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Life Anew

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 8, 2003

Title: Life Anew
Author: StormyBear30
Pairing: Kyle from Roswell and Jack from Dawson's Creek
Rating: Nothing else but NC-17
Summary: Two men meet. One is in love with another and that other is clueless and in love with another besides. Confused...I am sure you are so just read below to get unconfused...hee hee!!
Author's Note: Ok...this is my first Crossover and to all those who are into DC...please don't kill me if I did not get the character of Jack down pact. I wrote this on the recommendation of a friend and how could I not write it since Jack is so damned hot and perfect for Kyle... hee hee!!
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Roswell/Dawson's Creek or any related parties.

        He could feel the tension leave his body as he exited the plane... expelling a cleansing breath as he made his way into the crowded airport. He hadn't realized how tense he truly was until that very moment as the prospect of his new life loomed brightly before him. He had left Roswell with the intent of never gracing her with his shadow ever again and although he knew deep down that the day would come where he would be forced to go back and fight old battles that continued to haunt him...he however in order to keep his sanity he choose to believe that he could lead a normal life and so with one more cleansing breath he slung his pack over his shoulder and headed out of the airport.

        As he rode in the cab in silence he found that his mind kept wondering back to the day that he had told them all he was leaving. He had expected a huge confrontation as words of anger and defiance were thrown at him...but all he got instead was heartfelt understanding from all of them...except one. He didn't utter a word...just sat in the corner of the same booth that they had hung around for as long as he could remember as he stared at him with the saddest eyes that he had ever seen in his life. He hadn't expected that...or maybe he had...he really didn't know...but what he did know was that those sad eyes were going to haunt him until his dying day. Things had changed so much in the few years since he had been let in on his little secret...things that thrilled and frightened him beyond belief...but there was no time for thoughts like that any longer. Pushing all thoughts of the past behind him...he couldn't help but smile as he exited the cab and got his first real look at his new home. It was large and vast...a place where someone who might be trying to forget the past could get swallowed up and vanish and as his smile grew even wider he knew that this was exactly what he planned to do.

        An hour later...he had visited the admissions office where he received a mountain of books and pamphlets with the rules and regulations of Boston Bay College and he was more then ready for once follow the rules set out before him as with light hearted steps he made his way towards his new residence. He was exhausted...but it was a good kind of exhaustion as he dropped his bags at his feet...fumbling with the keys as he threw open the formerly locked door of his new dorm room. "Holy @#%$" he cried out as he quickly slammed it shut out of complete shock of what he saw before him. Leaning against the wall for support he quickly jerked his dorm information from where he has stuffed it into his pocket and rechecked the information as he prayed to Buddha that he had infact walked into the wrong room. He quickly realized that he had in fact found the correct room as he scanned the number for what felt like the tenth time from the paper to the faded number on the door. "Just great" he groaned softly as he shoved the papers back from where he had found them.

        "Kyle...Kyle Valenti" he heard a voice call out to him. Jerking his eyes upward he came face to face with the flushed face of which he assumed to be his new dorm mate.

        "Yeah..." was all he could mutter as he stared into eyes of pure ocean blue.

        "Jesus" the man before him huffed as he straightened his disheveled shirt. "They told me that you weren't going to be here until tomorrow" he continued with his rant. "Omg and what a way to meet your new roommate. I am so sorry" he apologized as he reached out his hand towards the still silent Kyle. "The names Jack...Jack McPhee"

        "Um...yeah...nice to meet you" was all he could reply as he shook the hand out stretched before him.

        "I'm gonna go" he heard the other occupant of the room speak to Jack as he kissed him quickly upon his lips. "I'll call you later. Love you"

        "Love you too" Jack smiled after the man. "Um...that was my boyfriend Conner. I'm gay...just in case you noticed and I think that we should get that out in the open right off the bat before we go any..."

        "Look's ok" Kyle cut him off as he handed the fully blushing man one of his suitcases...before picking up the other and entering the room.

        "Sorry" Jack blushed as he followed Kyle into the room that they would be sharing together...placing his luggage on top of his bed as he ran back and closed the door behind them. "It's just that my last roommate left because he was a complete homophobe and I just don't want to go through that again"

        "I understand" Kyle replied. "So for the record I don't care that you are gay. I don't care that you have a boyfriend. All that I care about is that I am starting at a new school...with no friends and I would really like my roommate to be my first one. So how about it... friends" he asked...sticking his hand out in the form of friendship as he waited for his hopeful new friends response. He liked Jack and besides he knew that he had no reason to judge Jack after everything that had happened in Roswell with a certain alien hybrid.

        "Friends" was his fevered reply as he pumped his out stretched hand. "Jack McPhee" he spouted in a teasing manner. "Your dorm mate and new best friend"

        Life for Kyle fell right into place despite the way that he had met his new roommate and new best friend. Immediately they fell into a pattern of studying...accompanied with lots of partying and hanging out. Without hesitation he tried out for the football team of which Jack was already a player on and as expected made it. Life for Kyle was great...perfect in fact and yet from time to time he couldn't not help but let his mind and his heart wander back towards Roswell. Since he had left he had only really kept in contact with one of his group of friends and that was only due to Isabel's incessant dream walking. At first he was upset about her intrusion...but eventually he found that he longed for their nightly excursions for it was the only way that he could truly know how he was doing all those miles away from him in Roswell. It was on one particular night that she informed him that Maria and Michael had found out they were going to be parents and planned to marry during the time of his spring break and they were dying for him to come and share their happy time with them. At first he balked at the idea...but then Isabel reminded him that despite the fact that he was tying to forget about his past in Roswell that they still loved and needed him...and so as was the norm when it came to her...he caved and agreed to spend his spring break with them.

        "Sure I would love to go with you" Jack exclaimed happily after Kyle asked him if he would like to accompany him on his mini vacation back into the pits of hell. "Conner and I were planning on going back to Cape Side...but since he is being an @#%$ as of late I would love to go" It was true that Conner had been being an ass towards Jack and had been every since the first night that Kyle had walked into that room. He hardly ever called Jack or stopped by to see him and when he did all he wanted to do was fight and argue with him. Jack knew that he loved Conner...but he was seriously beginning to wonder if he was truly in love with him and beside as much as he cared for Conner...he found that he still had some strange feelings to deal with when it came to Kyle.

        He and Kyle had been living together for over six months and despite the fact that they were almost as close as brothers could be...he was still no closer to knowing the intimate details of his sexual preference. In all the time that he had been living on campus...not once had he dated any one...male or female. Not only was he not privy to his love life...but also he didn't know a whole lot about his personal life before moving to Boston. When asked Kyle was very vague... only telling him that he was trying to escape that life and move on with a new one. As curious as he was he never once pushed Kyle to tell him anything out of fear of the unknown. He knew that it had to be something horrible for him to want to forget a life that he had lived...and then there was the incessant talking that he did at night while he slept. Talking so loud that it most night kept him up as he tried to piece together what appeared to be a one sided conversation. He knew all the key characters names...Michael...Isabel...Maria...Liz...and then there was Max. Max seemed to be the one that Kyle spoke of often and as much as he tried to control it he could not control the rash of jealously that bolted through him each and every time he heard it.

        His relationship with Conner came to a head one night as they returned from another failed attempt at a date. Throughout the whole evening he had picked and sent jabs Jacks way about stupid little nit picky things until he could take no more and got up to leave. He didn't know what was going on with Conner...but what he did know was that he was tired of the fighting...tired of not being able to speak freely for fear that it may set him off again...but what he did know was that he was tired of everything and something was going to change that night. "Conner no" he grunted as he moved his head away from the man trying like hell to kiss him after pinning him to the door of his dorm room.

        "What the @#%$ is your problem now" Conner roared.

        "What the @#%$ is my problem" he countered as he pushed the clearly agitated man away from him. "You have been treating me like a piece of @#%$ for the last six months and you want to know what the @#%$ is wrong with me. Jesus first I thought that it would just go away...but it is only getting worse. So I guess the question is what the @#%$ is up with you"

        "There is nothing the @#%$ wrong with me" he yelled in return as he pushed Jack once again against the hardness of the door. "Except for the fact that I am sick and tired of your fairy ass. Don't worry Jack... you don't have to worry about what the @#%$ is wrong with me every again...because we are through"

        Jack could only watch though tear misted eyes as his former beau stormed angrily away from him. He didn't know where this or any of the previous outbursts had come from...but what he did know was that he on the one hand was happy that things with Conner were finally over... but on the other the idea of being alone saddened him to his very core. "Kyle..." he called out into the room that he shared with the man that he needed to talk to at that time more then he needed to breath. He finally allowed his tears to fall at the realization that Kyle is nowhere to be found as he fell across the vastness of his roommate's bed.

        "Jack...Jack...wake up" he whispered as he shook the frame of his friends body gently after finding him sleeping on his bed with obvious tear stains littered down his cheeks. "What's everything ok" he asked already knowing the answer as Jack pulled himself into a semi sitting position as he slumped against the wall. "Something happened with Conner tonight didn't it" he questioned as he sat down next to his clearly distraught friend...leaning against the wall as well.

        "He broke up with me" he sobbed as he tried with all his might to control the tears once again threatening to escape his cursed eyes. "Is there something wrong with me Kyle" he asked though his tears as he wiped at them with the sleeve of his shirt. "Am I so hideous that no man will ever stay with me for more then short spans at a time. Am I so horrible a person that men run at the mere sight of me"

        "I think that you are a great guy Jack and any man that has the pleasure of meeting you should thank his lucky stars" he spoke truthfully as he placed his arms protectively around his friend.

        "He said that I have a fairy you think that I have a fairy ass" he questioned as he leaned into the warmth that his chest and shoulder was offering him.

        "I think you have a very nice ass" he chuckled slightly...stopping as Jack lifted his head from where it was resting on his shoulder... staring into those oceans of blue that screamed out to him.

        "I think you have a very nice ass to" he concluded as he continued to stare into Kyle's equally blue eyes. For what seemed like and eternity the two just sat before each other staring. Each had a look about them that the other could not quit decipher...but in the end it did not matter as their mouths fused together in desperate measure. Back and forth their tongues fought in earnest combat until the need of air forced them brutally apart. "Your...your gay" he half asked...have spoke as he tried to control his raging emotions at what they had just done. No answer was received as Kyle wrapped his hand around the base of his neck...pulling him forward into another kiss of desperation... before laying him against the softness of the pillows located behind him.

        He knew that he should have answered Jack's half hearted attempt at a question...but he opted to ignore it as he snaked his hand down the front of the thriving mans pants...expertly freeing his already hardening member from its confines. He really didn't know what he was doing...or why he was even doing it for that matter as he wrapped his hand tightly around the hardness of the mans pecker and began to set a rhythm that soon had him moaning and writhing underneath him...all the while kissing lips that returned the favor with such vigor that he had to control his own surging hormones. Images of another invaded his mind as he quickened the pace of his ministrations as he began to massage tender sacks in an attempt to increase the fever of Jacks verbal assault in hopes to drive away the painful images.

        "Kyle...Jesus...Kyle...please don't stop" Jack cried out as he wrapped his arms around the man that was hand @#%$ him with such vigor that he knew that he would be losing all sense of reality in just a matter of seconds. "Kyle...Kyle...Kyle" he chanted at the blood in his balls constricted as he shot his load all over the man still stroking him like there was no tomorrow" "Now you..." he whispered as he semi forcefully removed his hand from his drained tool as he easily flipped him over...his hand aiming for one intended target.

        "'s ok" he heard the man pinned below him speak as he captured his roaming hand into his own...laying it across his heaving chest.

        "Kyle I want to" Jack groaned as he once again attempted to return the favor.

        "I said no" he spoke a little more forcefully as he once again grabbed his hand...only this time instead of laying it across his chest it fell to the bed as he slide his frame from under Jacks body... leaving him stunned and just a little confused.

        "Kyle...I don't...I don't understand" he stammered as he looked up into the clearly confused face of the man that he could finally admit that he was falling for. "Did I do something wrong"

        "NO..." Kyle spoke quickly as he sat down the on the bed...taking his hands into his own. "It's not you's me"

        "I'm afraid that I still don't understand" he responded as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

        "I just can't do this right now...maybe never" he spoke truthfully as he gazed into Jacks eyes. "I just don't want to lose the friendship that we have over this...because it means more to me then you can ever realize. Just tell me that you will still be my best friend despite what just happened here"

        "Your not gay" Jack whispered more to himself then to Kyle as he removed his hands from the ones that held them.

        "Please...just promise me that you'll still be my friend Jack. I need that more then anything right now...promise me" he more then begged as he pulled himself off of the bed and towards the door.

        "I promise" Jack spoke truthfully as he watched the man's face relax slightly at his words...before exiting the door leaving him all alone once again and more confused then he was originally. Tears once again threatened to consume him...but curiosity got the better of him as he removed himself from Kyle's bed and made his way out the door. With silent motions be followed Kyle out of the dorm house and into the coolness of the nights air...wondering where the hell he could be going so early into the morning. He received his answer as Kyle stopped at a random pay phone...chucking several quarters into it before dialing what appeared to be a long distance number.

        He didn't know what he was feeling...guilt...shame...vengeance after what had just happened between he and Jack. It was all too much for his confused brain to comprehend as he listened to the phones ring echo inside his head. He needed to speak to him...needed to know what the hell was going on for his body had been a jumbled mess of activity for the previous much so that he thought that he would die from it all. "Hello..." he heard the groggy voice answer on the other side of the line...and yet he could not speak. "I'm glad you called" were his next words and it caused his heart to soar and break all at the same time. "Kyle...Kyle are you there" the voice spoke a bit more unsure that time.

        "It's happening again" He spoke as he leaned defeated against the metal of the pay phone...trying to ignore the longing that he heard in his voice. "The blue voltage is back"

        "How bad is it" he asked concerned.

        "Some days it hurts so bad that I can't even breathe without feeling it slice throughout my whole body and other days it's just a mild annoyance"

        " need to come home. You need to let me try and heal you again...please you have to"

        "Am I going to die Max" he asked fearfully...but needing to hear the truth rather then obsess about it every single day like he had been from the first time that they had appeared.

        "NO" he spoke a bit to loudly and abruptly...causing Kyle to flinch from his harshness. "Just come home baby and let me heal you. Then we can be together just like we planned...please Kyle you just have to come home to Roswell...come home to me. I miss you...I need you and I know you feel the same about me"

        "Us being together is the reason that this came about in the first place remember" he gently reminded him as his mind wandered back to the day that Max saved him and changed his life in an instant in more ways then one.

        Flash Back...

        That night as Max laid his life giving hands upon his dying body he was able to see into the deepest...darkest place of his soul. It was that very same night as he stared into amber eyes of beauty that he realized the true amount of love that he had been harboring for him. For months he tried to ignore it...for months he tried to stay as far away as Max and his amazing eyes of amber...but then everything changed when Liz began to change. After that night of trying to heal her in the desert...Max showed up at his window alone and with a look of pure determination upon his handsome face. "What the hell are you doing here" Kyle spoke in angry tones as Max crawled in through the window... but his anger was quickly forgotten as Max gathered him tightly within his arms and locked lips with his stunned ones. "What took you so long" Kyle questioned once Max broke their searing lip lock.

        "I wasn't planning on coming at all" he spoke in angry tones as he pulled away from the heat of his body...turning his back towards him. "I felt what you feel for me when I healed you and since that night I can't get you out of my mind. It's like you have taken control of my entire body and I won't ever be able to break free" he yelled...still not facing Kyle...but he was having none of it as he walked up behind the clearly upset man....placing his hands along the rugged ridges of his shoulders. "I didn't want this Kyle...I don't want this at all" he continued...closing his eyes at the way his skin tingled where Kyle had placed tender kisses upon his shoulder.

        "I know Max..." Kyle whispered...placing another kiss upon his sculptured back...before forcing him to turn around and face him fully. "Do you think that I wanted to feel these things about you...much less have you know about them. Before that night I didn't know what I felt for you... but once you saved me it all came flooding over me. I love you Max... but not just because you saved my life...but because of the man that you are and I don't care that it is strange...for when it comes to you and my life everything is strange. I know that you are scared Max... know that you don't understand these feeling that you are feeling for me...but they are real for I felt them when you healed me as well. I could feel everything Max...I still can. You love me...and you have for a very long time. I don't know where this thing between us is going to go...or even if it is...but what I do know is that I love you and I know you love me and all we have is right now. We can worry about the other stuff later. Can you do that Max...can you just give us now"

        "I don't want to love you Kyle" his mouth spoke...but his heart spoke something clearly different as he once again gathered Kyle within the strongness of his arms...covering lips that he needed to taste more then he could breath. "But I can't deny it any longer...I love you Kyle" he spoke between gulps of air as they continued to share their heated kiss of passion and truth.

        It was that night that they began to share of each other in secret. For weeks they met in the shadows of the night content with just being with each other...for nothing else mattered. Neither was willing to speak of their love to anyone else and they were both ok with that. It was hard enough having to deal with being in love with your former foe...but having it be a man was actually more then they were willing to deal with. For weeks this continued...but that all changed one night as they finally attempted to give into their love of each other in the form of making love. Before that night they had been intimate with each other...but had never truly made love to each other's bodies they way that most lovers do. "I love you Kyle" Max whispered against his ear as he placed his penis at his forbidden entrance and then they started. At first it was just a tiny tingling in the tips of Kyle's fingers...but as he continued to urge his way deeper into his ass...the pain continued to grow until it was an all out inferno throughout his entire body.

        "What's happening to me Max" he cried out in utter agony as blue and green voltage quickly covered his entire body. He felt as if he was going to die right there on Max's bed...and at that point in time as the pain continued to strangle him...he prayed like hell that he would. He didn't think that it could get any worse...but he was so wrong as Max attempted to heal him in the way that he had attempted to heal Liz mere months before" "STOP...OMG...PLEASE STOP" he cried out in extremely painful delirium. "It hurts so bad Max...please stop hurting me"

        "I'm trying to help you" Max cried fearfully as flash backs from the night with Liz rained brutally over him. Liz had left for Vermont right after that night and as much as he had loved Liz...he knew that his love for Kyle was so much deeper and he was unwilling to lose him like he lost Liz...even if it killed Kyle in the process. With renewed determination he focused on the blue and green flashes...pushing all his energy into destroying whatever it was that was eating away at the man that he loved unlike any other...even his once thought love of his life Liz.

        "MAX...NO" Kyle screamed out in absolute horror as the pain he had been experiencing tripled in much so that he could literally feel his life slipping away from him. He had no energy to fight energy at all and so he closed his eyes and waited for death to pull him into its icy clutches...and then there was a near deafening explosion and then his world went black.

        End Flash Back...

        "Kyle are you still there" Max yelled into the phone fearful that Kyle had left him hanging once again.

        "I'm here Max...and I am so scared. I want to come home to you...but we already know what will happen and I just can't go through that once again"

        "We can find a way to heal you...we can find a way to be together. I can't live without you any longer. I can come to Boston if you want. We don't have to live in Roswell...we can live anywhere that you want... it doesn't matter just as long as we are together" Max begged as tears flew from his aching eyes from the amount of painful need he had for Kyle.

        "Don't come to Boston Max" Kyle spoke in defeated tones as he sunk to the hard and cold ground below. "I would just run away from you again. I love you inhabit my entire existence...but I just can't go through everything that I went through for you again because I don't think that I would survive it this time. And although it kills me to say this to you...I don't want anything to do with you when I come to Roswell for Maria and Michaels wedding. I'm bringing someone with me and..."

        "You don't love'll never love him the way that you love me" Max cut him off angry tears racing down his already saturated face at those hurtful words.

        "Yes...yes I do" he lied as he laid his head upon his hand...biting back the bitter tears that were threatening to consume his emotionally broken body. "I love him and I only want to be with him Max. So don't come here...don't call me and leave me the hell alone when we come to Roswell next month" he screamed into the phone...jerking himself upright as he slammed the phone onto the receiver.

        Jack didn't know what to make of the partially heard conversation going on between Kyle and the one known as Max...but what he did know... what he could make out from his sometimes muffled words was that he loved him. He couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face... couldn't keep his heart from racing a mile a minute as the words Kyle had yelled into the phone repeated over and over in his delusional head. He loved Kyle...and despite what he was hiding from in Roswell...he was determined to make things work between them...damned determined. He watched as Kyle walked in the opposite direction of the dorm house and despite the fact that he longed to follow him...he did not want to push his luck as he walked back...whistling a small tune towards the room that he shared with the newest love of his life.

        It was hours later when Kyle returned making his presence known in a very loud way as he tripped over the wastebasket besides the computer desk. "Kyle..." Jack whispered groggily as he tried to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. "Kyle are you ok" Not a words was spoken as he pulled himself into a sitting position...only to fall backwards once again as Kyle plastered him to the bed with his body. Silence surrounded them as began to kiss Jack as if there was no tomorrow and eager to please Jack returned the kiss with increased vigor. He could taste the liquor on his breath...but it only served to turn him on even more as he wrapped his legs around the lower torso of the man nipping in an almost painful fashion down his exposed neck and chest. He could feel Kyle's obvious hard on through the thinness of his sweat pants and it only served to turn him on even more as he began to gyrate his own fully raging boner against it. "@#%$..." Kyle cried out as he allowed Jack to continue with the motion...eventually getting into the swing of things as he too began to thrust against his more then receptive body...and then he stilled with a grunt and a groan...falling unconscious on top of the clearly frustrated boy.

        "Just great" he whispered through painful breath as he rolled Kyle onto his back...quickly leaving the bed as he raced for the bathroom for some serious alone time with his self. Checking to make sure the coast was clear he made his way into one of the empty stalls...quickly jerking his pants down his leg as he cradled his painful tool in his hand. Images of Kyle and his gorgous body quickly filled his head and his dick as he began to pump at it with an all fired gumpson that soon had him fighting to keep his moans to a minimum. Faster and faster he went until he could hold back no more and shot his load all over his hand and door before him and then just as quietly as he entered the bathroom he exited it as he crawled back into bed with the man that he knew was going to make him the happiest he had ever been in his lifetime...however he had no idea just how wrong he actually was.

        For weeks after that night it was always the same...every now and then Kyle would grace Jack with a bit of affection...but each time that he tried to return the favor he was rebuffed. Not once since he had over heard the conversation between Max and he did he ever hear the words of love that he longed to hear again...and out of fear of losing Kyle and being alone once again he opted to remain neutral and let their relationship resume at its own pace. It killed Jack to not be able to be affectionate with it made the times when he could even more extra special. With each day that passed...despite the way that their relationship was going...he found that he loved him more and more and he hoped and prayed that one day Kyle would realize what he truly had in Jack and make life as perfect as he thought it should be in his mind. Weeks turned into months and before either one of them knew it a month had passed and they were on their way towards Roswell and the haunts of Kyle's past.

        The closer they got to Roswell the more intense the pain got for Kyle... until he was nearly to the breaking point of passing out. Several miles before hand he had to have Jack take over the driving duties of their rent a car as he swerved off to the side of the road as a particularly razor sharp pain ripped through him. Jack was beside himself with worry as he had to practically drag the obviously pain filled man from the drivers seat. Kyle was quick to wrap his arms around the fully frightened man...forcing them to lean against the car in each other's arms until the pain began to subside. Jack begged and pleaded with Kyle to allow him to take him to the nearest hospital but he was down right belligerent with his response as he pushed Jack aside and climbed into the passenger's side.

        Sweat was pouring from every pore in his body as they continued on their way towards the one place that he knew was more then likely going to kill him this time. He knew that he should have just turned the car around and raced back to the sanctuary of Boston College...but his heart got the better of him as the need to lay his eyes upon the one causing him all the heartache and pain called out to him. He could see the lines of worry etched upon Jack's face as he drove in stoney silence and it caused his already war torn heart to ache just a little more because he knew of Jack's intense feelings for him...and yet all he could offer him was a bit of half hearted attention here and there. "I'm sorry" he whispered through gritted teeth as another bout of pain flashed over him...but the truth of the matter was that he didn't even really know what he was sorry for. He didn't know if it was for the way that he had been treating him by holding him at bay as much as possible or for the horrible way that he treated him when it was so obvious that he was truly concerned about him. However he chose the latter as he shifted forward...quickly regretting it as he fell backwards once again against the seat. "About before" he huffed. "I know that you were only concerned about me"

        "I'm more then concerned about you Kyle" Jack spoke truthfully as he pulled his gaze from the open road before him towards Kyle. "I am flat out petrified. These attacks are getting worse. I bought the whole working too hard at the gym routine at the beginning...but now there is visibly something else going on with you Kyle and I wish that you trusted me enough to tell me what it is"

        "I do trust you have to believe me when I tell you that" he spoke in almost truths...for as much as he trusted and did honestly care for him he knew that there was no way that he would ever trust him enough to share his little secret with him...even if keeping it from him could possibly kill him in the end. "It's nothing to worry about" he spoke as calmly as possible in an attempt to calm the clearly frazzled man as he took his hand into his own pain ridden one. He forced a smile to remain on his face as he curved his aching digits around the warmth of his hand and then something happened that he never expected...the pain began to go away. Little by little the numbness that had always seemed to permeate his hands and body began to slowly ebb away...until he felt somewhat normal again.

        "No Kyle..." he persisted...attempting to remove his hand from the vice like grip that the other man held on him...but found that he could not. "Let go dammit" he cried out in pain as the hold that he had grew even tighter. "It's not nothing. You get these...these attacks more and more wear these damn long sleeved over sized shirts all the damn time and then there is the talking that you do in your sleep. No Kyle...this is something more then just nothing" he cried as he pulled the car over onto the side of the road...stopping mere inches from a sign that read Welcome to Roswell. "And I am not driving one more mile until you tell me what the hell is really going on"

        "Jesus Christ..." Kyle cried out as the pain began to once again wreck havoc on his body. "When the hell did you become my father" with painful steps he pulled himself out of the car as he began to hobble towards his hometown. "I don't need to explain anything to you Jack. There is @#%$ in my life that you would never be able to understand... things that I don't even understand so how the @#%$ do you expect me to explain them to you" he cried out in extreme pain as he turned to face the man leaning defeated against the car.

        "Well maybe if you told me we could come up with an explanation together" he spoke softly as he began to walk towards the man that held his heart...despite the heartbreak and lies that always seemed to surround him. "OMG...Kyle" he cried out as he fell unceremoniously to the dusty ground. "Kyle...@#%$ Kyle" his cries continued as he fell next to his love...quickly pulling him into his arms as he cradled him against his chest. "Kyle look at me...what's happening to you...just tell me so I can help you"

        "Max..." was the only word he heard before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell limp within his arms.

        "Hang on baby" he spoke earnestly as powered by his adrenalin he plucked him off the hard ground without so much as a hesitation... rushing to the car as he raced off in the direction of Kyle's home town...praying to god that someone...anyone could help him. He didn't know much about Kyle's background...didn't know who these people were that he talked about in his sleep almost nightly...but what he did know was that they were supposed to meet everyone at The Crash Down Caf» once they got into town and that was exactly where he was going for there was something that was seriously wrong with Kyle and he knew that they would be the only ones to help him. It was dark once he reached the center of town...but the bright lights of the strange looking caf» called out to him as he threw the car in park and with nimble steps made his way around to the other side of the car to retrieve Kyle's barely breathing body.

        Walking up to the door he peered inside and found a group of young adults looking to be his age huddled around a booth laughing and talking like kids their age should...and for some strange reason it angered him beyond belief. With a powerful kick upon the door he quickly got their attention as he tried unsuccessfully to open the locked door. "Help me" he cried as he held Kyle's comatose body a bit higher so they could see that he was not just some freak begging for a late night snack. He watched as they all ran panicked towards the door...watched as a tall...long haired ruffian type ripped Kyle from his clutches...disappearing along with the group into a back room leaving him stunned and speechless and all so alone. "Hello...Kyle" called out in near terror as he pushed open the door they had disappeared through and found no one there. "You have to get here now" he heard someone cry out at the top of a flight of stairs as he made his way towards them increasing his pace at the next ones that he heard. "I don't think that he is going to survive it this time"

        "Kyle..." he cried out as he raced past the stunning beauty holding a cell phone to her ear as he entered the room at the end of the hall... gasping in utter fear and confusion at the sight that he saw before him. He couldn't move...couldn't speak as what appeared to be blue and green bolts of static electricity sped in a crazy pattern over his nearly nude body. They had stripped him down to nothing but his boxers as he convulsed and jerked before them as they huddled around the large bed. "Kyle...OMG what is happening to you" he cried out fearfully as he attempted to lunge towards him...only to be shoved brutally into a nearby chair as the longhaired one hovered threateningly before his stunned face.

        "Who the @#%$ are you" he spat in his face as he continued to hinder his attempts to get at Kyle.

        "What the hell is wrong with him" was Jack's response as he once again tried to get the much larger man off of him. "He needs help...why isn't someone helping him damn you"

        "Where asking the question here. Now who the @#%$ are you"

        "I'm Jack...Kyle's roommate and boyfriend" the words left his lips before he had a chance to stop them and as the group of young adults continued to gape at him as if he had grown two heads... he then wished like hell that he hadn't.

        "" they all heard Kyle cry out as they pulled their attention from Jack and back towards Kyle's writhing frame. "Please don't get Max" he whispered fiercely...on setting a sever coughing spell that soon had fighting for the opportunity to breath.

        "Max is the only one that can help you" Michael spoke gruffly as he forgot all about Jack and his shocking words. "He's on his way Kyle... just hang in there"

        "NO..." he cried out even louder as he attempted to remove himself from the bed...only to fall back racked with pain as he once again lost his fight with consciousness. Jack used this as his opportunity to flee as he once again attempted to reach Kyle...however all attempts were hindered as a blast as if out of nowhere land squarely upon his stunned body...sending him crashing to the floor before the chair he had been captive on.

        "Kyle..." he heard a deep voice scream down the hallway in utter panic as a tall and very handsome man entered the room falling to the side of Kyle's bed taking his hand into his own. The scream that followed next was bone chilling and blood curdling as Jack watched in morbid fascination as the man dropped his hand like a hot potato...but then did something that he had to blink several time to ensure that he was in fact seeing what he was seeing. He watched as he placed his hands above the body of Kyle's...watched as every so slowly his painfully inept body rose above the rumpled sheets as he continued to writhe and loll before him. The screams started once again...but that time to a higher much so that Jack felt as if his eardrums were going to burst right from his head.

        "Your killing him" Jack cried out in complete and utter frustration as he dummy tackled the tall man...knocking him to the other side of the room. He swiftly avoided the grasp of the one that had held him down before as he bolted for the bed...pulling Kyle tauntly against his body as he sat behind him...ready to kill the next person that even tried to touch him.

        " me" Kyle whispered so softly that Jack had to fight to hear him. " me"

        "It's ok baby...I'm here and no one is going to hurt you any longer" he spoke in comforting tones as he looked around the bed at some stunned... some angry and some heart broken people. His eyes were loving as they laid upon the glistening face of his love...but as he brought them back towards the others they were threatening and course as he dared any one of them to make a single move towards them. Within seconds the blue and green electricity began to subside as he forgot about the others and focused fully upon Kyle and his needs. "Just look at me baby...look into my eyes Kyle and see how much I love and need you. I won't let you leave me do you hear can never leave me because I won't let you" He couldn't stop the tears that glittered in his eyes as Kyle reached up and touched his face with his hand...a small smile playing on his lips before he fell into a some what peaceful sleep.

        "Who the hell is this guy" Michael questioned angrily once again as he continued to watch the scene of love play out before him.

        "I told you my name is Jack and I am Kyle's roommate and boyfriend" he spat in equally anger as he placed a tender kiss upon Kyle's forehead before laying it atop the softness of the pillows before climbing off the bed. "But that doesn't really matter right now does it. There is something seriously wrong with Kyle and I want to know what the @#%$ you have to do with it" he spoke in accusing tones as he pointed at the still silent Max.

        "He doesn't have a damn thing to explain to you" Michael bellowed as he took a step towards Jack...only to stop at the pure look of unadulterated hate and anger blazing threateningly from his eyes.

        "The hell he doesn't" he spat nastily as he turned to face the rest of the speechless group. "Did none of you notice the way that Kyle's symptoms and pain increased when he walked into the room. None of you heard his begging and cries of pain when he did whatever he was trying to do to him" he stood before him accusingly. "So yes I think that you have some serious @#%$ explaining to do"

        "All I noticed is that those voltage thingy's went away when you touched him. So I guess the question is who the @#%$ you really are" Michael spoke in his own accusing way as he strode up to the man. "Are you skin or some other form of alien...because no human could do that"

        "OMG...that's it" he gasped as he stumbled back away from the longhaired man before him. "That's it...your...he's an alien. That would explain the electricity throughout his body and the way that you were able to lift him off of the bed without evening touching him" he spoke absentmindedly towards Max before falling back into that same chair from before.

        "So I guess that my original question still stands" Michael barked. "Just who the hell are you and how was it that you were able to stop those...those voltage things that were on Kyle"

        "You...your not an alien are you" Max spoke...finally breaking his vow of silence.

        "No" Jack replied as he pulled his eyes towards Max...tears glistening in his eyes. "I'm just a man that fell in love with the man that still loves you and probably always will" he spoke his heart breaking as he broke the lock that he had on the man and brought them back to the man that was in a sense the cause of it all. It wasn't hard for him to put two and two together at that time for it all made sense in a heartbeat. The reason that Kyle could not fully commit to him...the reason that he talked in his sleep...everything fell into place as he pulled his knees into his chest...trying like hell to make the world around his disappear.

        "Leave us alone" Max spoke as he indicated towards the door with his thumb for everyone to leave the room.

        "Hell no...are you crazy. This could be a trick...he could be an alien just waiting for the chance to be alone with the king and then..."

        "I said leave" Max snapped as he gave Michael an extremely nasty look before heading over to the chair that Jack remained silently perched on. Ever so slowly the group exited the room...leaving the two of them and a still unconscious Kyle alone.

        "And you would have to be a king too" Jack made a lame attempt at a joke as his heart broke even more as he looked at the serious face of Kyle's true love.

        "You love him" he heard Max speak and yet he didn't know if it was in the form of a question or a statement.

        "It doesn't matter if I love him or not" Jack spat out a bit too brutally as he pulled himself off of the chair...walking towards the other end of the room. "He loves you...he always has. I know that now" he leaned against the wall in order to hold himself upright for the heavy breaking of his heart was nearly enough to topple him to the floor.

        "He isn't an alien you know" Max spoke softly as he fell into the chair that Jack had just exited. "Well not really" he continued to speak a wistful look so readable upon his face. "He got shot and I saved him and then this is when all of this started. I do love him Jack. I love him more then I have ever loved anyone in my entire life... but being with me as you pointed out only brings him extreme pain and..."

        "Don't worry Max I won't get in between the two of you" Jack cried... finally giving up the fight to stay upright as he sunk to the floor below. "Just give me a few minutes with him alone to say my goodbyes and then I will leave and he can truly be with the one that he wants to be with"

        "He can't be with me...he can't ever be with me" Max cried out...equally tearful. I may love him...but I have hurt him long enough. He deserves to be happy...deserves to be with someone that truly loves him...someone that can give him what he truly needs and I am not that man"

        "He doesn't love me" Jack sobbed as he wiped at the tears cascading down his face. "He never has"

        "I don't think that is true" Max countered as he pulled himself off of the chair. "He loves you Jack...because if he didn't the love that you hold for him would not have been able to help him. Talk to him... let him know just how much you love him...and promise me that you will continue to love and care for him for the rest of your life"


        "Just promise me Jack"

        "I promise" he vowed as he watched Max grace him with a sad smile before making his way towards the door. "We can talk a bit more later when you and Kyle are up to it" he spoke as he smiled at him once again before exiting his way out of the door...leaving the two of them alone. Cautiously he made his way over to the unconscious man... confused as to what he should do.

        "I'm so sorry Jack" he heard Kyle speak labored as he turned to face the stunned man. "I never meant to hurt you...never meant to lead you on...but I was afraid to lose your friendship and so..."

        "Shhh...its ok Kyle" he spoke lovingly as he knelt before the tearful man. "You don't have to explain anything to me. I just want to make sure that you are ok before I go back to Boston"

        " can't" Kyle begged softly as he slowly reached out and took Jack's hand into his own. "Please Jack don't leave me alone"

        "Oh Kyle your not going to be alone" he smiled through his tears as he tried to control them through a forced smile. "You have your friends who care about you and then there is Max who...who loves you so very much"

        "Yes...he does...but we can't ever be together Jack...ever" he speaks as he clutched his hand as tight as he could as he moved closer to the man. "I love Max...Jack..."

        "Yeah that seems to be the census" he chuckled at another attempt at a lame joke. "Look Kyle you don't have to explain anything to me...I know that..."

        "What you don't know is that I love you too" he cut him off as he pulled himself into a semi sitting position. "Yes I love Max...and I probably always will...but he can't ever make me as happy as you have made me in the last six months Jack" he spoke truthfully as he laid his hand upon the wettened skin of the one he had just declared his love too. "I love you Jack and I want to be with only you. I was afraid to tell you before...but it's true. I want to continue with our life in Boston...if...if you still want to that is"

        "Oh I want to...I want to so very much" he gushed as he placed his hand atop the one that was already held his other hand. "I love you Kyle...I have from the first moment that I saw you blushing in the hallway the first night we met"

        "Yeah that was a great way to meet my future boyfriend" he chuckled as he recalled the first time they had met all those months ago. "Jack..."

        "Yeah..." he isn't given a chance to say anymore as Kyle leans in and places a soft and tender kiss upon his lips. "Whoa..." he whispers once they break apart as he finds himself staring into pools of liquid azure that set his heart a flutter once again.

        "I love you Jack..."

        "I love you Kyle"

        A knock upon the door pulled them away from their trance of love as they look up and find a somber Max standing in the doorway. "I just wanted to make sure that you were ok" he spoke sadly...really trying to put on a brave front but failing miserably. He watches sadly as Kyle's body gives a small twitch before the voltage shoots up his right arm. He doesn't say another word as Kyle mouths the words that he needs to hear. "I'm ok and thank you" With a small nod of sadness his leaves the room once again...closing the door behind him.

        "Let's go home to Boston" Kyle nearly pleads as he turns his full attention back towards Jack.

        "What about Maria's and Michael's wedding"

        "I know that they will understand given the circumstances Jack and besides I need you to make love to me and we sure as hell can't do that here when Max and everyone is right down stairs" he teased as he once again captured stunned lips under his own.

        "So you understand why I can't make it to your wedding then" Kyle questioned Michael and Maria as they sat at the end of his bed...looks of saddened understanding upon both of their faces.

        "Of course we understand" Michael was the first to speak as he patted Kyle on his leg before pulling Maria tighter within his arms. "Besides we are talking about you life Valenti and that is sure as hell more important then our stupid wedding" he continued...quickly realizing his error in words at the stiffening of her body against his. "Not that our wedding is stupid or anything" he replied with a blush as he tried to repair the damage he had done.

        "Well..." she huffed as she pulled out of his embrace and stood before him with hands on hips. "Why don't you tell me how you really feel... because if you think that this wedding is stupid then we can just cancel the whole damned thing..."

        "Should we do something" Jack asked concerned as laid against the headboard of the bed with Kyle lying against his chest between his legs.

        "No...this is Michael and Maria. They have been doing this from the first moment that they got together" Kyle chuckled happily for the first time in months as he looked over his shoulder at the man that was the cause of it all. "I think it is time to go" he continued as he leaned in and kissed beautiful lips in a soul-searing kiss. "I love you"

        "I love you to" Jack replied with a goofy smile as he leaned in and kissed Kyle's soft lips once again...only to pull back blushing like a mad man at the hoots and hollers coming from the formerly bickering two.

        "Well I am glad that my love life is cause enough for the two of you to stop fighting for the moment" Kyle blushed just as equally as he graced Jack with one hell of a happy smile before pulling himself off of the bed. "So with the I will take my leave with my boyfriend so we can go back home" he gushed as he grabbed onto Jack's hands as they wrapped tightly around his waist.

        "But Roswell's your home" Maria corrected as she stood before the couple with a look of pure upset. "Boston is just the place where you live now"

        Stepping away from Jack...Kyle made his way towards the tearful girl. He couldn't believe how absolutely beautiful she looked in her pregnant stage as he took her hands into his own. "Home is where ever Jack is and right now that is Boston. I love Roswell and I love all of you...but I can never come back here again Maria. I almost died this time...and next time I may not be so lucky. Please tell me that you understand why I can never come back"

        "I understand" she sobbed as he wrapped her arms around his neck in a near strangle hold. "But don't think that this means that you have seen the last of me and Space Boy" she giggled sadly as she finally released her grip on him...allowing Michael to once again pull her into his arms. "Boston isn't that far away and once I have this kid we are coming out for a much needed vacation"

        "I'm counting on it" he replied just as tearfully as he leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek. Reaching back he motions for Jack to take his hand as he gives Michael a manly squeeze upon his shoulder before the two make their way for the door.

        "Jack wait..." Maria cried out as she forced her way out of Michael's clutches...throwing herself into his arms. "Thank you for loving him enough to fight for his life"

        "I didn't do anything that doesn't already come naturally" he blushed... thankful as Michael yet again pulled her into his arms. " was was interesting to meet you all" he chuckled as Kyle led him towards the door.

        "I love you guys" Kyle he rushed towards the two...quickly engulfing them within his embrace. "And thank you for always being there for me...for allowing me the privilege of entering your lives for you will never know how much that means to me" Tears were shed as words of love and friendship were shared and before either Michael or Maria had a chance to realize it...he was gone.

        "How are you feeling" Jack asked trying to hide the concern in his voice as he practically raced out of Roswell. He knew that Kyle loved him...knew that his words of wanting to start his life in Boston anew were true...but he could not help but want to get as far away from Roswell and Max Evans as soon as possible.

        "I'm really ok" Kyle replied lovingly...not fooled for a second at Jacks avoidance of concern as he gave the hand that he had been holding since they entered the car a playful squeeze. `But I don't know about you...but I am a bit on the tired side" he spoke with a pure gleam of mischief radiating from his eyes. "I think that we should stop for the night at the next hotel that we see"

        "Yeah...I think that is a really good idea too" Jack blushed at what Kyle was indicating at. "A really...really good idea" He couldn't wait to be alone with Kyle...truly alone as they shared of their hearts and their bodies for all intents and purposes for the first time. Within ten minutes they had found a decent enough looking place to stay as Jack parked the car while Kyle ran in and paid for the room. "Hey..." Jack whispered as he practically ran up besides his soon to be lover as he waited for him on the curb before their room.

        "Hey..." he whispered back as he leaned in and kissed him softly upon his lips. "I got us a room"

        "Yeah..." he blushed yet again not sure where the bashfulness was coming from as he kicked nervously at the ground at his feet.

        "Are you sure" Kyle questioned...not quite sure how to take the skittish look upon Jack's face. "I mean we can wait if you want...we don't have to do anything tonight. I know that I..."

        "I want nothing more then to make love to you Kyle...nothing" he spoke truthfully as he snagged the key from out of his hand...tugging playfully at his shirt as he walked backwards towards the door. "Are you sure this is what you want" he questioned...his breathing holding in his chest as he awaited Kyle's response. No words were spoken as Kyle leaned in and greedily captured his shocked lips under his own as he pinned him quickly to the door. Immediately he opened his mouth to the man that inhabited his entire being...while still fumbling with the key behind his back to open the dratted door. With ungraceful ease they both fell hard to the floor behind Jack...but neither felt it nor cared as they continued to share of kiss of unadulterated heated passion. Lips separated for the briefest of seconds as shirts of hindrance were removed...casually thrown wherever they might have landed as they continued to stumble towards the bed. "Oh god Kyle..." Jack cried out in love filled pain as they forwent the idea of making love on the bed as they lay writhing and grinding on the hard floor before it. Each knew that they would not last long as the rest of their clothing was ripped off of heated and tortured skin...until they were laying skin upon skin...the heat of each others bodies soaking into the very depths of their souls.

        "I want to make love to you Jack" Kyle moaned against a pebbled nipple upon his heaving chest...but all thoughts of making love came to an abrupt halt at the stilling of Jacks body. "Jack..." Kyle whispered concerned as he removed his lips from his heated skin...fear coating him as he looked into the tearful eyes of his love. "Jack...what's wrong"

        "Say it again" he whispered need fully...needing like hell to hear those words of want once again and not having any clue as to why.

        "Jack..." he repeated in the form of a question...not really sure as to what it was exactly that he wanted.

        "Tell me again that you want to make love to me" he begged as he reached up and wound his fingers within the thickness of Kyle's hair. "Please Kyle...I need to hear you say it again"

        "I want to make love to you Jack" he complied as he leaned in and kissed the tracks of his tears away. "I need to make love to you baby" he continued in soothing truths as he continued to kiss his way down his cheek...across his chin before gorging himself on the tender skin of his neck and shoulders. "Oh taste so good" he groaned in grateful appreciation as he continued with his lazy exploration of his upper body as he moved his way down towards the raging boner poking him tauntingly in the stomach area. "So perfect" he continued with his words of lusted love... inspecting the beautiful penis standing so proud and erect before his parched lips. "So @#%$ perfect" he growled as he leaned in and took a first taste of the purple rod of love pulsing so invitingly before him. His first taste not enough he quickly palmed Jack's member as he virtually inhaled it down his greedy throat.

        Jack was in blissful heaven as Kyle continued to suck on his dick as if his life depended on it. He didn't think that the intense feelings couldn't grow anymore...but he found that he was wrong as Kyle removed his hot mouth from his tool and replaced it with full heated action with his hand as his mouth attached itself to his over inflated balls. "Holy @#%$ Christmas" he cried out in extreme delirium as a bolt of pure lust raced throughout his body...sending every hair upon his blazing body standing on end...before it raced through his dick in the form of a severe cream coating that coated his wettened tongue and lips as he milked him of every drop possible.

        "Holy @#%$ Christmas" Kyle chuckled at Jack's choice of he shimmed up his sweat sheened body...laying full bodied atop him as he gazed down at the reddened man with a look so cute upon his face that Kyle felt his heart constrict happily because of it. "What a wonderful choice of words" his laughter continued as he nipped playfully at his swollen lips. "Hey...what do you expect from me when you are sucking me off like that" he flushed...once again allowing Kyle to kiss him upon his tender and sore lips. "You bring out such sides in me Valenti" he giggled like a little school child...utterly happy with the direction that his life and their relationship were taking. He longed to make love to Kyle like he had done to him...but fear of former bouts of rejection played over him as they continued to lie there gazing into each other's eyes. He could make out the lust so readable in his eyes but the fear of rejection continued to haunt him.

        "Jack...please" Kyle half begged...half whispered as he looked down at the apparently fearful man. "Please make love to me Jack...I need you to" He could feel his heart squeeze in his chest as one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen before appeared upon the handsome mans face...but all thoughts of that disappeared as he was flipped easily upon his back as Jack pinned him under his own body.

        "I've been waiting for you to say that to me from the first night we were sorta together" he spoke with such lust dripping from his words that it sent a tingle of pure want up Kyle's spin. He knew that he had hurt Jack with his issues before...knew that he had been wrong to use him the way that he did...and he had every intention of making all past wrongs right...but at that very moment in time he needed nothing more then to cum...cum hard with the loving touch of the man that he was truly in love with. He wanted it fast and hard...but he could tell that Jack had no intentions of doing as he wished and he knew that he was helpless to his actions as he began to torture and tease him until he thought he could take no more.

        He could not get over the feel of Kyle's skin against his own as he continued to lay full bodies atop him. He was the perfect example of a man in everyway...from the gorgous mane of hair the graced his head to the finely sculptured legs that led to his feet. He loved the way that his skin whispered against his body each and every time that he made a movement...loved the way that it felt even more as he leaned in and kissed him tenderly upon the shoulder as he traced lazy circles over it. He could not believe his dumb luck at finding this perfect man...but even more so despite the small amount of pain it had caused him...he could not believe that he had finally made the decision to be with him...only him. He loved the lustfully filled moan and groans that flew from soft lips as he continued to explore his muscular chest with his mouth...his hands doing some exploring of their own as they took in the feel and the texture of his rippled abs. He loved everything about this man...but at that particular point in time he loved more then anything that he was the one that was causing Kyle to writhe and roll underneath him. "I love you Kyle" he whispered against those same soft lips that he longed to temp and tease for a lifetime and he could not help but laugh at the high pitched squeal of love that erupted from his lover as his hand traveled down the rest of his stomach...laying itself atop the sensitive area of his penis.

        A small chuckle of amusement cascaded over his lips as he began to fondle the super responsive member as he wrapped his hand tightly around it and began to stoke him long and hard. Kyle's dick was rigid and hard as he slide the rest of his way down his body...quickly replacing his hand with that of his hot mouth. He knew that as much as he longed to torture and tease this man...he could not for Kyle was close...real close as he wound his fingers through Jack's hair and began to increase the pace of his sucking. He could taste the exquisite taste of his pre-cum as he nibbled purposely upon the ballooning head...chuckling to him self at the slew of profanities that roared around him from the one he was giving head too.

        " close" Kyle cried out as Jack continued to @#%$ his dick with his superb mouth. "So @#%$ close" He was in pleasureful heaven as he pulled himself onto his elbows in order to view the man of his heart as he continued to satisfy him in ways that he had never fully been satisfied before. Their eyes he looked up over the expanse of his stomach...a look of pure and unadulterated love radiating from them. " you" he hissed through clenched teeth as his explosion began to envelope him fully and his heart began to beat triple time as the love he had seen in Jack's beautiful blue eyes intensified. That look of love alone was enough for Kyle as his orgasm exploded deep within him and out as he spot his seed into the deepest recesses of his mouth.

        "Mmm" Jack chuckled as he licked the last remnants of Kyle's sperm from his lips as he placed one final kiss upon his limp penis before moving up to lie besides the heaving frame of his lover. "Well that was so worth the wait" he spoke trustfully as he leaned in to kiss him...only to stop short at the look of upset upon Kyle's face. "Kyle... what's wrong" he questioned fearfully...afraid that he was going to tell him how much of a mistake what they had just done was.

        "Can you ever forgive me for the way that I treated before we went to Roswell" he asked with eyes of mist. "I know that I hurt you Jack...but I was so confused and so unsure of my feelings for you. I...I..."

        "I have nothing to forgive you for Kyle. You love me and that is all that I need to know" he spoke truthfully as he leaned in and proved his point with a soft and subtle kiss.

        "I do love you Jack. I really do and nothing will change that. I promise" he stated earnestly.

        "It better not...because alien or human I will kick any ones ass that tries to take you away from me. You belong to me and I am not letting go of you...ever" "Oh so dominating" Kyle chuckled lustfully...wrapping one arm around Jack's neck as he tugged him in for another round of sever tonsil hockey.

        "Damn skippy" he promised against over kissed lips as he laid his head upon his shoulders. "Just give me ten more minutes to recoup my breath and I will show you just how dominating I can really be"

        "Praise Buddha" Kyle pronounced as he jumped up off the floor...jerking a hysterically laughing Jack with him as he pulled him into his strong arms. "Determination and stamina...just what I like in the men that I love"

        "Something tells me that you only love me for my dick sucking abilities" Jack tried to be serious...but failed miserably as a pure smile of happiness radiated across his face on its own. "But there is so much more to me then that" he tried to deadpan...but failed again. "I am well known for my @#%$ abilities as well" he teased against Kyle's ear...smiling even wider at the stirring he felt below his waist. "Oh seems that someone is also well known for his stamina as well"

        He didn't speak another word as Kyle took his hand into his own and jerked him in the direction of the bed. He didn't speak a word as he was laid across the length of the bed as Kyle lifted his legs into the air...placing them over his shoulders as he leaned down and began to swab Jack's forbidden hole with his tongue. Back and forth his pleasure provider left a trail of cooling wetness as he prepared Jack for what was to come next. "Now..." Jack cried out...alerting Kyle that he was more then ready for more then simple tongue action and he was more then willing to comply as he stood up...bracing his legs against his chest. With slow and complete determination he placed his hooded tip at his entrance as he looked upon his love for sincere approval. "Yes..." Jack growled in frustration as he grabbed his own dick and began to fondle it. Not needing any more encouragement he pushed his way in even further...allowing jack to accommodate him before he slipped all the way in. Both men cried out in ecstasy as they both set a much needed rhythm that soon had them screaming and hollering from the sheer pleasurement of there first time this way together. With renewed energy Kyle tightened the hold that he held on his lovers legs as he increased the magnitude of his speed...sending him even closer to another mind erupting orgasm. Jack...not one to be out down begun to ride his tool with his heated much so that it was mere seconds before he shot his load all over his sculptured stomach. Seeing Jack cream all over himself was more then Kyle could bare as he removed his dick from his ass and began to pump it like a freak...quickly coating his already covered stomach with his own juices.

        He watched as Kyle raced into the bathroom....quickly returning with a towel in his hand as he cleaned up the drying spunk. "Thank you baby" Jack whispered he allowed Kyle to fall exhausted in his arms. "I love you Kyle" he spoke against the top of the mans head as he laid his chin upon it. He received no reply...but he didn't need to for deep within the recesses of his soul he knew that Kyle was his and would be until the ends of time.

        The End...

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