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Frustrated...But Not For Long

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 21, 2002

Title: Frustrated...But Not For Long
Author: StormyBear30
Couple: Liz/Maria
Rating: NC-17/ Female Slash/Sex Play
Summary: Someone is frustrated with her significant other...and just how is it that her best friend seems to be the only one to help her?? You know what you need to do.
Dedication: I dedicate this to all my buddies at Smutwell for without you I would never have begun to dabble into the uncharted waters of female slash. :p

        "That is it...I have had it" Liz Parker screams out in frustration... slamming the bedroom door of her best friend Maria DeLuca behind her. "I can't take anymore of this take a step forward and then take ten back. I mean...good lord Maria...I am a fairly attractive women...don't you think. I mean...I have a nice body. Don't you think that I have a nice body"

        "You have a beautiful body" Maria states truthfully as she ogles the taunt and tan body of her best friend.

        "I mean...I know that I don't have much in the breasts department...I mean I am not flat chested or anything. What about my breasts Maria... so you like my breasts"

        " have very beautiful breasts" Maria continues to try and calm her friend...but finds that it is hard to control the thoughts that are invading her sex-starved mind. Pulling herself off the bed...she makes her way over to her friend and takes her hand...leading her back to the bed. "Now...tell your best friend just what it is that has you all in a tizzy"

        "What else" she whines as she lays her head upon the shoulder of her best friend since before she can remember. "Max..."

        "Max..." she repeats already knowing that this was to be her answer for this was becoming a nightly ritual after each date that Liz went on with Max. "Don't tell me...he still won't..."

        "No...I mean we do some heavy making out...but he won' know"

        "@#%$ you" she responds...involuntarily licking her lips at the very idea of making love to this gorgeous woman.

        "No...we've already done that...once" she blushes as she hides her head even deeper into the crook of Maria's neck...a deep crimson blush creeping across her face. "He won't...he won' know please me with his...mouth"

        "He won't eat you out in other words"

        " you have to be so vulgar" she counters in irritation as she throws herself backwards on the bed. "He tried it once and decided that he didn't like it...but Maria...I loved it. I had my first true orgasm that night. I mean being with Max in that way was nice...but I enjoyed the oral aspect of it so much better"

        "Liz...honey...this has got to stop" Maria states...ignoring her friends obvious frustration as she tries desperately to stop looking at the partly open legs beckoning out to her. "You come to me every night with the same problem. Why do you let him do this to you...he gets you all riled up and then you are as frustrated as an old biddy for the rest of the night"

        "I know...I don't know. I love Max Maria...but I just don't know how much more of this I can take. I feel as if I am about to explode if I don't get some relief soon"

        " know I can help you...if you want me to" she stammers... leaning back against the comforter...holding her head upon her hand as she looks into her friends beautiful eyes.

        "" she questions...confused.

        She doesn't say a word as she slowly runs her hand along the contours of Liz's body...placing her hand over the heated warmth of her womanhood. Fear encompasses her at the sharp intake of breath coming from a very startled Liz...but when she doesn't try to stop her...she becomes braver in her actions. if fearful that Liz will change her mind...she moves inch by agonizing inch under the short skirt of the girl that she has longed to touch and taste for as long as she can remember.

        "Maria...wait" Liz she lays her hand atop the hand still under her skirt...hindering her descent into the forbidden. " don't have to do this" she stammers as she continues to gaze into the lustful eyes of her friend. "I mean..."

        "I want to Liz" she replies wistfully. "I've wanted to for a long time now...since we were kids"

        "What...really. Why didn't you tell me you had these feelings for me"

        "I wanted to tell you...god I wanted to tell you...but I was afraid that you would think that I was sick or something. The truth is Liz...that I have been fascinated with you for so long now. I can't explain it other then I am bi...and"

        "Bi" she asks confused...not knowing what that word means...but knowing that she will still be startled at the answer once the answer is revealed. She never knew that Maria thought of her like this...but what surprises her the most is that she is not sickened by the idea at all... in fact she finds that she is fascinated at the aspect of what it is they are about to do.

        "Bi-sexual" she answers truthfully. "I like men...but I also have these fantasies of being with women too. More like...I have fantasies of being with you since you are the only woman that I have every wanted to be with"

        "Maria...I don't know..."

        "Look Liz...I'm sorry. I should have never said anything to you about what I feel for you...but..."

        "I don't know what to do...but maybe you can teach me by telling me about these fantasies of yours" she whispers nervously as she removes her hand from atop Maria's and lies back against the comforter.

        "Liz...we...we don't have to"

        "I want to" she replies...cutting Maria off as she places her finger against the softness of her lips. "Tell me..."

        "Well it starts out something like what happened tonight. You come to my room...only you're frustrated that Max won't sleep with you and you ask me"

        "To @#%$ me" she finishes for her brazenly...giggling like a schoolgirl at the look of shock now covering her soon to be lovers face.

        "Yes..." she groans at the words flowing over supple lips that she longs to kiss like nothing she has ever wanted to do in her life. "First I kiss you...then I make my ways to your breasts...and then I go down on you. In my fantasies you love the things that I do to you...and you scream scream unlike anything I have ever heard when I bring you to orgasm. But...we aren't done...not by a long shot as I take out a strap on dildo and @#%$ you like you have never been @#% $ before"

        " do you know about all these things"

        "Some magazines...but mostly internet porn"

        "Show me" Taking Maria's hand...Liz leads her friend over to her computer where she forces her back into the chair as she sits spread eagle atop her lap. "Liz..." she hears her friend moan as she turns on the computer and leans back so Maria can punch the necessary keys needed to pull up these porn sites. With each key typed she feels her arms brush against her now sensitive breasts and she finds that she likes the way that it is making her feel. Leaning her head back...she can't help but moan as Maria begins to kiss her way along the side of her throat...moving her way towards her more then eager mouth. Before tonight she had never thought about what it would be like to kiss another girl...but at Maria's tongue explore every contours of her mouth...she finds that she is more then ready to move past the kissing stage and plunge into what they are about to do head first.

        With roaming hands...Maria explores the supple skin on the woman sitting on her lap...the woman that she longs to be between her legs more then she can breath...but she knows that she must take this slow... for she is fearful that Liz may change her mind...leaving Maria to be the frustrated one. She can hear Liz moan deep within her throat as she takes her pert breasts fully into her hands...applying just enough pressure to ensure hardening nipples. "Do you like that you like it when I plays with your tits" she teases against her ear as she licks her outer lobe...still kneading her perfect mounds.

        "Yes..." she pants as she arches her chest forward in an attempt to have Maria capture more of heaving chest in those tiny...but pleasure providing hands. A small moan of disappointment escapes her wet lips as Maria removes her hands from where she wants them to be most...only to cry in outright excitement as she roughly rips the tiny belly shirt from her well as the nuisance of a bra. Warm hands encase her sensitive breasts...exploring...tweaking...causing the ache that was already present between her folds to intensify to a higher degree.

        A flicker on the screen catches her eye as she relishes in the way that Maria's hands are making her feel as another crimson blush spreads hotly throughout her body at the images before her. Images of women doing such things to each other...things that Liz never in her wildest dreams could have imagined. "Toys...hands...mouths and objects she has never seen before are all in use...and with each image she finds her self a bit more wet...a bit more turned on. She can't help but shift her weight a bit for the increasing pressure within her was becoming more then she could bear.

        "Do you like what you see Liz" She Maria moans loudly as she feels Liz begin to set a rocking rhythm as she in a sense tries to hump her lap. "Do you like what those women are doing to each other" Slowly she reaches down and unbuttons the wrap around skirt that she has longed to rip of her from the moment she has entered her room... unwrapping it from her tiny waist as she tosses it over her head. "Do you want me to touch you you want me to touch you like those women are touching each other. I know you do...I can feel it wet against my leg. Tell me Liz...tell me what you want and I will make both of our fantasies come true"

        "Touch me Maria...I want to feel your hands on me" she pants as she continues to ride the comforting lap of her soon to be lover.

        "Where Lizzy...where do you want me to touch you"

        "Here..." she moans in outright agony as she leads Maria hand to where she needs it most.

        "I want to hear you say it Liz. I want to hear you talk dirty to me"

        "Maria...please. I..." she begs as she changes her tactics and tries to grind herself against her unmoving hand. "I can't" Outright moans of frustration echo throughout the room as Maria completely removes her hand and begins to push the startled girl off of her lap. "NO...WAIT" she cries out in panic. "I want to feel you touch @#%$. I want to feel your fingers deep within my @#%$. Maria @#%$ my @#%$ with your hands" she now speaks more confident as Maria grants her her fondest wish and runs her finger over her overly swollen clit.

        "Like that" she purrs as she once again with butterfly touches graces her clit with her finger.

        "Harder...please...harder" Liz begs...jerking her sopping @#%$ forward as she grabs Maria's hand and rubs it along her screaming nub. Quickly she forgoes the little bundle of nerves as she crave outright penetration. Leading the way...She moves past her normal two-finger action when she used to finger herself and inserts three of Maria's long slick digits.

        "@#%$ my hand baby...@#%$ it hard" Maria grunts as with each trust of Liz's hot sex over her hand her own @#%$ gets wetter and hotter. She never knew that Liz had this side of her and she finds that she can't wait to find out what fun they can have together and oh there is so much fun to have.

        "OMG...MARIA" she screams out in elation as her first female inflicted orgasm races through her.

        ""But we are so far from down my dear far from down" Maria retorts evilly as she forces Liz off of her juice coated lap...only to push her back onto the place where just moments ago her greatest fantasy had begun. "That was only part of the comes the part that I have been craving ever since you came into this room all hot and frustrated. Now comes the part where I get to taste you Liz. Lean back..." she longer able to control herself for what she didn't' tell Liz was that in her fantasy she was always the dominate one...the one that called all the shots...the one that made Liz come time after @#%$ time. "Now be a good girl and spread your legs"

        Liz doesn't know where this apparent change in attitude is coming from and she doesn't care for all that matters is for Maria to keep her promise and taste her. Obediently she spreads her legs for the woman that is standing now fully nude before her. Hesitantly she reaches out to touch her...only to recoil in shock as Maria slaps her hand away. "You will not touch me unless I give you permission. Do you understand that bitch" she hears her scream gruffly as she pinches a pebbled nipple violently between her thumb and forefinger. "YES..." Liz screams out from the pain being inflicted on her nipple...but also from the pleasure that is being derived from it as well.

        "Wider...spread you legs wider. I want to see your hot @#%$ before I make you scream from all the pleasure my mouth is going to bring you"

        "Maria...please" she begs as she does as she is told and spreads her legs as far as she sitting fully exposed to the more dominate Maria.

        "No talking bitch" she glowers...twisting the same nipple painfully with her fingers. "Do as I got that"

        "I...I got it" she gulps as Maria releases her hypersensitive nipple as she takes a step forward and straddles her lap facing her. "Do you want to touch me you want to know what I taste like"

        "Yes..." she whispers fearful that she will spark another outburst from Maria...but also dying to see just what having Maria in her mouth will taste like. She doesn't utter another word and in truth doesn't have time as Maria winds her hand around her neck and jerks her face forward...forcing her huge breast against her startled lips. She doesn't waste precious time as she eagerly opens her mouth and sucks in the large pelleted nipple. The pressure in the back of her head increases as Maria forces her mouth deeper into her heaving chest and she feels that she must be doing something right for the moans of pleasure that are flying loudly around her. She finds that she loves the way that Maria the way her skin feels against her lips as she nips her way across her cleavage and attacks the other neglected nipple as Maria had shown her before. Cries of frustration can once again he heard coming from their direction...but neither knows from whom it is from as she rips her tit from her mouth and falls between her open legs.

        She doesn't really have a chance to comprehend what it is that is happening to her before Maria plunges her tongue so far into her heated core that she screams out from the pure shock of it all. Never in her wildest dreams could she ever have imagined that a tongue...a woman's tongue at that could cause so wondrous sensations to course through her. "@#%$...@#%$" she chants out for all to hear as Maria takes her fully engorged nub into her mouth and begins to suck on it like a vacuum cleaner. It is more the Liz can bare as she grabs Maria's head as she had done to her earlier and begins to buck and ride her @#%$-coated face. "OMG...@#%$ ME MARIA...@#%$ ME"

        A smile creeps across Maria's face as she nips roughly at the little bundle of nerves as Liz drives her face further and further into her snatch...but she was in heaven. She has the warmth of her walls as they surround her face...the taste of her juices as they coat her throat and her screams of out right ecstasy as she climaxes hard against her pleasure providing tongue. But the fun is not over yet...not by a long Maria places her arms over Liz's legs to hinder and attempts for escape and once again plunges her taste seeking tongue into her dripping core. She can hear Liz scream out in extreme delirium as she trashes wildly under her ministrations...but she wanted more...lots more and what ever Maria DeLuca wants...she gets and with another sweep of the tongue...Liz jerks spasmodically underneath her...and then her whole body goes limp as she slips with undutiful grace to the floor below.

        "Liz...Liz are you ok" Maria asks concerned as she straddles her friends stomach cursing her self a good one for pushing Liz into something that she knew she wasn't ready for. "Liz...please...I'm sorry. I didn't..."

        "Yeah...I'm sorry too" she whispers...her eyes beginning to lose that glazed over look. "I'm sorry that we didn't do that sooner then today" her giggles surround them.

        " sacred the @#%$ out of me" Maria sputters relieved as she falls onto the floor besides a giggling Liz. "I thought I had sent you into shock or something. I know that I was a bit rough...but it is always how my fantasies go. You are ok aren't you"

        "Maria...I am better then ok. That was truly amazing. I...I can't remember a time when I ever felt this relaxed...this I can do anything and I won't be judged for it. Does that make sense to you"

        "It makes perfect sense. For years you have been perfect Lizzy Parker. Honor student...friend to all...perfect daughter...and girl friend to the hottest guy in school...but that's not really you is it Liz"

        "No..." she blushes...covering her face with her hands.

        "Tell me...tell me what you like Liz. You can be the real Liz Parker here. Be the woman that just let me @#%$ her hot @#%$ like she has never been @#%$ before. The woman that screamed out with wild abandon as I dominated she loves to be dominated. You like to be dominated...don't you like it when I treat you like @#%$ and make you do things that perfect Lizzy Parker would never in her wildest...wettest dreams do...don't you"

        "Yes...yes..." she cries out as tears cascade from her eyes. "I like it when you hurt me Maria. I like it when you talk to me like a little slut...when you make me talk like a little slut and I want much more. I want to do the things that you have done to me to you. I want to please you like you have pleased me...but I don't know how. Teach me how Maria...please"

        Dominating Maria once again inhabits her as she pulls herself off the floor and flops herself atop Liz's quivering body with a heavy thud. She can't help but laugh at the expulsion of breath that flies from her started lungs at the full brunt of her weight. "Stop that crying right now" she yells as she roughly wipes the tears from her eyes. "No bitch of mine will cry in my got that. You will only cry when I tell you it is ok to got that bitch. Speak got that bitch"

        "Yes...Maria" she stammers as she continues to fight for breath as the aroma of Maria's womanhood invades her nostrils. She finds that she is more then a little fearful as to what she has gotten herself into... but more then that she finds that she longs to know just how far Maria will go with this act of domination...and how much pleasure she will derive from it.

        "Good little slut. You like it when I call you slut don't you slut" Maria...growls against her ear as she rubs her fully saturated @#%$ over Liz's heaving stomach and chest. An evil grin explodes over her face as Liz answers meekly. "Can you smell what you are doing to me slut. You are making me so hot you stupid little slut and now you are going to pay for that" she continues as she advances forward...rubbing her self along the graceful body of the girl who she has only begun to torture sexually. Now straddling her face...she spreads her vaginal lips open wide allowing Liz her first glimpse of a real @#%$...the scent of a real @#%$...and now the taste of a real @#%$ as she grabs a handful of hair and jerks her head forcefully against her wetness. "Lick me bitch...lick my hot twat" An animalistic growl escapes from her lips as she feels the first brush of Liz's hot tongue against her nub. "Harder..." her rants continue as she shoves her face even further inside her. "That's it bitch...right suck it into your slut mouth. Suck it hard...harder...harder. OMFG...right there slut...right there"

        She cannot believe the outright wails of pleasure that are floating loudly around her as she follows Maria's instructions to the letter and in turn feels herself begin to grow wetter in her neither region from this sex play as well. The pungent smell of her sex was an acquired taste...but Liz finds that she loves the taste of her lover/best friend and she knows that she will never tire of having it forever on her lips. With each slip of her tongue more and more of her delicious juices cover her face until it is fully saturated as Maria screams out in utter ecstasy as she hungrily inhales the tiny bundles of nerves and refuses to let go until Maria falls back against her body...her head resting within the softness of her pubic hair. "Did I do good" she asks humbly as Maria continues to lie gasping for air atop her.

        "You did excellent my little slut" she purrs as she pulls herself into a sitting position...staring at the flushed face of the woman that has just given her the most explosive orgasm of her short bi-sexual life. "Are you ready for more slut...are you ready for me to make you cum yet again"

        'Yes please" she pleads as she stares longingly into the depths of her Maria's eyes. "Stand up" she hears Maria demands as she climbs off of her body and leaves her standing there confused as she watches her run out of the room...only to return with a strange looking contraption. "What...what is that" she stammers as she continues to ogle the frightening looking piece of equipment.

        "Did I ask you to speak" Maria reprimands as she walks up to her and lands her hand painfully on her fully exposed ass. "Good..." she replies as Liz utters her reply of shame through gritted teeth at the pain inflicted by her. "Now be a good slut while I adjust myself"

        Liz watches in fascination at the apparent sex toy that Maria holds out before as she steps into a pair of what looks to be some sort of latex underwear...but this was unlike any underwear she had ever seen before...for the spot the would normally cover the wearers women hood...holds a extremely long dildo. Fear yet again fills her as she continues to watch Maria insert one end of the latex dick into her @#%$...adjusting as necessary...until it stands out invitingly before a fully frighten Liz. She has never seen anything as huge as the boner between Maria's legs and she knows that there is no way in hell that it will fit in the spot that she knows Maria will want to insert it in. "It''s too big"

        "Nonsense slut...your baby @#%$ will be able to take this whole thing... trust me. Do you trust me Liz" she asks as she steps forward wrapping her arms around the waist of the woman that she longs to hear scream out in utter abandonment yet again. "Yes Maria...I trust you" she hears the reply she was longing to hear as she begins to grind her body seductively against Liz's shimmering body...ensuring that her penis rubs over Liz's @#%$ with every pass by. Her hands begin to explore every imaginable part of her body as she continues with her seduction until she has Liz panting from the sheer want of it all and then before Liz has a chance to comprehend what it is that she is doing... Maria forces her to the floor the extended dick now poking teasingly against her supple lips.

        "Suck it bitch...suck it good and hard" Liz hears her order as she pokes the dildo forcefully between her lips causing an instant gagging reaction as it reaches the back of her throat. "I said suck it bitch" she repeats again angrily as she once again shoves it down here throat...however Liz is more prepared this time as she relaxes the muscles of her throat and begins deep throat action. "Good bitch" Maria coos as she runs her hands through her hair and begins to buck crazily against her face. She loves the way that the latex feels as it slides easily within her wet mouth...loves the way that Maria's body jerks spasmodically with each thrust for she knows that another Liz inflicted orgasm is eminent.

        "Stand up" Maria pants madly as she jerks Liz from the floor and pushes her up against the hardness of the wall. "Get ready bitch for you are about to get the @#%$ of your life" she moans evilly against her ear as she run her dick along the crack of her ass until she reaches her gleaming @#%$. "Are you ready bitch...are you ready for me to @#%$ you until you won't be able to stand on your own two feet" She doesn't wait for Liz to reply as she thrusts herself forward... embedding herself into her pulsing snatch. With precise measures she begins to pound in and out of Liz with frenzied thrusts...for with each thrust into her gorgeous @#%$ it brings her closer to her own impending orgasm.

        Liz tries to control her words of outright pleasure as Maria continues to @#%$ her with a sex toy that she never in her wildest dreams thought would bring her to the powerful orgasm that is about to consume her fully...but thinks otherwise as Maria screams for her to express her ecstasy. "OMG...@#%$ ME MARIA. @#%$ ME HARDER...I NEED YOU TO @#%$ ME HARDER" she screams frantically as with each thrust the pressure of release builds within her...until they are both screaming in utter pleasure providing fulfillment. For the next few moments Liz leans heavily against the hard wall as Maria lays atop her...latex dick still rooted deep with in her. "OMG...that was truly amazing" she speaks finally finding her voice as she reluctantly steps away from a still recovering Maria...a small popping sound surrounding them as the dick pops out of her dripping core. "Just where in the hell did you get this" she she helps Maria step out of the mind numbing sex toy. "I thought you were gonna kill me with that thing"

        "Oh come on know that you loved it" Maria giggles in return as she takes Liz by the hand and leads her to the bed that they have shared for the last two years of their relationship. "Happy Anniversary to you...Happy Anniversary to you...Happy Anniversary my dear Lizzy...Happy Anniversary to you. I love you baby" she whispers as she leans in and places a gentle kiss upon her lover's lips as she pulls her tightly against her drowsy body.

        "Happy Anniversary Maria...I love you so much" is her reply as she lays her head upon the amply endowed chest of the woman that since they have begun this relationship two years ago has taught her things that she knows she would have otherwise never known existed. Together they lay in each other's arms trying to recover from their sex play until peaceful slumber extends fully over their totally satisfied bodies.

        THE END

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