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Slippery When Wet, Part Twelve

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "Max I wish that I could help you...but my mother has the Jetta today. She needed to go to Dexter for some supplies"

        "Thanks Maria" Max says distracted as he turns and walks away from his close friend.

        "Not so fast buddy boy...I need to ask you something"

        "Maria...please I don't have time for this" he states again as he continues almost running down the hallway. He has to get to Kyle, he can't explain why, but something is not right. "I have to find Kyle"

        "Are you back with Liz"


        "I said are you back together with Liz"

        No Maria...I am not back with Liz. just isn't possible anymore"

        "Possible anymore. OK...Maxie Boy I don't know what the hell is going on with you lately...but it is obvious that something is. I mean look at look amazing. You have the look of love and the way that I just saw Liz floating down the hall in a daze...I just put two and two together and well got four"

        "No...Maria we are not back's complicated"

        "Complicated...Max everything pertaining to you and Liz is complicated. That is what you love is all about"

        "Maria...I don't think that I love her anymore"

        "WHAT...what do you mean that you don't think that you love her anymore" she yells stunned as she yanks a blatantly distracted Max back into reality. "Spill girlfriend and spill it now"

        Max gawks at the pixie girl standing before him. He longs to talk to Maria about his great love for Kyle and not his ex, but again he finds that he is speechless. "Maria...I just can't talk about this right now. I need to find Kyle...I'm worried about him"

        "Kyle...why the hell do you need to find Kyle" she snaps, hitting Max across the back of his head. "You don't need to be worried about need to be concerned about Liz and how she is going to take the new that you don't love her anymore...even after all the shit that she gave up for you and your band of merry aliens"

        "Don't you think that I have thought about that" he growls, rubbing his sore head. "Look...I just can't deal with this right now. I..."

        "You have to find it"

        He watches as she throws her hands in the air frustrated as she walks away from him mumbling incoherent words. Turning from Maria he runs in the direction of the schools front doors. A feeling of doom transcends over his dashing body. "Kyle" he whispers aloud as he continues to run. He has no idea where he is running but his heart is directing him and where ever it is taking him it is indicative that he get there quick. ""I'm coming...hang on baby...just hang on"

        "Max...Max...please I need you. I need you me" he attempts to scream as no words escape from him lips. He tries to look around as to access what it is that is exactly happening to him. Each attempt thwarted as bolts of pain flash throughout his battered and bloody body. He can taste it on his swollen lips, feel it as it trickles down the side of his face, blood and yet as his blood spills and his broken body screams out in excruciating pain, all he can think about is Max and the love that he holds for him. "I love you Max," he wheezes as his world quietly goes black. "Forever"

        "NOOOO...KYLE NO" he hollers clutching his chest as he falls to the cemented ground below. He can feel his heart as it beats frantically against his rapidly heaving chest. Something is terribly wrong with Kyle, he can feel his pain as if it were his own; feel his desperation as he clings to a single thread of life. Words flutter throughout his muddled mind for he can hear what it is that Kyle is trying to convey to him. "I love you Max...forever"

        "Don't leave me," his screams continue as he manages to pull his terrified body off the ground. "I'm coming for you" Determination and adrenalin pump though out him now as he runs blindly in the direction of the man that has captured his heart and soul. Blindly he darts across the nearly deserted side street as images of Kyle flood his memory. Reality is brought quickly back into focus as the squealing of break and the smell of burning rubber hit him full force.

        "What the fuck are you doing" a highly pissed off man screams, jumping out of his car as he confronts the man he almost hit. "Why don't you look where the hell you are going. I could have killed you"

        "Sean...I need your car"

        "What...are you fucking high. You may have some kind of mind control on Liz and are able to get her to be your lackey...but not me"

        "LOOK SEAN...I NEED YOUR CAR NOW" Max screams crazily, grabbing Sean by the collar as he slams him against the front of the car. "SOMEONE I CARE VERY DEEPLY ABOUT IS HURT...AND I AM EITHER GOING TO TAKE THIS CAR THE EASY WAY OR THE HARD WAY. YOUR CHOICE"

        Sean sees the crazed look in Max's eyes as well as feels the madness as it rolls off of him in waves. He knows that there is something more to Max then meets the eye and as the grip around his collar continues to tighten, he knows that he had better chose the easy way. "Get in...I'll drive you"

        Releasing the hold he has on Sean, he runs to the other side of the car and using his powers unlocks the passenger door and climbs in. "" he states stressfully, staring out the front window. Nodding Sean throws that car into drive as they race in silence towards Roswell's only hospital.

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