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Slippery When Wet, Part Thirteen

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "MAX" Jim yells, tears coursing down his craggy face as he runs down the hallway of the antiseptic smelling hospital.

        "Where is he ok" he asks frantically, as Jim pulls him into a protective embrace. "Tell me..." He doesn't need to hear the answer for he already knows. Kyle was critical, hanging onto life by a mere chance of fate. Tears flow silently down his pained face as they continue to hold on to each other as if their lives depend on it. Grief hangs heavy in Max's heart as he tries to contain his emotions trying to be strong for Jim. He knows that he is the reason that Kyle's life in hanging in the balance and yet he is unable to express his grief and pain.

        "It isn't good Max. He...he is critical. Severe head trauma...they are performing emergency surgery now to try and control some of the swelling found on his brain. I'm scared Max...really scared. I...I don't know what I will do if anything were to happen to him. I never even told him I loved him today...he could die and I never told him that I love him"

        Forcing a brave front upon his grieving body, Max pulls away from the sobbing man. "Kyle knows that you love him...he always knows. He is going to make it. That is a promise I am making to you right now. I can heal him...I need to heal him" he says fighting the urge to lose what was left of his sanity right there is the arms of Kyle's father. Taking Jims hand into his own, he leads him to the empty waiting room, where he gently places the man into a cushioned chair. "I am going to call everyone...and bring you some coffee. Are you going to be ok till I get back" Receiving a small nod in response, he leaves Jim alone with his thoughts as he rushes to call the one person that he knows will understand his grief and pain.


        "Is...Isabel...I need you" he sobs into the phone. "please...I need you now"


        "Kyle...accident...need you" he blubbers incoherently into the mouthpiece of the phone. "Hospital"

        "Max...I am on my way. I will be there in a few minutes...just hold on Max...I'm coming"


        The receiver falls from his hand as he sinks to the floor of the tiny phone booth. Unable to hinder it anymore, he finally gives into his breaking heart and allows his grief to overcome him. Tears of anguish, tears of pain and tears of knowing flows like a raging stream from his eyes. He is unable to stop them and in truth he doesn't want to. He wants to suffer, wants to hurt like Kyle is hurting at this very moment and so he embraces it, wears it as a shroud as he continues to sit, unable to move as he waits for his sister.

        "Max..." Isabel screeches, as she finally spots her brother crouched on the dirty floor on the phone booth. "We've been looking all over for you. Are you ok" she asks as he pulls him from where he sits and pulls him into her loving embrace.

        "It's all my fault...I caused this. He just wanted me to speak the truth and I let him I've killed him. "I've killed the one person that I love more then life itself" he sobs as he clutches to Isabel allowing them to rack his bone weary body yet again. "I did this to him...all he wanted to do was love me...and I killed him"

        "MAX...NO. You're not doing this to yourself. This is not your fault... it was a stupid senseless accident"

        "You don't understand...I kissed Liz. I kissed Liz in front of Kyle and he ran off. I just wanted him to hurt..." his sobs continue. "I need him Is...I can't live without him. I don't know what I will do if he were to die"

        "You listen to me and you listen to me good Max Evans. This is no ones fault. Kyle is a strong and vital young man...and he is going to survive this. We all our...remember together as a team we can get through anything"

        "I love him so much Is. I have for such a long time...he makes me happy"

        " I know you do...and he loves you. It is written clearly on both of your faces. We are going to get through this...Kyle is going to get through this. You seem to have forgotten you're an alien king with some pretty special powers"

        "I didn't forget" he hiccups, pulling away from his sister. "I was just waiting till I could see him. What if I can't...what if I can't heal him"

        "You can...and you will. But we have to do this the right way Max. We have to be discrete and not draw attention to ourselves. Max...listen to me. You have to heal the wounds on the inside...but you have to leave the ones on the outside...they have to heal naturally. She hates to be the bitch in this type of situation, but she knows all to well what can happen when powers are used carelessly. A shutter runs through her spine as images of what he saw in Max's mind that night in the white room fill her head. "We just need to be careful...ok"

        "I...I know...careful. I just need to do this...need to know that he is ok"

        "Come on" she whispers, wiping his tear stained face with a bandana removed from around her neck. Everyone is looking for you"

        "Everyone" he questions as he allows his sister, his salvation to lead him down the echoing hallway.

        "The whole gang is here...even Sean for some strange reason. We are all here for you Max...we always will be here"

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