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Slippery When Wet, Part Ten

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

        Max was tired as he unlocks the front door and enters the Valenti household. "Hey Max" Jim greets him as he enters the living room where he is stretched out on the couch. "How was your day kiddo"

        "Long" he states honestly, sitting on the arm of the couch. The truth was the rest of the day seemed to slow to a crawl after he left Kyle in the erasure room. He didn't think that school would ever come to an end and then at the UFO Center Liz had visited him three times with various excuses for her being there. He finds that he just longs for a shower and some alone time with Kyle before bed. Idle chitchat is briefly exchanged before Max excuses himself and heads towards his bedroom. "Kyle" he whispers as he enters the room closing the bedroom door behind him. Silence is his response as he finds the room completely void of his love.

        As if reading his thoughts Jim knocks on the door and peers in. "Kyle called...he will be in late tonight. Something about having to reevaluate their whole strategy for the big game"

        "Oh" Max says trying to hide his disappointment. "Night"

        "Night Max"

        Slowly he trudges towards the bathroom and his impending shower. Images of the previous night flood his mind as he steps under the warm soothing spray of water. It had been the single most passionate moment in his short life. He would have never realized that Kyle had the capacity to be as loving a man as he was if Jim hadn't insisted that he move in with them. As the images continue he finds that he can't stop himself from easing the pain between his legs as his penis swells double in size. Taking his swollen member into his wet hand, he begins the rhythm that he so desperately needs as the remembrance of Kyle's hands exploring his body invades his mind. Twenty minutes later and with Kyle still not back, Max sinks wearily into the bottom bunk, with the intentions of waiting for his return. However, as soon as his head hits the pillow Kyle's scent fills his nostrils and a peaceful slumber takes over his weary mind and body.

        He can feel his heart burst with love as he watches Max's chest rise and fall as he sleeps curled up tightly within the confines of his sheets. Undressing down to his boxers, Kyle as quietly as possible slips between the covers as Max automatically cuddles against the warmth of his body. "I'm sorry about tonight," he whispers against his ear, pulling him tighter into his embrace. A small chuckle escapes his lips as Max muffles something inaudible as he snuggles even closer into his chest. Kyle couldn't remember ever being this happy. He feels as if his life never really started until Max expressed his love for him. He knows that as long as they have each other nothing can come between. Little does he realize that not long from now their relation was going to be put to the ultimate test and only the love that they share with each other can save it.

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