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Stupidity...My Love for You, Chapter Fifteen

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 14, 2002


        It had been two days since my run in with Kyle and to say that I was exhausted was an understatement. I was bone tired that I had to literally force myself out of bed in the morning and fight like hell to stay coherent enough to get through the day. My anger was long gone...replaced with outright despair as I knew that what I had with Kyle was over and done with. Isaiah had tried to call be several times in those two days...but I just wanted to be left alone to wallow in my self pity...was that so much to ask for. Eventually he got the hint as I continued to hide in my office during the day and night...not wanting to be there...but not wanting to do home either. Reluctantly on this particular night I decided to blow off work and spend the evening wallowing at home for a change. I had a full night ahead of me as I dragged my sorry ass out the side door and made my way up the steps to my place for a TV dinner was waiting for me...and a full night of staring blankly at the tube as images of Kyle continued to invade my mind...but I was wrong as I opened the door to my home and stood there slack jawed at the sight before me.

        There was candles littered many candles spread out before me that I couldn't even keep count. In addition to the candles there were heart shaped balloons scattered throughout the room as well as floral arrangements of every kind on every open table top. I couldn't move...couldn't speak at I continued to stand there at the romantical setting spread out so painstakingly before me. My first thought was that this was done by Kyle in an attempt to win me back...but I quickly pushed that thought behind me as I recalled the scene from two days earlier. "Isaiah...I called out" as I scanned the room looking for the crazy friend of mine that I knew had done this. I knew that he had feelings for me...I just didn't know how deep as I made my way in and closed the door behind me. "Isaiah" I called out again.

        "No...not Isaiah" I heard a voice whisper as I turned and came face to face with the man that caused me the highest and the lowest moments of my life. I was stunned as he stood before me dressed to the nines in a pair of tight jeans and a cream colored cable knit sweater. I tried to speak...but as usual was rendered speechless as I continued to stand before him in all his godliness.

        " did you get in here" I stammered as I pulled my eyes away from his eyes as I began to feel myself get sucked into the beautiful blueness of them.

        "I'm the son of an Ex-Sheriff...there isn't a lock that I can't break into" he chuckled...trying to lighten the mood...but as my anger resurfaced lightening the mood was not an option.

        " let yourself let yourself out" I spat through clenched teeth as I attempted to walk away from the man that was causing havoc on my senses.

        "Please Zan...please give me another chance. I never meant for any of this to get as out of control as it has. I...I...I..."

        "Please Kyle...just go home. Leave me alone. Why are you doing this to me...why" I cried anger gone as my heart for what felt like the millionth time began to break into a million pieces. "I can't do this anymore. You don't love love him...and I accept that. So why do you keep coming back. Please I beg of you...just leave me alone"

        "I will...I will leave you alone if that is what you truly want" he spoke as tears began to form in his eyes as well. "But your wrong about one thing. I don't love Max...I don't think that I ever did. I only love one man and that man is you Zan. I love you Zan and I am so sorry that it took me this long to realize how much I truly do love you"

        I could not believe the weight that was lifted off of my shoulders as his words of love continued to echo throughout my confused mind. He loved me...he had finally spoken the words that I had longed to hear from the moment I had expressed my love to him. I knew that I should have been angry...should have wanted to make him suffer for the hell that he had put me through...but none of that mattered anymore. All that mattered was that he loved me...he loved me and I loved him and it was as if a new energy began to flow through me that cured all the hurt and pain of the past as I gazed into his eyes and witnessed the true extent of his words. "Kyle...wait" I whispered as he tried to walk past me and head for the door. "Say it again"

        "I'm sorry" he cried as he tried to once again leave me.

        "No...what you said before that"

        "I love you"

        "And do me" I questioned already knowing the answer...but needing desperately to hear it again.

        "With all my heart and my soul"

        "And Max"

        "Max is gone"


        "I don't know what Michael did...but he assures me that Max is out of my life for good"

        "For good...I like the sound of that" I chuckled as I intertwine my fingers with his. "Again..." my laughter continued as I placed the arm of the hand that I held around my I wrapped my other free arm around his neck...running my fingers though the softness of his hair. I was in heaven...he was back in my arms as he continued to spout his love for me...before I attacked his lips so furiously that I thought I would pass out from the lustfulness of it all. "I love you too Dimples...forever"

        Present Day...

        It's been six months since the night that we came together as a whole...six months of new found love and respect for each other. We have laughed cried...and loved since the rebirth of our love...but it is a trip that is well worth the trials and tribulations. Our love for each other has continued to grow each and everyday that we are together...and I know that it will continue to grow as the days continue to pass us by. We have made a commitment to each that we vow to keep till our dying day. It is a commitment to be true to the love that surrounds us...that inhabits our very existence in the form of two gold rings that we each wear as a symbol of our love. I never knew that I could be this happy...but I am. I am happy and content with the life that we have mapped out before us...but I don't care about maps and having life planned out for the future...for as long as he holds me whenever I need him...makes love to me on a nightly basis...and continues to tell me just how much loving him mean to him...then nothing else matters.

        "Can't you make this thing go any faster" I hear my lover whine besides me as we fly down the interstate towards the airport. I can't help but laugh at the impatience in his voice as I take his hand into my and kiss it in order to sooth his frazzled nerves.

        "Dimples...we still have well over an hour before his flight arrives"

        "I know...I know...but I am so excited about Mike moving to California"

        "And the fact that he said that he has a huge surprise for you has nothing to do with it" my laughter continues as Kyle punches me playfully in the shoulder. "Come on Kyle...lets get you to the gate before you explode" Wrapping my arm around his waist...together we walk into the busy airport to lay in wait of Michael Guerin and his surprise. I hate to admit it...but I am just as curious as Kyle to find out what the big secret is...but unlike my love...I am better at hiding it.

        "Announcing flight number 17 from Roswell New Mexico is now arriving at gate 23"

        I can feel him early jump out of his skin at the announcement blares loudly across the loud speaker and again I can't stop my laughter as he races to the front of the gate as the passengers begin to exit the plane. He begins jumping like a mad man at the first sighting of his best friend...but it ends just as quickly as he now stands there with a look of pure shock upon his face. I follow his gaze...only to find Michael with a short dark haired beauty at his side and then I notice the same look heavy upon her face as well.

        "Kyle..." Michael screams out as he releases the hand of the raving beauty and pulls Kyle into his arms. "Man...I've missed you"

        "Hey...hey...Michael" he stammers...not once taking his eyes off of this woman as Michael finally releases him from the hold that he has on him and walks back to her...placing his arm tightly around her waist. She breaks the lock that her and Kyle are sharing as he gazes lovingly into his eyes. It is obvious to anyone that pays witness to these two that they are very much in love...and I can't help but smile for if anyone deserved to be happy then it was Michael. " remember when I told you that I had finally found love...well here she is" he whoops giddily as he scoops the small girl into his arms and kisses her passionately. "Liz and I are married...surprise"

        "Omg...I need to sit down" Kyle stammers as I rush to his side and lead him to a nearby row of chairs.

        "Hey...are you ok" I whisper as he stares past my shoulder at Michael and Liz.

        "I...I...I'm fine"

        "Are you sure" I ask again concerned.


        "Ok..." I reply knowing that he is lying...but realizing that I have not introduced myself to Mike's new wife...nor have I welcomed them to their new home. "Congratulations Michael and Liz" I holler happily as I grabs Mike's hand in a firm handshake of friendship before I turn to face the blushing Liz. "I'm DJ...but I think that you know me better as Zan" I her a wink as I extend my hand out to her as well...only to have her bypass it as she lunges herself into my arms. I am taken aback at her bluntness...but soon move past it as I hug her back.

        "Don't get any ideas" Mike jokes as he pulls Liz from my embrace and wraps his arms tightly around her.

        "Although she is beautiful" I kid as I make my way back to my yet to speak lover. "There is only one dimples for me"

        "Dimples" Liz questions as she looks from Kyle to myself.

        "It's a long story...but..."

        "We need to talk" Kyle interjects angrily as he jumps off the seat he is sitting on and leads Liz away from the two of us. I try to go after them...irritated at his rudeness...but Michael stops me.

        "They need to talk this out alone. Come on Zan...let me buy you a cup of coffee" Still confused...but knowing the little I do about Liz...Max and Kyle's relationship...I know that it is in fact for the best. Together we walk in silence leaving them to work through the pain of the past. He filled me in on everything that had happened since his return to Roswell. Turns out that after Kyle moved to California...he and Liz developed a close friendship and eventually it turned into something turned into love. He and Max had battled long and hard for the love of this lady and her child and only one was to be the victor and that one was Michael. He refuses to tell me what he did or said to make Max admit his defeat for both Kyle and Liz and it really doesn't matter...for all that matters is that he is out of both of their lives and that they have been able to find true love in others. They were on their honeymoon...leaving her son with her parents as they came to California to find a new home as they begin a new from the restrains of Max Evans.

        Almost an hour later...we make our way back to the place where we had left the loves of our lives...only to find them wrapped in each others arms...tears pouring from both of their eyes...but smiles gracing their faces. "I guess they worked things out" Mike beams as he makes a bee line for his lady.

        I watch as Liz places a kiss on the tear stained face of Kyle as she releases him from her embrace and he walks over to me wrapping his arms around my waist. "Everything ok" I whisper as he leans his head upon my shoulder. "Everything is perfect...just as it should be" is his response as he kisses me slowly on the lips.

        " that we have all made nice lets get the hell out of here and find something to eat" Mike bellows as he grabs Liz's hand and heads in the direction of the exit.

        "You just ate on the plane" Liz states winded as she tries to keep up with him.

        "What can I say. I need to re-boost my energy after my induction into the mile high club" he laughs loudly as Liz blushes from head to toe...causing us both to laugh from the cuteness of it all. Life is wonderful. Mike and friends through the thicks and the thins of life are together again...and in the process they added Liz and myself to this little family. Yes...all is well with the world and I have never in my life been as happy as I am today...and nothing will ever change the happiness that surrounds me and then these words are spoken and I know that my life will never be the same again.

        "So Kyle...Zan...when are the two of you going to start thinking about starting a family" Liz she passes around the pictures of her precious son. I turn to Kyle chuckling at the absurdity of it all...only to find him gazing longingly at the picture he holds in his palm.

        The End...or is it??

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