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If Not Today...Tomorrow...Maybe

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 11, 2002

Title: If Not Today...Tomorrow...Maybe
Author: StormyBear29
Coupling: Isabel/Maria
Rating:'s me NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell...too bad though cause oh the fun we would have had. This is my first attempt at female don't be too brutal.
Summary: This takes place right after "Destiny" Michael has split up with Maria for her own protection...but Maria is determined to get him back...or is she???

        "What the hell are you doing here" Isabel asks annoyed as she opens the door of her home that she shares with family and finds a nervous looking Maria standing there before her.

        "Look...I know that you said that you weren't my personal hair dresser and all...but I really need your help this time. It's really important...please Isabel you have to help me" she gushes as she walks past the much taller girl and enters her home.

        "Really important" she repeats...intrigued as she closes the door and turns to face the still rambling girl. "I'm listening"

        " know since this whole Destiny thing between Max and Liz that Michael has decided that it is best that we don't see each other anymore and..."

        "And you want me to help you get back with Michael?"

        "Yes...I need you to make me look as beautiful as possible. I want him to look at me and realize just how stupid he was to leave my like he did. I know that I'm not much to work with...but I figured that you could bibidi bobidi boo me and make me absolutely ravishing"

        Isabel has to control her urge to laugh at the look of such hopefulness in the girl's eyes. "Well...even my powers have limitations" she deadpans...unable to control her laughter any longer at the look of shock upon Maria's face. "Ok...I will help you...but you have to listen to everything that I tell you. You argue with me...and this missions of yours is you understand me?"

        "I understand" Maria states earnestly as she follows Isabel to her room.

        Checking the hallways to make sure that no particular Max has seen her enter her room with her unlikely visitor she turns back to Maria to begin the task at hand. "Ok..." she says once she realizes that the coast is clear...she closes the door and faces her new project. "Where to start...where to start" she states absent mindedly as she walks slowly around Maria debating as to what to change first. "I guess we start at the top and work our way down. OK...lets get started"

        "Oh...thank you...thank you Isabel" Maria shrieks as she pulls the ice princess into a hug. "You have no idea just how much this means to me. I mean...I know that you and I aren't like the best of friends...but..."

        " are the ground rules" she states irritated as she pushes the pixie faced girl away from her. " do everything that I say and are not to touch me for any reason what so it" Nodding...Maria places her hands at her sides as she awaits her complete transformation. "First we need to do something with this mop of yours. We need to find just the right style for you...something curly...something soft...something like this" Placing her hand gently upon Maria's head she manipulates her once long ponytail into a flowing mane of soft curls that frame the outside of her tiny face. " for the color. This strawberry blonde just isn't cutting it for me...I mean you" she stammers...quickly correcting her self as she spins Maria around and forces her to sit in a chair before her vanity mirror. "How about vixen blonde" placing her finger upon the back of her head they both watch as Maria's hair changes to a rich luxurious shade of blonde.

        "Nah..." they both state in unison...giggling.

        " about black" Again with her fingers...Isabel transform the blondeness of her hair into a beautiful sheen of black curls. " way" she screeches as she looks in the mirror and notices just how goth Maria now looks. "Creamy skin...slight freckles...beautiful complexion" she states absentmindedly as she runs her fingers around the sides of Maria's face...not noticing the way that Maria closes her eyes as she does this. "I know...I have the perfect color for you"

        "What..." Maria asks...blushing terribly as she throws open her eyes and finds herself looking deep into Isabel's blue ones. They continue to stare at each other...neither saying a word...but knowing that something was about to happen and they were going to be powerless to stop it.

        "Red...its perfect" Jumping back...she slaps her hand upon her head and changes it into a beautiful shade of red. "Perfect...see I told you" she states nervously as she moves away from the girl that is gaping in the mirror before her.

        "Oh is perfect" she cries...jumping off the chair as she lunges herself once again towards Isabel.

        "Ground rules...remember"

        "Right...ground rules...sorry" Maria giggles...blushing furiously once again as she crosses her hands over her chest...not understanding why she wants to feel Isabel pressed up against her fastly warming body. Closing her eyes she relishes the feather light touches that litter her face as Isabel begins to work on her face and makeup. "Ok...make ups done...but now we have to work on your breasts"

        "What...what..." Maria stammers nervously as she jerks open her eyes at the words that Isabel has uttered. "What about them" Tightening the hold that she has across her chest as Isabel once again begins to circle her body like a hawk searching for its prey.

        "Do you like them the way that they are...or would you like them bigger" she answers...licking at her lips at the idea of Maria with bigger breasts. "I tried the whole aqua bra thing and you seemed to get the attention that you were looking know I could manipulate them and make them...well bigger"

        "Um...I don't think that I want them bigger" she gushes as she avoids looking Isabel in the eye.

        "Ok...moving on to clothes then"

        " much bigger" she asks on second thought. "I mean are we talking like watermelon big...or maybe a nice mango size"

        "I was thinking more along the lines of an orange...but we can try mango" she replies...her body humming once again at the thought of Maria standing topless before her with bigger breasts. " have to take off your shirt and...and your bra so I can use my powers" She knows that she could probably make them bigger with her shirt on...but she pushes that thought away as she helps Maria slip out of her tank top. "Now the bra" she whispers...her mouth watering at the anticipation of what was about to come next. She watches as Maria slowly unhooks the clasp of her bra...dragging the straps down her arms revealing her small pert breasts. Fighting the urge to taste one...she hesitantly places her hands over the jutted mounds and begins to concentrate on the manipulation.

        Maria can't believe the amount of heat that is radiating from the hands of the alien hybrid before her...can't believe the wetness that is forming between her legs or the sensations that are coursing crazily through out her body. Closing her eyes yet again she allows the sensations to continue their streak as the warmth of those glorious hands continue to seep into her very soul. "Ohh" a small moan escapes her lips as the manipulation begins...she can feel them growing larger with each second that passes and yet she longs for the feeling to never end. "Maria open your eyes and see your new breasts" she hears Isabel whisper from behind her as she opens her eyes and gazes into the mirror to view her new transformation. "OMG...their absolutely beautiful" she speaks softly amazed at the beauty of her newest changed body part. "I don't know...maybe I made them too big. I mean...I know that Michael has a large mouth and all...but these may be too much for him know...handle"

        "Your right...I mean it is quite possible that they are too big. I mean...what is the use of having transformed breasts if they are too large for him to enjoy" she states mischievously noticing that Isabel has yet to remove her hands from her more then ample mounds. "If only I could know for sure that they were the right size. Maybe it," she stammers...quickly pulling away from Isabel as she attempts to leave the whole embarrassing situation.

        "No...wait. I mean...well...I guess if I must...just to shut you up" Isabel states in mock irritation...trying to control her crazy out of control hormones as they are wrecking havoc on his senses. Moving standing fully before an almost fully nude Maria she slowly moves her head forward towards its intended target. Within seconds her mouth comes into contact with the soft flesh of her right breast. She can't help but grin at the sharp intake of air coming from Maria as she takes a fully engorged nipple between her plump lips and begins to suckle at it.

        "Oh god" Maria whispers incoherently as Isabel continues to nip at her over sensitive nipple...quickly switching from the right to the left. " do they feel?" she asks as she places he palms upon the vanity before her in an attempt to keep herself up right.

        "I don't know...I can't really judge. I have to test it out a bit more thoroughly," she murmurs as she continues to examine her overly large chest region. Not one to stop her examination Maria winds her hand through Isabel's golden locks nudging her face forward. A small whimper escapes her as Isabel terminates her assessment...looking deep into the eyes of the delicate girl before her. She doesn't know what comes over her next and she doesn't care as she leans forward and places her lips hungrily upon the smaller girls more then ample lips...quickly pulling back anxiously awaiting Maria's response. She doesn't have to wait long as Maria grabs her by the back of the head and jerks her head forward as she savagely attacks her more then eager lips. Round and round they tongues tangle until they are both breathless from the sheer thrill of it all.

        "What...what just happened" Maria stammers...quickly gathering her discarded tank top off the floor and jerking it over his tender tits. "Change them back...make them normal again. I...I don't want to do this anymore" she cries...looking in the mirror at the breasts that were so huge they were barely concealed under her tank.

        Without saying a word Isabel runs her hands over Maria's chest...returning them to their original size. "Maria...I...I..."

        I have to go" Maria gushes quickly as she turns from the woman standing before her...the women that was causing such emotions in her that she felt she would die from the weight of it all...the woman that she wanted to feel her lips upon her own once again...the woman that she wanted to do such naughty things to that it scared her senseless.

        "Maria...wait" Isabel cries she grabs the arm of the fleeing girl. "Look...I don't know what the hell just happened here. All I know is that...that...that I liked it"

        Maria turns to face the girl that just mere months ago scared the hell out of her...and now is scaring her even more with her want of her. "I...I liked it too" she replies softly...but it isn't right. I it"

        "I don't know Maria...but I know that I want to kiss you again so bad that I can hardly breath"

        "Me too" she responds as she leans forward and places her lips chastely upon Isabel's lips. "Get...get on the bed," she she climbs onto the bed and reaches out to her. "I don't know what the hell we are about to do...but I don't want to leave here and regret not doing anything. Does that make sense to you" she questions as Isabel moves quickly besides her.

        "It makes perfect sense" Slowly their lips incline...only to meet in needful bliss as their tongues one again explore the contours of each other's mouths. Neither knows who did what first...but before they realize what is happening they are wrapped in each other's arms...kissing as passionately as to long time lovers can be. Before Isabel has a chance to react to what Maria does next...she finds that she is completely topless as the flimsy tank top that she was wearing goes flying over her head...catching on the post of the head board as she does. Slowly her plump lips devour an achingly large nipple into her mouth causing a moan of delight to omit from her own lips. Hands wanders aimlessly over the rest of her body as they ignite a fire so deep within her that she is sure that she will explode from the excitement of it all. "Oh God Maria...don't stop...please don't stop" she cries out as she once again attacks her overly sensitive nipple with her mouth...tugging it gently with her teeth as she does.

        A bit more confidant in her actions Maria continues with her ministrations as she snakes her hands down the taunt stomach of the ice goddess smiling at the bumps of pleasure that seem to follow wherever her touch lands and finally with a tenitive hand she reaches the border of her tight ass hugging shorts as she releases her mouth from where it was still causing Isabel to moan with pleasure. Straddling the beautiful shapely legs of the woman below her...she gently places her fingers into the forbidden barrier and ever so slowly begins to remove the unnecessary garment. Internally she wanted to rip the hindering clothing from Isabel's glorious body and explore a place that she has to admit she has thought about before...but she wants to make sure that Isabel is still a willing participant in what it is they are both about to embark on. "Are...are you sure" she whispers afraid to speak above a whisper for fear that this may all be a dream.

        "I'm sure" Isabel moans as she assists Maria with the removal of her to tight lying perfectly nude before the almost drooling girl. "Maria...are you sure," she asks as she pulls herself into a sitting sitting fully before her. "I don't want to force you to do anything that your not ready for" but before she has a chance to continue Maria is kissing her with such fury that she quickly falls backwards onto the bed bringing her screeching body right along with her. Getting her wits about her...Isabel quickly turns the tables on the much smaller girl and with a wave of her hand diminishes the clothing that is hiding the beauty of her lithe body. With gentle hands she takes the firmness of her breasts and begins to squeeze them...relishing the way that Maria responds to the pressure she is inflicting on them. "These are so much better this size" she moans as she laves her tongue against Maria's nipple causing her to cry out from the pleasure of it.

        Entangling her hands within the softness of Isabel's hair...she arches her chest forward in an attempt to allow her more access to her screamingly lonely breasts. "Isabel...please" she pants as she once again arches her body forward...wrapping her arms around her neck as she attacks Isabel's lips with such vigor that they are both left tingling from head to toe. "No more games" she yells out in frustration as she easily slips her body around until she is lying on top of a writhing Isabel...a mere inches from her molten core.

        She could smell it...smell the womanly essence of Maria as she lay atop her in the sixty-nine position. Without hesitation she wraps her hands around the supple legs of the girl that is causing such bizarre thoughts to run through her frenzied mind. Her urge to taste her is unstoppable as she tightens the hold that she has on those gorgeous thighs and plunges her hot tongue into the deepest recesses of Maria's heated woman. She can't believe how delicious Maria is as she continues to explore the place that she had longed to explore from the first moment that she had laid eyes on her. She could tell that Maria was enjoying the ride as well as she as her expressive screams of pleasure are reverberating throughout the small room. She doesn't think that it can get any better then this as she begins to suckle the tender and swollen nub that she knows will bring Maria to a powerful release...that is until Maria clamps down on her own inflamed nub with her beautiful lips and begins a suction that sends her over the edge in a matter of mere seconds. Not one to be out down...Isabel tenderly nips her most private of areas and can't help the smile that now covers her face at the expressive choice of words that Maria uses as her orgasm washes over her.

        "OMFG" she exclaims as she comes off the high of experiencing once of the most intense orgasms of her life. "That was truly amazing" she pants as she pulls her self away from Isabel's glowing body...quickly returning as she lays her head against the softness of her still heaving chest. "You know" she chuckles happily as she looks into the wild eyes of the woman that has shown her a side of herself that she never knew existed. "One of these days I am going to actually make it over to Michael's"

        "Not if I have anything to do with it," Isabel moans lustfully as she quickly captures Maria's lips with her own. "Besides" she says breaking their searing lip lock as they both struggle for much needed breath. "I really don't' think that Michael can give you what it is that you need most"

        "Oh really" she moans as she lies back against the softness of the comforter already knowing what was coming next. The truth of the matter was that she and Isabel had been playing this little game of theirs for well over six months now. In the beginning Maria had run to Isabel for help in trying to win Michael back...but Isabel had other ideas and had seduced Maria with little or no hesitation...for what she did not know was that Maria had been lusting over her as well. "Just @#%$ me already" her moans continue as she feels Isabel straddle her already fire flushed body.

        "Your wish is my command baby" she replies lustfully as she goes in for yet another round of mind shattering sex with the woman that has captured her heart and her soul...forever!!

        THE END

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