understand. He can feel the kinky texture of his pubic hair as it whispers across his cheek as he continues with his journey to Mecca...relishing the softness as he leans even further into it.

        His breath catches though gritted teeth as Kyle continues to explore his manly region as his raging dick somehow manages to grow several sizes more in needful anticipation of what he is sure is about to come next...but it is quickly expelled as hot and hard dick come in contact with the cooling stickiness of chocolate. He doesn't have long to enjoy the sensations of what he has done as Kyle removes the chilly...yet wildly stimulating concoction from his dick as he quickly devours it into the heated depths of his mouth. "Jesus Kyle..." he cries out in utter ecstasy as he begins to set a rhythm that soon as him tittering on the edge of explosion. Never in his life has he experienced anything as delightfully sinful as he is now as Kyle continues with his ravenous exploration of his penis and try as he might to control the actions of his body...he finds that he has none as he begins to arch his body forward to the rhythm set upon him by his lover. is nothing compared to added frication as he wraps his manly hand around his spit slicked pole...and begins to pump and suck with such vigor that he feels that he may go mad from the gloriousness of it all. As quickly as is possible he pulls himself into a sitting position...laying his hand upon the bobbing head of the man between his legs as he brushes his sweat soaked hair from his face for better viewing pleasure. Looking up at his over the vastness of his body...Kyle gives him a dick filled smile and a wink as he continues with his task at hand.

        He doesn't know if what he is doing is correct...but at the look of pure unadulterated lust covering Max's face and the clearly audible moans and groans coming from his mouth...he knows that he has to be doing something right as he forgoes his dick suckling as he nuzzles his ball sack with his nose before inhaling it into his mouth. He can't help but chuckle at the wildly crazed outburst received as he continues to taste of the forbidden flesh on this man. He realizes quite rapidly though that Max is nearing the end as he grips tightly onto tufts of his hair as he jerks his face away from his play place and slides his meat over his more then ready lips as he begins to slide in and out of his mouth with rapid movements that soon have him screaming out Kyle's name in wild abandon.

        He watches through love filled eyes as Kyle swallows every drop of his ejaculate...licking him from top to bottom in effort to clean up any that may have escaped his greedy lips and it causes his heart to soar into the outer limits with love for him. "That was amazing" he whispers as Kyle slides his way up his he once again assists in laying his against the coolness of the pillow as he lays full bodied atop his trembling one. "Thank you Kyle" tears once again mist his eyes as he stares into eyes that express such love.

        "I'm glad" he responds as he leans in and places a simple kiss upon his lips. "I would do anything for you Max...anything" he stresses... capturing yet another kiss from him.

        "Make love to me Kyle..." he whispers in lust filled tones.

        "I thought that was what I just did" he chuckles as he rolls off of his body...quickly pulling him against him until they are once again chest to chest.

        "No..." he continues with rapid hunger. "I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside me"

        "Oh..." he responds stupidly...a full bodied blush raging from his face to his twitching to life manhood. "Ok... Max" he agrees. "But you have to do something for me as well"

        "Anything" he gushes...needing to have Kyle fill him to capacity. He watches through confused filled eyes as he pulls away from his over heated body as he searches frantically for something at the other end of the bed...his eyes nearly bugging out of his head when he finally finds the missing object. "Are...are you sure" he questions fearfully as he sits up and take the object from his outstretched hands.

        "I am more then sure..." is his adamant response as he reaches into the basket now on the side of the bed and pulls out a tube of lubricant. Lying on his stomach he quickly spreads his legs...arching his ass forward enough for easy access to a once forbidden place. His breath catches in his throat as Max moves towards the end of the bed...pinning his legs under the bulk of his frame as he straddles his legs. He can feel his hands all over his ass cheeks as he kneads the tender flesh....making sure to pay particular attention to the crack located between his cheeks. He feels that he may jump put of his skin as a hot tongue comes in contact with his even hotter hole as he begins to fuck him in a sense with it. "Max..." he moans his lovers name as he continues with his ministrations...but his moans quickly turn into grunts of pain as he begins to insert the object he had given to Max.

        "Relax baby..." Max whispers gently as he lays his hands of healing upon the puckered hole...relaxing the tightened muscles as he slides the anal plug full hilt into his intended destination. "See...all done" he grins as he pats his buttocks tenderly before moving back up towards the man that he loves and trust with all his heart and soul. "My turn" he moans as he places the lube into his hands as he positions himself into the doggy style position as he awaits his fulfillment.

        Not needing to be told twice...Kyle quickly squirts the gel onto his hand before grabbing his cock and giving it a good coating. With controlled movements he places his dick at the entrance of the one place that he has been dying to experience from the first moment he had kissed Max...pushing in every so slightly forward as not to hurt his love. "Kyle...please" he hears him cry out as he continues his slow advancement. "I don't want to hurt you" he cries out afraid to move again for fear of hurting Max in anyway. "You're only hurting me if you don't hurry up" he cries out as he jerks his body backwards... quickly impaling himself fully upon Kyle's raging dick. Both men cry out in complete elation as together they both begin to set a motion that soon has them crying out words of love and words so dirty that it would make a sailor blush. Never in his life has be felt anything as wondrous as being embedded deep within the ass of the man that has changed his life permanently...but also from the fact that with each thrust into his rock hard ass...the butt plug that Max had inserted into his own ass would hit him just right as it edged him even farther into Max's cavern.

        He could sense Max's urgency as he begins to buck wildly against him... causing Kyle to lose his slow and easy rhythm...but it is quickly resolved as he quickly grasps the tender skin of his hips as he quickens his thrusts...bringing them both to complete and utter utopia as they try and fall back from the clouds they seem to be floating on.

        "This has been the strangest...and yet the best Valentine's Day that I have ever had" Kyle speaks truthfully through ragged breath as he quickly pulls the butt plug from his ass...tossing it across the room as he lays flush with the equally breathless body of Max.

        "Yeah..." is his simple reply as he wraps his arms around his neck... pulling him even closer to his cooling body. "I've always hated Valentine's Day...but after tonight I think that it is truly my favorite holiday" he chuckles as he snuggles into the warm crevice of Kyle's neck as he closes his weary eyes for much needed slumber. "Max..." he hears his distant voice call out to him...jerking him out of the land of sleepy time at the panic so readable in his words. "What about after tonight"

        "What do you mean what about after tonight" he questions as he gazes into fear filled eyes that cause his heart to nearly break.

        "What happens to us after tonight...when we have to go back to the harsh reality of our lives. Where do we go from here...what about our friends...our family...Liz"

        "Hey...I meant it when I told you that I loved you and that I wanted to be with you" he whispers...praying like hell he can erase his fears. "I love you Kyle and we are together through the long haul now. I don't care what are friends have to say...although I am sure that besides Michael most of them suspected that there was something going on between us anyway and as for our families...well we will deal with that when the time comes. They may not understand at first...but I know our families and I know that eventually they will come around to see that what he have is real. As for Liz...truthfully I still love her...but it is nothing compared to what I feel for you. I may love her...but it is only you that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I want you Kyle...only you...if you'll take a chance and have me"

        "Forever..." he replies happily as he winds his fingers through Max's hair urging him forward in an attempt to kiss him senseless...but his advances are thwarted as Max puts his hand between their faces.

        "What about you...what are your feelings for Liz now" he questions just as concerned as Kyle was moments before.

        "Can I tell you a secret" Kyle blushes as he falls backwards against the pillows behind him.

        "Yes..." Max answers...his heart hamming crazily within his chest.

        "I haven't been in love with Liz for awhile now. I thought that it was the only way that I was going to be able to spend time with you. I know that it sounds crazy...but even when we were fighting over Liz it brought us together and..."

        "It makes perfect sense you idiot" Max cuts him off as he punches him playfully upon his bare chest. "God I love you" he gushes as he quickly devours his lips under his own. "But after more games...promise"

        "I promise..." Kyle whispers...flushed. "Happy Valentine's Day Max...and I love you too"

        The End...

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