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Slippery When Wet, Part Fourteen

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        Together the tight knit group of friends huddle together in wait of some word, any word of their injured friend and in Max's case lover. No words are spoken as they sit in silence safe in the knowledge that together they can get through this. Off to the side of the waiting room Max catches Jim sitting alone deep in thought as he paces back and fourth on the faded linoleum floor. With a small reassuring smile as to let him know that he is ok, Max removes his hand from where she holds it and makes his way over to Jim. "You ok" he asks placing his hand on the mans quivering shoulders.

        "About as ok as I can be...I guess" he responds as he lightly pats his hand. "I just wish that someone would tell us something. It's been four hours already"

        "He is going to be fine...I just know he is" he states matter of factly as the two men sit in the corner away from the rest.

        "You and Kyle have become close...don't think that I havne't noticed"

        "You know" Max asks astonished.

        "Of course I know. Kinda hard not to know...when I see it with my own eyes"

        "I guess that I am just surprised that you're ok with it"

        "Why woulnd't I be ok with it. I have been trying to get you and Kyle to get over your differences from the beginning. I know that you two have become friends...and I just want you to know that means the world to me"

        "Friends" he whispers, trying to hide his disappointment. "Jim...I...I need to tell you something. Something about Kyle and I" taking a deep breath he tries to collect his thoughts as he begins to tell Jim the truth about Kyle and their relationship. "I...we...that is Kyle and I are..."

        "Mr. Valenti" a scrub dressed doctor says as she walks towards the two now standing men. All thought of spilling the truth forgotten as he awaits the words the doctor will speak. "Mr. name is Dr. Donna Caron" she states as she extends her hand to Kyle's father. "I was the one who preformed the surgery on your son this evening. It was pretty much touch and go for a while there...but he is doing well now and resting comfortably in the recovery room"

        "He's going to be ok then"

        " is still too early to say...but lets just say that I am extremely confidant that Kyle will make a full and complete recovery in no time at all"

        "Praise Buddha" Jim laughs out loud as he pulls a stunned doctor in for a hug. "Thank you doctor...thank you so much. Can we see him" he asks, pointing towards the group of friends now huddled around them, anxious looks covering their young faces.

        "Only immediate family is allowed in the recovery room. But...they are more then welcome to visit him in the morning when he is moved to his own room...but only if he is up to it"

        "I'd like to see my son now if you don't mind. My son and I would like to see Kyle now" he states happily, as he places his arms around a astonished Max.

        "Follow me"

        "Tell him that we are here and thinking of him," Maria shouts behind the two men as they make their way to see the man that they both love.

        Both men stand in traumatized silence as they gaze at a bed ridden Kyle. Max can feel his heart stop beating in his chest as he looks from one machine to the next as they litter the area surrounding his bed. Beeps and strange noises can be heard echoing through out the small private room, and with each one heard it breaks his still heart more and more. "Kyle...son...its dad...and Max. Can you hear me son all your friends are in the lobby waiting to talk to you. Kyle...I love you son and we are going to get through this together" Yet unable to move, Max watches as the older Valenti places a small kiss on his sons forehead.

        "Mr. Valenti...can I speak with you for a few moments" the doctor asks poking her head into the room.

        "Um...sure" he responds, wiping the tears that have escaped from his eyes. "Max...come and talk to him. I bet he would love to know that you're here for him"

        Nodding he moves to where Jim stood moments before, as Jim and the doctor exit the room. "Oh Kyle" he whispers, talking Kyle's limp hand into his own as a torrent of fresh tears roll down his already tear stained face. The man that lay before him was so battered and bruised and if not for the slight dimpled chin, Max would not have recognized him. Kyle's once perfectly manicured head of hair was now gone, shaved to the scalp and in it's place a mass of zig zagging stitches. "I am so sorry for everything. I never meant for this to happen. I want you to know that I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul...and I want you to come back to me. I need you...and I am sorry that I was to stubborn to realize how much I was hurting you with my forcing you to keep our secret. I love you Kyle...and I want to be with only you" Unaware that Jim has re-entered the room, Max leans over and places a soft loving kiss on Kyle's soft lips.

        Before he has a chance to comprehend what is happening, Max feels a pair of hands pulling him from the one that he loves, feels the blow to his face as his body reels backwards against the wall. "You fucking sicko" he hears him scream as another blow is made to his face. "What the fuck did you think you were doing to my son"

        "JIM...NO" Max screams as yet another of Jims fists makes contact with his too weary to fight body. "I love him...we love each other. He wanted to tell you...but I asked him not to"


        "I...I haven't healed him yet" Max screams franticly as he tries to make his way past Jim to heal Kyle


        "NOOO...PLEASE DON'T DO THIS" Max screams tearfully as Jim grabs him by the back of his shirt and flings him face first out of the open door were he lands of the cold floor of the hallway. "Please...Jim...he needs me...I need him...don't do this to us"

        "Kyle...doesn't need anyone but me. You get out of my face. Pack your shit up and get the hell out of my house. I don't ever want to see you face again...or I swear to god I will kill you with my bare hands"

        Screaming and a loud commotion break the deadening silence of the hospital causing the five huddling teens to inspect what might be the cause of it. Upon reaching the cause of the noise and commotion, the teens can only stand in obscene silence at the scene that plays out before them. Max sprawled on the floor weeping as if his heart is literally breaking in half and Jim former sheriff of Roswell looming over him calling him names that confuses and shocks them. They look from one to the other in hopes of making sense of what they see only to find the same look of complete shock and astonishment covering their faces.

        "Max...Sheriff...why are you doing this" she screams already knowing the answer before either one can answer her.

        "Stay out of this Isabel" Jim screams continue as he once again lunges for Max, yanking him off the floor landing his fist into the tender stomach of the boy.

        "Sheriff...stop this...please. This isn't worth it"

        Heaving himself from the floor once again. Max stands before his tight group of friends, as out of the corner of his eye he sees Michael and Sean try and contain the crazed father of his lover. He stares at each one of their dazed faces as they wait for a reply as to what it is that they just witnessed here. Taking a deep breath to steady his wildly beating heart, he utters the only words that can truly express the range of love that he feels for Kyle Valenti. "I...I... I love him. With all my heart and my soul...and nothing you say or do to me..." he states proudly glaring at Jim Valenti. "will ever take that away from me. I love him. Wiping at the fresh tears that now cascade freely down his smiling face, Max turns and runs in the opposite direction, leaving his friends stunned and gaping as they watch his retreating figure.

        "He told you" Isabel asks afraid to speak louder then a whisper. "He told you about what they feel for each other and you tried to beat him senseless"

        "He didn't tell me anything...he didn't have a chance to because he was to busy trying to molest my comatose son" he snaps madly at the woman that stands angrily before him.

        "What the hell are you talking about" Michael yells, tightening the hold that he has on Valenti.

        "I mean Michael...that I caught your friend Max trying to make out with my son as he lay in a coma fighting for his life"

        "Your really sick you know that" Michael roars, easily slamming Jim into the wall with the use of his powers, knocking Sean to the floor from the brunt of the blast. "Max is not like that...and I should kill you for even thinking that he is"

        "Michael...stop it. It's true...well...not true" Isabel states sternly, as she tries to come up with the words that will thoroughly explain what it is that Max and Kyle have. "I mean..."

        "Well...which is it Is. Are you trying to tell me that Max is some sick fuck that makes out with people in coma's"

        " isn't like that. Max and Kyle...they...they are in love with each other"

        "WHAT" a chorus of shouts echo throughout the corridor. ,

        'NO...IT'S NOT TRUE" Liz proclaims as she begins backing away for her group of friends. "HE...HE...LOVES ME"

        "LIZ...I'm sorry" Isabel states sadly at the look of complete devastation that crosses her friends face.

        "NO...NO...I WON'T BELIEVE THAT"

        "You heard it with your own ears...and I can't believe that you're being this selfish about this"

        "I'm not listening to this" Jim states angrily as he attempts to extricate himself from the clutches of Michael.

        "Oh yes you all are" she states determinedly. "Liz...Maria...get your asses over to that lobby...and Michael and Sean if your would be so kind as to bring Mr. Valenti when you join us also....NOW"

        With the look of pure evil that now covers the usually beautiful girls face the cluster of friends trip over each other as well as themselves as they make their way towards the place where she has indicated. "Why thank you" she replies sweetly the same look of evil still covering her face. " will all sit there and shut the hell up as I talk. You will not interrupt me...nor will you attempt to leave until I am done. Does everyone understand what it is that I have just said" she asks sarcastically as she looks from face to face looking for an opportunity to hurt someone.

        "Very here we go. Plainly put...Max and Kyle are in love" looking around she dares anyone to say one word in response to what she has just said and when she receives none, she continues. "They are in love with each other and as far as I can tell they have been for quite a long time. Haven't one of you noticed the looks of happiness and contentment that covers both of their faces...or have you been to busy wrapped up in your own little worlds to notice this in two of your best friends. Max no longer has the look of gloom and doom that usually covers his face and Kyle...he has lost that look of being pissed off at the world. Together...they have found the one thing that makes them happiest in the world...they have found love. I am not going to claim that I wasn't shocked and confused when I first found out...because that is furthest from the truth. But...I dream walked both of them...and you know what I found...complete and utter love and commitment for each other. They need each other...more so now then before. Liz...Sheriff...I know that you are both confused and hurt...but you have to move on and think about more then have to think of them. Michael...Maria...I know that this makes no sense to you... but they deserve the chance to be happy together...with their friends by their sides. Oh...and will keep your mouth shut about this... until they deem it time to let everyone else in on their little it"

        Afraid to speak for fear of the wrath of Isabel Evans, Sean nods his head in a gesture that he understands, as he tries to comfort a sobbing Liz.

        "This actually makes more sense then I ever realized" Maria states absentmindedly. "I mean...right before the prom I was joking with Kyle about his lack of sexual feelings for Tess. I was just kidding...who knew that I was so close to the truth. You don't have to worry Isabel...Max and Kyle have our love and support...don't they Michael"

        "Right...I mean...I don't understand how it is that two grown men can have feelings for each other like that...but Max is my best friend and Kyle has stood by us through thick and thin"

        "Good...Liz" Isabel asks as she looks at the girl that has loved her brother devoutly for the last two years.

        "I...I...I just can't" she cries out anguished as she runs from the lobby with a love sick Sean running behind her.


        "I just can't deal with this right now. I have to think about Kyle and his recovery. Please...Isabel...try to understand that" he says sadly as he pulls away from the hold that Michael still has on him and makes his way head hung low towards Kyle's room.

        Tears glisten in her eyes as she stands before her two remaining friends. "Come on Isabel...let's get you home" she hears one of them say as an arm encompasses her waist, leading her down the deserted corridor. She couldn't make out a face or as voice, all she could do was allow them to guide her weary and sadden self out of the hospital. She knows that Kyle has a long road to a full recovery, but without Max by his side that he will never fully recover, physically as well as emotionally.

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