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Slippery When Wet, Part Eight

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "Damn...will this day ever end" Kyle grumbles to himself as he makes his way from one boring class to another. Looking at his watch he realizes that only two hours has passed since arriving at school and that he still has two more classes before lunch and then three more classes after that and lets not forget basketball practice. "Dammit... this day will never end" he grunts yet again to no one in particular. He had seen Max several time already this morning and each time he was flagged by one Liz Parker. He hated to admit this to himself, since Liz was one of his closet friends, but he was getting to a point where he couldn't stand to look at her perfect girlie face anymore. He knows that he has nothing to worry about, that Max loves him and only him, but he can't stop these feelings that raid his mind.

        "You always talk to yourself like that" he hears a voice chuckle in a whisper behind him. It is a voice that causes the blood to rush to his hardening manhood for it is the voice of Max. "I can't talk long... but I have to see you. Can you meet me in the erasure room the last fifteen minutes of lunch"

        "Sure...sure" he stammers as he feels Max's hand quickly reach inside his letterman's jacket. Kyle finds that he loses his breath at the slightest of touch and just as quickly as it is there, it is gone and with it so is Max. Reaching inside where Max's hand was moments before Kyle finds a note folded neatly inside a the pocket of his jacket. Pulling it out he slowly reads the curved penmanship as tears begins to mist his eyes.

I want to go with the one I love
A poem written by J. Beilharz

I want to go with the one I love.
I do not want to calculate the cost.
I do not want to think about whether it's good.
I do not want to know whether he loves me.
I want to go with whom I love.

Never doubt the love that I hold for you for I love you always...Your Tubby Tub Tub!!

        All concerns of Liz vanish as he hungrily awaits the secret rendezvous of the man that he loves more then life itself.

        "What you reading" Isabel asks startling Kyle from his toughts of Max as he quickly attempts to places his note back inside his pocket.

        "Nothing" he replies quickly.

        "Didn't look like nothing to me" she teases as a blush spreads throughout his cheeks. "Don't tell me that you have finally gotten over your obsession with Liz Parker and have found someone else"

        "Were not talking about this" he states, walking past his newest closet friend.

        "Oh...come on Kyle" she pouts after him. "Just give me a little hint"

        "Nooo" he grins wildly, winking at her over his shoulder as he walks down the hallway, oblivious to the missing note that had fallen from his pocket and onto the floor below.

        "Oh...we will just see about that" she states determinedly, picking up the letter and reading it. Emotions assault her in an unlikely fashion after she finishes. She didn't know who this mysteriously woman was, but it was obvious in her choice of poem and words of love that what she felt for Kyle was more then just typical teenage love. "I may not know who she is Kyle Valenti...but you can best bet that I will find out"

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