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The Storm Before the Calm

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive November 29, 2002

Title: The Storm Before the Calm
Author: StormyBear29
Couple: Kyle/Max
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Left to deal with the aftermath of the death of their friends. Kyle and Max leave Roswell. With no place to go and no direction to follow the two find that despite the pain that constantly plagues them...there can be light and maybe even some happiness at the end of their dark journey.

        They were dead...all of them. It was the most horrific scene that I have ever witnessed in my life and yet forty years later I can still see the carnage...still hear the cries of agony. I can still even smell the ever-present scent of death that always seemed to surround us as if it had happened yesterday. Many years have passed since that fateful day...many tears have been shed...many cries of anguish and pain have been shouted to whom ever god happened to be listening at the time and yet it took someone who I never expected to allow me to accept the hell of the past and move on into the brightness of my future. We have been together for the last forty years...we have faced death on more then one occasion and have lived to see the gloriousness of another day. He is my life...he is my soul and until the day that one of us leaves this magnificent world he will continue to be my everything. We have been to hell and back...we have seen things in our lifetime that not one single person could even begin to fathom...and it is time that the story be told. It is time for the truth to finally come to pass so that future generations can know the real truth as to what really happened when the earth was almost destroyed...know the real reason why they continue to have the freedom that they take for granted each and every day. You should know who we are before I go any future. There may be only two of us left...but they are with us each and everyday...and will be until the day that we die. They were our loves...our friends and even our salvations.

        Elizabeth Parker...the once thought love of my life. I had loved her from afar for many years before I finally got up the courage to ask her out. She said yes and we dated casually off and on through out the summer of our junior year in High School. It was perfect...I loved her...she liked me and then in an instant I lost her to another who saved her life as it hung in the balance with his wondrous healing powers. He is also the man that currently lays besides me lightly snoring as I write this...but that is another part of the story.

        Max Evans...Max is the king of an alien race of another planet and he is also the true soul mate to Liz Parker. Max and I have had a rocky relationship to say the least...but if not for this man and the love that I have for him...I do not think that I would be writing this here today.

        Isabel Evans...Max's sister and my best friend. Isabel was the greatest friend that I ever had. We bonded on some strange level after the death of one of our friends...and for a short time even became lovers. It was short lived as she quickly realized that I was still in love with the elusive Liz Parker. Isabel was married to Jesse Ramirez...she loved him...but he betrayed her in the worst of possible ways...he left her and when he finally did return he murdered her in cold blood.

        Michael Guerin...Second to Max and my co-conspirator. Michael was a great guy once you got past the stonewall that he constantly surrounded himself with. He had a great love as well and he died trying to save her life.

        Maria DeLucca...Michael's great love...and the perky side kick that each group of friends always seems to have. She would try and find the bright side in each incredible journey we found ourselves on during those tumultuous high school years.

        Tess Harding...Tess is the soul reason that all the people who meant the world to me are dead. She betrayed us all...and now due to her evil where there was once six...there are now only two. She and Max had slept together one horrific night and together they produced an evil spawn...or so we thought. I know your wondering if Max and Liz had this whole soul mate till the end of time relationship...then why did he sleep with the enemy? Technically they weren't together then...and I won't go into all the details...but Liz had a very good reason for leaving Max. Tess knew that he was vulnerable and used it to her advantage...getting impregnated that very same night. Life after that was hell for everyone as one by one we learned of the supposed dreaded bundle of evil.

        I am Kyle Valenti...former high school sports hero. Former unbeliever in the whole aliens are among us spiel. I am the only other survivor of a bloody battle that not only left permanent outside scars...but inside ones as well.

        Still with that you are up to speed on who is who it is time to begin our story. What you are about to read will be dark...gruesome and just plain ugly...but each word is a true account of what happened the day that the lives of two young men changed forever. It is a story of lost and even love found despite it all. This is our story...

        EARLY SPRING 2002

        For once we were living a normal life...or as normal a life that one can live with three hybrid aliens among your group of friends. Shocked...yes so was I when I found out that Roswell was in fact the alien capital of the world. Max and Isabel Evans...Michael Guerin and Tess Harding...alien hybrids placed on this earth for their protection after they were killed on their home planet of Antar. Confused...I know I was too...but it is basically this simple...they died and were resurrected again. For the purpose of this story this is all you need to know...aliens do exist and they are not little green men with huge black eyes and slimy skin. No...they look like like us...think like us and yes...they even have emotions and feelings like us.

        High school was almost was a scant few months until we were free of the shackles of high school life and ready to stumble into the unknown regions of pre-adulthood. Max and Liz were happy and in love...having moved past their issues of the past. They were engaged to be married...and even though I was secretly still in love with Liz...I could see that what they shared between the two of them was magical and so I placed my jealousy on the back burner and along with Isabel and Maria we began to plan the elaborate ceremony that would forever unite these two soul mates forever. It was a happy time for us as we made the necessary preparations...a time that brought the six of us even closer together. Before I had always felt like an outsider with in this very close group of alien and humans despite the fact that I spent just about every waking moment with them. However...this wedding forever bonded us...made us a tight knit group of friends and lovers that nothing or no one was ever going to ever be able to shatter. But we were very wrong.

        SUMMER 2002

        The wedding went off without a hitch. Two days after graduation we all packed up and headed off to Las Vegas. We had rented a mini van and drove up was not only a road trip to celebrate the impending marriage of Max and Liz...but it was also a last change for the six of us to enjoy the last days of our quickly departing childhood. We all had different ideas for our future and some of us weren't planning on staying in Roswell for the rest of our lives. Maria's record career was beginning to take off...and she and Michael were planning on moving to New York where they could both focus on their futures together. Isabel and Jesse had been married for almost a year and they were thinking about starting a family...but then months before the ceremony Jesse vanished off the face of the earth so to speak. At first we suspected alien involvement...but there was never any hard evidence to prove those suspicions. Eventually Isabel let us know that she and Jesse weren't really as happy as they had lead us to believe and that she had suspected long before he left that he was seeing someone else. My heart bled for Isabel as she sat proudly through the wedding ceremony never shedding a tear...only to collapse in my arms later that night from the sheer heart break of her husband's desertion. This was also the first night that Isabel and I made love. She wasn't the only one that was hurting...and together we helped each other move past the sadness of losing the ones that we loved most.

        Max and Liz had decided that they were going to move to Las Cruces were they both planned to attend Las Cruces University. It was far enough from Roswell to leave the pain of the past behind them...but close enough to ensure that if needed they could return to Roswell at a moments notice. As for myself...I had no intentions of staying in Roswell whatsoever. I was tired of the whole alien shit that constantly plagued my life since the day that Max saved me. Now...don't get me wrong I loved them...they were my friends and my family but I had to leave...had to get away and start a new life. They understood why I had to leave and it made me love them for it even more. I had applied to the University of Montana...and believe it or not I had even gotten accepted. I know your thinking...Montana...why the hell Montana? Well...before my acceptance I had went to visit the campus and fell in love with the sheer beauty of it all. I was looking forward to starting my new life...but it was unsettling as well knowing that these people who I had spent the last two years sharing every possible experience with were no longer going to be just a quick jog away. I was reluctant to leave...but I knew that if I didn't that I would never be able to live with myself and so I made the final decision to go. I was nervous as hell...but excited at the prospect of what my future had to offer as I began to prepare for my plane ride of freedom. However fate had other ideas...and in an instant all of our lives changed forever. Fate...she likes to fuck with your heads every now and then...and she royally fucked with our minds and our hearts when she brought her back into our lives...with the return of Jesse days afterwards.

        She blew back into Roswell with a vengeance...and with the help of her cohort Jesse...they managed to kidnap every one of us humans knowing that our alien counterparts would come looking for us. It was a set up...perfectly planned out to the most minuscule of details...and it would have worked if not for the three of us. Together...through some strange alien connection we were able to wipe them out...but not before Isabel...Michael and Maria had died in the process.

        Isabel had been the first to die at the hands of Tess and her band of skins. Truth be told I was relived that she was the first to die...although the way that she died was unjust and inhuman...but after Jesse returned and revealed to us that he was actually Kivar and marrying her was just part of their evil scheme to kill us and take over the world...she was never the same again. He had won once again despite her efforts to change the mistakes of her past life...he had tricked her and brought on the impending deaths of her friends and loved ones in a scene ripped right from her past. I later found out from Max that Isabel...or Valondra as she was named in her former life was the sole reason for the death of Zan and Rath...or Max and Michael. We watched in horror as they lead her to the place were she was going to lose her life...yet again at the hands of Kivar. To add insult to injury...Kivar kept the form of Jesse as they tied her to a stake and with a bolt of fire shooting from his hand...set the stake ablaze. They forced us to watch...they had some sort of hold over us with an alien device...hindering our unrelenting attempts to free ourselves and save her. Liz fainted from the sheer gruesomeness of it all...but Max and I witnessed each and every scream of pain and agony. "You have fucking alien her," I screamed out to the anguished form kneeling besides tears of anguish ran fastly down his face. "Do something...don't just sit there and let her die" I knew that he was unable to help her...knew that they had somehow disabled his powers...knew that deep down this had to be killing him inside...but I was angry...and sacred shitless and lashing out at him somehow helped...even though momentarily. Hours later...after there was nothing left but the charred remains of Isabel Evans-Ramirez...they roughly took us to a dark and dank cell where the five of us awaited their return and the impending death of another of us.

        I can still see it as if it was yesterday...can still feel the dampness that penetrated my bones as we waited for the next sick and twisted game of Tess and her band of skins. It was dark...lit only by a single light bulb that dangled dangerously from the high ceiling. We had no clue as to where we were...wither we had been taken to some remote area where they could torture and kill us without raising any suspicions...or if we were somehow still in Roswell in what could have passed for some sort of a root cellar located at the bottom of any random house. The floor was loose dirt...that sent a shower of dust anytime that someone moved around in it. Located in a corner were a handful of filthy blankets...which we assumed if we were to survive the night was where we were supposed to any of us could sleep anyway after what we had witnessed. As far as I was concerned I was never going to sleep again...ever. So there we were...five adults of sorts...ranging from the ages of eighteen to nineteen awaiting their impending death sentences. I can still remember every single detail of that final night...still remember the looks on each of their faces...and the way that they were reacting to our horrible situation.

        Maria was hysterical as Michael tried to comfort her as best he could...with little results. I couldn't blame her...I felt the same way and I wished like hell that at that very moment that I had someone to cling to as she had Michael. The look on Michaels face was that of pure stone cold hate...but every now and then I saw what I assume to this very day to be tiny flickers of fear that passed through his dark eyes. I knew that he was scared...hell we all were...but Michael was always going to be Michael...even to the end. To him nothing was more important then keeping up the stonewall...not letting anyone know what was really flowing through him...but we knew...we all knew for it was the same thing that was flowing through each and every one of us. Liz huddled in the corner of the dark room as Max held onto her for dear life as he whispered things into her ear that I can only assume were words of love and comfort. I know that it sounds shallow...but a pure bolt of jealousy bolted through me as I continued to watch them. I couldn't stop thinking that if Max had never bulldozed his way into our lives...her and I might have had a chance at love...but I quickly pushed those thoughts away as I looked from Liz to Max. Michael had a look of hardness plastered upon his face...but his eyes...those eyes screamed out to all that looked into them the true extent of his emotions. He was utterly petrified...but not for himself...but for the woman that he held tightly within his arms. I didn't know what Max was going to do if he lost Liz...and I prayed that none of us lost our lives...but something told me that no amount of praying was going to alleviate our situation.

        I felt like I was going mad...felt as if at any moment that my head was going to explode right off the top of my head. "We have to get out of here" I spoke breaking the deafening silence as I paced the floor between the two couples of our small cell. "And how do you expect us to do that" Michael growled nastily as he released Maria and made his way over until he was standing before me. "Don't you think that we have tried using our powers...because we have" He spit as he grabbed me by the shoulder and began to shake me furiously. "They have them blocked somehow...and we don't fucking need you to constantly remind us of that Kyle" I watched in slow motion as he raised his hand into a fist...watched as it made its way towards my face...only to never reach its intended target.

        "Michael..." I heard Max call out behind he caught his incoming fist in mid air. "This is not helping," he continued in an edged dripping voice as he dropped Michael's hand back to his waist and turned towards me. "We have to work together...we have to stand together for we are nothing if we are not united" He was right and we both knew that he was...nodding we turned away from each other as he headed into opposite corner of the every shrinking room and I headed back to my place of solitude. "We have to come up with something...I don't think we have much time before they return and..." He didn't finish his sentence for he didn't have to...because we all knew they rest...before they come back to torture and kill another one of us.

        "Maybe we can find a way out" Liz she tried to pull herself off the hard floor as Max ran up to her and assisted her. Without a spoken word you could see the amount of love they had for each other flash in their he protectively placed his arms around her and pulled her against the girth of his body. "Liz is right...we have to try and find a way out of here. Everyone search every where...there has to be some way out of here" We banded together to search every nook and cranny of that place as our leader had instructed in hopes of finding an escape route. Frantically we continued to search with no hopes in sight...until Liz found a small muck covered window high above our heads. It was unreachable by normal means...but as I climbed the backs of Max and Michael to reach the top...hope began to spring deep within me. The window was just large enough for a person to slink through...and level with the ground... as we were deep inside what appeared to be some sort of cellar. "The window is level with the we can slide right out and I don't see any sign of Tess or the skins"

        "Are you sure" I heard Michael grunted below he struggled to hold me steady with our awaiting escape route. "I'm sure...from what I can see there isn't anyone out there"

        "Well are you sure...or not?" His grunts of anger continued as he clamped down on my sneaker-clad foot with such force from his hand...that it caused me to holler out in pain as we collapsed to the dirt floor below...sending up a spray of dust that began to choke us all. I watched through the veil of earth as Maria and Liz ran to comfort their significant others...insuring that they were ok...leaving me alone to fend for myself once again. "Are you ok" I heard a voice speak out to me...breaking me from my thoughts of jealously as I looked up into the concerned eyes of Max. "I'm fine...thanks," I muttered as I grabbed his outstretched hand as he pulled me off the floor. "Dammit Michael...what the hell is your problem" He yelled as he turned from me and to the man that was slinking in the corner with a still hysterical Maria in his arms. Words of anger were exchanged between the two before Liz and I broke them apart. "We have to focus on what is going on" I spoke as I once again began to pace the length of the room. "I could only see so far...but it didn't look to have any coverage. I can't tell you one hundred percent if there is anyone around the corner of this building or not...but we have to decide if we are going to stay here and let them pick us off one by one...or if we are going to attempt to escape and die fighting if necessary" I heard the breath of Liz and Maria suck in simultaneously at the mention of our possible deaths...but it had to be said. Time was wasting...and it was something that we all knew we didn't have much of. "So what's it going to be...stay or go? I vote for go" Silence filled the room as only the labored breaths of five people trying to make a life or death decision in a matter of minutes echoed loudly within our tomb. "Go..." I heard Michael speak as the grip he held on Maria tightened. "Go..." Maria she forgot all about her hysterical nature...and pulled it together for the team. "Go..." Liz she gazed into the horrified eyes of Max. "We have to do this Max," she continued as she tenderly ran her fingertips along the contours of his face. "I would rather die trying to escape...them die at the hands of Tess and her little games"

        I heard the sob that caught in our leaders throat at the words that she could possibly die and it caused my heart to ache for him. This was killing him...and as I said before it was so readable in his eyes as I continued to watch him. It was then that I truly understood the amount of love that Max felt for Liz. He loved her with every fiber of his being...with everything that he was and if he lost her it was only a matter of time before he joined her wherever she may have gone. "Liz..." he whispered through his silent he clasped her tiny hand tightly within his large one. "If anything happened to you...I don't know what I would do"

        "You would continue to live," She whispered through her own she placed a loving kiss upon the hands that continued to possess hers. Max...please promise me that if anything happens to me that you will continue with what it is you have to do"

        " can't live without you by my side. I would rather die then live without you" His sobs finally erupted as he pulled her tightly into his embrace. "No Max" she replied adoringly as she removed herself from his arms so she could look into his eyes. "I love you...but you have a destiny and you have to destroy Tess and the skins to ensure that the end of the world doesn't end. You have know this"

        " destiny is with you" His tears continued as he attempted to pull her back to where she was moments before...only to have her thwart his attempts as she moved away from him and towards me. " me up. Michael...come on we have to get out of here and we don't have much time. I'll go first"

        "" Max cried out as he ran over to where she stood before me...engulfing her deep within his arms. "I'll go first and then Kyle and..."

        "I'm going first" Michael replied authoritatively as he and Maria made their way towards our pending escape route. "'re the strongest of all of us so you have to anchor us. I can search the area outside to make sure that it is safe before any of you come out. Kyle...once I give you the signal you help the girls reach the window and I will pull them through" He paused for a moment as if he were waiting for someone to challenge him and when he didn't receive any...his plan quickly went into action but not before the remaining of us huddled together for what we hoped wasn't the last and final time. Words of friendship...words of thanks...and most importantly words of love were expressed as we continued to hold onto each other. Reluctantly...we broke apart as we put operation save the world and our asses into effect. Once again we formed the human chain that was going to bring us to our celebrated freedom...or our looming deaths as with steady hands Michael climbed his way up my back and over my shoulder...only stopping briefly as I called out to him. "Hey careful out there"

        "I will" he replied with a grin as he busted the grim covered window with his elbow and pulled his way out. Seconds felt like hours as we waited on baited breath for his return. Maria took over pacing the room as she frantically made her way back and forth...muttering incoherent words that made only sense to her as she chewed nervously upon her already bleeding fingers tips. With each pass I could feel my already jangled nerves become more jangled and was about to let it be known to all if not for Michael poking his head back through the shattered window...letting us know that the coast was clear. We should have known that it was a trap...should have been prepared for Tess and her band of skins to fuck with our heads some more...but the only thing that we had on our minds at that time was escaping with our lives.

        Springing to action...I assisted Maria as she first climbed over Max...and then myself as I pushed her towards Michaels out stretched hands. Roughly he grabbed her by her braided head and yanked her through the tiny window. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach and I had to fight the urge to the snapping sound of bones breaking hit my ears. Looking up through the window I saw the grinning face of Michael Guerin staring starkly before me...and then it was gone and in its place the face of the one person that at one point in time I believed I had loved...for I was staring into the face of Tess Harding. "Fools..." her laughter echoed throughout the tiny room. "Did you honestly think that I would allow you to escape? I was trying to figure out which one of you I was going to kill next...but Michael made my decision so much easier for me. Two guesses who is going to be next" her laughter continued as she looked past where I still stood momentarily upon the shoulders of Max and down at Liz. I tried to reach up and grab Tess by her evilly smirking face...but Max had other plans as he pulled back to protect Liz...sending me crashing to the hard floor for the second time that day. Before we had a chance to react to what happened...Tess has sealed the broken window with her powers...leaving the three of us alone with our terrified thoughts.

        So there we sat in mind numbing silence as the tortured screams of who only could have been Michael...since Maria was already dead...echoed loudly within the small room. I felt like I was once again going to lose my mind as his screams continued on the opposite wall of our prison...but I refused to let them get the best of me. I had already decided that if they were going to kill me...they weren't even going to see me twitch a fearful muscle. It was a vow that I silently made to myself as sat across from Max and I listened to Liz's grief-stricken sobs as Max tried desperately to console her the best that he could given the situation. Eventually she fell into an exhausted slumber...allowing Max and I to speak privately as we made a pact to protect matter the cost.

        Eventually...I found my self drifting off to sleep as the exhaustion of everything that had happened rolled over and over in my agonized mind. I didn't have the will to fight I welcomed it with open arms...but not before the sound of Max and Liz's love making jerked me out of my fatigued state. It was as if both of them knew that this was going to be the final time that they were going to be giving of themselves...and despite the fact that they were locked in a cell...awaiting their possible death and with a thoroughly jealous ex pretending to sleep across the small room from them...they gave of themselves wholly. I could hear their stifled moans of pleasure...hear their words of everlasting love and devotion...and even though I knew that I should have turned away and allowed them some sort of privacy...I could not.

        I awoke to the sound of frightened screams as several skins entered our tiny room...jerking us from where we slept as they dragged us out into the harsh sunlight for Tess's next round of torture. Turned out that we were still in fact in Roswell...and despite the fact that it was still quite early in the was as if the whole town had completely disappeared. It was wipeout all over again...for this was the term that we used whenever we spoke of the day when all of the humans of Roswell disappeared for one whole day thanks in part to the skins and their glowing green rod. I know that none of this makes any sense to you...but know this it had happened once before...and what frightened me the most was the fact that this time the unaware citizens of Roswell would not be returning...that this time their disappearance might have been permanent.

        They dragged us down the middle of Main Street with Liz at the lead and Max and I taking the back...struggling like hell to break free so we could get to we could protect her. We knew that Tess was going to go after Liz next as she had made the threat so plainly in our cell earlier the night before. Before we knew what was happening we were jerked into the Crash Down where it seemed that Tess had set up as her head quarters. They forced us to kneel before the woman who we all had plotted her death time and time again over the last year. "Kneel before your human pieces of shit" Kivar spit evilly before us. He had decided to take on his other human persona...forgoing the face of Jesse as it served no purpose due to Isabel already being dead.

        "Let Liz and Kyle go" Max screamed out...pure unadulterated hate radiating from his voice as he struggled to break free of the hold that two skins had on him. "Your beef is with me...not with these humans"

        "Oh touching that you would want to protect your humans...but alas where you are correct that I have no beef with you put it...however my darling sister does. Seems that your precious Liz took something that belonged to her and well you know how she is...once she gets something in her head she is determined to follow through with it. Don't worry Zanny won't be that bad...quite quick in fact...she will probably only torture her for four...maybe even five hours at most"

        "I will fucking kill you if you touch her" Max spit out evilly through gritted teeth...only to be slammed forcefully to the floor as a beam of light shot from the hands of the man that in his previous life had killed him also.

        "MAX" Liz and I screamed out in pure terror as we watched her husband and my friend collapse besides her.

        "KIVAR...NO" Tess screeched behind her she pushed him aside and ran to where Max was unconscious...but still breathing. "You idiot...I want him to watch as I do all sorts of horrible things to his bitch...and then when I am done you can kill him again"

        "What about him" he asked...pointing in my direction.

        "Kyle..." she spoke my name as she made her way to where I was forced to continue to kneel before her. "You were the only one that showed me any real kindness while I lived in this roach motel known as Roswell. For your acts of kindness...I will spare your life. You will belong to only me...for me to do to you what I want...whenever I want," she purred in an attempt to be sexy against my she ran her hand down my back...pinching my ass as she moved down past the waist of my jeans. "As I are quite good in bed...or so I've heard" she continued looking at Liz in disgust and then back at me as she placed a gruesomely sickening open mouth kiss upon my lips. "So what do you say Kyle"

        "I'd rather die a tortuous death with my friends then fuck your skanky ass," I yelled heatedly...looking her dead in her face to make sure that she understood what I was trying to say as I spit the lingering taste of her kiss back at her...where it proceeded to hit her squarely in the eye.

        "And so you shall..." she screamed madly as she belted me a back hand...before she walked back to where her brother stood before us...wiping my spit from her face with his shirt. "But...not before I kill your and Max's precious Lizzie...but don't worry you won't have to wait long before you join her. Take them back to their cell until I can think up the most twisted way to kill them" Her laughter reverberated behind us as once again they dragged us down the middle of Main Street and back into the confine of the hole that was our cell.

        Max was now consciousness...but barely as they tossed us like yesterdays trash back into our temporary home. "Max" Liz cried out in fear as she cradled his head in her lap. " wake up" Her pain was so evident in the tone of her voice that I could literally feel her heart breaking...along with my own.

        "I'm...I'm ok" He whispered meekly as with her help he attempted to pull himself upright. I watched from the shadows as they exchanged their words of love yet again. "Kyle...are you ok" He asked looking at me with those concern filled eyes of his once again. Max and I never really got along that well...and in truth that was a huge understatement as daily I would think of ways to make him pay for stealing Liz from me and turning my life into the human/alien freak show that it had become...but in that instant I realized that not only had those feelings of hatred changed...but had actually turned to that of love. No...not the kind of love that lovers share between them...but something more then was a love of a friend...a brother...a love of someone that you knew no matter what was going to happen he was going to do everything in his power to ensure your safety and protection.

        "I'm ok" I lied as I wiped at my profusely bleeding lip from where Tess had clubbed me with the back of her hand.

        " me up" I heard him say to her as she aided in pulling him onto his still unsteady feet. Slowly they made their way to the corner were I stood. "Your bleeding" He reached out to heal my gaping wound...but I jerked away from him before his healing touch had a change to reach me. "Kyle..." He questioned as he stood there with a confused look upon his face.

        "Look Evan' don't have to worry about me and besides you don't have your stupid alien powers anyway remember"

        "No Kyle...your wrong. I think that they forgot to activate whatever it is that was blocking them before. I have them...but they are faint. It's like whatever it was drained them but..."

        "Save them then...we will need them later" I stated matter of factly as I once again wiped the blood that was oozing down my chin...staining the dirt at my feet off with the sleeve of my shirt. "We need to be focusing on getting you stronger before Tess sends her goons back to get us"

        "Kyle...please just let me heal you," He pleaded as he limped his way to where I stood. "Please...I need to heal you" The pain in his voice and those eyes...those eyes that to this very day get to me every time...were almost my undoing as I nodded my head giving him the approval he needed so badly. With Liz still holding him up for support...he gently placed his fingers of healing upon my badly swollen lip. I could feel the heat penetrating deep within as the healing process began...but there was something else...something that I could feel begin to form in the pit of stomach as it worked its way up the rest of my upper body. Max and Liz must have felt it they both jumped back in surprise which in turn sent Max crashing to the hard floor.

        "What the hell was that?" I yelped in astonishment moving as far away from the two of them as I could in that cracker jack box of a all sorts of crazy ideas began swimming around in my head.

        "I...I don't know" Max stammered as he stayed in the position that he had fallen with a fully panicked Liz cowering besides him. "Did you feel it too?" He asked Liz before he turned his attention fully back to me. "I felt it was as if when we were connected my powers were amplified. I've never felt that much power was like triple of what I am used to"

        "What do you think that it means" Liz questioned as she continued to cower besides Max...but I noticed that like me...she was no longer touching him.

        "I...I don't know...but I did save the two of you with my powers and you went though that whole changing sequence before we were married" he said to Liz with a look that I could not quite decipher on his strong face.

        "What the hell are you trying to say Evan's...just spit it out" I interrupted him nastily...for some reason fearful of what his answer might be.

        "What I am saying is that maybe my healing the two of you changed you somehow. Maybe you have some sort of alien powers that you haven't tapped into yet...but with the combination of my powers they were brought to life so to speak. I want to try that again. Maybe...with our combined powers we can defeat Tess and the skins and bring everyone back"

        " don't think so buddy" I screamed as I began to follow the path that I had formed earlier with my pacings. "No...there is no way that your saving me turned me into an alien freak"

        " happened to me and the chances of it happening to you are extremely likely" Liz whispered she pushed herself off the ground and made her way towards me with her hand stretched out before her. "Take my hand. I want to see if you and I can feel anything without Max's powers. I knew that she was right...knew that it was just a matter of time before my alieniness began to shine through and that thought alone had kept me awake in fear many a night before any of this shit with Tess and her alien invasion had happened. Nervously I placed my hand into her out stretched one and waited for the return of the burning sensations I had felt earlier to begin...nothing happened. "Here...take my other hand," She stated scientifically as she placed her other hand out before me to take. Taking it...I closed my eyes and again awaited for something...anything to happen and again we received nothing. " you take hold of both our hands" I watched as Max pulled himself painfully from the floor...grabbing onto our hands standing out before him. Instantaneously the connection was formed...smashing all three of us into three separate corners of the walls behind us.

        "Holy mother of Buddha" I howled out in fright as I pulled myself off the floor...looking from Max to Liz as they were also pulling themselves off the hardened dirt floor.

        "My sentiments exactly" Max chuckled...with Liz's giggles quickly following. I couldn't believe that at a time like that they could find anything even remotely funny about our situation...but as I sat there and listened to their laughter as it peeled all around me...I found that I could not contain myself and so I joined them. It felt good to laugh like felt as if some...although very little of the tension that had been pent up for so long within me was released through our amusement...and yet just as quickly at it abruptly ended as once again reality reared its surreal head. Once we had controlled ourselves we set out to try and figure out how our new found combined powers would be of use to us. We already knew that with Liz and I...Max's powers were even greater than before...but what we didn't know was how we were going to use these new found powers to our benefit. Several hours later...three thoroughly exhausted adults sat huddled together awaiting their prisoner's return. For hours we had worked together to figure out just what we were capable of...and what we realized was that we were so much stronger then we ever thought possible and it was just a matter of time before Tess and her merry band of skins were going to find out just how much stronger. Payback was going to be a bitch...and boy where they ever going to regret coming into our town and vanquishing everyone...but not only that they were going to regret more then anything the murdering of our friends and family.

        It turned out that we didn't have to wait long as once again we were lead out of our cell and back to their headquarters and soon to be tomb. We clung to each other...pretending to be fearful of the clueless skins behind us who kept taunting us about our impending death sentence. It took every ounce of self-control not to turn around and give those assholes the surprise of their lives...but it was as if Max could sense my anger as he glanced at me out of the corner of his eye...tightening the grip that he had on my hand. Nodding slightly in understanding...I hung my head in an attempt to appear whipped and in truth I wasn't far off...but I was determined to kill those mother fuckers that had caused all the pain that I knew would forever permeated the heart of Liz...Max and myself.

        For once it was as if fate had decided to smile down on the three of us as we were forced once again to kneel before Kivar and Tess. Taking in my surroundings it seemed as if every skin had decided to take a break from conquering the world and watch as one by one we were exterminated at the hands of their new leader. I could feel the absolute terror that rolled off of my leader crouching besides me and yet at the same time I could feel his absolute courage and bravery. He never said a word...but I knew that he was going to defend Liz and I till the very end and I only hoped at the time that he could also feel my emotions...for I was determined not to let him down...either of them. We were all that was left and I was hell bent on making sure that we won't going to meet the same fate as our fallen loved ones.

        "How nice of you to join us" Tess's words greeted us mockingly as we continued to kneel before here. "I think that you are going to enjoy the way that I have decided to kill your precious Liz" her mocking continued...causing the grip Max had on my hand to tighten painfully as a unstoppable yelp of pain omitted from my lips. No one seemed to notice...except for Max who loosed his grip...but only slightly for he knew that I was so close to the edge of fury that at any second I was capable of blowing our whole cover.

        "Your not going to lay one hand on her" Max voice boomed confidently around us he looked at me with those eyes. I could feel the energy within me intensifying with each word that he spoke. It felt as if his words were charging the juices that were flowing deep inside me. Higher and higher it grew as his anger grew until I felt that I could take on the army of skins as well as any one else who was looking for a fight...for as my current grew so did my anger and together I knew that the two would be lethal.

        "Oh Maxie..." She cooed as she moved to stand before she ran her hands roughly over his twitching face of disgust. "You seem to underestimate whom has the upper hand here" Next thing we knew Liz went flying across the room with only the wave of her hand. The connection that I had felt pulsing within me died in an instant...leaving Max and I completely stunned and defenseless. "LIZ" we cried out simultaneously as we scrambled to reach her before Tess could do anymore harm to her. She however had other idea and we both went careening into opposite ends of the room. We tried to clear our jumbled heads as we once again attempted to get to an unmoving Liz...only to have our advances upset as a wall of green iridescence materialized before us. "You know Max...I thought about what would be the worst kind of torture for you both and I must tell you it was quite hard to really find something that I knew was going to kill her and slowly kill the coward of a man you are...and then it came to me. What is the one thing that means the most to both of you sick fucks" No one spoke a word as she strode up and down the aisle between the three of us as her rantings continued. "Liz has always only wanted to be with one man...her Maxie boy. It really made me quite ill the way that she mooned over you when she walked away from you that day when we learned of our destiny...and even after you and I were fucking each other senseless she still saved her sacred virginity for the only man that she ever wanted to give it to. It is really quite sweet...and now you are a happily married couple...really very charming"

        "You love her...she loves you and you have pledged to give to each other fully...never to stray from the love that you share. Well...I think that it is time to turn the table's...time for Liz to repay you in sorts for your sleeping with the enemy. That would be me," She laughed heartily standing before Max with a shit-eating grin upon her pale putrid face. "Just in case you were wondering. it is...tonight we are going to watch a show of sorts...a reenactment if you will. Picture was a cool crisp evening Max was going to try and win Liz's love back by taking her to a Gomez concert. He had dreams of restoring the love that they once shared together and he even planned for the occasion by bringing a package to protect Mr. Happy when they eventually made love...but instead what did he find? Not the romantic evening he had dreamed he found Liz in bed with his greatest enemy...besides me...which by the way brought him right into my arms. I never did thank you for that now did I Kyle" She beamed at me...blowing a kiss in my direction. "Well tonight you are going to get the chance that you always wanted Kyle...tonight you are going to fuck little Mrs. Evan's...and your going to do it so well as Maxie Boy can watch every minute detail"

        I didn't have to have a connection with Max to feel his rage for it was radiating off him in waves of fury and spit. I knew that I had to do something...had to somehow get to Liz so we could make that connection and end this bitches life and maybe somehow bring some normalcy back into our totally screwed up lives. I didn't have to wait long to get to Liz since Tess was bound and determined to go through with her little fuck show as she made her way over to where I stood behind the green wall and with a wave of her hand it disappeared. I tried to lunge for her...tried my every thing to move just one simple inch forward so I could inflict some sort of pain on her but she was quicker as with another wave of her hand I became fully immobile and completely naked. "Oh my stars" I heard her mutter as she continued to stand before me...gaping like an open mouthed fish at my nude body. "Oh are so in for a treat" she giggled as she walked a circle around me...running her hands over every inch of my disgusted body as I continued to fight the resistance that surrounded me. "Kyle...I always knew that you had a great body...I just never knew that you had a spectacular one. If I would have known that underneath all those cowboy shirts and tight jeans there was this I would have fucked you myself...instead of Maxie boy over there...who by the way has nothing on you in the pleasure pole department. I wanted to kill her...wanted to beat her fucking head into the ground and watch as her blood spilled onto the linoleum of the floor below us as she gave my flaccid dick a painful squeeze...causing me to yelp out from the pain.

        ***This next section deals with rape...if you are faint at heart please skip this part***

        "I will fucking kill you" I yelled through clenched teeth as she continued to hold my dick in her hands...trying like hell to cause a stirring in me...only to become frustrated when it did not respond to her ministrations. I watched as she gave up the fight with my penis and quickly made her way over to where Liz was sitting on the floor with her knees pulled tightly against her chest...her eyes as big as saucers as she looked from me to our leader. Her eyes were so full of fear and outright panic and with a wave of her hand...Tess did the same as she did to me and removed all her clothing...leaving her utterly exposed to each and everyone of us that was in that room. I watched as Liz was lifted from the floor and laid on two cloth covered tables that had been quickly pushed together by Kivar...watched as she began to struggle as if her life depended on it...and it really did. "Let the show begin" I heard that bitch snort as under no control of my own I was lifted off the ground with her powers and floated over to where they had laid the woman that I had wanted to make love to for as long as I remember...but I never wanted to do it like that...never wanted to hurt her in any way shape or form. I was going to rape may not have been under my control...but it was rape just the same and it was going to be me that would have to live with that for the rest of my ever long that might have been. I could see the tears in her eyes as I gravitated to where she laid...hovering mere inches above her fully nude and quivering body.

        "I'm so sorry Liz" I cried as my own tears rolled down my cheek...splashing against her heaving breasts for I knew that in a matter of a few seconds I was going to be taking this girls dignity...bringing her utter shame and disgrace at what looked to be the end of her life. I tried to break the hold that Tess held on me...tried to call out to Max in order for him to help us...but it was no good as I was thrusted brutally upon her body. There we lay...staring into each others tear filled eyes...our pain so evident to anyone that looked upon us as we were forced to have sex with each other under alien control. I had no control of my body as I thrust into her time and time control of the groans of pleasure that escaped my lips as well as hers as Tess continued her little game. I could hear Max's cries of if each thrust of our bodies it was a thrust into his heart and in turn it caused my own heart to break at the thought that it was me that was bringing this pain into his life...thoughts that till this very day continues to haunt me. He tells me that he forgives me...that he knew that I was not under my own control...but even forty years later I still can't forgive myself.

        I came quick and hard...screaming at the top of my lungs as Liz did the same...and then before I knew what was happening Max was shoving me to the floor as he gathered his freshly rapes wife into his arms...sobs of hurt and pain pouring from his very soul. I didn't know how he got passed the green wall...and in truth didn't care for all that mattered was that the three of us...despite what had happened were together and we had a job to do...we had to destroy Tess...Kivar and their band of skins. I could feel his utter desolation...could feel his hatred for the woman that stood off to the side of our little threesome with a smile so wide upon her lips that I thought her face would crack from the burden of it all...but most of all I could feel his energy for it was radiating from him in droves. It was time...time to make them pay for every ounce of hurt that they...that she brought into our lives as he latched his fingers into my bare much so that it caused me to cry out from the strength of it all. The look on his face was so unreadable...but his eyes...those eyes said it all for they spoke of his anger and hated of me for allowing what had happened between Liz and I to happen. I was devastated at that look and so I looked away from it as if it had burned me...and in a way it had for I can still see that look forever etched in my minds eye for all eternity.

        Liz pulled me out of my thoughts as longer under Tess's control grasped my hand into her tiny one...staring straight into my eyes begging me to move past what had just happened and to concentrate on the plan that we had come up with the night before. Nodding slightly to let her know that I understood...I glanced at Max and forced myself to look past all the anger so readable in his always-expressive eyes. He never broke the lock that he held on me as he nodded as well in understanding and allowed his energy to flow into the two of us. It was a thousand times more powerful then we had experienced the night before and I think that the anger and pain bottled within in his kingly body was why and I sent a silent prayer out to Buddha that with this increase of power that we could kill all those bastards...but not before we got to torture the bitch herself for all that she had done. Concentrating...the three of us pictured the huge inferno of fire that we knew was going to destroy the skins into flakes of nothingness...and would hopefully burn Kivar and Tess into nothing but little bits of dust as well. This inferno was an old trick that Tess had taught Max the last time that wipe out had happened and the thing was that she had no clue whatsoever that she was going to die this day and at the hands at the last three remaining survivors of a once tight knit group.

        Larger and larger our infernal grew as more and more energy passed between our conducting bodies and then in an instant the room went utterly black as streaks of reds and yellows began to surround us...larger and larger it grew until it completely consumed the space around us and none of us knew where one began and the other ended. I could hear their screams of agony...could smell their burning flesh as it evaporated into floating flakes of debris that fell all around us. The inferno ended just as quickly as it had begun...but it was enough to kill the entire army of skins...including Kivar. However Tess was very much alive...but thankfully due in part to my prayer to Buddha...she was severely injured...or so we thought. Max was the first to reach her...but not before he quickly covered Liz with the table clothe...leaving me still stark raving naked. Grabbing the other cloth I wrapped it around my waist as I made my way through the shards of floating skin...reaching Max as he choked the life out of the one that we all wanted a chance to end her life. "YOU FUCKING CRAZY BITCH" I yelled as I pushed Max out of the way and hurriedly replaced my hands around her tiny throat...squeezing with all the pent up pain and frustration that was due to her and only her. I watched through eyes of madness as her life began to drain from her very soul and it caused me to laugh out in absolute insanity...but it was short lived as with a fresh bout of energy she sent me crashing heavily across the room and then my world went black. I still don't know what happened after that...all I can remember after that is hearing Max's screams of out right agony as they jerked me from my unconscious state. There he sat...holding the lifeless body of his greatest love as he rocked her back and forth...murmuring words that I could not hear...but frightened me to my very soul. "Liz..." I screamed as I scrambled to my feet and lunged towards the once raven haired beauty...only to feel a sharp crack across my face as Max punched me...sending me crashing once again into the wall behind me.

        "You stay the fuck away from her" he spoke in monotones as he clutched her tighter against his body...once again starting the rocking rhythm of before. "You can't hurt her one will ever hurt her anymore" he continued to speak madly as he looked at me with blank and hollow eyes. I had to look away...for the look of lifelessness so readable was more then I could bear. My heart was literally breaking in half at the heart wrenching site before me as silent tears rolled down his face...spattering the flake covered floor below him. I could feel his heartbreak and it in turned caused my own heartache to over come me...but I knew that I had to be the strong one. I knew that I had to be there for the only other survivor of this horrible ordeal that had became our fucked up lives and so I pushed my pain and fear aside and waited for a sign of what I was supposed to do next. Turned out that I didn't have to wait long as I heard a extremely faint whimper escape from the one whom I thought had already left us. She was alive...but just barely and it sent my broken heart soaring as the soft mewing sounds of her echoed around me. Yes...she was alive...but once I came off my high...true reality set in as I took in the actual extent of her injuries and it caused my heart to plummet into the deepest depths of my stomach yet again.

        I still don't know what really transpired that day...don't know how it was that Liz had a hole in her stomach the size of a softball...don't know how she received the burn marks that littered her perfect face...but what I did know was that the situation was bad...real bad. I was devastated as I looked upon the carnage laid out before me as I fought the urge to vomit. Max seemed to be oblivious as he continued to clutch her to his body as if the horror would not be true if he ignored it...I however knew better. "Max..." I heard her whisper through gasps of pain. "Max...please it hurts so badly...please you have to let me go"

        "Don't worry baby" was his reply as he continued to crush her against is girth. "I will take care of you...I will take care of the pain" he continued...I felt more so trying to cure his own pain then hers. I watched as he waved his hand over her entire body...watched as the dullness of green energy flowed through his hands...but most importantly I watched as she screamed out in utter pain as he went in for another sweep. His powers weren't working and yet he still seemed to be clueless to the true extent of her injuries. "" she cried out...trying to push herself away from the strangle hold that he had on her...but to no avail for he would not release her from his grip. Kyle...Kyle...please" she called out painfully towards me as I continued to sit on the ground beside them...trying like hell to control the torrent of tears that threatened to blaze a hot trail down my cheeks. "Kyle...stop this. You have to stop him. Please hurts so much. I need him to let me time is done...he needs to move on and he needs you to help him" she continued to stutter as a severe attack of coughing ripped through her...sending blood splattering across her beautiful lips. "Please have to help him"

        I could only sit there stunned and stupefied beyond belief at the request that she had asked of me. She wanted me to somehow convince her soul mate...the love of her life to end the life that he had vowed to love...honor and obey from the moment their eyes met all those years ago. I can still see the look of out right madness radiating from his eyes as I pushed past my own shock and made a move towards the same women that I had loved for as long as I could remember...only to feel the wall once again slam into my back as Max sent me packing with a fresh burst of energy. Shaking my head...I forced my self off of the floor and into a somewhat erect position...making my way once again to the women whose life I was about to partake in ending. I watched through fear filled eyes as he once again raised his hand ...only to quickly place it around his love as another fit of coughing over came her. I heard his anguished cries as they reverberated around the small he held her tightly against his chest as she whispered inaudible words into his ear. I knew that she was somehow getting through to him as the look of madness that was so visible before was then replaced with pure sadness as he stared at me with those memorizing eyes over her heaving shoulders. I was stunned at the look I found there...a look that stayed with him for years afterwards as together we tried to find some semblance of a life together.

        I don't know how she did she finally got him to accept the fact that he was about to do the most difficult chore of his life as he ended her very light. Laying her down upon the ground...he hovered above her for what seemed like hours as they whispered final words of good-bye...words of love...and words of thankfulness that they were given their short amount of time together. I watched as they shared their final kiss as tears of pain and loneness rained down both of their faces and I shared in their pain in a sense as I finally allowed my own tears to flow. "Kyle..." she cried out to me...jerking me back into reality at the amount of pain so evident in her voice as I crawled over to her dying body...taking her hand into me own. "Thank you...thank you for being my friend. Thank you for always being there when I needed you...when we needed you" she spoke softly as she looked from me to Max. "But most importantly I want to thank you for being strong enough to do this. Please Kyle...I beg of you...take care of him. He needs you now...needs for you to be strong for him. I know that it is a lot of me to ask of you...but I know that only you can help him move past his pain. Love him Kyle...let him love you and don't be ashamed of the love that you will hold for each other" she continued as I looked at her through confused eyes. I didn't know what she was trying to say...and ended up chalking it up to delusions brought on by the pain. What I didn't know was that Liz had developed physic abilities due to Max's hands of magic and she knew the future of Max and myself before we even did. "I love you you both and I only want the two of you to be happy...please promise me that you will be happy"

        "We promise" we both muttered tearfully...both our hearts breaking at what we were about to do. A small smile graced her face as she gazed at the two of us one final time...before she took our hands into her tiny ones. Laying them on her stomach...she closed her eyes with a peaceful look of serenity across her beautiful porcelain face. "I'm ready" she whispered as she clutched our hands even tighter...placing them atop the gaping wound of her stomach. The two of us could only sit there...tears continually flowing from our eyes as we both looked down upon her beauty. "Please..." she gasped as yet again she spasmoded painfully before our eyes. I knew that Max was never going to make the move needed to end her young life and so with a final breath I reached over and took his free hand into my own...concentrating with all my might as the power within me was released. I knew that I could not do it alone...and despite the fact that I could feel his utter reluctance...he finally understood that what we were about to do was what was best for her as his own energy began to flow with my own. I could not take my eyes off of his face as together the energy that the three of us fueled...took her away from us forever.

        His wails of outright loneness and pain tore into my badly broken heart as he continued to kneel before her lifeless body. I didn't know what to do...wither I should leave him to his pain...or try and comfort him in some small way...but fate had other ideas as he fell into a dead faint besides the girl that he had lost his heart to. I didn't know if I should have sent words of praise out to them for allowing him to leave this realm of reality even for a short amount of time...or curse them for I then knew that it was my sole responsibility to prepare her for burial. With tears still flowing down my face...I lifted her weightless body from the floor as I carried her out of the place where she had given up to her life for the two of us...taking her to the very same place where our other family members had died. Laying her upon the chilling earth...I ran off in the direction of the hardware store for needed tools for my task. Two hours later...I had laid them all in a shallow grave as sobs of heartbreak and lose invaded my petrified body. They were all family gone due to the crazed notions of the one that I hated with an all fired passion. It was only Max and I left to continue with our journey...with his destiny and that thought alone frightened me to my very core. With the last shovel of dirt upon their final resting place...I feel to my knees to exhausted to move as I prayed for death to spear me with her sharpened daggers as darkness descended over me...only to awake hours with nightfall surrounding me.

        Panic filled me as I ran from the make shift cemetery...praying like hell that Max was ok. I was mentally kicking myself for not being man enough to fight the exhaustion and pain for I still had a job to do...a job that I have vowed to the tiny vixen upon her death bed...a job that I knew in my hearts of hearts that I had fucked up royally. "MAX..." I screamed crazed as I entered the Crash Down...frantically searching for his missing form. "Max...where are you" I continued with my heart beating so quickly in my chest that I just knew that it was going to explode from the sheer weight of my burden. "I'm so sorry Max." I cried out as I feel to my knees...cries of pain plowing over me...only to stop short at the sight that I held before me. There he was...Max Evans...alien hybrid king of another planet laying under the table of a booth...curled up in a fetal position...looking at with me blank and lifeless eyes. "OMG Max..." I cried out in relief as I crawled to him as quickly as I could...taking him into my arms as I finally for the last time allowed my own pain to extinguish itself. Moments later...finally getting my wits about me...I dragged him from under the table where I then preceded to lift his heavy frame into my arms as I walked the two of us out of the Crash Down and out of Roswell forever.

        I didn't know where to go...didn't know what to do as I ran with a lifeless Max weighing heavily in my arms towards my only safe home. "POP" I screamed out as I slammed through the door...praying like hell that he was still alive...but already knowing deep in my heart that he was not. Laying Max on the couch I frantically searched through each room of the house in hopes of finding my father...but as already known...he was not to be found. I was exhausted...mentally and physically as I dragged myself into the living room where Max continued to lay on the couch where I had left him...staring blankly at the ceiling above him. I wanted to cry...wanted to scream at the top of my lungs as I attempted to shake him from his stupor for he was the king...not I and he should have been the one to know what to do next. However...I also knew in my heart that he was in no condition to lead...and so I took the blanket from the back of the couch and covered his shivering body as I made my way into my bed room to get some rest for what I knew was going to be the last time. It was a long time before I was able to lose myself in the realm of slumber...but just as quickly as I entered was gone at the ghastly screams wafting from the room at the front of the house. Bolting from the bed...I ran in his direction...finding him on the floor with a look of absolute terror covering his face. Falling to the ground he searched me out as he lunged against my unsuspecting body...sending us both crashing painfully to the hard floor.

        I tried to move...tried to get us upright...but he refused to release the grip of terror that he held on me as his heartbreak rolled heavily over the two of us. Quickly giving up the fight I pulled him tighter into my embrace as I reached over and pulled the blanket from the couch behind us...laying it over our forms as we continued to lay there. Sleep finally over came the two of us for when I work up hours later there was nothing but brightness and sunshine gleaming through the windows before us. Looking down...I found Max just as I had left him last night...clutching my body frightfully against his own. I tried to move...tired to get up so I could take a badly needed piss...but yet again he had other ideas as he gripped on to me even tighter causing me to cry out from the brutality of it all. For a short time I allowed him to continue to have his hold on me...but when the need to empty my bladder became more then I could bare...I had not choice but to get a bit physical myself. Even in his states of semi-vegetation he was as strong as an ox and it took every ounce of strength that I had to finally remove his strangle hold. I ignored his cries of gut wrenching pain as I ran for the bathroom...sighing in relief as I stood there for almost ten minutes straight pissing my ass off. When I was done I washed my hands as I made my way back into the I attempted to help him to do the same...but he fought me ever step of the way as I pushed him into the room and quickly closed the door behind me. His wails of distress were enormous and loud as he banged his fists violently against the wood door...until I finally gave in and opened the door as he once again flew like a frightened doe eyed child into my arms.

        I wanted to push him away...wanted to run like the scared barely adult man that I was...but Liz's words came back to haunt me as I pushed past my own fear and began to unbutton the buttons of his jeans. Like a child learning to use the potty for the first time...I lead him to the john where he stood there unmoving until I took his flaccid dick into my hand holding it over the toilet seat as he did as I had done moments earlier and emptied his bladder. Afterwards I turned on the shower as I removed his dirty clothes...helping him climb under the warmness of the water as I began to cleanse his filthy body of the remains of the prior day. Once he was done I towel dried his hair and body as I sat him on the closed toilet seat...trying to take a shower of my own. But as soon I stepped a few feet away from him he once again let out that wail of fright as I rushed quickly back to my place beside him...soothing his pain away the best that I could at the time. Taking his hand I moved him as close to the spraying shower as possible as I continued to clutch it tightly within my own as I stepped into the shower and I tried like hell to bathe myself with only one good hand. Finishing quickly I lead our two naked forms in the direction of my bedroom to find some clean clothes and to pack some of my shit for our impending trip out of Roswell. I didn't know where we were going...but I knew that we had to leave and fast...for if we didn't it wasn't going to be just Max that had lost his mind was going to be me as well. Again I had no idea what to do or where to go and so I just threw caution to the wind as I settled Max into the front seat of my Mustang and once settled myself headed out onto highway two eighty five and to sights unknown.

        The first two days I drove without much thought for anything but getting as far away from Roswell as possible...but when the need for sleep over took me in the form of nearly crashing into a semi truck...I knew that it was time to stop and get some much needed rest. Pulling into the parking lot of the shady looking motel...I attempted to leave the sleeping form on my counterpart for the briefest of moments as I went and got a room for us to spend the night in...but it was as if he could sense me for the second that I stepped out of the car he was crying out to me with inaudible words that caused my heart to break from the sheer loneliness of it all. I could feel the stares of shock and disgust as we made our way into the dingy office holding hands...but I pushed their looks of disdain from my mind for I could feel the heavily weighing depression of Max as if it was my own and all that mattered at the moment of time was to get him alone and to try and take away some of his pain and anguish.

        "We don't accept your kind here" a toothless man leered at us as we approached the counter. I wanted to beat his head in with my bare fist...wanted to punch off the look of disdain that was so evident on his hick face for he had no idea just what the two of us had endured in the last three days. disposition changed at the look of utter fear encased upon Max's face as I released his hand and took a step forward with all intents of beating his ass senseless. "And just what is our kind" I asked through gritted teeth as I once again grasped his hand into my own. "Queers" was his response as he pointed between the two of us. "Queers" I repeated...once again fighting the urge to beat this man into oblivion. "This is my brother you fucking asshole" I shouted out a tiny white lie as I tried to take another step forward...only to stop short as his whimpers of fear surrounded me. "Look...he isn't feeling well. All we want is a room so we can get some rest and then we are out of here. Either you are going to sell me a room...or do I take my business elsewhere" He didn't say another nasty word as he threw a rusty looking key in my direction. "Twenty bucks a machine is down around the back of the building. Check out is ten and if you break buy it"

        "Whatever dude" I spoke irritated as I lead Max out of the office...searching for the place where I could lay my head for a few hours in hopes of forgetting about everything that had transpired in the last few days. As was the routine from the previous nights...I went about my tasks of getting us ready for bed as Max had still refused to help himself in any way. I was still very uncomfortable with sharing a bed with Max...but each time that I tried to leave his side he would scream as if he were in extreme pain and so I learned to quickly get over my issues and after a while it was not a problem any longer. In fact...I learned to find comfort as I held him in my arms each and every night.

        After that night the pattern was always the same. I would drive until I could no longer keep my eyes open and then we would settle in for the night at whatever crappy motel happened to be nearby. For eight long months we drove with no direction in sight. I would just hop on the highway and drive and at that moment in time I was fine with that...but eventually the need to settle down became great. I was tired of the open road...tired of having no direction in my life and I knew that I had to make the decision for the two of us. I was twenty-one years old and I didn't have one clue as to what I was going to do with my life once we did find a place to settle down in and that thought alone sent me into a tailspin. One night as Max lay sleeping soundly besides me...I slipped out from his grip for just a few minutes in order to retrieve an item that had been haunting me for weeks. Noiselessly I opened my duffle bag and searched the contents until I came upon the wrinkled and worn envelope. Slowly I opened it...thinking back to how happy it had made me not quite two years before when I had received it in the mail as it brought me the greatest news I had received in a long time.

        Congratulations Mr. Valenti,

        You have been accepted for the fall semester at our esteemed University of Montana...

        Through out our journey I read that letter on an almost nightly basis...until the night that I made the biggest decision of my life. That night...I threw that letter in the garbage can for I knew that sulking over the past was never going to get me anywhere. That night as I packed up the few belongings that we had and found that I couldn't stop the smile that plagued my face for I knew that this was going to be the last time that I would have to pack up our shit and hit the open road. We were going home...or what I was planning on making our home. I remember how happy I felt as I told Max of my great plan...but my happiness dimmed drastically as he continued to look at me through lifeless eyes.

        It was always the same at the beginning with Max. He would never utter a single word...not one fucking word and let me tell you some days it was almost impossible not to knock his non speaking self into a wall to try and invoke any kind of response except for the grunts and moans that I ever heard from him. He would never leave my side...not for one little second. We were together every waking and non-waking moment for that first year after their deaths...and although he was with me every step that I took...I was the loneliest that I had ever been in my lifetime. I had no one to talk one to listen to. All I had was a mute who refused to even try and do anything for him self. I can fully admit this now without the casting doubt that always seemed to haunt me...but there were many a time that the thought of just ditching his ass crossed my troubled mind. I had it all planned out. I was going to just sit him on the steps of some random police precinct and run like my life depended on it. I knew that they would probably put him in a home...or an asylum of some sort...but at the time I was so desperate for a break from him that I would have done just about anything to gain my freedom. I can also admit this now with a clear conscious...but I probably would have done it if not for the words of Liz that continued to haunt me on a nightly basis.

        I know that you think that I am crazy...but you have to trust me on this...Liz Parker visited me from the grave on a regular basis before I took control of the lives of Max and myself. Max would never utter a word as she stood at the foot of my bed with a look of pure sadness etched so clearly across her face. I would cry out to her to speak to give me a sign as to what I was to do next...for the life that we were living was apparently not the life that was sufficient for Max...nor myself. I needed help...needed desperate answers but she never spoke a word. She just stood there with that look that crushed my heart into a million pieces each time that I looked upon it. After awhile I would just ignore the apparition that would stand there before me...only to cry desperately each time that the figure left. I felt as if I was losing my mind...losing what was left of my sanity and I knew that if I didn't make the correct decision soon that not just one...but the two of us was going to be affected greatly in the end. And so I did...I made that final decision to move permanently to Montana.

        From the first moment that we crossed the state line into Montana I knew that we were home. It was absolutely breathtaking in its beauty and I knew that I had made the correct decision in my heart...but in the back of my mind I knew that I still had so many more obstacles to cross before I...before we ever truly became happy. The first person that we met in our new hometown was a sassy waitress named Terri. Terri from the first time that she met us made me feel right at home. I don't know what it was about her...but I knew that she was someone who was going to be my salvation of sorts. She was also the one that sold us the house that we have lived in for the last forty years...for not only was she the local waitress of the only restaurant in town...she was the only real estate agent as well.

        To start out our house was moderate to say the least...but I made it my personal goal to build from the tiny one bedroom cabin and make it into a masterpiece that the two of us would be proud of. I worked long and hard on our place as Max sat off on the sidelines driving me insane with his cries that at the time annoyed me beyond belief. At the beginning he wanted to be in my face as usual every step that I took...but finally having enough of him getting in the way of my goal...I tied him to a tree. Yes...I know that it sounds mean of me to have done that to him...but after he climbed up the ladder twice...knocking me off the first time and then the both of us the was all that I could do not to throw him off myself. You have to that point in time I had had more then my fill of Max Evans. There I was twenty-one years old...taking care of a grown man that had the functioning skills of a two year old...with no life what so ever besides his care. I was lonely...tired and more then a bit frustrated. I had no idea what to do with my we were going to survive once I got us settled and just what the hell I was going to do with my shadow once I did make up my mind as to what I was going to do.

        I know that your wondering how it was that we survived for as long as we did up to that point...well all I can say is thank god for alien powers. Max may have been mute...but his powers still worked as well as they always had. I knew that it was cheating...knew that we were lying to stay ahead of the game...but it was all that I could come up with at the time. Whenever needed I would coax Max into using his powers to make money for us to survive with. At first he would refuse and just look at me with those every expressive eyes...but eventually he would do as I asked after I gave him tongue lashing after tongue lashing about how he owed me this...that there was no way for me to make a living for us since I had to take care of him. I could have been greedy and had him make loads of that would have set us up for life...but I never did. I had him make enough to get us through each day...with enough to eat...for gas and a decent place to sleep at the end of what always seemed to be a never-ending day. I know that it sounds like I was constantly horrible to Max...and maybe I was for a time...but we had our good times too.

        I can still remember most evenings spent together lounging on some random couch or bed where I would read to him from whatever magazine or book that I happened to pick up that day. We would lay together in total silence as I read those words aloud. It was those times that made me the happiest at that point in time for I wasn't chasing after him to eat...use the bathroom or what ever else I had to force him to do to get through each day. Those times were quiet and special times...where the events of the day were forgotten as we concentrated on just being together. I was lonely don't get me wrong...but those times with Max were special to me. He would always fall asleep half way through my readings and then for hours after that I would just look upon his sleeping form in utter amazement...for I could see what it was that caused Liz to love him the way that she did. He was...he is such a beautiful specimen of a man...but at that time those thoughts scared me beyond belief...but today they are as natural as my own breathing. I found that besides my feelings of resentment and shame...there were other stranger feelings that were bubbling up inside me...feelings that scared me to my very core...feelings that I refused to acknowledge for years...but eventually these feelings conquered me and I have never been the same since. Don't worry I will get to the mushy details of how it was that we finally conquered his muteness and my fear of loving him. But...for right now we must continue with our story leading up to these very events.

        Terri and I became quite close...not as close as you are thinking...but as close as to people of the opposite sex can become without becoming intimate. She was my savior...she was the one that forced me to do something I hadn't done since that fateful day when we left Roswell forever for she forced me to go out for a night on the town...without Max in tow. At first I was reluctant...fearful even...but as I fought with Max for what felt like the hundredth time that day...I finally agreed. As I prepared to get ready Max stood behind me as usual getting in my way...watching through huge scared eyes as I dressed. Several times I almost knocked him to the floor as I scampered around the room trying to figure out what a guy my age would wear on a night out and with each time my anger would rise until I could take no more and I locked him in the closet. I know you are thinking that I am the most horrible man on the planet for doing what I had done...but up until that point the closet was the place that Max would go whenever life became too much for his messed up mind to bear. I felt terrible...really I did but at that point in time all I could think about was getting away from what my life had become for only a few hours. I wanted to feel like a young man again...wanted to have some fun without the guilt and the memories that always seemed to plague me. I think that he knew that this was something that I needed...since he sat in the darkest depths of the closet not uttering a single sound after that. Once I was ready I climbed in next to him and sat down as he sat before me with such sad eyes that it caused me to reconsider my plans for the evening...but I was determined to do it...I had to for my sanity.

        I tried to explain to him why I had to do this...but he just continued to stare at me with those horribly sad eyes and it caused my heart to break. I tried to take him into my arms to try and sooth away some of the hurt...but he did something that he had never done before...he pushed me away. I was stunned...I was hurt and then I got angry. My anger exploded completely that night and I gave him the worst tongue lashing that I had ever given anyone in my life. I was mean and spiteful and said things to him that I knew he understood...things that I knew would hurt him deeply...but I didn't care. I wanted him to hurt...wanted to hurt him physically as well as mentally and I almost followed through with my wish...until Terri walked in and found me hovering over a cowering Max as I prepared to strike him for the first time ever. I was horrified as she pulled my startled frame away from him. I couldn't speak...couldn't blink...all I could do was stand there with tears in my eyes before I ran off and left them both standing there.

        I walked every square inch of that town for what felt like hours...and yet as I looked at my watch in truth only twenty minutes had passed. I could not stop the tears as they bombarded my eyes or the pain that was gauging its way painfully into my heart for the horrendous way that I had treated Max that night. Deep in my heart I knew that it was not Max's fault for the way that our lives had come to pass...and that it was also not his fault that fate had decided to screw with his mind and make him as mature as a three year old and yet despite that I found that I was still angry for our once great leader to put the weight of the rest of our lives on my steadily growing weary shoulders. Finding myself before a bar I headed in and before I knew it I had downed four beers and was beginning to get a severely needed buzz. I met a woman that night...and through my drunkard eyes she was the most beautiful women that I had ever seen in the world...that was until we got back to her apartment and she began to seduce me. I should have been in heaven...should have been praising Buddha above for finding someone that was willing to focus on my needs and yet as she quickly removed my clothes it was Max that I kept thinking about and not the blow job that she was attempting to give to my limp dick. I felt in some strange way that I was betraying him...felt as if I were going to continue on the path that I was heading on that life as I knew it with Max was never going to be the same again and that confused me more then I ever thought possible.

        She was almost completely nude before I broke away...leaving her pissed off and ranting as I ran out the door...jerking my clothes on as I did. I had only one destination in mind and that was to get back to Max to make amends and get back to our crazy life together. I know that you think that I am mad for leaving that girl who was so willing to fuck my brains out with no recourse whatsoever...but it only took one brief minute for me to realize that as much as I bitched and moaned about how much I wanted a more normal life...the life that I had with Max was exactly what I needed...what I wanted. I made it back home in record timing to find Terri sound asleep on the floor in front of the closet door. My heart dipped even deeper into my stomach for I knew that Max had locked himself in the closet...refusing to come out from the moment that I left. Gently I woke Terri and helped her to her car. She was pretty adamant about what it was that was truly wrong with Max...since I had never really been forth coming with any information about our lives before we moved to Montana. I tried to evade her questions...but she was more determined then every to find out the truth...but eventually I gave her some story about how we just had to leave our homes for we could no longer live there and out of the blue she came up with the notion that we were gay and running away from our families to be together. I was shocked at her response at first...but as I continued to look into her green eyes I nervously agreed with her. I agreed with her...but not just to cover up the true extent as to why we left Roswell...but because it was at that very moment that I realized that there was probably some truth to her words. "What a waste of two perfectly good penis's" she chuckled as she kissed me on the cheek and drove off leaving me stunned in her wake.

        Forgetting about Terri and her words I rushed back into my room and attempted to open the door...only to find that Max had locked it from the inside with what I assumed to be his powers. I begged...pleaded...and cried for an hour for him to let me in. I tried with all my heart to apologize for acting the way that I had...but he was having none of it as I banged my fists raw against the wood grained door...only to give up when I could no longer stomach the pain. Dejected I slinked my way across the short span of the room to my bed where I threw myself wearily upon it. I don't know how I fell asleep...but somehow I managed and that was when they started...that was when for the second time in my short life I relived the most horrifying ordeal of my life. It was as if I was there if I was witnessing every minute detail of that day when I lost the people who meant the most to me in the world. I could smell the stench of death as I walked down the same street that lead us to the place where Liz died...could still hear their screams of agony and yet something was different about the whole ordeal. I couldn't quite place it until I came to the end of the road and found not Michael...Isabel...Liz or Maria...but Max.

        He was tied to a stake being held by Tess and Kivar as they beat his naked body with what appeared to be spiked poles and with each strike it would puncture his darkened skin...leaving a trail of blood as it exited the wound. I could him scream out to me...could hear him beg of me to end his torture and yet all I could do was stand before them as they continued to pummel his rapidly dying body before me. I could hear their laughter...mingled with his wails of pain and yet all I could do was fall to the ground as my own screams of pain and fright mingled with his own. It was my nightmare come true and I relived over and over each and every mark they made upon his body until he was alive no more and then my world fell apart as I lost the little that was left of my sanity. My world was spinning...turning...crashing. I felt as if I was falling into a voided pit of of which I was never going to expel from. I knew that life as I knew it was over as I continued to descend into the darkness and then I felt him. He was around me...pulling me from the depths of hell with the love that he felt for me. Closing my eyes I relished the warmth of his that radiated around me as I opened my eyes and came face to face with his beautiful hazel ones.

        He didn't speak a word...but he didn't have to for his eyes said to me all that I needed to hear. He loved me...he needed me...but most importantly he knew that I needed him. I clung to him as if my life depended on it as I allowed all the pent up pain and frustration of my past to consume me wholly. Wails of outright sorrow and sadness over came me as he wrapped his strong arms around my shuttering body and allowed me to exorcise to demons that had haunted me from that harrowing day. I cried unlike I had ever cried before and just when I thought that I couldn't cry anymore another burst would rise from my fevered body and they would come pouring down yet again. I knew that he must have been tired as he held me against the warmth of his chest for what must have been hours...but he never displayed any signs as he pulled me even tighter into his arms...rocking us back and forth as he hummed softly to me. Eventually I was to exhausted to remain coherent as slumber once again lay heavily over my weary body. I was deep within the realm of sleep and yet I knew that he was still holding me tightly...protecting me from whatever evil may have been lurking in wait.

        When I awoke I found those same loving eyes gazing into the very depths of my own and I couldn't help the blush that flushed my body as he tenderly trailed his fingertips over the contours of my face. His touch was heaven as I closed my eyes as he blazed a trail of fire over my already heated face. I knew that our lives were about to take a very dramatic turn...a turn that was going to change what had been the norm for us as I slowly opened my eyes...reaching my hand out to feel the softness of his skin under my own fingertips. He didn't bat an eye as I traced the curves of his finely chiseled cheekbones...he only continued to look upon me with such love and understanding radiating from the very depths of his soul. "I'm so sorry Max for every horrible thing that I have done to you in..."

        He didn't allow me to finish as he placed his finger delicately over my trembling lips as I tired unmercifully to hold back that tears that were once again threatening to consume me. I tried to speak again for I was determined to prove to him just how sorry I was for the last two years...but he did something that shocked me beyond the simple process of speaking. "Thank you Kyle" I heard him whisper roughly as he spoke his first words since the day that he lost his wife and his mind. I was stupefied beyond belief as I shook my head in an attempt to bring my reality back into focus for I knew that I was losing my own mind as I pulled out of his embrace...leaning against the hardness of the headboard with my head in my hands.

        "I'll tell you Max I think that I am losing my mind" I chuckled uncomfortably as I removed my head from my hands...wiping at my eyes. "because I could have sworn that I heard you speak...but we all know that can't be true...can it" I questioned as he sat before me with a sly grin upon his face. "Did you just speak to me Max" I waited on baited breath for him to speak heart beating madly in my chest in hopes that I was in fact not losing my mind.

        "Yes..." he whispered hoarsely...nodding his head shyly before me.

        " spoke" I stammered as I jumped off the bed taking his laughing form with me as we jumped crazily around the room. "OMG Max you spoke" I continued to sing as I pulled him into my arms and continued with my dance of happiness. "Can you say anything else" I questioned eagerly looking deep into his eyes. Longing to hear that deep masculine voice of his yet again and for always.

        "I...I love you" he spoke softly...a deep crimson blush covering his face as he pulled his eyes away from mine...staring nervously at the carpet at his feet. I was virtually stumped as I searched his face frantically to try and figure out just what those words he spoke had meant. Were they just words of thanks and friendship or did they have a deeper meaning and oh I was hoping that they held a far deeper meaning then just mere friendship. He still refused to look at me as he continued his fascination with the floor below his feet...until I gently nudged his face upwards until we were once again gazing into each other's eyes. What I saw there nearly knocked me on my ass for it was in that exact second as our eyes met that I received the answer that I had been praying for. I could read his love for me so clearly in those always-expressive eyes. Even today I just have to gaze into their hazel depths and I see just how deeply he loves me. Yes I could feel his love for me...but I also saw his fear as he awaited my response to his words of love.

        " you too" I stammered just as nervous as he was...but refusing to lose the importance of that moment. "I...I have been in love with you for such a long time Max" I continued figuring that we were being as truthful as possible and I wanted him to know just how much my love for him consumed me.

        "I know you did" was his response as he traced his fingers lightly over the outline of my jaw.

        "You" I asked shocked as he continued to run his fingers over my warming face. "I have treated you so horrible these last few years. I should have been more patient...more understanding. I knew it wasn't your fault...but I still took my frustrations out on you"

        "NO..." he spoke briskly as a coughing spell so sever over took him...sending him backwards as he fell onto the bed behind us.

        "MAX..." I cried out in fear as I ran to his side trying desperately to control the hideous sounds coming from him.

        "Water...please" he wheezed as he once again broke out into a fit of coughing. Rushing to the bathroom I grabbed a Dixie cup from the dispenser...quickly filling it with water as I rushed back to his side. Holding the cup to his lips he drank deeply...causing another round of hacking to inhabit his still weak vocal cords as he sprayed the water he had attempted to consume all over my worried face. I was terrified as he coughed so harshly that it caused his whole body to convulse with the flow. I didn't know what else to do so I pulled his jerking frame into my arms and held him until the spasms ended. His poor vocal cords had not been used once in almost two years and when he tried to speak they were not happy about it. I knew that it was going to take time before he would be able to speak in complete sentences...but at that point in time one word a day was more then I could have ever expected. "Kyle..."

        " more speaking tonight" I whispered lovingly as I did as he had earlier and placed my fingers atop his lips. You need to rest those unused vocal cords of yours. Tomorrow you can speak a little bit more...but for now rest" He didn't utter another word as he nodded his head in understanding. "So lets get you ready for bed then...or you can get yourself ready for bed" I spoke realizing with a deep sadness that I was no longer responsible to taking care of Max and his needs. I knew deep in my heart that it was only going to be a scant short time before he was back to normal...back to the strong and authoritative Max that I had begrudgingly admired all those years ago. I know that what I just said makes no sense since I have been bitching about having to take care of his needs from the moment I began this story...but all I can say is that as much as I bitched and complained it made me feel important knowing that it was I that was responsible for our fallen leader. I think that he knew what I was feeling as he pulled himself off the bed...taking my hand into his as he led me into the bathroom...closing the door behind us.

        Slowly he began to remove my shirt as he undid the buttons. I could only stand there in silence as he finally undid the last button and pulled it completely from my shivering body. Warm hands traced fire over my fully exposed chest...causing my breath to catch in my throat as he continued his exploration moving upwards until his hands were resting upon my shoulders. I knew what was going to happen next as the breath I had been holding quickly expelled from my air starved lungs. I wanted it...I needed it and when he took to long to make the move needed to bring us to the next step of our relationship...I quickly bridged the gap as I crushed his lips under my own. I could feel his laughter ripple across my lips as I continued to hold them captive...but this laughter quickly died as I increased the pressure of our lip lock with the slip of my tongue. Without hesitation he parted his lips as I deepened our kiss...massaging his tongue with my own. I felt more alive as we continued our lip lock then I had felt in such a long time. I felt as if all the torture and pain that we had endured in those few years had vanished in a second and I believed that Max felt about the same as he returned my gesture just as greedily as I was. Back and forth our tongues met until we had explored every nook and cranny...only ending our kiss from lack of oxygen.

        I was tingling from my head to my toes as without hesitation we removed the remaining constraints of our clothing. Standing completely open to the man that I loved with all my heart and soul...I felt as free as a bird as I gazed over the still finely sculptured chest of breath catching in my throat as my eyes came to rest between the juncture of his legs. Where there was always a limp and flaccid penis...there was instead a fully erect and beautiful penis standing tall and at attention. I didn't know what to do next as I continued to stare at it...for I didn't know what the protocols were when you were about to make love to a man for the very first time. I was more then a little worried and I figured that Max felt just as confused as I was as I watched him take a few steps away from me. confusion disappeared when I figured out that he knew exactly what he wanted as he turned on the spray of the shower...stepping under the wetness as he tugged me along side him. I didn't have the opportunity to utter a single word or to even focus on a single coherent thought as he pushed me gently against the coolness of the tile capturing my mouth in one of the most soul searing kisses that at that point I had every experienced in my lifetime. However that thought quickly vanished as he tenderly captured my own raging dick within the confines of his warm hands...quickly setting a rhythm that brought me over the edge rather hastily as his name echoed loudly around us. I came fast and I came hard as I dug my nails into the tender flesh of his back...embarrassed at the premature quickness. But he quickly put my embarrassment to rest as he held me tightly against his body as my own body convulsed crazily from all those years of neglect. "I love you Max" I panted against his ears as he continued to hold me for my legs were no longer functioning appendages.

        He didn't utter a word as he kissed me quickly upon my quivering lips...before sitting the two of us on the cold porcline under our feet. I watched as he reached over and turned the knob that poured hot water into the tub as I sat atop his lap facing him as I held onto him as tightly as possible. I felt as if I was floating on a cloud...felt as if the world around me was a surreal dream...but the heat of his flesh and the warmth of his lips proved to me just how real everything was. I couldn't stop touching his wettened skin as I ran my hands over every bit of exposed flesh...paying extra special attention to the rod that was poking me tauntingly against my stomach. Cupping him in my hands...I couldn't help the smile the crossed my face at the look of complete shock and then utter ecstasy that crossed his face as I began to caress him. His breathing became ragged...his body rigid as I tightened my caress and increased the pressure of my touch until he was rocking to the rhythm I had set for him. Stifled moans filled my ears as he met each thrust within my hand and then just as quickly as I had come moments before he came long and hard grunting in utter pleasurement. Warm breath skimmed across my moistened shoulders as he fought to recoup his failing breath and I found it to be the most intimate thing I had every experienced as I extricated myself from where I continued to sit atop him. "Kyle..." I heard him speak gravelly.

        "Come on lets go to bed" I spoke...cutting him off as I reached out my hand to him. Taking my hand I led us into the bedroom where I helped him get into bed...laying the covers over his gloriously naked body. "I'll be right back" I whispered...placing a loving kiss upon the softness of his lips. Running around the house naked as a jaybird...I made my nightly rounds as I checked to make sure that the house was secure for the night. It has been my routine from the first night we stayed in that shabby motel till this very night as I write this and I guess that it will be something that I do until my dying day for nothing is more important as protecting the one that I love. Racing into the kitchen I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator as was also my routine for the times when Max would wake up in the middle of the night wanting something to drink. Before it used to drive me nuts the things I had to do before I could settle down for the night...but as I entered the room that would forever be our room and looked upon the drowsy form of my lover I knew that it was something that I was never going to tire of again.

        "Thank you" I heard him whisper as he opened his arms out towards me as I quickly lay down beside him...allowing him to swallow my body with the length of his as he held me tightly. We shared another sweetened kiss before we allowed sleep to overcome us. Hours later as Max shifted besides me...pulling me tighter against his sleeping form I opened my eyes briefly and saw her. She looked absolutely radiant as she stood before us with a beautiful smile gracing her gorgeous face. I could feel her happiness and contentment as she continued to look at me wrapped in her former husbands arms for she could now rest in peace knowing that we were going to be ok now that we had truly found each other. "I love you Liz" I whispered out to her...tears trickling lazily down my face for I knew that after that night I was no longer going to be able to look upon her beauty. If possible her smile widened as he blew me a kiss and then she was gone. "You ok..." I heard him whisper groggily as I laid my head upon his chest...relishing the heat of his skin against my face.

        "I'm fine Max" I replied sleepily...looking up into his concern filled eyes. "I guess that I was talking in my sleep. Go back to sleep I didn't mean to wake you"

        "I love you Kyle" he spoke more firmly...kissing me upon my forehead before laying his chin atop my head.

        "I love you to Max...always" I replied before slumber fully over took me.

        I wish that I could say that life for us was all sunshine and lollipops after that night...for it wasn't...not at first. Now don't get me wrong...I was happy...I was in love and I knew that Max was the love of my life...but we still had so many issues to deal with at the beginning. For months after Max spoke his first words...he struggled with his voice. Some days he could speak in clear coherent sentences and other days his voice would come out course and inaudible. Besides dealing with his voice issues we both shared a similar problem. It had been almost six months since that wondrous night when we had shared our first sexual experience together and we had shared many others since then...but we had yet to go for the deep penetration. We were in love...we wanted to be together and yet neither one of us was willing or ready to give up our heterosexual notions and take that next step into homosexuality. I know that it makes no sense to you...but to us it was fully admitting to the world that we were in fact gay and as much as we loved each other we weren't quite ready to do just that. And yet those weren't our only problems. I had finished working on the house and had made the decision to make cabin construction my full time occupation. Living in a resort town it was easy to find work and even till this day I love the feel of lumber between my hands as I construct masterpieces that generations will visit for years to come. Max however was no closer to finding a chosen career as day after day he would sit at home and wait for me to return from my hard days work. His frustration level was evident...but I never pushed him for I knew when he was ready he would let me know what he wanted to do. I was patient and understanding as day's...weeks and then months passed with him still no closer to what he wanted to do. For all I cared he could have stayed home and did nothing for I was making more then enough money for the two of us to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle...but as time passed he became more resentful and frustrated until one night when it all blew up into one hell of a horrible mess.

        That day had been a particularly hard day for me. I was in the process of putting the finishing touches on a cabin that an heiress from Europe hired me for. It had been one of the biggest projects that I had every taken on and that fact that she changed her mind on a daily basis added to my frustration level. I was happy that this job was about to come to an end for not only did it mean that I was no longer going to have to deal with this heiress...but that I would have more free time to spend with Max. I could tell that Max was not happy with the fact that I was working all sorts of crazy hours...but I just never realized just how unhappy he was until that night. It was late...I was tired and more then a bit hungry as I entered our home and found Max snoring on the couch with a half empty plate of food besides him on the coffee table. I kissed him softly on the lips as I grabbed his plate and took it into the kitchen...placing it atop the pile of dirty dishes that he had promised to wash that day. Holding my grumbling to a minimal I moved past the sink full of dishes as opened the fridge so I could warm up my dinner in the microwave and then spend some snuggling time with Max before bed. However...there was no dinner in the fridge...none in the stove or even in the microwave. Walking back to the sink I looked at the plate and found that Max had in deed eaten quite well...leaving none at all for me it seemed.

        I was angry and a little bit hurt...but I pushed it all aside as he slammed his way past me rudely and threw open the fridge door as he grabbed a coke and pushed past me once again. He didn't speak a word as he threw himself back against the couch and flipped on the TV...ignoring me in the rudest of ways. "Nice to see you too" I mocked as I turned from him and savaged through the icebox for anything edible to eat. Throwing together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I made my way out into the living room and sat down next to him. He made it blatantly obvious that he wanted nothing to do with me as I attempted to lay my head on his shoulder and he jerked himself to the other end of the couch. Shocked and hurt I turned to face him...trying to control the anger that was quickly engulfing me. "What the fuck is your problem" I questioned as I threw my half eaten sandwich on the coffee table. "Nothing" I heard him mumble quite clearly as he pulled a throw pillow off the couch...holding it against his chest as he pouted like a spoiled little child watching the TV in front on him.

        "Nothing...really" I repeated...grabbing the pillow from him and throwing it across the room. "I come home and find you passed out on the couch after eating what could have been described as a feast among kings. There is nothing left for me to eat and the dishes that you promised to wash today are still growing mold in the sink and now you are pouting like a fucking spoiled brat who didn't get his way. So...I ask you once again what the fuck is your problem"

        "You want to know what my problem is" he screamed at me in an extremely hoarse voice that I had to really listen to in order to understand him. "You are my fucking problem. You and your fucking demands. I am not your bitch Kyle Valenti...even though you seem to think of me that way"

        "What..." I screamed madly...unable to believe that he was actually saying words like that to me. "I don't know where you are getting your information buddy...but I don't treat you like you are my bitch"

        "Really...listen to yourself. You didn't save me anything to didn't clean the dishes...blah...blah...blah. You know Valenti I may suck your dick but I sure as hell am not your little house bitch that you can boss around all the fucking time"

        I was stunned as I sat before him opened mouth and unable to speak a word. I could not believe that he thought that I felt about him like that. I loved him...I never forced him to do anything that I would not do myself and I was as patient as was possible with him despite the fact that it was I that was running the majority of the household while still running a fastly growing business. I watched as he turned his attention back towards the TV...acting as if I wasn't even in the same room as him. Madness over came me so quickly that I didn't know what happened until it was all over. "You think that I treat you like a little house bitch" I screamed madly as I jumped off the couch...grabbing the remote control from his hand and throwing it madly across the living room where it shattered the glass of the blaring TV. "I have been nothing but patient and loving with you Evans...but if you think that I treat you like a house bitch then maybe I should start treating you like one. Knocking the coffee table over...I raced over to where he was still sitting on the couch...unbuttoning my jeans as I did. My dick springing free I grabbed him brutally by the back of the head and shoved his shocked mouth towards my completely flaccid penis. "You feel like a house bitch then maybe your should suck my dick like a good bitch does" I continued as I jerked his head back and fourth as he tried to struggle out of my grasp and away from my still dormant dick. I was getting no enjoyment from what I was trying to do and I had no intentions of forcing him to actually do the deed...but I wanted him to see just how stupid and idiotic his words were.

        The next thing I knew I was being thrown backwards...slamming into the wall behind us as an invisible force choked the very life from me. My world went black and when it did finally come back into focus I found Max hovering over me as he held me tightly in his embrace. "NO" I screamed as I pushed him away...getting as far away from him as possible. "GET OUT" my screams echoed loudly within my ringing ears. "I WANT YOU OUT OF THIS HOUSE"

        "" he begged as he made an attempt to pull me back into his arms. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean..."

        "I don't care. I can't do this anymore. I can't be with you anymore. Please...just go. Leave me alone" I cried heart breaking as I tried like hell to control the torrent of tears that were threatening to consume me. "I...I just need to be along for awhile"

        "Where will I go" I heard him cry out fearfully as he stood before me with a look of outright panic upon his face.

        "I...I don't care. Just...just leave. Please...I am begging you...just leave" The tears that I had been holding at bay finally crashed over me as I watched him walk into the room that we had been sharing only to return a few moments later with a knapsack filled with some of his belongings. I wanted to call after him as he walked out the front door...turning around to look back at me with his own tearful eyes before turning back...closing the door softly behind him...but I couldn't. Running to the phone I dialed the number of the only friend that I had in Montana and waited for her to answer the line. I told her about what had just happened between Max and I...begging her to go out and find him for me and bring him back to her place. I knew that I was asking a lot of Terri...but I was petrified that if I just let him go that I would never see him again...or that something far worse would happen. She agreed without question to take him in and make it look like she was just doing him a favor. I begged her to never let him know that it was me that set this up and to please take care of him. She wanted to know when he could come back home and as I thought about it for a few moments I realized that I had no answer for that. This free time was something that I needed...something that could no be rushed if Max and I were to ever continue with our relationship.

        Two weeks had passed and Max was still staying over a Terri's place. I was miserable...I was lonely and I wanted him back so badly that I couldn't eat or sleep. I hadn't been to work in that time and eventually the heiress fired me...but I didn't care. Nothing mattered to me anymore...until the day that Terri popped over unexpectedly and beat some sense into me...literally. It was at that moment in time that I realized that I had to pull myself together and learn to live without Max to depend on. heard me right...depend on. I was dependent of his need for me. I needed to learn to take care of me and me alone before I could allow Max to come back into my life...if he would come back into my life. Nightly before hand Terri would call me and let me know about Max's progress...but as she walked out the door I asked her to not call me any longer with her updates. I had to be Max free...and that meant severing all ties with the man that consumed my very soul. She told me that she understood as I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for allowing Max to stay with her and her son. She told me that it wasn't a bother at all...that in fact Max was proving to be quite helpful around the house. If turned out that he was tutoring her younger son Nick and thanks to those sessions Nick was fairing quite well in school...where as before he was not.

        Weeks turned into months as I began to get my life back into order. I went back to work and even managed to get the heiress to rehire me. I was fresh and full of ideas and this proved to be to her liking as we came up with a whole new idea for her cabin and if fact two weeks later it was completely finished. I hadn't felt so free in years. I was eating healthier...spending time at the gym to work on my body...hanging out with the men that worked for short having the time of my life as I focused on only me. Yes I was happy...but at night as I lay in my bed alone Max was the only thing that I could think about. Five months had passed since Max had moved in with Terri and I had only seen him once in that time. It was an accident and he had no clue that I was even nearby as he...Terri and her son shopped for groceries at the local market. I hide behind a display of bran flakes as they continued with their shopping...laughing and joking as Max carried Nick upon his shoulders. He looked wonderful...he looked happy...he looked like the Max that I had admired from years gone by and I couldn't help but smile. I missed him...I wanted to take him in my arms so desperately and kiss him so passionately that we would both fall to the ground from the sheer weight of it all...but I knew that it was still not time...if it ever was going to be time again.

        Another month passed and the Christmas holiday came upon us. By this time it had been six months without Max and my happy carefree times were getting old quick. Call me sappy and old-fashioned...but I did not want to be alone for the holidays. I wanted to spend them with the man that even after all this time apart I still loved like no other...but now instead of the need to find myself...outright pride stopped me from dragging him back home where he belonged. I think that Terri sensed that my days of self were over as she stopped off by the house one night to invite me to her home for Christmas dinner. Dying to say yes for I was dying to lay eyes upon Max...I begrudgingly declined as once again my pride got in the way. I should have known by the look on her face that she was not going to take no for an answer...but I was clueless as she called me a few choice words and stormed out of my house.

        I was becoming miserable as Christmas drew even closer. I was so desperate for a glimpse of Max that I would think about all sorts of reasons for going to Terri's house...and yet not once did I ever put any of those plans in motion. It was just something I did to pass the time before I dragged my lonely ass off to bed. One evening as I was dosing lightly on the couch...dreaming of making love to Max...the phone rang loudly beside me as it jerked me from my thoughts. "KYKE...ITS MAX" I heard Terri scream frightfully into the phone before the line went dead. Terror consumed me as I dropped the quickly forgotten phone to the floor and raced out the front door half dressed and with no shoes with only one destination in mind...getting to Max. I drove like a maniac reaching her house in record time as I flew from my truck into her house without even so much as knocking...only to stop short at the sight of Max standing before me with a cooked ham in his hands. I watched as Terri grabbed the serving plate from his hands before he had a chance to drop it as I continued to stand opened mouth before him "Oh good you made it" she cooed as she walked past me...placing the plate upon her dinning room table. "I was wondering what was taking you so long"

        " told me that Max was in trouble" I panted...unable to break the hold that I had on the handsomely gorgeous man gaping just as much as I was before me.

        "No...actually I believe that I told you...Its Max and it is Max" she laughed as she patted him on the back before entering into the kitchen again. "Now...Nick and I have a Boy Scout banquet that we are running late for already and then we are going out for some miniature golf afterwards. The table is set...there is cold beer in the fridge and we won't be home till well past eleven...just in case anyone is interested. Oh and Max...close you mouth and go and get Kyle a shirt and some socks for his is like forty below zero out there and I know that those bare feet must be freezing. I watched as Max did as he was told...leaving Terri and I alone for the moment.

        "You lied to me" I growled through clenched teeth.

        "Yes...yes I did..." she announced quite proudly. "And you will be thanking me for it in the morning. The two of you are miserable without each other and yet both of you are too stupid to do anything about it. Get over your male pride Kyle...because if you don't you are going to end up losing in the both will. Oh good Max is back" she giggled as she took her sons hand and led him out of the dining room. "Have fun boys and don't do anything that I wouldn't do" her laughter continued as she walked out the door only to turn back with an evil grin upon her face. "Which isn't much" And then she was gone.

        For what felt like forever we just stood there awkwardly...neither knowing what to say...or what to do for that matter. So we just stood there staring at each other as if trying to consume the other wholly with just our looks...until Max broke our lock...handing me the shirt and socks that he was holding in his hands. "" he said as I took them...our hands briefly touching as a bolt of pure lust ran though my love starved body. "Thanks" I muttered as I quickly pulled the shirt over my head...finding the floor at my feet very interesting after covering my near frozen feet with the socks that he had given to me. The silence around us was uncomfortable and long and I felt as if I was going to scream from the suspense of it all...until I could take no more and made an attempt to leave. " called and..." I stammered...not knowing exactly what to say to him "I just wanted to make sure that you were ok" I finally blurted out. "I'll just leave now. I didn't mean to bother you"

        "Kyle...wait" I heard him call out to me as I turned to face heart hammering like a jackhammer in my chest. "Don't go. Terri went through all this trouble to cook this meal for us...the least we can do it eat it"

        "Yeah...right" Was my stupid reply as I walked back into the living room sitting across from the man that I wanted to touch more then I could breath.

        "So..." we both spoke simultaneously...each of us laughing at our embarrassment as we then once again sat in horrible silence.

        " are you Max" I spoke finally breaking the deafening silence...finding myself unable to look him in the eye as I did.

        "Fine...just fine" was his response as he took a drink from his glass. "I have been tutoring Nick with his lessons and he is doing quite well. Word has spread and I have been tutoring other friends of his as well. I really like it and it keeps me busy. I've...I' it" he stammered as a blush spread across his chiseled cheeks.

        "No...what" I asked intrigued at his answer.

        "I've been thinking about going back to school and getting my teaching degree...or something along that lines" he blushed even brighter as he gazed into my eyes as if to gaze my reaction and then just as quickly brought his focus back to his water glass. "Its just a crazy idea I know"

        "No's not a crazy idea at all" I state truthfully as I reached across the table...placing my hand atop his nervously twitching ones. "I think that it is a wonderful idea and something that would be perfect for you. Your were always so smart in High School and I know that you would be perfect teaching"

        "Really..." he asked astonished.

        "Really Max...really"

        The rest of the evening we exchanged small talk. It was uncomfortable and awkward...but it was something that I never wanted to end. After dinner we cleaned the dishes in the kitchen...heading into the living room after it was all done. I figured that my time spent with Max was all done...but he had other ideas as he popped a movie into the VCR and asked me if I wanted to stay and watch it with him. Ecstatic...I jumped at the offer as I sat down heavily upon the couch...almost jumping out of my skin as he opted to sit down besides me instead of on the two empty chairs nearby. "Do you mind if I turn out the lights" he asked...glancing at me quickly and then once again focusing on something other then my face. "You can see the picture better" he mumbled nervously.

        "" was my response as he reached over me and turned off the lamp besides me. So there we sat watching a movie that to this day I still have no idea what it was. I didn't give two shits as to what was playing on the screen for all that mattered was the heat of his body as he sat in close proximity of me and the smell of his cologne as it emanated off his body sending my whole body into a tizzy. Closing my eyes I inhaled the manly scent that is only Max Evans...only to have them quickly fly open at the touch of his hand as it engulfed my own hand into his. I was so on the verge of tears as I glanced to my left and found him looking at me with the same look of need that I knew was radiating from my own eyes. "Max...I..."

        "No..." he cut me off as he placed his finger over my trembling lips. "You were right with what you said. You needed time away from me and I needed time away from you. We needed this time apart from each other Kyle to grow and if we hadn't I don't even want to know that would have happened to us then. I love you Kyle...that has never changed. I know that fate fucked with our heads and just threw us together...but I can't ever imagine my life without you in it now"

        "I...I love you too" I stammered through my tears as I hungrily wrapped my arms around his neck...bringing those lips that I had been dying to kiss all night to my own. There was no need for gentle kisses for the time for them had past. No...those kisses were hungry and needful as our tongues met in glorious reunion as we re-explored each other's warmth until we could no more. "Max...come home" I panted as our foreheads lay we tried to return from the outer limits of the cosmos due to that last mind numbing kiss. "I want you to come home for good"

        He didn't utter a word as he kissed me one final time before taking my hand and leading me silently out the door towards my truck. His hands were all over me as we raced down the back roads to the home that we were about to share once again and before we even hit the front door neither one of us was shirted. I was giddy as a schoolboy as we stumbled desperate search of the bedroom where we were about to come together in the most intimate of ways once again. It had been to long since I had held long since I had felt his body next to mine and I knew that as we fumbled to remove the rest of our clothes before falling happily to the bed that there would never be a day where I didn't relish those very things each and every moment of the day. "I love you Max" I whispered as tears misted my eyes at the reality that he was in deed once again in our bed...that he was once again laying full bodied on top of me as his radiating heat absorbed into my own. "I love you so much and I will..."

        "Forever" he finished for me as he once again captured my lips beneath his own.

        "Forever" I repeated huskily as he drew those honey soft lips from mine and began to blaze a trail of fire down my neck and collarbone. His touch was heavenly as his lips continued their sweet torture...but not to be outdone by the largeness of his hands as they worked their glorious magic all over my heaving chest. I knew that if I were to die at that point in time that I would be the happiest man in the world...happy to have my greatest love back in my life...happy to have him making love to the body that would forever belong only to him. A smile crossed my face as he worked that wondrous mouth down my chest as I inhaled the manly scent of his that I just had to touch as I ran my hands through its softness. I could feel him chuckle against my belly button as I became enthralled with the feel of it beneath my fingertips...but his laughter became that of wanton lust as I grabbed two fist fulls of that luxurious hair and pulled him savagely back up my over hearted body...shoving my tongue back into the deepest recess of his wet mouth. A blast of raw molten lust shot though me as our hardened cocks brushed each other. I knew I wasn't going to last long as he began to set a rhythm that was causing major mayhem on my nearly exploding dick. "Max...can'" I murmured incoherently as he reached over me...grabbing something out of the drawer of the nightstand beside us. Confusion filled me as he placed the unopened tube of lubricant that I had purchased almost a year before for when the time would be right. "Max..." I questioned fearfully as he kissed me once again on the lips before extricating himself from atop my body as he laid face first down on the bed besides me.

        "Make love to me Kyle" I heard him whisper.


        "Please Kyle...make love to me. I need you too"

        Right then and there I knew that there was nothing more that I had ever wanted in my life then to make love to Max in that most intimate of ways. Everything became crystal clear as I spread the chilled lube on my dick and then around the entrance of his rear end before carefully sliding myself into him a little at a time. I heard a gasp escape his mouth as I pushed in a bit further and I froze for there was nothing I wanted less to do then to hurt that man in any way as well. "Am I hurting you" I gasped for breath fearfully...trying to maintain some sense of self-control for the way that his tightness was already milking my painfully sore cock.

        "It's ok" he pants. "Don't stop...please I need for you to continue. I want to feel you inside me Kyle"

        Tears misted my eyes yet again as I leaned down and placed a tender kiss upon his rippled shoulder before easing the rest of the way in. I couldn't help but cry out from the sheer pleasurement of his muscles as they tightened their way around my manhood and I began to set a motion that I know would bring me over the edge in a matter of minutes...but I felt no shame at my abruptness this time as I heard my lover cry out just as loudly as I alerting me to the closeness of his own release. Back and forth I continued to pump into him as the fire in my loins continued to ravage out of control. I was on fire...felt as if I would spontaneously combust from the sheer heat that was being generated between the two of us until I could take no more...causing me to explode deep within him as I fought like hell to come back out of the clouds...for I still had to a job to do before the night was through.

        I could hear him moan softly as he lay beneath me...but softly turned mammoth as I extracted myself from his ass...flipping him over with quick measures before taking his purple and pulsing dick into the darkest depths of my throat. Deep throat action was my promise as I relaxed my throat muscles even more...taking him just the tiniest bit deeper. I knew that I was pleasing him as much as he had pleased me as he placed his hands tightly around my head and began to fuck my mouth as if there was no tomorrow. Faster and faster he went until my head was swimming from the friction...but I didn't care for I wanted to hear him scream my name at the top of his completely healed vocal cords. Increasing my suction...I began to play with his balls which in turn caused him to explode his load quickly and forcefully as I tried to swallow every ounce of him. "KYLE..." he screamed out in wild abandon as with one final thrust he fell back onto the sweat covered bedspread...gasping for much needed breathe.

        "Omg" he gasped as he laid before me...his arm covering his face as he tried to recoup his failing energies after our explosive ...and long anticipated bout of lovemaking. "That was...that was..."

        "Amazing" I whispered in his ear as I lay down besides him as he placed the arm covering his face under my head...pulling me tightly against the firmness of his body.

        "Extremely amazing" he chuckled as I laid my face in the crevice of his neck...inhaling the scent that was only he.

        "I love you Max" I whispered drowsily as I fought off the impending slumber that our night of lovemaking had induced.

        "I love you too Kyle...I love you too" was his distant reply as I finally gave up my fight and fell in the realm of restfulness.

        The next morning I woke to find him just as I had left him the previous night before slumber took me away. He actually looked to be glowing...a look of contentment spread across his handsome face. I could feel the breath in my lungs catch...could feel the heart that belonged only to him stop as I continued to look upon the beauty of Max Evans and I couldn't help but smile. Fate may have fucked with our hearts and our minds after the death of our loved may have thrown two former foes together just to get a laugh and a chuckle as it watched us struggle through the hard times...but in the end I think that it is we whom were having the last laugh. If you would have asked me four years ago would I be in love with my one time arch a happy life in a small town in Montana...I would have told you to go fuck yourself...and yet there I was. "Hey..." he whispered groggily...drawing me out of thoughts of fate.

        "Hey..." I whispered back as I kissed him tenderly on the lips.

        "You ok..." he asked concerned...sitting up as he placed his strong hands along the contours of my face. "You looked like you were off somewhere else"

        "I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you back in my life" I fibbed a little bit...leaning my head into those strong hands. "I'm just so happy that you came back to me"

        "Was there any doubt" he chuckled...drawing my face forward as he placed a loving kiss upon my lips.

        "Well...maybe a little" I answered truthfully...averting my eyes in shame for speaking such horrible things.

        "Well maybe I just need to prove to you that I won't ever leave" an evil grin plastered his face.

        "" I flirted shamelessly...enjoying the game that we were playing as I batted my eye lashes at him...trying to control the laughter trying to erupt from my throat at my complete happiness.

        "Like this..." he growled lustfully...jerking my body tightly against his as he captured my mouth under his own. Tongues met...teeth gnashed as hands explored familiar terrain. As you can tell sex for us at the beginning was always hot and quick...but eventually we got the hang of it...learning to take it slow and hard in order to relish every single second.

        I couldn't help but cry out in utter wonderment as he kissed his way down my fully heaving chest...capturing my raging hard on between lips as soft as pillows and a mouth as hot as lava. The motion he had set was mind blowing as each time he would go down on me...he would suckle my balls as well. I could have sworn I saw stars that morning as I exploded unlike I have ever exploded before. I felt as if I was coming off my high for days as I shot my load within the confines of his mouth. "Are...are you trying to kill me" I gasped for breath as he wiped off his mouth...laying besides me as he traced his fingers all over my body. "Just trying to prove a point" I heard him chuckle as he continued to trace patterns over my abdominal area...marking me as his. "You want to prove your point" I countered...grabbing the hand that was slowly inching its way back towards my dick. "Then fuck me big man"

        The look of shock that covered his face was almost my undoing...but despite the shock I could still see the glint of desire in his lust filled eyes as he removed his hand from my own and began to search the floor for the lube we had used last night. I couldn't help but torture him a bit as his upper half hung off the bed as he continued his search as I straddled the lower half of his ass. I heard his breath suck in as I kissed my way over every inch of his corded back and shoulders and I knew that he was enjoying my ministrations as with every nip and tug...he would hump the bed he was pinned upon. "Hurry big man...I want you" I purred against his ear...causing him to jerk upright...knocking us both to the floor. We both spotted the lube at the same time...but I was quicker as I grabbed the tube and kneeling before him slicked up his already hardened manhood.

        "Are you sure" he panted as he held his fully lubed dick in his hand.

        "There is nothing that I want more" I begged as I kissed him so passionately that he almost fell over backwards from the brunt of it all. Ending our kiss...he gave me a playful smack on my ass as he placed his dick against my hole. "Now" I cried out as he continued to lay there...not moving for fear of hurting me. "Please" I had to bite my lip as he began to enter me for I never could have realized just how much pain would be associated with it...but I never uttered a word as he inched his way back little by little until I could take no more of the slowness. Shoving myself backwards I fully impaled myself upon him as he cried out in ecstasy...for I knew just how he was feeling for I could remember what it was like to feel Max wrapped all around me from the precious night. We set a rhythm that soon had us both teetering on the brink of orgasm as he reached around my hip and began to massage my already hardening penis with each thrust. I could not believe now good it felt to have him deep inside me as he with one final thrust came with a grunt and a groan...sending me over the edge as well.

        "Thank you" he whispered against my ear as he wrapped his arms around my sweat sheened body. "Love you"

        "Love you too...big man" I teased...screeching in wild abandonment as he attacked my sensitive sides with his nimble fingers. Afterwards we curled back into out love next as he talked of the past and plans of the future.

        Now here forty years later he lies beside me as I type this story for all to read. Life has been wonderful for the two of us. We are happy...we are still so much in love and we have built a life based on that love and happiness despite the way that fate brought us here. Oh...and just so you know...Max did go back to school and get his degree in teaching. He is now the principle of the local high school here in our hometown. He loves his job and the children whose lives he helps to shape each and every day. As for myself...the cabin business has proven to be quite profitable. So much so in fact that I have expanded our operations throughout the country. Valenti enterprises has now expanded into office buildings and mini-malls. Between the two of us we have become quite wealthy in our small town standards...but none of that means anything to either one of us...for all that matters is that we are together for always...together for always in love.

        The End


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