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Slippery When Wet, Part Three

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "Um...right" Kyle blushes, unable to pull his eyes away from the hazel ones that are boring into his own. Slowly he pulls the ends of his tank top up over his protruding stomach. "Be gentle with me" he chuckles uneasily eyes still locked with Max's. A involuntary shutter hit his body at the first touch of the his hands. "Damn man... every warm those things before you use them"

        "Yeah...sorry" Max chuckles back, stretching his fingers out as far as possible over his taunt stomach. Both relish the heat that is felt between the two of them as Max's powers begin to omit its energy.

        Closing his eyes, he welcomes the flashes that come at him. Flashes that are both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

        "Max...are you ok" Kyle asks concerned, placing his hands on top of the one that lays on his stomach. He doesn't try to remove them, only lightly runs the tip of his fingers over his knuckles.

        "Fine...yeah. Kyle...I..." Peeking through long lashes, Max says nervously at the look of genuine concern that covers Kyle's face. He feels as if he is under some sort of force as Kyle's crystal blue eyes pierce into his own. Slowly that force begins to urge him forward, towards only one origin, towards Kyle's beautiful full mouth. Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch he moves close until he is a mere millimeter away from his intended target. He can feel Kyle's ragged breath, warm on his face, can feel the way that he clutches at his hand as it continues to lay on his stomach. "Kyle...I have to..." The shrill ringing of the phone pulls him rapidly from his trance, as he yanks his hand off of Kyle's stomach as if it were afire. "Sorry" he mumbles, jumping off the couch, leaving a very confused Kyle alone on the couch.

        "Hello" Kyle yells into the receiver of the phone, frustration evident in his voice. They had come so close, so close to something that he both longed for and feared for so long. "This had better be good"

        "Kyle...its Isabel. I was wondering if I could speak to Max. I need to know that he is ok. I thought he was at Michaels...but Liz told me he was staying with you and your father. Kyle you have to get him to comeback family is miserable with him gone. to him...anything just make him come home. "

        "Yeah...he's here...hold on I will get him" Rising from the couch Kyle walks to the room that he will now have to share with a man that he wants to kiss more then he wants to breath. "Hey Evans your sister in on the phone" Entering the room he finds a boxer clad Max lightly snoring on the top section of the bunk beds. The look of peace and serenity that plasters his face takes his breath away. "Isabel" he whispers into the handset. "Max is sleeping right now...but I will have him call you in the morning. Bye" Clicking off the cordless phone he tosses it onto his desk as he continues to gaze at Max's sleeping form.

        Tenderly he brushes a stray piece of hair off his forehead, as he featherlessly drapes his fingers down and around the outline of his face and jaw line. He fights to resists the urge to place a soft kiss on his partly open lips, causing a almost inaudible moan to sound at the very thought. "Night King Max" he whispers softly, as he removes his hand and crawls into his own bunk.

        Lost in the world of slumber, Max doesn't see or feel the tender gestures shown by Kyle. Instead he stands before him in all his manly glory. "I love you Max" he hears him whisper as he pulls him tightly into his embrace. I never hated you...not really. I only acted like I hated you because in truth I loved you. I always have"

        "I love you too" he replies, wrapping his arms more tightly around his lovers body. I never meant for any of this to happen. I thought that Liz was my soul mate...but I was wrong it was is you" In slow motion two faces incline together, closer and closer until their lips are lightly brushing. Together they deepen the kiss, only to be ripped apart by an unknown entity.

        "How very touching" the entity mocks, finally presenting itself, causing Max's heart to stop beating where he stood. "First Liz Parker and now Kyle Valenti...but your love for Kyle is more real...more powerful. How really love him and it is really a shame that he now must die"

        "NO" he croaks, unable to speak much less move to defend the man that he loves. ""

        "Oh...begging unbecoming" the figures mocking continues as it now circles a paralyzed Max. "You really didn't think that you could kill me and not pay did you"

        " were hurting me"

        "I was doing my job...and now it is time for you to pay for your misdeeds Max. Killing you...although fulfilling for me...will not cause you to suffer enough. No...there is only one way to make you suffer... and that is to hurt the ones that you love. So...Kyle here must die" With a wave of his hands, the once dimly lit room changes into the white room. "Prepare the table" Agent Pierce yells towards a glass- covered wall. With in seconds a team of surgeons enter the room, laying a barley conscious Kyle on the table.

        " me Max"

        "Leave him alone...kill me instead. Please...just don't hurt him" Max screeches, trying desperately to reach Kyle before anyone can hurt him. "Kyle...get up have to get up"

        "Lets begin" Pierce states evilly looking Max directly into his panic filled eyes. "And you get to watch as we dissect your lover boy piece by piece...hearing each and every scream of pain that he makes"

        Max watches in horror as one of the surgical team picks up what appears to be a rusty and dull blade, placing it to the bare and heaving chest of Kyle. Hears his screams of absolute terror and pain as the first incision is made. Pierce's laughter echoes in his head as well as Kyle's anguished cries for help. Unable to stand any longer, Max's legs give out on him sending him crashing to his knees. "STOP IT...STOP IT...NOOOOOOO"

        "MAX" Kyle yells panicked as his screams pull him from his sleep. Without use of the ladder he pulls hurls himself onto the top bunk, attempting to shake the screaming man from what ever nightmare haunts him. "Max...wake up...I'm here"

        "NO...NO...PLEASE...NO" his screams of terror continue as his head and body thrash about the bed.

        "Shhh...I'm here for you. It's ok" he whispers frightened for Max as he pulls him into his calming embrace. "Whatever it is can't hurt you...I won't let it. Shhh...I'm here"

        "KYLE" he screams bewildered as he throws opens his eyes and reality begins to roll in. Relief floods his heart at the realization that Kyle is very much alive and sitting before him. Without reservation he lunges against Kyle's warm body, laying his head on his shoulder as tears or relief and pain cascade onto his bare chest. "I was so scared"

        "I know," he coos soothingly into his ear, rocking their bodies back and fourth in hopes of relieving the tremors that are raging through Max's body "I know...but it is over and you're safe. I won't let anyone every hurt you again...I promise"

        "Just don't let go...please don't let go" he murmurs into Kyle's neck, tightening the grip that he holds on him.

        "Never" is his reply as he places a feather soft kiss upon his temple. He feels the tremors that once covered his body stop only to feel his body go rigid. "Max...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to do that" he replies nervously, unable to look Max in the eye as he pulls out from his embrace. "I was only trying to comfort you...and I just go carried away"

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