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Slippery When Wet, Part Eleven

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        "Dammit Kyle...what the hell is your problem today" Max asks a pouting Kyle as they once again meet for another secret rendezvous in the erasure room. It was obvious to Max that something was bothering the man as he continuously thwarts Max's advances. "We don't have much time here. I have English and you have...."

        "That's just it...we never have an time anymore. We only get to meet for five or ten minutes at a time here at school and then after school your either working or I have practice. I never get to see you and the fact of the matter in...I am sick and tired of hiding what I feel for you"

        " know that we can't go public with our relationship. There are to many people that would get hurt it we did"

        "Right...and we wouldn't want to hurt anyone with the fact that we love each other. Well...newsflash Max...have you ever stopped to think that you might be hurting me with this shroud of secrecy you demand. I want the world to know what I feel for you and I don't care that others may get hurt or not understand what he have. I am just so tired of sneaking around. I want to be like other couples...want to hold you hand as we walk down the halls. I want you to wear my Letterman's jacket so I can show West Roswell High and the world that you are mine...that you Max Evans belongs to me"

        "Kyle...I do belong to know that. Please try and understand what I am trying to say"

        "Yeah...I understand. You know what forget it Evans I can't do this anymore. I can't keep doing hurts too much. I need a break... need time to think about some things. Good bye Max"

        "Kyle...please don't do this" Max pleads to the retreating figure of Kyle. His heart breaks as he replays the words that Kyle has just spoken to him. The truth in the matter was that he was right. Four weeks had passed since they had begun their relationship and in those four weeks they were seeing less and less of each other. With school, activities and jobs there just weren't enough hours in a day to spare for love. He knew that this day was coming, knew from the first moment that they shared their first kiss that this was going to be a dilemma in their relationship. He knows that Kyle is right that they shouldn't have to hide the love they feel for each other, but he just isn't willing to take the risk of finding out how the others will react. Taking a deep breath to clear his numb mind, Max opens the door of the erasure room, coming face to face with a highly pissed off Isabel.

        "Isabel" Max screeches startled.

        "Max...time for brother and sister to have a nice chat" she growls back, shoving an extremely stunned Max back into the erasure room. You sit there and shut up and let me talk. OK...first I am not going to claim to know what is going on between you and Kyle and I am not going to lie to you and say that I would understand it even if I did... but I know that there is something. I see the way that the two of you look at each other and Max...I have never seen you so relaxed and dare I say it...happy" she continues, pacing back and forth as her hands fly in every direction as she does. "I just saw Kyle race past me in the hall and he was crying Max...Kyle Valenti was crying and I know that it has something to do with you. So...your not leaving this room until you tell me everything that is going on"

        Max watches as Isabel locks the door with her powers, turning to face him hands on hips. He gazes into her eyes trying to gage a reaction as he tells her the one thing that he and Kyle were just moments ago fighting over. He knows that if anyone can be trusted with his secret it is Isabel and so without hesitation he begins to speak. "I'm in love with him," he states plainly as he sit on top of the desk behind him.

        "Love him...I knew it" she replies to herself. " long has this been going on Max. What about Liz...have you told her yet...and the rest of us...don't you think that we deserve to know something as important as this"

        "Isabel...I wanted to tell you. I just didn't know how you were going to react and as for telling anyone else...we haven't. That is the reason that Kyle stormed out of here" he says saddened knowing that it was he and his cowardess that had cause Kyle the hurt he was experiencing. "Kyle and I have been together for four weeks now and he wants to tell the world...but I am so scared Izzy. I am so afraid that of the reactions that we will have to deal with. I can't explain what I feel for him...but I know that I love him and I don't want to lose him over this...but I just can't do what he wants...not yet"

        "Oh Max...I am so sorry. I know that you're scared...but if you love him... you can't allow a little thing like this to tear you apart. Do you really care what anyone thinks about you and the love that you feel for Kyle. If it were me...I wouldn't care one little bit"

        "But...I am not you Izzy. I have to put everyone else's welfare over my own happiness. Why can't anyone understand that"

        "No don't. You choose to put everyone else's welfare over your own happiness...and in the process you lose the one person that means so much to you. You're being a fool Max...and your going to be the one that suffers in the end" she state truthfully, giving her brother a quick hug as she unlocks the door and leaves Max alone with his thoughts.

        He knows that she is right, knows that she only speaks the truth and yet he still cannot allow himself to admit opening what he feels for Kyle. Reluctantly he leaves the room that has held so many cherished memories as he heads for another of his endless classes. As he walks to his class he makes eyes contact with Kyle who is standing outside one of his classes laughing and flirting with one of his many groupies. Anger floods him as he continues to watches. He realizes that he hurt Kyle and this was how he was going to get back at him, by flaunting himself with another girl. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Liz heading towards him and with quick strides, he gathers her into his arms and savagely attacks her lips with his own.

        Kyle can't believe what he is witnessing before him. He was only trying to make Max a bit jealous, trying to make him hurt the way that he was hurting and now there he was in front of him shoving his tongue down the throat of their former girlfriend. This was the finial straw for Kyle, he wasn't about to waste anymore of his time on Max Evans. It was time to forget about him and move on with his life and he knows he has to leave or he will kill Max Evans the love of his life with his Behr hands.

        "Oh Max" Liz sighs as Max releases the star struck girl, catching her as she loses her balance and almost falls. "I don't know where that came from but...WOW"

        "Um...yeah...right" he stammers as he turns from the blushing girl to find an empty spot where Kyle once stood. Looking frantically from left to right he tries to spot Kyle before he leaves the building. Catching a bit of gold and blue out of the corner of his eyes, Max races for the letterman jacket clad man. "KYLE...WAIT"

        "FUCK OFF Evans" he screams as he continues to make his way out of the building and into the parking lot as he sends Max an indecent finger gesture.

        Determination in his step, Max runs like the wind easily catching up with Kyle, forcing him to face him, thwarting him from entering his car. "Kyle...please. I'm didn't mean anything. I was...I" He watches as Kyle glares at him with a deep unbridled hatred. "I love you," he whispers as he glances around the lot to make sure that none of the other occupants have heard his declaration.

        Glancing around the parking lot in a mocking gesture, Kyle once again faces Max. "Don't worry one heard your words of bullshit" he states bitterly as he tries to get his overactive hormones under control. "If you love me so much...prove it. I want you to tell me that you love here and now...and say it loud enough so everyone can hear you"

        " know that I can't"

        Anger unlike any he has ever felt inhabits his body. "I hate you... hate you more then I ever thought possible to hate a man. You have fucked up my life for the last two years...but that is all about to come to an end. I want you out of my life...out of my house. I wish... wish that I had never allowed myself to fall for..." Unable to finish his words as his breaking heart renders him speechless, he turns from the man that he knows despite all the hurt and pain he has caused it, will hold his heart until the day that he dies. Jumping into his car, he peels out of the parking lot at a break neck speed.

        "KYLE" Max screams after the speeding car. Fear coats him as he watches his car darts dangerously into the lane of traffic. Running in the opposite direction of the fleeing car, Max runs like hell to try and find his friend Maria and her every loving Jetta.

        "FUCK YOU MAX Evans" Kyle screams into the cool air as he weaves blindly through the rush-hour traffic. Tears flow from his eyes hindering his full field on vision, so much so that he never sees the oncoming delivery truck as he smashes his car into it head on.

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