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Stupidity...My Love for You, Chapter Two

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 14, 2002

        The room around me began to swirl madly as his words continued to ricochet through my frenzied mind. My heart was hammering so furiously within my chest that I felt that it would explode right from out it and land at his feet. isn't mind screamed out from the sheer shock of his startling news. It has to be a mistake...she has to be pregnant by someone else for he had told me that they were not sleeping together. "Who...who is the father" I croaked I released him from my arms and threw myself against the wall in an attempt keep myself upright. He didn't answer me...just kept staring at the floor at his feet...blubbering like a baby. "I SAID WHO THE HELL IS THE FATHER MAX" I screamed out madly...tears pouring down my cheeks for I already knew the answer to my own question. I could feel my heart literally break in half as he looked up at me and spoke the words I already knew to be true.

        "I am"

        "GET OUT...GET THE @#%$ OUT OF MY HOUSE" my screams continued as I grabbed a nearby knickknack from the computer desk I was standing by and hurled it at him.

        "Kyle please...I need you" he cried out as he made an attempt to reach out to me...only to change his mind as my laptop went hurtling over his head...smashing into what seemed like a million pieces as it slammed into the wall behind him...a million pieces just like my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

        "Did you ever love me Max" I questioned through my heartbreak as I fell to the floor from the sheer weight of his news. "Did you for one second every love me the way that I love you" my sobs filled my ears as I looked up from where I was huddled in a blubbering mess of heartache and pain. "I love you so much that I was willing to do anything that you wanted me to...including allowing you to play your little charade because I knew that you were afraid to admit that you wanted to be with me and that I was ok with...all I ever wanted from you was for you be faithful to me. You promised me each and every time that we made love that you were not sleeping with her. "YOU PROMISED" I cried tears raging down my face in torrents. "I gave up everything for you...everything and this is how you repay my love and devotion"

        "Kyle...please. It was a never should have happened" he spoke softly as he knelt before me...his own tears still flowing down his face. "Please you have to forgive me. I need you...need you more then I have ever needed you before. You have to be here for me...I don't know if I can get through this without you"

        "You didn't answer my question" I retorted sadly as I stared into his expressive eyes...for it was his eyes that told me everything that I needed to know. "Do you love me...have you ever loved me Max...or was I just someone to come to when you needed support and sympathy.

        "Kyle...please...I...I" he never finished his sentence as I watched him pull himself upright and walk out of the house without a second glance.

        It was at that exact moment that I knew what I had to do. It was time for me to leave Roswell...time for me to leave the pain and regret of what was my love for him behind and start anew. I had to get as far away as possibly from Roswell...and California was about as far as I could go and so two months later I was on a plane headed for my new new life without Max Evans. I didn't even tell anyone that I was leaving. I needed a clean break...and it was my intention to just breeze out of Roswell and have no one be none the wiser as to my disappearance. Whoever...Michael had other ideas. Michael and I had become very close friends over the years that Max and I were together. I never told him anything about our secret relationship and I know that Max never told him...but I always suspected that he knew. If he did he never judged me for it...infact he was the only good thing about Roswell that I was going to miss once I left...but I knew that I had to leave everything about Max...including my friendship with Michael behind in order to begin my new life.

        He showed up at my house a few days before my flight to freedom. I tried to make him leave...but him being Michael he forced his way in and stood dumb founded in the middle of my fully empty living room. "Going somewhere" he asked...jerking his eyes from the empty room and staring into my guilt filled ones.

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