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Slippery When Wet, Part Seven

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "What the hell just happened here" Jim questions, as he watches Max flinch as he heals his bleeding mouth.


        "Look Max...I know that this is uncomfortable for the both of you. But we are a team and we can't fully function as a team if you and Kyle are always at each other's throats. Can you at least try to get along with him"

        Unable to speak, Max nods that he understand as Kyle's father pulls him into a bear hug. I think of you as one of my own Max...don't you ever forget that" he states, quickly pulling away from Max and heading for the door. "Just try to work things out with Kyle. I'll see you later...start my new job today. Security at the chemical plant... not glamorous but a job none the least. Think that you can finish getting ready for school without killing each other"

        "Sure" Max replies with a small smile. "Have a good day at work"

        "Kyle...I have to go to work. You gonna be ok with Max while you get ready for school"

        "Just keep his alien ass out of my face and I will be perfectly fine" he screams in mock anger as he sits on the floor, holding his head in his hands as tears of pain course down his cheeks.

        Waiting for Jim to leave, Max bids his time till he can run and comfort the man that he knows is blaming himself for hurting him. Peeking out the window he watches as Jim's Blazer pulls out of the driveway and makes its way down the street. With quick strides he now stand before the bathroom door in a scene that is reminiscent of last night. "Kyle" he speaks concerned, receiving silence as his reply. "Kyle...please. I know that you in there" Still no reply, so with a wave of his hand he once again unlocks the door separating him from Kyle's arms. His heart wretches as the sight of Kyle sitting on the cold floor of the bathroom, sobs racking his rocking body.

        "I'm sorry" he sobs, looking up at Max's with a tear stained face. "I didn't mean to hurt you...but he just walked in on us and I just didn't know what to do"

        "I know Kyle...I know that you would never hurt me" he replies in a comforting tone as he kneels in front of the sobbing man, lovingly taking his face into his hands. "We just have to be a little more careful that's all. I'm stunned me just a bit at first...but I understand why it had to be done" Placing a gently kiss on Kyle's soft lips, Max continues to massage his tear soaked face. "Now come on show me that gorgeous Valenti smile of yous" he teases as he places yet another kiss on Kyle's lips.

        "I don't want to" Kyle hiccups, unable to look into Max's eyes.

        "You won't even smile for your tubby tub tub" he grins, forcing Kyle to break his fascination with the floor and look into his mischievous eyes.

        "Well...if it is for my tubby tub tub then that is a different story" he beams, feeling better about the incident that had happened moments earlier. "I'm really sorry Max" his smile falters as he places his hand upon Max's neck.

        "Look...if I have to live with the nickname Tubby tub tub...then I have to come up with a special one just for you" Max chuckles, quickly changing the subject as he helps Kyle up off the hardened floor.

        "Well...I personally like sexiest man in the universe" Kyle grins, as Max pulls him into his loving embrace.

        "Although you are that...I just don't think that will be it. I will have to give this some serious thought...but for now we have to finish getting ready for school"

        "Don't remind me" he murmurs against Max's broad chest. "Hey...I have an idea. Why don't we skip school and spend the rest of the day ravaging each others body" he declares hopefully pulling out of Max's embrace as his eyes begs for an answer of yes from the man standing before him.

        Max contemplates Kyle proposition as Kyle eyes continue to beg him to say yes and as much as he would love to ravage Kyle's beautiful body he knows that they have to act as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Including the hate they used to project towards each other. "Kyle... you know that if neither one of us showed up for school today they would be sending out a search party to track us down. Remember... everyone thinks that we hate each other and that is the role that he have to play...for now at least"

        "Right" he states dejected as he brushes past a grinning Max.

        "But...if you hurry up and get dressed. We can skip breakfast and make out like bandits till we have to leave"

        Max can hear Kyle scampering around the room trying to dress in a hurry, various profanities spouting from his lips as he stumbles and trips around the room. Chucking to himself Max makes his way to the small living room, sitting on the couch impatiently waiting for Kyle. Turns out that he didn't have to wait long as Kyle comes barreling down the steps springing like a tiger over the coffee table landing with a grunt on a snickering Max. "What took you so...."

        "No talk" Kyle moans, seizing Max's lips between his own. Both men take pleasure in the way that their lips and tongues are exploring each other's mouths. The world around them fades away and they feel as if they are the only two lovers experiencing what they are experiencing. That is until as if on schedule they are forced apart by the chiming of the doorbell. "It is like Grand Central Station" Max growls as Kyle kisses him one final time and runs for the door.

        "Hey I was wondering if Max had left for school yet" Liz Parker asks blushing furiously as she tucks a stray strand of her dark hair behind her ear. Once, at what seems like such a long time ago Kyle remembers that he found this tiny gesture endearing, but now as he stares at the girl before him he finds that it is the most annoying thing that he has every seen.

        "Hey Liz...come on lets go" Max interjects pushing past Kyle as he leads her down the walkway. As he and Liz continue to make their way, he turns and mouths the words that he knows that Kyle needs to hear at this moment. "I love you"

        "I love you" he mouths back, as jealously streaks throughout his whole body. Shrugging his shoulders he grabs his books and heads off in the direction of Max and Liz.

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