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Slippery When Wet, Part Seventeen

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "I can't believe you talked my pop into allowing you to pick me up" Kyle laughs giddily as he pins Max against the wall with his fully healed body and viscously attacks his lips under his own.

        "I didn't" Max attempts to say, as Kyle yet again goes in for another round of tonsil hockey. Not that he minded being attacked by the man, it was something that he knows he will never tire of, something that he will long for until the day he dies. "It was his idea" he finally is able to say as they both fight for much needed air.

        "His idea. Man...he must be coming around to accept us now"

        "Well...I think that we still have a long way to go until I will be invited over for family dinners...but it is start"

        "He will come around Max...he knows that I love you and that I have no intention of giving your tubby ass up"

        "I know. I just wish that I could get my parents to understand" Max states wistfully. "My mother just avoids the topic and my father won't even look at me"

        "Come here" Kyle, says opening his arms wide inviting Max to enter his loving embrace and locking them around his body as he does. "We just have to give them both time. It must have come as a shock for them to learn that their only son was in love with another man. I mean to us it's natural...but to the outside world it is completely unnatural"

        " I love you Kyle...and I don't care what anyone says or thinks anymore. All that matters is that I have your arms around me whenever I need know that you love me no matter what"

        "Always" Kyle whispers placing a kiss on his forehead. "But for now... lets get the hell out of here. I can't stand this place for another minute"

        "Right" Max laughs as he takes Kyle hand and leads him out of the room. "Come on lets get you home"

        "Well...I wasn't really thinking about home per say. I was thinking more along the lines of spending some alone time together...if you know what I mean" he grins evilly. Wiggling his eyebrows. "Someplace where I can properly ravage that beautiful body of yours"

        "I've actually already thought of that," Max states earnestly as he pulls Kyle tautly against his already warming body. "I need to ravage you just as badly"

        "Oh my Buddha" is his only response as Max open kisses him like he has never been kissed before. Love and pride flow throughout his body as Max walks past the gawkers who have witnessed their passionate kiss without so much as a second glance. Max had changed so much in the too weeks since his accident. He no longer worried about what the world thought about their love affair. He was open and honest with his displays of affection and each and every time that he touched him or kissed him in public it only made Kyle love him even more then he ever thought possible.

        Max had decided to be honest with his parents also. No longer able to live in the same house as the older Valenti, Max had temporally moved back into his parent's home. One night out of the blue, he had decided that they needed to know the truth about several aspects of his life, excluding the fact that he was a hybrid king of an alien planet. His parents took the news, as Max feared they would and that night he moved in with Michael until other arrangements could be made. "Get in" he hears Max growl agaist the sensitive skin of his neck.

        "What the hell is this" Kyle laughs outright at the bucket of bolts that sits before him.

        " darling lover is my new car" Max states proudly as he opens the door in an attempt to assist Kyle inside.

        " bought this piece of junk. OMG Max...what were you thinking when you bought this"

        "What...I love this car. It is a classic"

        "A classis piece of shit" his laughter continues as he falls into the front seat as Max angrily slams the door behind him. "Hey...Max...sorry... don't be mad" he says trying to sooth ruffled feathers as Max climbs in on his own side slamming that door also. "Just promise me that in this relationship that I will be the only one to make major money purchases"

        "Kyle...I swear to..." Kyle latches his lips onto Max's before he can finish his sentence. Panting heavily for breath, as they break apart, he speeds out of the hospital parking lot heading for a secret destination.

        "Where are we going anyway" Kyle finally asks, sliding across the leather seat as Max wraps his arm loosely around his shoulder.

        "It's a surprise" he replies, pecking Kyle's lips quickly before he returns his full concentration back onto the open road. Minutes later he pulls the car off into a deserted side road stopping as they reach a open clearing.

        "OMG...this is so beautiful" Kyle states in awe as he looks at the view before him.

        "I know...this is my favorite place. I come here when I need time away to think things through. I have never shown this place to anyone else...but I wanted to share it with you. I want this to be out secret place...a place where we can come to get away from the craziness of the world and just be together"

        Breaking the gaze that the view holds on him, Kyle turns to his lover placing a fevered kiss upon his lips. "Thank you...this means more to me then anything in the world"

        "Your welcome" Max replies, as he kisses Kyle back. Breaking his kiss, Max flips over the back of the front seat landing in the back. "Come check out how roomy the back seat is" he groans as he easily grabs the younger man, yanking him also over the seat as he pins him to the back one.

        Together the two share an earth shattering kiss that cause emotions to fly and cocks to harden. The time for play is over as Max with steady hands removes the clothing that separates them with his powers. Moan of pleasure can be heard as they continue to explore new and yet uncharted territory. In truth Max and Kyle had been nude together before, but what they were about to embark on was new, it was thrilling and terrifying at the same time, but it was something that both had longed for some time now. With unsure hands, but safe in the love that he holds for Kyle, Max begins to kiss his way down the chest of the burly man laying below him. Licking a sensitive nipple with his hot tongue, he feels it harden at his touch as he continues on his journey to Mecca. Kyle's lust filled moans of pleasure are music to his ears as he takes his man hood fully into his warm, wet mouth, cherishing his first taste of Kyle.

        "OMG...don't stop...please don't stop"

        "Never" Max murmurs agaist his every hardening shaft as he continues to ride it hard with his mouth. Up and down he run his tongue along the pulsing veins, gently nipping at the tip with his teeth with each ride. Sensing Kyle's urgency, Max increases the pressure and the speed of his ministrations sending Kyle screaming his name out on the wind as his orgasm washes over him.

        " is my turn" Kyle replies, hungrily opting to forgo foreplay as he takes Max's already rock hard dick into his eager mouth. "Words unlike Kyle has ever heard spout from Max's lips as he continues to deep throat the man that he loves. "FUCK...FUCK...FUCK" Max screams as Kyle's deep-throated efforts pay off causing him to spurt his seed down his lover's throat.

        "'ve got quite an active vocabulary there Mr. Evans" Kyle teases as he lays atop Max, snuggling deeper within his arms.

        " do bring out the best in me" he replies happily, pulling Kyle's warm body even tighter against his own. Closing his eyes, Max relishes the warmth that is generated between the two of them. He no longer fears what anyone thinks of his relationship with Kyle. All that matters to him is that Kyle stay safe and in his arms for always. "I love you my slippery Buddha bear...forever" he whispers drowsily into the stubbled head of the man that he loves with all his heart and soul.

        I love tubby tub tub...always" Is his response as the two drift off into blissful sleep safe in the arms of the ones that they love.

        The End

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