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Slippery When Wet, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 13, 2001

Title: Slippery When Wet
Author: StormyBear29
Couple: Kyle/Max
Rating: Come on now...this is me...NC-17.
Description: A dirty car and two shirtless wet men, with lots of angst added in for fun.

        "Bucket...sponge...soap...wax...check" Kyle Valenti says aloud as he gathers all the items he will need to clean his car. It was a beautiful summer day, although it was a bit warmer then the weatherman had previously predicted, but in cut offs and no shirt Kyle was just comfortable. It had been two months since Tess had left and life had gotten as close to normal as was possible for him. "Dad...I'm going to wash my car," he yells to his father as he heads out the front door.

        "Kyle...wait" he hollers back, chasing after his son. "I have something to tell you...but I just want you to know that this is just a temporary thing. That is until he can get on his feet and find another place to stay. I mean...I know that Tess just left. But he needs our help...and"

        "'re mumbling and something tells me that I am not going to like this one I"


        "Hey..." He hears an all to familiar voice speak behind him. Turning he comes face to face with one Max Evans, alien king of a distant planet. He can feel his heart race and his pulse quicken as he gazes into the hypnotizing eyes of the future king. He didn't know what was happening to him. Lately every time that he had seen Max he had experienced this kind of reaction. Twice just the mere sight of Max from behind had caused his dick to harden like a rock.

        "NO...HELL NO. THIS ISN'T HAPPENIG" he yells taking notice of the suitcase that Max holds his hands and the many boxes stuffed in the back of the cab that he arrived in. "There is no way in hell that another alien is moving into this house" Grabbing the bucket that he has discarded on the ground, he pushes past Max, knocking him against his car as he makes his way to the water hose. An anger unlike any he has felt before courses though his body, but it wasn't over Max and his impending living arrangement that he could live with. What he couldn't live with is that feelings that are stirring inside him at the possibilities that could arise with Max's moving in. Pushing those thoughts aside he turns to face the two men once again. "I mean Jesus dad when is it going to be enough. They are just taking over our whole existence...first Tess and now Max"

        "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea" Max whispers avoiding Kyle's intensely blue eyes. He can't understand the intense disappointment that fills his heart as he finally looks up from under his eyelashes only to find Kyle glaring at him with so much hate and bitterness.

        "Gee Evans that is the first thing I have heard you say that actually makes any sense"

        "Kyle...that's enough"

        " Sheriff I can understand Kyle not wanting me here. I isn't like we have been the best of friends these last two years"

        "Got that right," Kyle mumbles, as he continues to glare at the man standing before him. He knows that on the outside he looks like a man pissed at the world, but he feels the complete opposite on the inside. All he wanted to do was gather Max into his arms and sooth all the hurt and pain that penetrated from his eyes.

        "No...Max you are staying with us and that is finial. Last time I looked it was me that was signing the checks that pay the mortgage on this house. This feud between the two of you has gone on long enough," Jim growls, taking the suitcase from Max and heading towards the house. "Oh and Kyle...I need you to help me bring in the top bunk of your bed. Max will be staying in your room as long as he is here"

        "WHAT...NO WAY"

        "YES get your ass in here and help me with this bed...NOW"

        As Max unpacks his belongings, Jim and Kyle struggle with putting the bunk beds back together. He can't help sneaking glances at Kyle as he struggles, muscles flexing with the heavy piece of furniture. His body was much like his own, taunt, lean and well built. He has to constantly fight the urge to run his hands over his perfectly chiseled chest and abs. He knows that if Kyle had any inkling as to the thought that are running through his head that he would be out on his ass in the blink of an eye.

        In truth he had been having visions like this for the last year. He can still recall the exact moment his feelings for Kyle developed into more then just that of a hated acquaintance and rival. It was the very night that he caught Liz and he in bed together. He was shocked at Liz for her infidelity, but with Kyle it felt like that ultimate betrayal. He can't explain his feelings for Kyle and in truth he doesn't want to. He is tired of trying to figure out each and every aspect of his life and these feelings for Kyle were too extraordinary to dissect that way.

        "Ok...Kyle help Max finish unpacking. I have to get ready for my date with Amy. I'll leave some money on the table and you two can order a pizza later" he bellows over his shoulder as he makes his way to his own bedroom to change. "And I don't want any fighting between the two of you"

        "So what happened and mommy and daddy get into it" Kyle mocks Max, grabbing a box and emptying it out onto the bed. "You got into it...and you decided to high tail your ass right over here. Just what is it with you aliens and my family anways. I have done nothing but destroy both of our lives piece by piece and yet here you are... again"

        "Look Kyle...I know that knowing me has screwed up your life. You seem to think that I haven't realize the danger that I have put everyone in...because trust me it is something that I deal with daily. I'm sorry Kyle...sorry for more then you can every imagine" he whispers, climbing the ladder of the bunk beds and laying down.

        "Evans...I," he stammers, at a loss for words. His heartbreaks at the look of complete devastation that ascends upon the mans perfect face. He longs to say the words that will heal the wounds inflicted on Max's heart and soul, but finds that he can't. "I...I'm going to go wash my car" he stutters, taking one finial look at Max as he exists the room that they will share.

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