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Slippery When Wet, Part Six

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "Nothing" he answers quickly, attempting to climb out of the tub.

        "Oh no you don't...that is the same look that you had on your face after your nightmare. What is it Max...tell me" he pleads, wrapping his arms around Max's chest averting him from leaving. He can feel the tightly corded tension and apprehension in his neck and chest as he rubs his hands over them, forcing Max's form to lay back agaist his chest. "Just lay back and let me help you. I saw it Max...I saw what they did to you...felt what you were feeling as they did. I know that your scared and I can't blame you for not wanting to talk about it...but I do know that you will never receive any closer until you do"

        "I...I can't" he cries anguished tears streaming down his cheeks.

        Kyle through some strange connection can feel the emotional roller coaster that Max is experiencing at that very moment, causing his own eyes to tear. "'s ok" he whispers soothingly wrapping his arms around his muscular chest as he rests his head against Max's head. "I love you Max...I won't ever let them hurt again...I promise" Placing a small kiss at his temple, Kyle leans back against the porcelain tub allowing the full brunt of Max's Body to lay against his own. In comfortable silence the two men lay safe for the moment in each other's arms.

        Secure in the arms of the man that he loves, Max is oblivious to the chilled water rippling at his waist. A calming peace transcends over him as he furrows even further into Kyle's loving embrace. Peace, it was something that had eluded him for most of his life and yet it shrouds him as a blanket of sorts whenever he is in his presence. He knows that he has hurt Kyle with his avoidance of the white room issue, but he was telling the truth when he told Kyle that it was an issue that was just to painful to talk about. He doesn't want to keep any secrets from Kyle and he knows that one day when the time is right he will allow Kyle to experience the full extent of his torturous experience at the hands of Agent Pierce and the Special Unit. " still with me" Kyle whispers, nuzzling against his ear.

        "Still with you" he replies over his shoulder as he angles his head back, softly brushing his lovers lips. Reality comes into play as the full extent of the freezing water shocks his warm skin. "Holy shit...this water is freezing" he laughs as he once again kisses Kyle over his shoulder. "Why didn't you say anything"

        " seemed to finally find a peaceful plain of existence and I didn't want you to lose it because of some extremely cold water" he chuckles, nibbling at the tender flesh at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "Besides I kinda like having you in this position"

        "I just bet you do"

        "Just one thing though"

        What's that" Max inquires.

        "Would it kill you to lose some weight. I mean...good Buddha you must weigh close to a ton or something"

        "Oh really" Max retorts as he elbows Kyle in his extremely ticklish sides.

        "NO...STOP THAT" Kyle shrieks, trying to recover from the onslaught on his sensitive ribs. "MAX...STOP IT" his squeals echo throughout the small bathroom as Max flips from his back landing stomach to stomach, chest to chest and every hardening manhood to manhood. His squeals turn to that of lust filled moans as hypersensitive organs create much needed friction.

        "Kyle" Max whimpers unconsciously grinding his painfully erect penis against Kyle's. "Are you...are we ready for this"

        "I am more then ready" he groans as he attempts to slide Max up his chest in an effort to ease his needing. Frustration fills him as he slides back down his water-slicked body. "Just not're just too slippery when wet"

        "Funny" Max half groans, half chuckles as he reluctantly pulls himself up as he steps out of the tub.

        Kyle can only stare in awe at the physic of the man before him. He knew that Max was powerfully built, but as he stands before him he can't stop his mouth from dropping at the sight of the perfectly chiseled chest. He allows his eyes to pan lower gasping out loud as he reaches the juncture between his legs.

        "KYLE...MAX...WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU TWO" Jim yells for his two wards as he leaves the empty room that they now share.

        "Fuck" Kyle mutter frantically, jumping out of the tub. "Get in there and wait for me to come back and get you," he whispers through clenched teeth as he watches Max step back into the draining tub. "Don't move and don't say a word" Yanking the shower curtain closed, Kyle grabs a towel off the shelf and wraps it around his waist.


        "Hey...Dad" Kyle greets his father nervously, slamming the bathroom door behind him. "What's the problem...when did you get home"

        "No problem...and I just got in" he replies, noticing the nervous look that is adhered to his sons face. "What are you doing in there"

        "In I mean...nothing. Just soaking in the tub as I visit different plains of meditation"

        "Meditation huh. You sure your not doing anything illegal in there"

        "Dad...dammit. All I was doing was meditating" Kyle states gruffly.

        "Meditation...well maybe I should try it. I haven't seen that glint in your eye in such a long time. Sorry son...just the job instilled in me. Night kiddo" Jim replies as he makes his way into his room, closing the door behind him.

        Kyle hates lying to his father about his undying love for Max Evans, but he knows that he will never understand and for now it is best to keep it a secret between the two of them only. "Come on" Kyle says in a low voice, glancing over his shoulder as Max emerges from the tub entirely dressed. Disappointment covers him as he longs to gawk at the body of the Adonis he calls his own. Pushing all thoughts of naked Max aside, he peeks into the hallway making sure that the coast is clear. Grabbing Max's hand they race down the hall and into the sanctuary of their room.

        "I like you better totally and completely without clothes" Kyle growls into the crevice of Max's neck, pushing him up against the closed bedroom door.

        "Well allow me to accommodate you" Max replies lustfully, once again waiving his hand over his body as the barrier between them vanishes. Slowly he adheres his aching lips to Kyle's.

        A knock on the door startles the two men apart. "WHAT" Kyle screams frustrated as again he watches Max quickly use his powers to clothe himself. With wide fearful eyes, Max jumps onto the top bunk, throwing the covers over his completely aroused body.

        "Kyle...I was just wondering where Max is" Jim asks as he opens the closed door, poking his head inside. Confusion fills him as he witnesses the sleeping form of Max wrapped snugly under the sheets. "When did he get in" he questions quietly as not to wake the sleeping boy. Cause...I am pretty sure that he wasn't in that bed five minutes ago"

        "Pop...Evans and his wimpy ass have been in that bed since nine o'clock this evening. I think that you need to hit the sack yourself. Seems that you mind and body are weary and therefore you are not able to see the whole picture" he spouts knowing that once he stats quoting anything that may protain to Buddhism in the least little bit that his father will leave the scene immediately.

        "Riiight" he replies , quickly closing the door behind him.

        "I think that someone or something may be trying to tell us something Evans" Kyle groans frustrated, throwing himself onto his back on the bottom bunk.

        "I think that your right" Max replies just as frustrated as he flips from his side onto his stomach, hanging his arm down the side of the bed signaling Kyle to take it. A smile forms on his lips as Kyle intertwines his fingers between his own. The connection is immediate, reassuring both men that they are committed to the love that they feel for each other and that no matter what befalls them in the future love is the one thing that they can always count on. "Night Kyle...I love you" Max whispers lovingly squeezing the hand that he holds. "We will work this out...I know that we will"

        "I know we will," he answers back, squeezing Max's hand in turn. "I just hope that it doesn't kill us before we do. Night you too"

        Neither man can sleep as concerns of what the future may bring for them occupy their minds. Max's love for Kyle was obvious, but Kyle could sense his absolute fear at letting the world in on their little secret as they had connected earlier. He has to admit that he can understand Max's fear for there was no way of knowing what the reaction would be once they told their loved ones. The truth was that Max had a reason to fear this, many would be hurt in their declaration, but he on the other hand wants to scream it from the rooftop as he admit his love for the one man that was he enemy not more then a couple of hours ago.

        Max knows that tomorrow at school will be the first test of their budding relationship as they go back into their old roles of hater and hatee. He didn't know how he was going to get through a whole impossibly long day without kissing or touching the man that he love with all his heart and soul. He ponders what reaction he will receive from Liz and their loyal group of friends if they proclaim the love they have for each other. This thought alone terrifies him. He knows that he will devastate Liz and he doesn't even want to consider the way that his parents will react. He could feel that Kyle wasn't as worried about the future. To Kyle it didn't matter what anyone thought of him and their love. He was confidant enough in his masculinity to deal with whatever conflicts came his way. Max wishes that he could be more like Kyle and he knows that sometime in the future his reluctance to admit to the world their love will test their relationship.

        The shrill ring of the alarm clock jolts both men from their slumber. Groans of disturbance can be heard from both as they reluctantly rise to face the challenges of this new day. "Morning" Max says, leaning over the side of the bunk catching a straining Kyle as he rolls out of bed and onto the floor beginning his morning exercise ritual. "I could get used to the sight of that cute ass working out every morning" he grins as he climbs down the ladder, patting Kyle on his buttocks as he does yet another pushup.

        "Well...maybe you should consider doing a bit of exercise yourself tubby. You could stand to lose a few pounds remember" Kyle chuckles jokingly, winking at Max over his heaving shoulders.

        "Oh really"

        "Hey...I only speak the truth tubby tub tub"

        "You didn't seem to mind my tubby ass when you were gawking and pawing at me last night"

        "I was gawking cause...well I was pawing at you because I was trying to get your tubby ass off of me"

        " have so asked for it" Max giggles as he throws himself on top of Kyle's back brutally attacking the spots that he knows will send him squealing. "Tell me that you love me," he rumbles in his ear as Kyle struggles desperately to remove himself from Max's clutches. "I want hear you tell me that you love me"

        "Never..." he shrieks as fingers run up and down his most sensitive of areas.

        "Tell me that you love me," he continues his onslaught as he attaches his lips to Kyle's neck, nipping along the length of it gently with his teeth.

        "Get your tubby ass off me Evans" Kyle moans without much of a fight.

        "Tell me...tell me that you love me"

        "OK...Ok...I love you" he replies happily, grabbing Max in a wrestlers pose, flipping the man onto his back. Now in control Kyle formulates a way to make the man now below him suffer like her was suffering gladly before. "Tubbiness and all"

        "I know" Max responds, grinning with a Cheshire cat like grin covering his face. "And I love you too"

        All thoughts of revenge forgotten as the two lovers lips meet in a soft slow kiss. Unhurriedly lips mesh as hands as if on their own sought out each other. No words are spoken but volumes are expressed through their miraculous connection.

        "Max...Kyle time to get..." stunned at the sight before him, Jim can only stand in stunned silence, unable to finish his sentence.

        With quick thinking, Kyle punches Max in the face. "Get the fuck off me" he screams, stunning a extremely flabbergasted Max as he begins to hit him as softly as possible over and over again. "I hate you... and you keep your fucking hands off Liz Parker. You have fucked her life up enough as it is"

        He didn't know what to make of what he was seeing before him. At first glimpse it looked as if the two were actually kissing, in a sense making out and yet as he glances in their direction he sees Kyle pounding the shit out of the alien king. "KYLE" he screams, relieved as he runs to his son and pulls him off a bloodied Max.

        "I hate you Max Evans," he screams, his heart breaking at the look of pure shock and pain that is plainly conveyed through Max's soulful eyes. Pulling out of the tight hold that his father has on him, Kyle runs from the room in what appears total anger, when the truth was he has to leave to stop himself from throwing himself into Max's warm arms and beg for his forgiveness.

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