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Slippery When Wet, Part Nine

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        For the rest of the morning, Isabel kept a close eye on her new best friend as he chatted with numerous girls of West Roswell High and yet he didn't seem to be the least bit interested in any of them. Frustrated she links her arm through Kyle's as she catches up with him in the hallway as they make their way towards the lunchroom. "Kyle"


        "Were friends right...good friends. I mean...we have been through so much here lately that you can trust me with one minute detail about this new love of your life...can't you"

        "Yes...we are best friends and No...I will not tell you about this new love in my life...cause there isn't one to speak of. Now...get off this kick and lets go eat"


        "Isabel...I said there is nothing to talk about"



        Isabel watches as Kyle walks away from her yet again as the subject of the mysterious girl pops up. It was apparent that something different had come into Kyle's life for he no longer carried the pissed at the world look that usually graced his face. She knows that any girl that captures the heart of Kyle Valenti was going to be the luckiest girl in the world, which causes her determination level to jump a few more notches.

        As she eats her lunch, Isabel watches Kyle from across the quad. Nothing out of the ordinary, she thinks as he practices his wrestling poses on the one they call Malamute. Watches as Kyle pushes him away after pinning him to the ground and then begins to scan the vicinity as if searching for something, or someone. Eventually his eyes settle in her direction and she momentarily thinks that it is she that he is searching for. Until his eyes pass by her unseen and land on the person sitting besides her.

        Confusion fill her as she watches the exchange between Kyle and her brother. There was no denying the dreamy look that filled both their eyes and the smiles that cover both of their faces as they unsuccessfully try to hide them. She glances at her brother and notices for the first time that he no longer has the dark circles and bags that had constantly plagued his eyes, that his once tired face was now replaced with a look of renewal, was now replaced with a look of love.

        Max watches as Kyle sits on top of one of the many lunch tables that line the quad outside the school, surrounded by his many friends and groupies. He longs to be the one sitting besides him as they laugh and joke as all teens their age should and yet he knows that he will never fit into the group of friends that Kyle inhabits. He is the alien king of a planet that he has never visited. He has a son somewhere out in the cosmos with a woman that he hates more then he ever thought possible and no way to find him. Burdens and troubles are all that Max knows and yet with Kyle, except for finding his son none of that really matters. Glancing at his watch his heart begins to beat wildly in his chest at the time that stares back at him. Only ten more minutes and he will be safe in the arms of the man that makes his pain and heartache disappear, if only for short stolen moments at a time. "I have to go" he says to the small group of friends around him. Slinging his backpack over his shoulder he makes his way off the quad and towards the school.

        "Max...wait up" Liz calls after him.

        Isabel watches as Liz's words cause Max to flinch as he stops and faces his once thought true love. She notices the look of apprehension as he stand before Liz, unable to speak a word. Isabel doesn't understand what it is that she just witnessed between Max and Kyle, but she knows that if it is Kyle that has put the light back in Max's heart then she is going to do everything in her power to protect them. "Hey Liz" she yells to catch her attention. "I need to talk to you about something"

        "Um...can we maybe talk later"

        " is really important" she lies as she scrambles to make something up to tell her.

        'Um...yeah...ok Isabel. I guess that I will see you later Max"

        "Sure...right" Max respond automatically as he looks past Liz and gratefully at his sister. Without so much as a second glance at Liz, he turns and runs in the direction of the erasure room.

        "What the hell took so long" Kyle whispers angrily as Max's enters the erasure room. "I've been waiting for almost ten minutes already and now we only have five more minutes left"

        "Then lets not waste it" Max whispers lustfully. "I've been waiting to do this all morning" Wrapping his arms around the much shorter man shoulders, he gently kisses him as he pulls him as tight as possible against his needing body.

        "Thank you for my note this morning" Kyle moans as he attempts to catch his stolen breath.

        "Welcome" Max replies, as he captures Kyle's lips yet again. "I meant ever word of it"

        "I know you too"

        "Shit..." Kyle groans in frustration as the school bell rings alerting the two that their brief moment together was now over. "I don't want to leave...lets just stay here like this for the rest of the day"

        "I wish we could...but I have test in trig next period. But...I will see you later"

        " won't actually. I have basketball practice after school and then the guys and I are heading over to the CrashDown to plan our strategy for the big game next month. But...on the bright side I should be home about eight and dad won't be home till about ten since he goes to Amy's after work. We can spend some alone time together then"

        "Well...your going to be spending it alone since Brody has me working till eleven tonight and by the time I get home your dad will be home"

        "Can't you call in sick"

        "Kyle...I need the money. I don't have the jeep anymore and I am really tired of walking everywhere"

        "I know...ok but at least we can make out for a little bit before we head off to bed"

        "You've got yourself a little SBB"

        "SBB" he asks confused, as Max kisses him one finial time and heads for the door.

        "Slippery Buddha Bear" he replies with a grin. "Love you" and with that said he weaves his way into the crowded halls of Rest Roswell High, leaving a laughing Kyle in his wake.

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