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Tears of Ecstasy

Reply to Sobia and Mel

Added to the Roswell Slash Archive February 9, 2001

Title: Tears of Ecstasy
Author: Sobia & Mel
Disclaimer: Not mine. The lyrics are from "Rain" by Anggun.
Category: Slash, Curupira/Sorceress
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: Iara...takes place during that, and has a scene from there.
Summary: The Sorceress and Curupira give in to their feelings...
Notes: We saw the Sorceress/Curupira encounter # 1 in 'Iara', and they seemed not to be each other's biggest fans. But during 'White Tiger', Curupira went to the Sorceress for help. Something missing? Definitely! Thus the fic...
Dedications: To us, for exisiting.
Distribution: Want. Take. Have. Just ask first:

*NOTE*: Since the Sorceress doesn't have a name, we decided to call her Circe. So that's her name...for this fic.

Curupira felt Circe's (the Sorceress) presence even before the sorceress appeared in front of her in a cloud of red colored smoke. Curupira had been resting in a tree after her vain attempts to get Dar, her beastmaster to get out of the Snake Island. The island was ruled by Iara, a snake demon who turned the men into beasts. Her beastmaster had not listened to her...just like a stupid human. And the demon knew that if she fought Iara, she might not be the one that would come out the winner. Needless to say, she was not happy about this intrusion.

Curupira spared Circe but a glance before looking away, dismissing her. "You and your stupid tricks," she said, closing her eyes.

Circe felt something akin to anger stir within her at this curt dismissal, but she refused to dwell on it. After all, she was incapable of feeling human emotions. "Taking a nap?" she asked the demon, making her way down the tree branch, towards Curupira.

Curupira looked at her, "I had a busy day," she said, defensively. "And what do you want?" she asked.

"Nothing," said the sorceress, carefully walking closer still. "Nothing at all. I just came to do you a favor," she smiled, seeing that she had Curupira's attention now.

"Oh, what's that?" Curupira asked pleasantly, before her delicate features twisted into a mock expression. "Die?" she asked.

Circe was definitely not happy now, but she kept her cool, her smile never wavering. "I thought you might like to know that your beastmaster is about to be no more."

"Good riddance," said the demon, dismissing Circe once again.

Circe was too surprised to notice another wave of anger stirring within her. "You don't care," she said in wonder.

"He got himself into trouble. He can get himself out." Curupira stated, not understanding the need to explain herself to the sorceress. "He's...he's irresponsible...he's..."

The sorceress cut her off, eager to prove her wrong. "...the best beastmaster you ever had." She smiled satisfactorily, noticing that she had managed to get the demon to lose her composure.

Curupira sighed, "Well, I can find another one. Even better," she stated.

"You know what I think?" Circe asked.

"Do I look like I care what you think?" Curupira said, hoping that that would get Circe not to share whatever it was that she though, fearing that the sorceress knew just what she was feeling.

"I think you're scared of Iara," Circe stated.

Bingo. Curupira's face went pale. "Me?" She said, trying to sound anything but afraid, but even she could hear the fear in her voice.

"I can hear it in your voice," Circe said, feeling better about finally having the demon at a lose of words.

Curupira recovered too soon for the Sorceress's taste, "Well, I'm about as scared of her as I am of you." she said.

Once again, the Sorceress had to restrain herself from making the little demon disappear into oblivion She didn't understand the anger she felt so...human. But angry as she was, she didn't want to kill Curupira. She hated how the demon was making her feel...that she was making her feel at all.

"So," Curupira continued, making a dismissing gesture with her hand. "Can you just get out of my tree?"

Circe didn't say anything more, afraid that her voice would betray her emotions. She disappeared as she had a cloud of red smoke, but not before she could hear Curupira's last word.

"Pest!" the demon declared, once she believed that the Sorceress was gone. She closed her eyes, and was mortified to see that it was *her* face that she saw. What was wrong with her? She wondered. She sighed and got out of the tree. Rest was not for her today.


Circe paced back and forth in her cave with a mournful expression filling her beautiful features. She was feeling overly restless that day, especially after her encounter with Curupira. She walked out onto the ledge, which overlooked the entire forest. She searched the luscious green leaves for a sign that Curupira was near. She knew she shouldn't be attracted to the feisty little demon girl but something inside of her awakened every time she was near. She found herself looking forward to the arguments they would have about the Beastmaster. Curupira made her feel alive and passionate again. The sorceress's search for Curupira was cut short as it began to drizzle. Circe sighed and went back into her cave. On any other day, she would have made the rain stop as the sound of water drops falling around her cave was distracting. Strangely enough, today, the sound only seemed to calm her. It was soothing...natural. An image of Curupira flashed through her mind at that thought. She stood in front of the pool of water in which she could see what all the petty humans were doing. She waved her hand over the clear blue water and peered inside.

"Let's see if I can find that girl now," she muttered as she searched for Curupira but found nothing. She wondered if maybe her green coloring was keeping her camouflaged in the trees. She scanned the forest again with no more luck than she had the first time.

"Hello Sorceress," said a mocking voice from behind her. Circe jumped when she heard it; startled that Curupira had found her. She turned around and faced the demon, slightly nervous but excited at the prospect of her being in her home.

"Nice place you got here," Curupira said as she looked around, running her hand over the amethyst crystal that was so beloved of Circe. Circe looked at her with a hint of fear in her eyes, wondering what exactly the reason was for this little visit.

"Don't touch that," the Sorceress commanded of the demon. She glared at her with piercing eyes but Curupira didn't move. Circe shook her head and sighed.

"What do you want?" asked the Sorceress.

"I think I should be the one asking you that. You called me Circe, and so I answered," said the demon matter-of-factly with a smirk on her lips. Circe noticed her hand still firmly planted on her crystal and used this to avoid telling her the truth. She strode over to Curupira and grasped her wrist, removing her hand from her precious belonging.

"I told you not to touch that," she said, still holding the thin wrist in her hand. It felt amazing to touch her, electricity shot through her body as she grasped her tighter, not wanting to let her go. Curupira gazed down at her wrist and then she looked up, no longer smirking at the Sorceress, and embraced her gaze. She felt the spark between them as well. She wanted to get away but something about the Sorceress held her captive there.

Waves of reality
Lifting me unexpectedly

Curupira opened her mouth to speak only to find herself hushed by the mouth of the Sorceress. Circe's lips pushed against Curupira's, her hot breath invading her. Curupira kissed back, her tongue exploring the enchanting mouth of the sorceress. She pushed the sorceress against one of the walls of the cave and pressed her body against hers. Circe didn't hold back, she explored the demon's body appreciatively, feeling its every curve. She knew she was not to let in any emotions but one cannot go an eternity without love. She gasped as she felt Curupira skillfully stripping her of her clothes. She did the same to the demon. She pulled off each layer with an exciting curiosity of what she looked like beneath the folds of green. They both stared at each other in awe, impressed with what they saw.

Looking inside to see
Visions of you and me

Circe took the little blonde's hand and led her to her bedroom in the far regions of her cave. She laid down on the bed in her full glory and awaited the touch of the demon. Curupira accepted the invitation and sat on top of her with her legs straddling her sides. She could feel the wetness of her core as it pushed up against her abdomen. Curupira rubbed herself along her, covering her in her juices. Circe moaned at this, her own wetness leaking out of her. She begged for Curupira to stop teasing her, but only got her famous smirk. She closed her eyes and hoped this sweet torture would lead to what she wanted. The sound of the outside rain became more clear, the resonance almost an aphrodisiac.

Confide my heart to you
Blindly erase my every doubt

Curupira leaned down and buried her face between her mounds. She licked away at them, teasing them with her tongue and causing her nipples to become erect. Once she saw them pointing out and hardened she bent down and opened her mouth to suckle one. Circe cried out when the suckling became a hard nip and she felt more pleasure than she had had ever before. She felt Curupira's hands pushing up against her breasts, groping them. As the massage continued on Circe felt as if she were in heaven.

"More...please," the Sorceress begged. She wanted the demon to be inside of her, to fill her being with the love she had been deprived of for so long.

Surrender myself to you
For passion I've lived without

Curupira was beyond hearing anything except Circe's voice, but she knew the exact moment the rain started hitting harder. She smiled, knowing that the Sorceress was unknowingly affecting it.

Rain... in a mystery
Waking all of my dreams suddenly oh
Rain... tears of ecstasy
Falling into the arms that they say I'd strayed

Curupira could sense the innate need for her and decided to do what would please Circe most. She lifted herself up, giving Circe a view of her sex, and then sat on her right leg. She took her finger and pushed it through Circe's center, thrusting it into her deepest depths. She slipped in another one; it slid easily into her naturally lubricated entrance. Circe moaned loudly as she felt herself being entered by the demon. She thrust her hips out causing her fingers to embed themselves deeper into her. Curupira moved them in and out with great passion, pleasuring the Sorceress greatly.

Helplessly falling again
Carelessly give my heart away
Unlucky yes I have been
Cause love just never stays

As her passion grew she quickened her pace, pushing her fingers inside harder and faster. They pushed against her inner most walls and traveled through unknown depths. Circe's hips began to move rhythmically with the demon's fingers, pushing them through with great grace and motion. Her own body rocked back and forth, rubbing herself on the Sorceress's leg. As the movements grew faster and rougher both girls were put into ecstasy. The Sorceress let herself go and her body spasmed as she let her passions loose. Curupira was thrown off of Circe's leg as the convulsions took over her body. Curupira looked on pleased and aroused as the Sorceress orgasmed. When her body finally calmed, Circe laid collapsed on the bed, her center dripping, and her breath raspy. Circe closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking a moment out of time to bask in what had just happened to her. When she opened her eyes she was startled to find Curupira gone.

Is a heart made to break
Is there in love an addiction
I don't know how long it takes
Before another burn

"Curupira?" she asked tentatively. She sat up and scanned the room and saw that she was gone. She closed her eyes for a second, listening for something, but unable to hear anything sound. The rain had stopped.

Rain.. in a mystery
Waking all of my dreams suddenly oh
Rain... tears of ecstasy
Falling into the arms that they say I'd strayed

She slipped out of her bed, and walked over to where she had discarded her robe. She quickly pulled her robe back on and walked out of the cave. She looked up at the sky to find is deprived of the clouds. Smilied and raised her hand, making the clouds gather above her. Then, with a wave of her hand, she made it rain for the first time in her life. Rain wasn't so bad, she decided. It was natural, persistent, and beautiful...just like Curupira. The Sorceress smiled at that thought and stepped out of the shelter of her cave, letting the rain devour her.

Rain down on me
Gently take me to where I should be oh
Rain... tears of ecstasy
Falling into the arms that they say I'd strayed


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