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Slippery When Wet, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        Weariness unlike any he had felt before encompasses Max as he allows the worries of the past surface yet again. Yes, he was tired, but it wasn't just any kind of tired, it was an all-consuming tiredness that penetrated his very soul. He knows that he should sleep for it was something that he has avoided nightly but he fights it for fear of knowing what will come. Nightmare, blood curdling, bone chilling nightmares, but to Max Evans they weren't just nightmares, they were reflections of his recent past.

        Forcing his bone weary body off the bed, he walks over to the window of his new room and gazes out. He observes Kyle in all his splendor as he washes his cherry red convertible. Watches as the spray from the hose glistens on Kyle's powerfully built chest. Images of lust assault his mind causing a whimper to escape his throat as he feels a familiar stirring below. A stirring that he realizes will be yet another battle he will have to fight each and every time that Kyle is in the vicinity of him.

        "NO...Stop if you don't have enough you need this to add to it" he chides himself as he forces himself from the view before him. Pulling of his shirt, he lays it across the railing of the bed, pulling off his socks and his black sneakers in preparation of a badly needed shower. A piercing cry pulls him from the task at hand as he run back to window to find Kyle laying on the ground. "KYLE" he yells in distress as he runs from the room and to the man that has come to mean more to him then he ever realized.

        Barreling through the front door clad only in a pair of jeans, Max makes a beeline for a still down Kyle. He is on a mission; a mission to make sure that the man that is causing all these strange and wonderful sensations in him is not injured. So deep in his intent of taking care of this man, he never notices Kyle's open eyes and shocked face at the sight of an alien king crashing towards him.

        "Evans WHAT THE FUCK" Kyle screams as Max steps onto the slippery pavement and careens into him with the full brunt of his burly body knocking his head violently into the pavement once again. Stars fill his field of vision and anger coats him as he tries to comprehend what it was that just happened here. "What the fuck is your problem Evans" he growls shaking his head in an attempt to clear his muddied mind. "Are trying to fucking kill me" He can feel warm air on his face as Max tries to regain his lost breath. Neither attempt to extricate themselves from where they lay. It is as if the universe around them has disappeared and it is only the two of them gazing into each other's lust filled eyes.

        "Are you ok" Max questions, breaking the trance that Kyle holds on him, removing himself from atop Kyle as he sits on the wet ground besides him. He can feel his cheeks reddening in embarrassment, not only for his blunder but also for the thought that are once again raiding his mind. "I...I thought you were hurt. You...I...sorry"

        "I was fine until you came hauling ass out here like some maniac" he states frustrated, not only from the pain forming in the back of his head but from the loss of his body atop his own. His anger quickly turns to one of mischief as images of an extremely wet Max run through his head. Glancing to his left he noiselessly reaches his hand out, grabbing the hose he directs it at the man before him. "And now you must pay" he screams giddily, squeezing the nozzles handle, hitting its intended target square in the chest.

        "OH you are so dead Valenti" Max shrieks as the cold water blasts his extremely over heated body.

        "You have to catch me first" Kyle retorts, jumping up from the ground with the hose, running towards the other side of the car. Half way around he finds that he is running as fast as his legs can take him and yet he seems to not be going anywhere. Glancing at the ground below his feet he realizes that his feet are no longer on the ground and that he is in fact hovering directly above it. " using the alien powers" he states through gritted teeth.

        "What turn about his fair play" he says innocently battling his thick, dark eyelashes at him.

        Kyle could feel his breath catch in his throat at the look of pure naughtiness that flashed across his chiseled face. It was a look that he could never recall ever seeing spread across his face before. Max's face always seemed to carry the brooding, pouting look of a man with the weight of the world upon his shoulders. But this new look it suited him, made him look younger, made him look sexier. It was a look that he was determined to see more often.

        With deliberate steps Max makes his way over to Kyle and yanks the hose from the mans hands. "And now it is your turn" he chuckles, turning the hose onto his once sworn enemy and now hopeful friend.

        "Don't think that is happening Evans" Kyle yells, still hovering above the ground as he grabs Max, pulling him tautly against his body. He can feel the hose between their two bodies, as the spray from it covers both of their heaving chests.

        As he feels Kyle's body once again molded against his body he finds that he can no longer concentrate, as the two yet again fall to the ground landing with a thud and a grunt. Laughing and yelps of fun can be heard as the two men continue their dance of dominance over control of the hose. Both are oblivious to the shadow that now descends across the two of them. All that matters is the way they the other is making them feel as skin touches skin and hands group for the hose as well as a chance to touch forbidden places.

        "Well...I am glad to see the two of you getting along so well" they hear her speak, instantly breaking apart at the sound of her voice.

        "LIZ" they screech simultaneously, jumping up from where moment ago they played, standing before a grinning Liz Parker.

        "I ran into the Sheriff and Amy at the CrashDown and they told me that you were now living with Kyle and him. So...I thought I would stop by to make sure that you weren't killing each other...but I see that I had nothing to worry about"

        "Nah...Evans is no match for me we decided to call it a draw and attempt to get along. Right Evans" he states, slapping Max on the back in a guy like fashion.

        "Right...yeah...get along" he replies.

        Jealously courses through him as he watches the way that Liz blatantly flaunts herself at Max. There was a time when that jealously would have been directed at Max for it was Max that had stolen her from him not too long ago. But today he finds that it is directed towards the once love of his life. "I was wondering if you would like to come over parents are out of town for the weekend and I thought we could maybe start to rebuild what we had between us" he hears her say.

        "Excuse me...I need to...I need" he stammers, turning off the hose as he heads onto the house, slamming the door behind him. "Great job Valenti" he scolds himself as he changes into a dry pair of jeans and tank top. "Really great job"

        "You always talk to yourself like that" Max chuckles, entering the bedroom with a huge grin on his face.

        "Um...yeah. It is something that I do often so get used to it" he replies snidely, pushing his way past Max and into the hallway.

        "I ordered a pizza. Large with everything on it. I hope that is how you like it"

        "Look Evans I don't need you to order my food for wanna feed me too" he yells as he enters the room to find a completely stripped down Max standing before him. "OMG...I am so sorry" he stammers unable to take his eyes off the Adonis that stands before him.


        "Save it Evans" he states backing out of the room once again. "I'll leave you to change for you date with Liz" Closing the door, Kyle backs up against the wall gasping for breath as he recalls the sight of Max without so much as a stitch of clothing on. "Get a grip on yourself dammit" The ringing of the doorbell pulls Kyle from his thoughts.

        "Great the pizza is here" Max says, sitting down at the dining room table where Kyle had placed the unopened box. "I am starving. So what do you want to do tonight. I was thinking maybe we could just hang out here and maybe get to know each other a little better...or we can just hang out somewhere if that is better"

        From the couch where he pouts Kyle turns to face the man shoveling hot pizza into his mouth. "What...what about your date with Liz"

        "I told her that I had already made plans for the evening with you. I mean...we are attempting to get along aren't we" he chuckles, a grin crossing his face. "Besides...I really do want to get to know you better. I mean...I've known you practically my whole life and yet all I really know about you is how much you hate me"

        "I don't hate you...I just"

        "I know. Come on get over here and eat before it gets cold"

        Two hours, a whole pizza and a carton of rocky road ice cream later the two men feel as if all is well with the world. They were well on the road to friendship, each secure in the knowledge that neither one was out to hurt the other anymore. "I can't believe we ate all that shit" Kyle whines, rubbing his overly full stomach as he climbs off the chair he was sitting on and plops himself down onto the couch.

        "I know...I didn't think that it was possible to eat that much. I think that I am going to be sick" Max laughs, rubbing his equally full stomach. "I...I could take care of know with...with my powers"

        "You know Evans...I have always had a problem with you using your powers around me...but I think that you are going to be handy to have around"

        "I think that is the closet I will ever get to a compliment from you... so I will take it at that" he laughs easily sitting on the couch next to Kyle. "You will have to pull your shirt I can touch you"

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