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Slippery When Wet, Part Sixteen

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        Standing outside Kyle's room the two teens watch as Jim lovingly attends to his still comatose son. Fatigue is evidently written all over his face as well as in the way that he carries himself. "The poor man...I can't even imagine what he is going through" Liz whispers as they continue to watch through the glass window of Kyle's hospital room. Max knows all to well that pain and anguish that Jim is suffering as he is also experiencing the same. He knows that Jim walking in on him earlier as he spouted words of love and regret are some of his added heartache, but for knows that he has to put such thoughts on the back burner. He knows that eventually he will have another confrontation with Jim over his love of Kyle, but for now all that matters is getting Jim out of the room so he can heal the man that he loves.

        "Are you ready" he asks as butterflies spring to life in his already topsy-turvy stomach. Fear cloaks him as thoughts of the night he was unable to heal Alex invades his mind. Images of his friend, covered in blood. Images of him placing his hands upon his cold already dead chest, knowing full well that he is already dead, but needing to try to heal him anyway. Cold fear fills his heart as the realization once again hits him that he may not be able to save Kyle, that because of his weakness, because of his complete fear Kyle may never fully recover or worse yet may never wake up.

        " wasn't your fault. You did what you could," Liz whispers, as if knowing what it is he is thinking. Cupping Max's face into her hands, jarring him from his harrowing thoughts, she continues. "Alex died at the hands of had nothing to do with it. You need to stop doing this to yourself and focus on Kyle and the love that you have for him. You can heal him have to"

        Nodding silently, he watches as Liz knocks gently on the hospital room door as not to startle Kyle's dad too much. "Liz...what are you still doing here. I thought everyone left earlier," he asks indicating for Liz to enter the room. "Your really not supposed to be in here...but I don't think that it will hurt for you to stay for a few minutes...and right now I think that Kyle needs his friends more then ever"

        Seconds drag on as if hours as Liz and he Jim converse in Kyle's room. Max has no idea how Liz is going to get him out of the room, but he has faith that she is ingenious enough to endure the task. He observes as Liz places her hand upon the hand on Kyle's placing a small kiss on his pale face. Watches as her face crumbles into a mass of upset and tears. Watches as Jim evokes her into his loving embrace as he leads her towards the exit of the room. Frantically Max looks for a place to hide as the two make their way into the corridor, opting for the ladies restroom located directly behind him. Slamming the door behind him, he allows a few seconds to pass before he opens it making sure that the coast it clear. Confident that it is, he quickly makes his way into Kyle's room, preparing to save the life of the man that he will always love. Silently he runs his hands over the battered and bruised body of the man laying before him.

        Labored breaths escape from his lungs as he begins to heal what is broken within Kyle. Isabel's words of warning flash in his mind as he does this, invoking a bitter battle deep within himself. One half longs to completely heal the man that he loves with all his heart and soul. It is a side that chooses to ignore the implications that will arise with this healing, as long as it is safe in the knowledge that Kyle body and minds are fully rejuvenated. The other half, full of common sense realizes the implications and the full extent of the aftermath as thoughts of the white room once again fill his head. Sweat glistens from his pores as the healing continues, both sides continuing with their raging battle within. "What do I do Kyle" he whispers to the unresponsive man before him. "I love you so much and yet I don't know what I should do"

        Laying his powerful hands atop Kyle's severely bruised and sutured head, he decides to listen to his heart and ignore the implications. He knows that he is the sole reason for Kyle's immediate injuries as he concentrates on the swelling located within the deep recesses of his brain. Words of love and complete devotion are wordlessly expresses as the healing begins. A mirage of imagery race past him as he makes the connection that will cure Kyle of his ills. Images of happier times before him and the pod squad had invaded his life. Football games and times with friends. Fishing with his father and their times spent together sharing hopes for the future. He experiences his pride of having Liz by his side but knowing that deep inside it was the love of another that he longed for. He experiences his sadness at losing the closeness that he shared with Liz at the hands of another and his complete devastation when it is reveled that it is the one that he has loved for so long who he has lost her too. And as quickly as the images appear they disappear at the completion of the healing.

        Toughly drained, but safe in the knowledge that Kyle will safely recover, Max falls spent to the tiled floor below. Pulling himself wearily into the bed side chair, Max attempts to recapture his quickly fading energy as he places Kyle's warm hand within his own. "Kyle...Kyle can you hear me" he pants finding it extremely hard to speak. "Your...your going to be ok. I healed you. I need you to open your eyes for me. Please have to open your eyes for me" With still no response Max lays his head upon the hand that he holds allowing his heavy lidded eyes to close for just a few moments as he recoups his failed energy. Unable to fight the fatigue that inhibits his body, he instead embraces it as it shuts out all that is wrong with the would. "Tubby" he hears a voice echo in his dream filled haze. "Tubby...wake up. Wake up..."

        A slight touch upon his weary face, jerks him from his slumber. His eyes widen in amazement as the full extent of the situation unfolds before him as tears for what feels like the hundredth time the evening flow freely from his eyes. 'Kyle...Kyle" he chokes out, finding that he is unable to form any other coherent sentences.

        "I was saying for you to get up and get your tubby ass in this bed with me" Kyle says weakly as he continues to softly run his hand across his too stunned to move lovers face.

        As the world around him sharply comes into view and reality hits him sharply upon his head as Max finds that he is now finally able to speak coherently. "I...I can't. I...might hurt you" he replies sorrowfully, removing Kyle's hand from his tear soaked face.

        "Get you tubby tub tub ass in this bed with me now" he orders a bit more strongly, as he moves over to the side of the bed, grunting in pain as he does.


        "Max...I need to feel you near me...please don't make me beg"

        Fearfully he climbs into the bed, laying as gently as possible besides him. Silence falls over them as they lay side by side; both afraid to make the first move as they gaze into each other's promise filled eyes. "I...I...thought I was going to lose you" Max sobs breaking the still silence. "I was so afraid afraid"

        "Hey...I am here and I am ok"

        "This is all my fault. I was afraid and almost lost you because of it. I am so sorry Kyle"

        "This isn't your fault," he whispers, placing his fingers under Max's chin, lifting it up until the two are eye level. "I knew that you loved me...and yet I acted like a spoiled brat when I didn't get my way. We both made mistakes and acted stupid...but we will grow stronger from it and we will survive it"

        "Your father knows about us...and everyone else"

        "You told them"

        "No...not really. I was trying to talk to see if I could get you to hear me and he walked in as I placed a kiss on your lips. He got upset and well...I had to leave. I'm sorry Kyle...I didn't want him to find out this way"

        "I love you Max...and I love my father...but I won't give you up. Either he accepts the love that I have for you...or I...or we find a place of our own"

        "He's your father...I won't let that happen" Max states strongly, pulling Kyle into his arms as he feels Kyle lay his head upon his chest. "I love you Kyle...but I won't come between the two of you. Give him time Kyle...maybe he will come to understand what it is that we feel for each other. If not...then we deal with that it when the time comes"

        "Just promise that you won't ever leave me" Kyle whispers into Max's chest, inhaling the scent of the man. "I couldn't bare it if you did"

        "I will never leave you...and that is a promise that you can guarantee. I love slippery Buddha bear" Max giggles happily for the first time in such a long time as he places a tiny kiss upon Kyle's shaved head.

        "And I love tubby tub tub" he replies back, gazing into the hazel flecked eyes of the man that he knows he will grow old with. He can see his future in Max Evans eyes. He can see a life spent together in love, as they never again allow their fears of the unknown to rip them apart. Truth be told he really doesn't know what the future will hold for the two of them, but the one thing that he does know is that as long as they are together they will be able to conquer the world. Oblivious to his previous pain, Kyle places his lips softly against those of Max. Sensing his need for more, Max gently returns the gesture as he kisses him back, pulling him tighter against his trembling body. The lovers are enjoying the feeling of being together once again, so much so that neither notices that another has entered the room, been listening to their expressions of love. Neither notice the tears that stream down his face, as their spoken words reach his once maddened heart. Nor do they notice him as he leaves the two lovers alone safe in their sheltered world, at least for the moment.

        "Kyle...I need to go before your father gets back"

        "No" he whispers, nuzzling his face into the crevice of his neck once again inhaling the scent that is only Max Evans. "I don't want you to leave...stay with me tonight"

        "Listen to me...I will be back as soon as I can. I promise you that. But...your father has had enough to deal with today. He doesn't need to add another confrontation with me. also need to you can get well and come back home to me"


        "I love you Kyle...and I will be back later...but I have to go" Placing a finial kiss upon his lips, Max reluctantly removes himself from the warm bed of Kyle's and makes his way for the door. "Love you"

        "I love you too...and I'll miss you" Kyle whispers, blowing a kiss in the direction of the man that has captured his heart.

        "Me too" Max smiles, catching the invisible kiss and placing it over his heart as he walks out the door.

        With one final glimpse he watches though the window as Kyle snuggles under the covers and sinks into the final stages of slumber, a huge grin covering his gorgeous face. Turning to head for home, he finds himself face to face with a pair of piercing blue eyes so much like Kyle's and yet so different. Caught off guard Max steps back tripping over his own feet in his haste and falls to the floor. "I...I am sorry" he stammers nervously awaiting the oncoming attack like the one he had received before. "I had to see him again...had to make sure that he was ok" He jumps back in fear as the hand that had delivered many blows to his body earlier reaches out yet again, only this time it was not formed in a fist of haltered and spite, but as a gesture of peace and helping. Nervously he takes the hand of the man that could literally make or break the relationship he longs to have with the love of his life.

        "Just give me time," the man states plainly as he pats Max on the shoulder, then turns and enters the room of him son.

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